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Matheran hotel review – Verandah in the forest

October 15, 2006

The Verandah in the Forest, part of the Neemrana group of hotels, is a beautiful sprawling old Parsi bungalow in Matheran. It is also called Barr House and has huge rooms and bathrooms with high ceilings and lovely tiles. It is believed to be the second bungalow made in Matheran, so one of the oldest structures!

The bungalow has large roomy verandahs where one can sit and watch the swaying trees in the forest. There is quaint and ancient furniture and a huge living room where all guests can congregate and either read, play cards or carom. As there are limited rooms, there can never be too many people.

The dining room has one massive table where groups eat together, mostly continental meals. The food is quite good though one has to ask for second helpings as quantities served can be very small.

The bungalow has an old world atmosphere and it’s a place for writers and poets or even for teens wanting to chill. Anyone who wants peace of mind. The guests are well bred, genteel folk and it will be rare indeed to come across any who are noisy and ill-mannered.

  • The service is excellent. The place is sparkling clean. Probably the reasons why you get foreigners coming in. But yes the bungalow is old and it is deliberately kept that way.
  • The hotel is only about 20 minutes walk from the market and just ten minutes from the river.
  • Overall the place is quiet and romantic and beautiful. There is no pool or noisy children…although there is a tree-house. There is no TV, thank god. It’s a place where one could live forever if one is a writer.
  • There are rooms available even for Rs 2000/- a night (2006 rates) but the really good ones are Rs 3000/- and above.

To know more about Matheran the hill station and how to get there, you can read this post.

(All photographs are by me and copyrighted)

Update: Rates have gone up and the good rooms (as shown in picture above are Rs 4500/- for a double room. However cheaper rooms (Rs 2500/-) are still available. And remember this rate does not include food. Lunch which is usually Indian is Rs 300/-, Dinner which is continental is charged at Rs 450/- and breakfast at Rs 100/-  But this is when there are no packages. Discounts and packages are available in the lean season. (2009 rates)

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  1. April 11, 2007 12:16 pm

    Strangely two comments on this post have simply disappeared! A technical glitch on the part of wordpress?

  2. April 30, 2007 12:27 am

    Hi. Just wanted to thank you for your suggestions. I’m also planning to go to Matheran next month & this place sounds wonderful (& looks wonderful too on their website).

    Ps – Perhaps your previous comments have been “stolen” (cyber sqautting, I suppose would be the right term). You might want to check out your review on & the adjoining comments on… unless you yourself put it up there…

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