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You’re fat because you want to be

September 9, 2006

Warning: This article is only for those who want to lose weight, not those who are happy with their weight! So if you are happy with your weight, don’t read further!

You want to lose weight but it’s impossible, isn’t it? You’ve had a medical check-up and there is no medical reason for your excess weight. But diet plans and exercises haven’t worked for you, have they? Ever wondered why?

Well, you are probably are getting something out of being fat and it’s time you admitted it. It’s not a shame to admit this…after all being fat does not mean that you lack moral fibre. What’s important to know is that you are getting benefits from your fatness even if you say you want to lose weight.

Perhaps you love the taste of food, or perhaps you are eating for other psychological reasons. Eating has been known to alleviate boredom and also known to take one’s mind off worry.

And perhaps you don’t really like to exercise. You can manage for a while but doing it for years together is too much of an effort. That is why it’s impossible to stick to any plan for long.

It is also possible that you are fat because deep in your heart you always felt that you had an unattractive body, and now it’s being borne out.

So instead of making excuses, it’s best you take responsibility for the way you are. Do you for instance believe either one or several of the following?

I have a tendency to be fat…it’s in my genes.
My family loves me the way I am.
My parents are fat and look, they’re fine!
Weight increases after a certain age anyway, and I’m much thinner than so many others.
Weight increases after pregnancy, it’s natural.
It’s our kind of cooking that makes me put on weight and I can’t control that.
I know lots of fat people who are healthy.
I’m too old to change now anyway
I have no time for exercise.
I have no will power.

Only when you stop blaming your genes, your cook, your parents or your lifestyle and stopped thinking of yourself as a weakling, then perhaps you can consider losing weight – permanently. There’s no exercise or diet plan, not if you want to be thin. You have to find your own unique way. In fact unless you do it by yourself, at your own pace, you’ll never stick to it. A few things might help you keep on track. They are:

  • You can eat less, and you can strain those muscles a little, without falling sick.
  • Everyone has something in their life that they enjoy more than eating. Go for it in a big way.

(This is a shorter and edited version of the article I wrote for The Telegraph)

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  1. Paul permalink
    February 2, 2007 1:56 am

    There is a fascinatingly awful program on British TV at the moment called ‘Fat Men Can’t Hunt.’ The somewhat preposterous premise is to send six obese Brits out to hunt for their own food in the style of bush people in (I think) South Africa. The natives look on in bewilderment at the stupidity of the Brits, not least because the Brits are clueless and pitiable babies, refusing anything that tastes sour and sulking because they have to work for hours for even the smallest morsels. I didn’t see enough of it to be sure of much to be honest, but it was instantly obvious that most if not all of what you have proposed is true.
    One of my friends is obese and spent hours telling me about how well she was doing with her diet, and proceeded to have soup caked with cheese and 8 slices of thickly buttered bread – a snack, with almost no nutritional value other than fat, and one which I said ‘Why not have one less slice of bread? Or not butter it?’ and she gave a ‘cute’ grin and giggled that it tasted so lovely though.

    I was disgusted that I cared more for her than she did, and I never waste time with her on the subject any more. What is the point?

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