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Chinese Palace – Value for money Chinese food in Tardeo

October 28, 2006

This restaurant, located in Tardeo, Mumbai, just before the Haji Ali crossing, is for Chinese food lovers on a medium budget. The food is good and portions large enough. True, some of the dishes are a trifle spicy, smacking of what is called ‘Indian Chinese’, but the taste is not bad. Besides, there are any number of non-spicy dishes.

It’s possible for one person to have a filling meal here for just Rs 150/- without beer. Where can one get that in Mumbai these days? That too in a decent place, with a decent crowd? However if two people have a sumptuous meal and order the more expensive items on the menu like say prawns, then the bill could easily rise to Rs 500/-

chinese-palace_1_1.jpgAlthough the restaurant is small, the tables are not packed together, thus affording some privacy. We have visited this restaurant three times and each time the food was consistently good. What we liked even more about the place was whether crowded or not, the service is excellent. The waiters know the menu well, and can guide you through it. Service is also very prompt. No endless waiting here!

The crowd is a family crowd. The restaurant tends to fill up by nine and is a favourite with the local Tardeo residents.

There is a small, but clean toilet. However I was not sure about the overall hygiene during the cooking because both my husband and me had a slight gaseous experience the morning after! I don’t know whether this was due to the lack of hygiene or serving of stale re-heated food. But then it depends on your stomach I guess. Anyone who is used to eating out should not face a problem. Actually we too eat out a lot, but surprisingly had a problem here. Not the first time…but the third time we visited. We are planning to give this restaurant a break for now…

Overall, the restaurant is good. The lighting is right, not so dark that you can’t see each other’s faces, and not bright enough to spoil the mood.

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