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Hotel Miramar at Daman

October 27, 2006

Miramar is one of the most popular and crowded sea-side resorts in Daman, which is an Union territory 150 kms from Mumbai. The hotel’s good points are that it has spacious rooms, clean bathrooms and a large clean swimming pool. The linen is white and changed every day. hotel-miramar_1_1.jpg

The food is average. However it might suit some palates. We were not too keen on it as it was oily and slightly spicy. Service is excellent however, and the waiters are agile, friendly and efficient.
Another disadvantage of this hotel is that on festival days and during some week-ends they have what they call the ‘orchestra’ which is a live band. This goes on till 1 a.m. As the rooms are near the restaurant it is impossible to sleep until the band shuts down. hotel-miramar-2_5_1.jpgThose who like going to bed early or do not like Hindi Pop will not find this a pleasant experience.
The hotel is frequented by families on week-ends and there are also conference facilites for the office crowd. Rates vary from Rs 2000/- for a double room (with food) to almost Rs 4000/- on festival days. There are no buffets. One has to order from the menu, keeping in mind an upper limit per person per meal. This amount is fairly generous and includes both food and drink. If one spends more than this fixed amount, one has to pay extra.
There is cable television for those who want to relax.
Overall, the stay can be a pleasant one, except for the loud music.

For information on Daman itself go here.
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