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South India is better developed than North India says CNN IBN

November 2, 2006

Yesterday, CNN IBN a news Channel, aired a programme on why South India is better developed than North India. By South they meant the four southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

While the programme was credible and a lot of statistics were given about higher literacy levels and higher per capita income in the southern states, a certain bias was evident…against South India. As if trying to ‘balance’ out the findings, the anchor gave South India’s so-called ‘bad’ points. She disapproved of the Souths’ loyalty to their own languages and hinted that Hindi should be the national language. (This is an ongoing debate in this country and the speakers of Hindi consider that Hindi should be the national language to ‘unite’ the country rather than English. They have a colonial hangover. They find it difficult to accept that English is a global language today. Why don’t we stop feeling inferior about it?) In my opinion it’s best to use English to ‘unite’ the country and at the same time keep our distinct regional cultures and languages alive. I have written a separate piece on this, in a post on multi cultural India on this same blog.

The anchor also considered South Indians ‘conservative’ where women were concerned as compared to North Indian women. There were no statistics given on this, simply a reference to the ‘Khushboo’ controversy, where there was a huge outcry when Khushboo, a film star, talked about practicing safe sex. This particular controversy was dug up by the anchor, to show the viewer how ‘conservative’ South India is, even though it is so highly developed! I found this attitude not only strange, but also a little stupid, as it is an accepted fact that North India is more conservative where women are concerned. There are historical reasons for this.

I felt that the CNN IBN anchor was biased and therefore wrote a letter to the channel in their feedback form. The letter in an abridged version is given below:-

Ref: Survey on Indian States

As you are a national channel please may I suggest to you a few things.

1) You cannot say that the south is being culturally (and linguistically) conservative. The reason is simple: The south has never tried to impose its culture and language on the north. Its the north who is doing it. In any case, why should one culture do this to any other culture? The Americans did it to the Red Indians…made everybody clones. Please understand that no race should dominate the other. I wonder if you know that if Hindi takes over, the regional language dies – as it happened to the regional language of Punjab – Gurumukhi. On the other hand, if you keep English, our regional languages and culture will thrive. In any case English is the language of the world.

2) Please do not say that the south is conservative where women are concerned. It is conservative compared to whom? The north? The north, where women are not safe, where the statistics show that fewer women are educated?

Tell me – do people from Tamil Nadu say that North Indians should speak Tamil? So why do North Indians say that Tamilians should speak Hindi? I am afraid domination like this never works. North Indians are not our rulers. They are one of us. You are one of us. We are one country. We have to respect each other’s religions, languages and culture.

Thank you

Note: I want to state that I do not consider people from any state in India to be superior or inferior to another state. People from each state have their good points. North Indians for example are more entrepreneurial as compared to South Indians. Plus, as an army officers’ daughter who has lived in almost all the states of India, my identity is more Indian than Maharashtrian.

Update January 2008: As the discussion in the comments has debated (rather hotly) the desirability of a national language I wanted to add that National language and Official language are two different things. India has no ‘National Language’ but it has several official languages, namely Hindi and English. In the states there are three official languages as the language of the state is included. This is according to the Constitution of India. An official language means:

…a language that is given a special legal status in a particular country, state, or other territory. Typically a nation’s official language will be the one used in that nation’s courts, parliament and administration. However, official status can also be used to give a language (often indigenous) a legal status, even if that language is not widely spoken.

The term National Language means:

…a language which has some connection with a people. A national language may for instance represent the national identity of a nation or country. National language may alternatively be a designation given to one or more languages spoken as first languages in the territory of a country.

The term ‘National’ language automatically assumes a person’s ethnic origins, and claims to represent people from the same ethnic background. It is clear that in India there is no such thing…at least not yet. Not until we all inter-marry and become the same race. There are many countries in the world which have more than one national language and they are much smaller than India and less diverse!

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More: A post on a blog called protests the imposition of Hindi and another post expresses its ire that Bollywood cinema (Hindi cinema) is considered “national” or “Indian” cinema, at the expense of other language cinema.

Important note on comments (27th August 08): The comments on this post are now closed. Been planning to do it for some time, but was hesitating, especially as I received some genuine comments in the past week or so. However, after seeing the latest exchange about clothes of North Indians and South Indians, I decided that I had to close comments on this post. While there is nothing offensive about the comments, some responses I got were offensive which I had to delete. And just when I had made up my mind to do stop comments, as luck would have it, I was entertained for one last time. One Indian man from Australia told me to remove my photograph from the “avatar” and he used the word “fuck.” While such jokers are entertaining, I have no time for idiots.

I want to thank each and every one of you for enriching this post with their intelligent comments. I might delete some irrelevant ones when I have the time so please don’t take it personally.

(Comments were re-opened due to requests from some readers)

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  1. Vikram permalink
    January 27, 2010 10:36 pm

    Someone out there wanted to fill her blog with comments, so lo she started a thread, which I think has the potential to become the longest in the history.. Damn Indians, they will improve only with sticks….

  2. Vivek Khadpekar permalink
    January 28, 2010 7:21 am

    //Damn Indians, they will improve only with sticks….//

    Familiar words, familiar tone, associated with people who are intolerant of differences, diversity and dissent.

  3. sankalpMAHARASHTRA permalink
    March 5, 2010 7:53 pm

    I would just say,

    Namaskaram( hindi)
    Vanakkam( Tamil)
    Hello Everybody( English)
    sat sri akal(Pnjabi)
    Nam: asti(Samskrit)
    assalaam ‘alaikum(Urdu)
    Guten Tag(German)

    I can speak a couple of languages. What my mind processes all out of this whole discussion is that the fellows from the North should learn 3 languages – 1.Hindi, 2.English and one out of the four(Tamil preferably since it is the mother of the other three, Malayalam, Kannada or Telugu) and same should the fellows from the South learn – 1.Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada 2.English 3.Hindi

    I could have persued the two language formula ie English and the regional language but there is a school of thought behind such a proposal.
    That is, for instance if people from North learn Tamil,

    1. they would be able to respect and honour the poetical value, the literary works of Tolkappiyar and others,
    2. they would be better familiarized with the history, advent and growth of Tamil
    3. they will respect each other’s mozhi/language and will have no hesitation in speaking it
    4. and finally Unity will cert follow!!

    If you agree/disagree/wanna make some recommendation/wanna have a healthy discussion, write to

  4. sayan giri permalink
    March 8, 2010 9:11 pm

    I found this article very interesting and must not hide the fact that this discussive imbroglio is never going to an end even if we try to. The point of discussion, I found itself very unhappening____ for the simple reason that is the North India never thinks of itself as an united and colluded mix of men, women and children. The Delhites oppress the Punjabis , as do the hpWallahas to the UPwallahas.The powerful fish gets satisfied killing the smaller and weaker ones. The story does not stop with the North though. This tireless aquisition over others cultures runs throug all the four corners of this country.

    But we must not forget what India is all about. India had always been, has always been and will always be a land of cultural, social,lingual and religious diversity where every thing gets mixed to form a heterogenious salad bowl______ rather than killing all the remnant diversities of minority groups to form nothing better than than clones, mere immitators of what is being trained rather than what is being learned. India is so diversified because it never either obsterperously or invidiously been an oppressor to any expression or exercise of ideas, emotions and other issues.
    This is the only virtue of India which made a wondrer that was India and this is the sole virtue which makes India a land of wonder.

  5. Amal permalink
    March 12, 2010 5:24 pm


    I am a North Indian, born and brought up in Lucknow UP…. i’ve done my college in the South in Manipal Karnataka and now currently work in the South in Hyderabad…. from personal experiences, i say i would rather live here in Hyderabad than a place like, say, Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida…. i had seen Hyderabad once some 10 years ago and i see it now, there is definitely a LOT of development…. people viewed Gurgaon as the Future City….. it is now just a pile of unfinished construction and unchecked crimes…..

    the comment about ‘women in south are more conservative’ makes no sense…. women in the south work in pornographic movies…. women in the north are simply raped and murdered….. who’s what here???

    the corruption in Delhi, UP, Haryana and Bihar; along with the kind of racism one finds in regions of Punjab, all tell the stories of North India (not including the mountain states)…. very recently, a friend of mine, Goan by birth and very dark skinned, landed up in Punjab on his way down from the mountains and was called a ‘Hubshi’, a Negro!!! try and believe that!

    people down South are nicer, warmer and most of them will not want to rob you or murder you…. a majority of the people in the Northern states definitely will!!!

    i have been back to Lucknow also, almost after a decade, and sadly its all still the same…. nothing’s changed or developed or improved…. its the same city with the same people, that i knew 10 years back….

    the late CM of Andhra Pradesh, Dr YS Rajashekhar Reddy, and the CM before him Chandrababu Naidu, have done so much for the state and its people… while CMs like Mayawati are busy erecting statues of their own by using the state budget…. and then the ex-CM of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda, has been reported to have embezzeled thousands of crores of rupees from the state fundings….

    granted that people from UP and Bihar top the IAS rankings and also exams like IIT JEE…. but their main reason for doing so is to escape the shitty conditions of the states they are living in…..

    people from down South go one up on them, and gain admissions and jobs overseas like in the US and Aus…..

    granted that people up North might have better entrepreneurship, but along with it comes greed also, as is evident by the number of frauds and scams taking place….. at least people in South have some inkling of honesty in their blood…..

    to sum it all up…. simply make a comparison of what the state governments are doing for their respective regions, in the North and in the South…..

    • Vinay permalink
      March 13, 2010 8:05 am

      This is way too generalized a comment to take seriously, in my opinion. In fact I can tell of many people of the North who have told me of lots of racism they faced in the South because they were from the North. I cannot take the rapes/murders comments seriously, without specific statistics in crime. I recall that Kerala has the highest crime rate in the country, although it is not advertised as much as Bihar, and corruption is very high in the South also, especially in Karnataka.

      • Amal permalink
        March 13, 2010 10:42 am

        the racism that North Indians have faced in places of South India, is racism due to Europeans….. there are numerous places in South India so heavy on tourism that they refuse to acknowledge people who are not white! it doesn’t matter whether they are North or South Indians…. my South Indian friends have had that experience in South India itself!

        and about Kerala having the highest crime rate, its hard to believe that the state with the highest literacy rate would have the highest crime…. crime in Kerala might flourish in villages but not so in cities, like it is in NCR Cities…. just read about the BPO team leader in Noida who killed his team member just because she had dumped him….

        and of course the government in Karnataka might be corrupt…. the govt all over the nation is corrupt, so why not Karnataka also…. but it is not to the extent as it is seen in the places i have mentioned earlier…..

        from your owm personal knowledge, make a comparison between how many people migrate from Northern states to the South for Education and Employment and how many migrate from the South to the North for the same reasons…. you can make the same comparison between migration to Maharashtra and migration from Maharashtra….

        3rd class people are everywhere…. the cheapster gene is in most of the lower class youth…. but try walking down the street with a girl (friend, sister, anyone) in Delhi and NCR and see the kind of attention she garners…. i see it here in Hyderabad also…. stares? yes…. lewd comments? NO…. in places like Delhi, the filthiest of words are doled out at women, if they havent been abducted already!

        • Hafis permalink
          July 17, 2015 1:03 pm

          Highest crime rate in Kerala is bcoz people wil report each and evry case n police department.coz keralites blv n tht system.(n a way all gevenmnt systems.99% of babies are born ins hospitals. Coz people are using belt department)
          No parallel justice body in kerala like khap pancahayat. If u stil blv Kerala is the highest crime rated state, think why it’s the state with lowest murder rate.

      • vasudev permalink
        March 13, 2010 11:01 pm

        kerala has the highest crime rate???????????????? man vinay! which is your source and who is your statistician? bozos both, i’m sure! kerala’s crimes can be only of one kind: political!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cpm vs rss mostly or rss vs nda! both are related to ideologies. maybe the statisticians get very frank reports from the literate mallus and what is forthright 9as all mallus are forthright even in their own demise) you may think that what is reported by some supersedes what is hidden by others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Vinay permalink
          March 14, 2010 12:25 am

          Yep Kerala has the highest crime rate. We should look at statistics not media hype. Why do you feel Kerala has low crime rate – because it is in the South? Isn’t that a bit biased? So everything in the North is corrupt and everything in South is perfect? I think it’s an extremely biased view,
          and something not supported by stats. In fact stats show the complete opposite of perception and hype.

          Corruption and crime is everywhere – just in different manifestations (some states have more rapes, others more rioting, others more crimes against the public, etc), and racism is faced by everyone along the country (yes I have many friends who faced a lot of racism in South just because they were North Indian).

          So I personally do not believe it when people claim stereotypes and make generalizations about North/South because most of it is bullcrap and many of the stats are opposite of divisive perceptions put forward by politicians themselves.

          Some links about the crime rates:

          • sreekumar permalink
            March 15, 2010 9:34 pm

            I think it would be more appropriate to say that “Kerala has the highest reported crime rate” rather than “Kerala has the highest crime rate”. There is definitely a lot of political violence, mostly riots and strikes, but still the statistics of high crime rate would be due to more widespread reporting of crimes by the victims and others. Also most crimes against women, weaker sections of the society etc are reported, rather than being hidden beneath the mat in the name of culture.

            NATIONAL CRIME RECORDS BUREAU – chart 2007

            If it was not due to reporting then as per the above chart it would seem that kerala has a higher crime rate than Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal despite the absence of maoism, feudalism, political families and other social menaces!

        • vasudev permalink
          March 26, 2010 1:25 pm

          i am told crime rate in kerala is on the rise. but the catch is: criminals and murderers are marauding groups from tamil nadu who make a hit and escape back to tn. very few original mallu criminals.

        • December 6, 2015 5:01 pm

          Its Wikipedia bro! And, you are so right! I have never seen a single crime in my state!

      • vasudev permalink
        March 13, 2010 11:05 pm

        as regards corruption in the govt….aren’t we infidel indians being ruled by a vatican govt aided by eunuchs who are killing our country through the administration of slow poison? you don’t think so? mark my words!

  6. Swetcha permalink
    March 14, 2010 3:21 am

    Hey i just randomly came across this.. and I think your spot on about everything.. I live in the U.S. with a north indian roommate and she goes on and on about how north indians are.. Its bloody annoying because I have personally never pushed anything on her about South Indians in fact before I came to the U.S. I had friends who were from north India and we’ve never had issues like this.. Its sad how people just can’t appreciate other cultures instead of constantly putting it down.. South Indians in general are quieter than North Indians.. That does not mean we are conservative..

    • November 14, 2013 1:33 pm

      i really disagree,i have been to karnataka from last 4 year but i didn’t tell any one to speek hindi in other hand people shroud me like anything.i belong to jamshedpur and i am staying in lacality where you will found almost every community people like bihari,bengoli,uriya,tamil,telgu but we didn’t had any controversy because we believe we are indian and we respect our national language and no one has forced us to speek there regional laguage like telgu,tamil,bengoli,uriya,bhajpuri,mathal,and not even jharkhandi. but in four year i had forced to know karnada four crore you thing this is fair it is why hindi has become national language? why our seniors has declared Bengali as a second official language?

      let me give answer first to this question first

      hindi is national language becouse it’s eassy to learn,understand,and the second majurity of communies regional language little bit relates to hindi,

      common guys please stop dominating each other we all has learned in childhood we all indians are brother and sisters just takes the things such a way where people don’t get heart

      i believe some of north indians don’t give respect but do you thing if we will force them for that than they will start giving respect

      • Jay permalink
        February 15, 2014 9:09 am

        India has no National language per se:
        There are 22 official languages in India, including English.

        I harbor no ill-feelings towards Hindi or Hindi speaking people. We are 1 country.
        But since you said, “hindi is national language because it’s easy to learn,understand,and the second majority of communities regional language little bit relates to hindi”,
        Let me add, Hindi is easy for you, and people from Bengal, Odisha, Assam, J&K, HP, Punjab or even Pakistan, coz they are all Indo-European languages. For a South Indian, its as difficult as it is for you to learn Kannada…

  7. Guest permalink
    March 15, 2010 1:08 am


    Your comments are like some one who just knows south indians from outside or superficially .To begin, I myself come from UP but let me tell you ,apart from Mayawati’s statue erection there is no truth in what you have said, let me expalin them , probably, there was a time when I could have thought same on few of the things like you do now. Probably your future experiences with age, will make you realise the truth in what I am going to write now:

    1. North is not backward in any single sense rather it provides protection and food to all India(leave Bihar – its more of an east to me rather south); what you see in South is just IT development and nothing else. Its just IT, because southies unlike north are more towards services rather enterpreneurship (like northies) , IT is a services sector. Please don’t be too proud of this IT thing as we are nothing but IT coolies for the world. You will realise this once you travel abroad.
    2. Southies are not one step higher but several steps behind by going abroad and doing all menial jobs. Just ask yourself ( I assume you are a IT guy based on your travel and education pattern) what is easier to qualify ,IAS and IIT-JEE or qualifying in an Indian IT company, I don’t need to tell you on the quality of people joining these companies. I should not say but its a truth that you can’t imagine to qualify a JEE or IAS entrance but you can easily enter an Indian IT company just as a BSs or BE or BTech grad from a xyz college of a muffossil town in south. Please don’t degrade the quality and honour of such people and exams.
    3. You know what many south indians do outside after going aborad in Gulf ;they do the cleaning and all the low end jobs. In Singapore they do the same thing. In many countries they are the refugees due to LTTE.
    4. About south development , just name any city apart from their capitals and the capitals are developed only coz of IT. Do they have other cities like we have such as chandigarh, jalandhar, ludhiana, kanpur, allahabad, banaras, jaipur. (I am not counting Delhi and NCR) . NCR is almost equal to all of these south capitals together. Its also the second largest software export center after bengaluru.

    5. Just don’t comment on Delhi and NCR if you don’t know and have lived there, the people don’t talk in polite Urdu-Hindi way rather punjabi-hindi-western UP hindi combo and it does not mean they are impolite. Its not a problem with others if they are not over-polite.
    I understand the Lucknow people are used to very polite things and protocols but sir Delhi and NCR have their own charm just be there and spend some time. these places are far-far devloped. about crimes its all hyped Mumbai is not behind and south crimes are not reported in any national media but you will find their regional lang. newspapers flooded with it.

    6. You will realise the racism of southies once they become your boss and decide your promotion/in key position that day you will realise whether our casual ‘habshi’ or ‘kalia’ comment was serious or something that has such a serious career impact comitted by the southie. And on racism, its just one’s luck with his skin, having travelled around the world let me tell you its always the case that one with ‘ligher’ looks down upon the one with ‘darker’ whether its European or African so nothing special if it happens in India. Its a fact and all your luck which you got from birth and which can’t be changed.
    7. About Lucknow development, if development has not happened in last 10 years then why the real estate prices have gone up drastically. why the city is stretching and expanding ouwards.
    Noida is in UP but since we don’t have that regional attitude so we feel happy in any Indian development , we don’t care even if it is part of NCR due to economic and infrastructural viability.
    but perhaps because of this ‘Indian’ attitude we are suffering a lot rather sometimes I feel like behaving the regional worms but then think if we become like that then there will be no India left so our job is to control these regional feelings and unite India. This is the reason that the political control of India has always been with North.

    8. Migration is again linked to poulations attitude , we migrate because we have that national and global attitude, we never think that so and so state is not ours rather think it is just part of India. but the regional worms have caused you to think that migration is a problem. Indian constitution allows anyone to move freely inside India and if someone has that urge to perform and grow then he will travel and if someone is lazy , satsisfied and compalcent then he will be confined to his village. Its all upto you, why do you feel sorry about migration pattern, its a birthright of all Indian citizens, its upto the person if he wants to utilise it or curse someoone who is grwoing , performing and prospering.
    9. As a citizen , one has responsibilty towards nation too, just gather data of number of southies in our defence forces and their contribution during freedom struggle, you will be ashamed even to call them your fellow countrymen (can’t write more on this but can advise you to read history and talk to your parents).

    P.s> please don’t point on spell mistakes or naive language, this is not an official corespondence that I’ll take care of all that. Coz, I know after this many southies are going to jump on me because of my english spellings. sorry guys, i can’t spend more time to this topic. Just wanted to correct the thinking of one of the misguided northie.

    • Mahesh permalink
      March 15, 2010 11:39 am

      @ the north Indian Guest : Atleast you should have put your name here dude. Are you afraid of putting your North Indian name here. First of all try to respect other people’s culture and language. Don’t think that your culture and language is the best. And one more thing, are you a NASA scientist or what to degrade other ppls job. Each job has its own dignity.

      • Amal permalink
        March 18, 2010 4:19 pm

        Rightly said Mahesh… dont know why this “Guest” could not give his name….

        i think this guy has no clue of the 20,000 or so illegal migrants from Punjab and Haryana that go to European countries, especially to UK….. Illegal Migrants!!!… not skilled workers…. and they dont become CEOs of companies in Europe, they work shitty jobs in Indian communities and get well exploited by them too…..

        And this guy talks of migration to other states within India as a ‘problem’…. i never said it was a problem…. or course the citizens are free to go wherever they want to…. but what i said was though Northerners come to South for greener pastures of employment, it doesn’t really happen the other way around….. and the same goes with Maharashtra…. UP and Bihar employees are everywhere in Maharashtra, but the Marathi wont go to UP and Bihar to find work…. labourers from Bihar, Bengal and Orissa are working in Andhra Pradesh… why? because i just explained it….

        And what is he saying about Mayawati? she’s back in the news for her currency note garlands, valued in lakhs and crores….. the only development i have seen in Lucknow is from the private sector…. malls etc and the so called ‘spreading’ of the city…. this is private sector development, Sahara City and all that jazz is not Mayawati’s…. you want to see private sector development??? take a flight to Hyderabad or Bangalore and see the truly “international airports”….. development from the Mayawati government has been incomplete flyovers, building and re-building the Ambedkar Udyan for crores n crores of rupees, constructing more Ambedkar statues and adding her own statues with them…. what else has the government done??? apart from running a complete criminal nexus, centralised from the Chief Minister’s party office, what else has been done??? does the Gomti river even exist anymore or has it just become the city’s drain pipe???

        This ‘guest’ is harping about racism…. i had explained the reasons behind this racism….. and if the people can be racist towards the people of their same colour, then what chances to Northerners have? and by the way, i have lived abroad, spent a good 5 years living in the US….. so i do know a thing or two about ‘racism’ and the colour of one’s skin…. and i have also lived in Delhi/Noida for a good amount of time, so when i criticise the people of NCR, i am not talking out of my ass….

        this guy also talks about the ‘other cities’ that the North has…. what cities??? Kanpur, Allahabad and Varanasi? i have lived in ALL of them also….. there is not even safe drinking water available in these cities anymore!!! sure they dont have IT companies and such, but at least some quality of life?? ummm no! and what about Chandigarh?? yes the city is well planned and beautiful and clean etc…. bring in Mohali and Panchkula on two sides of the city and it becomes a haven for criminals…. all i have seen in Chandigarh is rich brats driving around in their rich daddy’s cars….. is there anything else to that city that i may have missed??? oh yes, the software/IT park is coming up….. but then IT is not so important to this guy, so it doesnt matter…..

        and the North states like Punjab are not the only ones with agricultural inputs…. rice, coffee, rubber, tea, cotton, silk and so many foods and spices come majorly from South Indian states….. dry regions of Andhra Pradesh are now under cultivation, why? because the government did something for the farmers, by providing irrigation (read about Jalayagnam project of AP)…. port cities of Vishakhapatnam are great commerce avenues….. Kerala lags behind many of the Indian states in terms of production and per capita income, but in terms of Human Development Index and life standard of the people, Kerala is ahead of most other states in India. This peculiar paradox is often termed as the “Kerala Phenomenon” or Kerala model of development by experts…..

        Tamil Nadu is one of the most industrialised states…. international companies must have found some reason for BMW, Flextronics, Motorola, Dell, TVS, Mitsubishi, Ford, Hyundai and Nokia to name a few, setting up complete manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu…. Chennai is called “Detroit of Asia” for its automobile industry…. Bangalore and Hyderabad are the “Silicon Valleys of India”…. Coimbatore is “Manchester of India” and Erode “Textile valley of India”…. what is the NCR called??? National Crime Region???

        About the IIT and IAS examinations, i didn’t say anything against the examinations…. all i said was though UP and Bihar students do really well, it is mostly to escape the shitty situations of their native states….. how many Biharis/UP wallas go to IITs and become top brasses in companies in Bihar/UP??? not many… why? because there are no companies in Bihar/UP that are worth it….

        sure there is the seperate Telengana movement here… asking for Andhra Pradesh to be divided into two…. but the same thing is being tried in UP, but into 5 or 6 different parts!!! sure this Telengana movement forced IPL matches out of the state…. but what does one do when they are returning from watching an IPL match in New Delhi and get smashed into and killed by a car being driven by a ‘smashed’ (read drunk) driver, who is now absconding…. or the other ‘road news’ one gets about people killing each other due to ‘road rage’….. or the Nandas and their BMWs mowing down people as if they were some sort of speed breakers…..

    • Amal permalink
      March 18, 2010 4:48 pm

      do you use Facebook? why do you think Facebook is establishing itself in Hyderabad, and not in your charming NCR???

    • Amal permalink
      March 18, 2010 6:10 pm

      The Guest says, “And on racism, its just one’s luck with his skin, having travelled around the world let me tell you its always the case that one with ‘ligher’ looks down upon the one with ‘darker’ whether its European or African so nothing special if it happens in India. Its a fact and all your luck which you got from birth and which can’t be changed.”

      according to him, the lighter skin always looks down upon the darker one…. but then he claims that ‘dark skinned’ South Indians were racially discriminating against his North Indian friends…. now either he has no clue of what he says, or his North Indian friends were even ‘darker skinned’ than the racist South Indians they ran into!!!

      my friend, get your facts right…. in reality, when North Indians come to South India, they are the ones racially abusing the local people, for thier dark skin and ‘hubshi’ looks….. and its even worse when a South Indian lands up in the North…. what will the South Indian say to the Northerner? “You Gora”? or “You Whitey”? or “Oh look that guy is so fair skinned, he looks like an American”?…. seriously give some thought and apply logic to your claims….

    • Johns K George permalink
      July 16, 2012 9:03 pm

      m frm Kerala live in erstwhile princely state of Travancore.Its the only princely state in India which conquered a European country both on land and sea(I dnt thnk Europeans superior,I can beat dem in man to man fight).It was the wealthiest kingdom in India.There were a lot of brave king like Pazhashi and Marthandaverma who earned the respect of the British for their valour.Itz we devoloped the mother of all martial arts nothing out itz grammer is nt seen any of the asian martial arts.Search for ‘KALARIPAYATTU’.We lacked the human resource to wage big wars,thatz a truth.Famous sages like charaka,Aryabhatta ,sage agasthya ,Nilkand Somayaji(invented calculus before Newton)shushrutha(first surgeon in the world) so on belonged to here(love to mention dem as Indian).
      History is jst a whore anyone can fuck her.If der wer no south Indians in freedom struggle then how come alot of south Indians in first union cabinet at superior posts.Well itz true that in south a very man wish to be the king and the would do anything to achieve it and cling on it.Well remember one more thing Asoka couldnt conquer southern empire spanning Kerala,TN,Andhra,Karnataka
      to southeast asia.
      Well I appreciate the spirit in North Indians to join defence forces.In south Indian states there are no scarcity of great warriors but itz that regionalism always prevails over nationalism.As far as kerala is concerned only the men belonging to aristocratic families like ours join armed forces.But remember the only five star general Honourable late Sam Manekshaw belonged to hear.We feel Delhi doesnt care about our state,so there is a displeasure which paramounts to degeneration of national feelings.
      One more thing recent genetic studies showed that North Indians are Indian breeds.Itz well known that Indian has men belonging to all races found on earth.Men in my family has natural six pack body,bt we dnt consider ourselves as Aryans.(we r nt anglo Indians).
      Well we dnt like Hindi dominating our languages.south Indian languages like Tamil and malayalam are even older than sanskrit (according to latest historic data,you will differ because researches on south India jst started now,it may be hard to believe that kerala coast had trade with Europe before Christ and it had a share of 40% global maritime trade).
      Well itz ridiculous that we people talking abt north south east west this is absolutly outlandish.common guys we are living in the worlds largest democracy, a dormant super power.She will wake up only when we adress ourselves as Indian.Every part of India is unique we shd synergise our abilities to overcome our weaknesses. 100 percent education will certainly help people think beyond the boundaries.Everyone has the right to conserve their heritage,itz precious for the nation bt shd b tolerant to other cultures.Thatz the way a civilized nation shd behave.

      • susa permalink
        July 17, 2012 9:41 am

        but you are separating north and south..dravidians aryans and the indigenous are historically spread throughout india..
        also…yes dravidian is older than sanskrit ..and sanskrit is very heavily influenced by the older more refined dravidian language which was in existence in the mergargh civilization..
        since the aryans came from turkey …the westerners are very keen to call sanskrit an indo-european language which really takes away from the purity and refinement of sanskrit…as it was influenced by the much older dravidian (mesopotamian in origin ) not the turkish culture which at that time ,like the rest of europe, was less developed than the east..
        very fundamental..!

        • Johns K George permalink
          July 21, 2012 10:35 am

          well m nt convinced with mesopotamian connection in the advent of dravidian language.I’ve nt noticed any historians or archeologists mention the you may try elaborate on that.

          • July 21, 2012 12:21 pm

            Remembering that the dravidians came 9 or 10..thousand years ago…from mesopotamia..they settled all over india…
            it has been documented..even in the internet…
            max mueller in the 19 the first one that nullified the dravidian history in favour of the aryan/turkish history cos of the latter connection to europe…
            to this day indians think that a light skinned indian in the south ..must be aryan…

            i know i digress..i have yet to go to the library to find the references..wikipedia might have some..let us know how you fact i am sure it does…this is surprisingly well known among historians…
            time for indians to be united..
            i prefer hindi..full of dravidian our national language ..rather than english..

            the library is far..if any of you have references that would be great…

            i talked to a punjabe friend about this..and she said her grand mother used to tell her the same thing….

            so not hard to find..internet good place to start..

          • July 21, 2012 12:23 pm

            wikipedia might have some..let us know how you fact i am sure it does…this is surprisingly well known among historians…
            time for indians to be united..
            i prefer hindi..full of dravidian our national language ..rather than english..

            the library is far..if any of you have references that would be great…

            i talked to a punjabe friend about this..and she said her grand mother used to tell her the same thing….

            so not hard to find..internet good place to start..

      • December 6, 2015 5:06 pm

        Happy to hear it

    • Sree permalink
      July 19, 2012 7:12 am

      Hmmm north india provides food to south india, south india produces only IT. so you’re saying the paddy fields in Andhra Pradesh, the Vegetable farmers of tamil nadu, the fisheries in kerala are all exporting software.

      And you say all the indians who are doctors, engineers, businessman and people having all those high end jobs, are north Indian and south Indians do all the menial Jobs,right? i wonder how you know that? oh i know, you must know all the Indian expatriates,who are working abroad( you have of course “travelled the world”).

      you also said south indians can’t imagine to qualify a JEE or IAS entrance, so according to you all the south Indian students who got in to IITs, including those in IIT chennai and IIT hyderabad didnt take the JEE.

      oh and about responsibilty towards nation, it is a serious misconception that south india did not contribute to the freedom struggle, of course you didnt study about them in school (its unfortunate, they dont include anything about regional movements and contributions across india in our school texts) and but that does not mean that it never happened. im going to teach you a little history now , so pay attention while you are reading.
      The princly states of Travancore and Cochin were never conquered by the British to beging with (travancore is the only organized Asian power to defeat a European power, overcoming military technology and tactics) , they were the most modern princly state of the time (with a military trained and modernised using the expertise of captured Dutch east india company Admiral Eustachius De Lannoy ) and couldnt be defeated in battle by any European power. the British later gave the King of Travancore a 19 gun salute . Still it joined the Indian Union after India got Independence.
      and in the kingdoms which were conquered by the British, which is now north kerala, there were bloody rebellions against them. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja , King of malabar fought a guerilla war against the British from 1792, till his death in 1806, in battle.
      there were more of such rebellions in Kerala against British, but i am not listing them all here, you can read about them in history books and internet.
      and there where also many followers of Vinobha bhave, Mahathma Gandhi and the Indian National congress in Kerala, the leaders of the freedom struggle from kerala were vakkom Majeed, R. Sankara Narayana Thampi, Nettur P Damodaran, vaikom Muhammed Basheer and Acchama Cheriyan and more, again not going into deatils, you can do the research.

      Now about the contribution to the military, the madras regiment is the oldest regiment of the Indian Army, formed in the 1750s, the battalions of the regiment were used in all the wars and conflicts of India(both the World Wars, all the indo pak wars, siachen conflict and conflict with china), check out its history and you will know that it is a major part of the Indian Peace keeping force operating in Africa for the UN. besides that many people from south India join our forces every year. Two of the three Naval commands, are located in south india(Cochin and Vishakapatnam) and one in Mumbai, Also the vessels for the Navy are constructed in cochin Shipyard, and the Vikrant class aircraft carriers, which will make India a Naval super power are also being built in Cochin Shipyard Ltd.

      And what’s this nonsense you typed in about LTTE,
      The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was a separatist militant organisation that operated in Srilanka, in case you dont know (its apparent from what you typed in earlier, you dont know much about your own country), Srilanka is not a state in India, its a whole different country. they are an organisation of Tamil settlers in that country, now they are not Indians they are Srilankans. and the Refugees you said about are Srilankans, both Sinhalese and Tamils, who had to flee from the war that was going on in Srilanka.

      so please do yourself a favour and try to learn more about your culture and south indian culture, and about our country.
      stop seeing others with prejudice,
      you dont know how stupid you look when you do that, and that goes to all south Indians too.

      • Johns K George permalink
        July 21, 2012 10:45 am

        nice really put some effort in bringing out these fact.These type of well articulated and factual comments make forums worth to read.keep it up.

      • anonymous permalink
        July 13, 2013 9:16 am

        @MR.NORTH: hey citing your statement that the number of people qualify to JEE or IAS… regarding JEE its all south which dominates.. and with all the jealous and hatred towards south indians and not having the guts to compete with the genuinely smart south indians(unlike some north indians who just blabber without knowing much about anything), you guys imposed the percentile method in JEE MAINS to crush talent.
        And finally by reading your answer, one can understand how naive and narrow view of south India (that its a mere IT hub)you have developed and i am really sorry for you.

    • INDIAN AND PROUD permalink
      July 26, 2012 2:42 pm

      you know this whole debateseems pointless but i would like to point out the fact that we are all indians does it really matter what language i think the term unity in diversity is what defines this nation so enough fighting over who is developed who is mightier etc. when we have more important things to worry about i understand that hindi culture is a majority in this country i accept but that doesnt mean in trying to preserve my south culture i wont try to learn something new we as indians have to be more accepting of each other and stop discriminating against one another so just because ur from north and i am from south it doesnt mean we cant get along

    • Ronak vijayvergia permalink
      October 1, 2012 2:09 pm

      I am from jaipur and living in bangalore for last 5 years … i Think south is more developed than north.

      Check the number of people in ISRO & DRDO. You will get an idea ,how many of them are from south. Now check number of people in army , you wont find much of the contribution from south.

      So, bottom line is both part of india are different but still holds same importance.

      ronak vijayvergia

  8. sreekumar permalink
    March 15, 2010 9:53 pm

    sometimes I feel like behaving the regional worms but then think if we become like that then there will be no India left so our job is to control these regional feelings and unite India

    They very problem is that north indians like you have chosen the wrong way of controlling the regional feelings and uniting india. You believe that the “indian culture” is a monolithic one, and the one that you thrust forward is the north indian (hindi) culture, which is just another of the regional cultures, but possibly the most feudal, regressive and backward one.

    Alas, if the bengalis had not followed the path of communism, they could have lead with a progressive culture and not left space for this north indian regional culture.

  9. Amal permalink
    March 18, 2010 5:54 pm


    • Guest permalink
      March 19, 2010 3:33 am

      You can assume any typical northie name for me….pandey, mishra, singh, saxena, bhatti, mundra, chopra etc…what in the name. I don’t care, i don’t even look at your name , you are just a northie or southie for me whether u are mahesh,suresh or any xyz.

      And Amal , I am 100% sure that you are not a native of UP and just a migrant or son of a central govt. guy moving all around country. You are a southie disguising as a UP wala.

      From your comments I can make out you just can not survive the aggressive and glorious north indian cultre. Thats why you favor your ancestors ‘janmbhoomi’ which is south or anwhere else outside north. why don’t you tell all your real sirname with a proof, just don’t blemish north’s image.

      Or Amal are you married to a southie

      • Mahesh permalink
        March 19, 2010 8:51 am

        @North Indian guest : There is no point in talking to u if u don’t even know the importance of a name. Do ur friends and colleagues call u a ‘northie’? I can tell u its not like that in South. Who is getting banged in Maharashtra? Who is getting banged in Australia? its not a southie…its the glorious cultured North Indians…lol…
        u know y???? Bcoz of the arrogance, and the reluctance to accept other culture. A southie can survive anywhere and everywhere…lol

        • Guest permalink
          March 20, 2010 12:58 am


          I have never heard that the attacks in Australia were on North Indians , it was always referred in all articles as ‘Indians’. But yes , I can undertstand your assumption North Indian = Indian because we ARE.

          Secondly, the attacks in MH is hyped more than it actually is, otherwise many sitting northie MLAs and politicians with clout would not have been in MUmbai. Its just by a party to gain political mileage.
          And you forgot your real banging buddy by the similar parties so many years ago ‘Pungi Bajao Lungi Bhagao’ slogan. And you were really banged that time ‘can you name a single MLA and MP from south in Mumbai.

          Now the real banging is something that you have got in Sri Lanka ..

          • Mahesh permalink
            March 20, 2010 12:13 pm

            @North indian guest: Yeah… I knew u never gonna agree to that, because its ur North Indian brothers who really get banged in Australia and Maharashtra. And yeah I dont even consider North Indians as Indians… hahaha…. Hindi is n0t even an Indian language…..Hindi doesnt have a script on its own….lol ..and ur saying like North Indian = Indian…hahaha..

            South Indians got the real Indian ethnicity. South Indians are dravidians , which means real Indians…….
            North Indians r aryans which means their ancestors r from Iran or Russia (or else it ll be like …u knw what i mean)…
            So start respecting them…

            My native place in kerala is bloated with all this Up wallas and Biharis who came for construction work …
            Cochin is like a mini gulf for them….
            Ppl r so educated that it is very difficult to find a construction worker in kerala …..

            I dnt think u ll understand as ur a north indian but just give a try, juz go through these links and u will understand.


            • Guest permalink
              March 20, 2010 2:49 pm

              @Mahesh… see its clear who is not accepting the reality. I will quote few statements in this article which again states that north indian states are superior.

              ”In contrast to India’s more prosperous states, like Punjab and Haryana” the article itself says that punjab and haryana are far better than kerala.

              “Low Population’ and “Money Shortage’ state so many things against your state rather than what ‘Vir Sanghvi’s article says against northies.

              Kearala may be ahead in HDI but thats not counted for real dev:; its number of jobs and per capita income where Punjab, haryana ,delhi beats all south hands down.

              What I know from my southie colleagues that Mallus are nothing but the Biharis of south. If your Kerala is such a paradise with such a great HDI then why don’t you stay there.

              If you are saying that migrants from UP bihar are coming to Kerala then from centuries ‘Kerala’ nurses are found in any backward UP town pvt. hospitals or even large town private hospitals. They have flooded it and I don’t complain. If locals anwhere are not doing the job then somebody will and must grab it.

              If Mallus want to do labor work in Gulf than in their own state then this shows their mentality.

              • Mahesh permalink
                March 23, 2010 10:53 pm

                @ north indian guest: hahaha…u read only those two lines…sorry dude…..sorry for showing that link to u…lol….
                and yeah..abt the bihar or south india……its not punjabis or gujaratis but the UP wallas itself who have told me about what UP is and everyone knws dat…so need to explain…..and yeah since ur a UP walla i am not wondering abt wht u said …thank god u dint say UP is California of India or Mayawati is Obama of India….

                • Guest permalink
                  March 25, 2010 12:26 am

                  @Mahesh.. I feel same for you that being a ‘mallu’ how can you talk of backwardness and migration.

                  Look at your state (Kerala).

                  Whats wrong in accepting the reality and its a universal truth .
                  Just do a google search for word ‘Mallu’ and you will see the result yourself , why do you argue with me.

                • Guest permalink
                  March 25, 2010 1:11 am

                  btw…you must be aware of comparison..


                  And may be her policies are not good but we have to believe that she is a ‘Dalit’ leader and this is just her way of governance.
                  We can’t forget that in the name of ‘Hinduism’ what higher castes have done to them in past and if she has risen then it is by the votes of people. You have to accept it. I am a high class hindu but very well know the drawbacks of my religion but reality is reality.

                  If somebody is wiining elections democratically then you have a problem, somebody is wiining undemocratically then you have a problem. the so called lawlessnesness where you give bihar as example .
                  You also have problem with the people’s constitutional right (read: law) to migrate anwhere in India, you say northerners are aggressive and fight but don’t have problems when they save you in present and have been saving you in past from various NW and central asian attacks.
                  Call notherners descnedant of Iranians and Arabs and then go to Arabs country.

                  Say northerners are not intelligent but work as a worker/take job in their enterprise (most of the top 50 are owned by northereners)

                  Don’t you think that you want a seperate country, please explain.

                  What do you actuall want guys.

      • Amal permalink
        March 24, 2010 2:01 pm

        Dear Guest…. i was born and brought up in lucknow…. moved away when i was 20…. and i am in a relationship with a Punjabi kudi…. so sorry to disappoint you

        • Amal permalink
          March 24, 2010 2:07 pm

          and someone with no name is asking me to prove my name…. my grandfather has fought the freedom struggle with the likes of Nehru….

          are you sure you’re not some PR guy from Mayawati’s office?

        • Guest permalink
          March 25, 2010 12:16 am

          btw… you have still not answered my question that are you a real UP wala.. which means atleast your last 4-5 ancestors belonged to UP (or include Rajputana too for History). AND also you have a northie famlily name or not.

          When did I ask that your forefathers were freedom fighters or not. And how your relationship with a punjabi kudi comes into the picture when I have asked your family name and your real native place.

          • Guest permalink
            March 25, 2010 2:02 am

            and if you have left Lucknow when you were 20 (i assume you are currently in late 20s or early 30s) then how can you say a word on Lucknow’s development. I can’t comment on the place which I left 8-15 years back. So please, just stop writing on anything of which you don’t have a clue about.

          • Amal permalink
            March 25, 2010 11:53 am

            man…. do you live in a delusional world? you dont even have a name…. what are you asking mine for? and since you assumed i must be married to a south indian, i cleared that misconception also…. you write something one day and forget about it the other…..

            my ancestoral home is in Allahabad and have lived in Lucknow and Varanasi most of my life…. and the comment i made about UP’s non-development is because i have visited these places again in 2007-08 and have seen things (or the lack of) with my own eyes…. and i have mentioned this in my earlier post also….

            last month friends from Lucknow visited me in Hyderabad…. i heard enough from them…. the best was the latest law, quite innovative…. “if you want to murder someone, deposit 2 lakhs in any polic station, and they will report you as locked up at that station on the day of the murder!!!” nice alibi…. great law n order…..

            hope you got all your answers, if you even remember your own questions this time….

            so tell me…. you work for Mayawati?

            • Mahesh permalink
              March 25, 2010 6:34 pm

              @Amal : lol….that s really a nice information man…. ppl from other state might pay 50% extra for this….roflmao…

              @North Indian Guest : Plz stop talking nonsense man….and yeah What is the Universal truth ? that Kerala is the best state…..
              and You will get a lotta things when u google the word ‘mallu’ (eventhough there is no word like ‘mallu’)…. anyways South Indian culture is not stripping women in public places….lol…

              and about Mayawati .. I have never said that bcoz shes a dalit shes bad….I dont really care about what religion or caste she is .. everyone knows the truth that Bihar and UP tops the most corrupted states list……
              Take the best states list and you can see all the South Indian states are on the top half….may be on top ten i guess….plz go thru this link of IBN 2008 Diamond states award…..
              btw in 2009 also Kerala got the best state award…lol

              and about all the other nonsense that u have said like saving us frm attacks n all….no comments bcoz dats utter nonsense…..

              and about keralites going to Arab countries and working in a North Indian Company.. I would have agreed with you if no one from UP or North India goes abroad.. everyone tries to go abroad or for a better salaried job…. since South Indians are smart, ppl frm South goes abroad…why are all this North Indians coming to Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad,Cochin n all… I think its for a better living and better paid job… lol…

              and answer for the last question …. We ,South Indians dont want a seperate country because we dont have any problems here though we have different languages and we know how to respect others languages and cultures BUT we want all who creates problem here, out of India… if u guys want, just go out of India and call urself ‘Hindians’ or wateva, we juz dont really care….

  10. vasudev permalink
    March 20, 2010 9:24 pm

    apart from kerala i doubt if any of the other southie states are worthy of getting isolated from the north madness of people in power and fame! all the other including tamil nadu/karnataka/andhra are hero worshippers.

  11. vasudev permalink
    March 20, 2010 11:30 pm

    can u imagine a country’s rule which proclaims its rich assets as poor while allowing certain kanky recluses to display ‘raw’ wealth in a manner of making the polity puke out of revulsion? and yet these wud rule/ruin our country soon! wonder why we have eunuchs for military chiefs?

  12. Abhinav permalink
    March 29, 2010 8:45 am

    Waoo, Superb.

    2588 comments. Thats a heck of large number for a post in blog.

    I went through each and every post in the first page, and instead of thinking about all those comments where some one is saying some thing about some one/thing else, I am thinking, how easy it would be for Britishers to rule over this country. Just go to one guy and count him the differences between him and the other guy is who is coming in your way of growth ( basically do the bitching thing ).

    Before, I write any of my views on the same subject, let me tell you how did I get here.

    I did a Google searching for ” making Sambhar” (which Google search corrected and suggested that its Sambar, not Sambhar ), went to some post, then went on to search the difference between Daal and Sambar, from there went on to search the difference between North Indian and South Indian food and ended up here.

    By birth, I am a North Indian (well I have lived there all my life, but for a fairly sufficient amount of time, I have been in Bangalore ). I consider myself as a typical small town guy. I am not sure why I am calling myself a typical, may be because I still don’t know how to eat using “churi and kanta” ( knife and fork ). But whatever it mat be, I have loved almost everything related to Bangalore. Its people, its food, its weather, even its traffic jams ( common, nothing is perfect, right??? ).

    Whatever I say about north, I just can get past the fact that south is far more developed than north ( 4 states vs rest of India, not some city/state wise comparison ). I would also say one thing that every state where one of the Dravidian language is not spoken is a north India for a south Indian, which in fact is not true. A Rajasthani has a way different kind of life style than a Bihari and same goes if we consider any other 2 states from north at once. I am sure the same holds good for states from south as well.

    Well, there is something else I would like to confess. I am not that knowledgeable like some of the guys here ( man… some of the posts really makes me feel like I am a waste of life and need to learn a lot ).

    “युनान-ओ-मिस्र-ओ-रोमा सब मिट गये जहाँ से
    अब तक मगर है बांकी नामो-निशान हमारा

    कुछ बात है की हस्ती मिटती नही हमारी
    सदियो रहा है दुश्मन दौर-ए-जमान हमारा”

    Corrected translation ( no where in these lines, there is something written about India having more than 80% “Hindu” population ):

    Be it Unan, be it Mishr or be it Rome, everyone vanished,
    But we still exists.

    There is something about us ( nearest one I could think of is personality, so I skipped this one )
    World had been our enemies for centuries.

    Thanks for sharing this one with us. I am going to use this one in future. Really nice.

    The only post which impressed me a lot here:

    “Our forefathers wanted to stay together and left with us such a beautiful country with so many schools of thought. Lets not destroy anything by imposing and cloning. The negative attitude towards Hindi is due to the fact that the policy makers are trying to find the easy way out rather than the justified way out. We should not shy away from English because of its colonial hangover. Its not at all possible to reinstall a different language in place of English in our daily life. Hindi, like other languages should be treated as a regional language. In that way, all states will be able to grow and develop parallely keeping their individual flavour intact. Although, all of each one of us has individual preferences, still should we really like it , if every city of India looks like New Delhi? And, ofcourse, if a native from Tamil Nadu wants to write poems in Hindi , that will be wonderful too. Hindi is just another regional language like Tamil and Gujrati. No regional language of India should be made so large that it overshadows the other regional language.”

    So forgetting all other issues discussed here like complexion of people, some language being older or better than some other or how things are so organized in some places and not in some and coming back to the main topic of this post :

    “South India is better developed than North India”, according to some XYZ.

    I am completely with this statement. There might be some 1000 or more reasons for this issue. I am not sure why ( or lets just say I don’t like blaming games and will not go into that, so I will rather skip this one ).

    Shouldn’t south and north Indians be happy about it rather blaming the ones who are not doing that great?

    Suppose there are 2 brothers in a family and one is living extremely well and other one not so well. Should the brother who is doing well, not help his brother who is not doing so great or should the brother who is not doing so well, get jealous of the brother who is doing well. Well, I am not sure about others, but my answer is an instant “no”. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I have a lot of south Indian friends here ( in fact, the number is south Indian friends is more than north Indian friends ) and to tell you the truth I am the only one in the group who constantly pull their legs just for some small differences between south and north, like pronunciation of character H, eating rice-sambar as lunc and dinner or stuffs like that, but I know and most importantly they know, how much I love or respect them or rather how much I love or respect my India and its people, irrespective of whether it is south or north. Yes I do hate some Indians some times. But the fact is I have verbal fights/arguments with my own brother, so the temporary “hate” is unavoidable.

    As far as “Language” thing goes, our “Incredible India” is too vast to have one common language of communication. I would like to speak Hindi even for the smallest of things but I would never ask someone to impose its use on some one else. Mother Tongue is always a Mother Tongue and that should be your preferred way of communication, of course depending on your current surrounding.

    It hurts badly when people say Hindi is inferior to X or Y or Z language. Nothing is perfect. Hindi is no exception. But its something that makes us, the Hindi speaking people, what we are. The same holds true for any other language in the world. I took Hindi as an example because I can relate to it. We should try and contribute to our language, whatever that might be, rather comparing it with some other. Thats just not good.

    Funny thing is I am listening to a Tamil song right now. Not that I am understanding every single bit of what is coming out of the speakers, but its just that I like it. The same is true for any other language , if the song is good I would enjoy it as much as any other native speaker of the language ( thats again people specific, but yet I think you would get what I am trying to say, if not then I don’t know how to make it clearer, sorry ).

    Having said above things, I would again say that Hindi should never be made as our “The National Language”. As far as our common mode of communication is concerned, English has been doing a fairly good job. Lets forget whether its foreign or our own. We all use motorcycles or cars or whatever in our day-to-day lives without thinking whether its foreign invention or our own. We should not stop using vehicles just because its not Indian and go back to bullock cart or something.

    The mode of communication should rather be environment specific. A guy selling some small things at Chennai or Vijaywada railway station, should learn Hindi, because it will help him sell with guys who are coming from up north and a Bihari should learn the local language of his surrounding so that he can communicate properly, rather needing some one else for translation.

    Ok, enough of my thinkings, I will let you, the intelligent guys, continue the discussion.

    And one last thing, to all north Indians who come to south India for whatever reasons and while discussing among themselves, calling south India as a bad place to stay. You idiots, if this place is that bad why are you even here, just get the hell out of south India and go to some fun-loving place up north ( according to you ) and do whatever you came to south India for. You are only destroying every north Indians image in front of south Indians.

    • Guest permalink
      March 30, 2010 2:21 am

      @Abhinav…Though I don’t live in South but there are times when one has to stay at a place where he is not willing and he may curse. Its one’s fundamental right to curse anyhting which he/she feels wrong.
      Why do you assume that every north indian has come to south thinking it to be a great place, for example a nationalise bank employee at a senior position may be posted in Kashmir or NE or a naxal area or an army officer so according to you he is an idiot if he is not enjoying the place. Its one’s fundamental right to liveanywhere in India and curse anything which he doesn’t like. I don’t know whats the problem with some of you north guys that you always think that southies are very humble and honest based on their simple dressing, lifestyle and complacent attitude. Its not like that buddy , don’t you see at this blog that what they think about us northies ; I have hardly seen a southie saying good about north . So buddy just try to find out what your so many numerous friends talk about you at your back. BTW …you have given a long lecture , do you speak the tamil or telgu lving in south. Or just plain lecture giri like leaders.

      • Amal permalink
        March 30, 2010 2:12 pm

        Hey Guest…. here is an article from the Indian Express regarding the ‘development’ of Lucknow….

        some excerpts from the article are given below:

        “The 200-metre Gandhi Setu on Gomti near the Ambedkar Memorial is getting yet another revamp — the second within a year. But no one wants to say why or at what cost.

        The pink stone railing of the bridge made last year by the Lucknow Development Authority is being demolished. The LDA Vice-Chairman, Mukesh Kumar Meshram, refused to explain why, since the High Court is monitoring the matter. An official, however, said the railing was “too high and hinders the view of the river from the bridge”.

        Last week, the railing was demolished. The state-of-the-art light poles installed on the railings have also been removed. Two cranes are working round-the-clock to place new pieces of Mirjapuri sandstone on the bridge. “The stone from the demolished railings will be dumped somewhere,” said a contractor.

        No estimate of the cost of the demolished railings and the fancy lights is available, nor the cost of the new railing which will be built in its place.”

        WOW! such accountability, they cant even explain why this needs to be done and at what costs…. WOW! such resposnibility, they will just dump the sandstone someplace….. and WOW! such hypocrisy, they want to break the bridge walls so that people can get a better view of the river that does not even exist anymore!!!!

        please ask your aunt Mayawati how much more money she is going to eat through this beautification of the city??? you claim “Development”…. in reality it is “De-development”!!!

      • Amal permalink
        March 30, 2010 5:54 pm

        Dear Mr. Guest,

        Whatever beliefs you might have about the North vs South, will become clearer (or murkier depending on how you view them) after you read the following news article…. hope this helps in ‘educating’ you about the reality of the country in present times; your previous statements imply that either you are still living in the glory days of the past, or you simply have no knowledge of what is really happening today….

        excerpts from the article:

        “A study conducted by industry body CII and market research organisation KPMG has stated that north India will require about US $ 84 billion to meet demand-supply challenges in skill and education sector to be able to match with south and western India states, including Maharashtra.

        ‘Roadmap for the industrialisation of north India should be in tune with an effective delivery mechanism of skilled manpower and environmental consciousness,’ outlines the report by CII and KPMG.

        The north Indian states should focus on developemnt of education standards to ensure that the working-age population in the region meets the emerging global demands.

        This would be instrumental in transforming India into ‘Knowledge Superpower’.

        ‘Currently, the northern region trails the western and southern regions of the country significantly, with an overall literacy rate of 60 percent as against 69 percent and 71 percent in the south and the west respectively.

        Therefore, the education and skill infrastructure in the region needs to be upgraded,’ the report stated.”

        Now, please ask your Mayawati aunty to provide some of the money she has stolen from the government and the people of Uttar Pradesh, to contribute towards the US$ 84 billion that is needed by the Northern states to be at par with the South…. enough said!

      • vasudev permalink
        March 31, 2010 1:45 pm

        guest…i basically do not have a north-south hangover and i am most commonly given to tell on the face and so here is my take on the subject:

        north indians are more likely to force themselves upon others as compared to south indians…and that is their biggest failure…in present times.

  13. Abhinav permalink
    March 31, 2010 8:11 pm

    Dear Mr. “Latest Guest”.

    After seeing your post, I was kind of thinking I will just ignore your reply because I personally believe this is one of those “going nowhere” types discussion. But yet replying as I believe you have raised one valid point here.

    Yes you are right, not everyone comes down south willingly. But can you tell me what is the percentage of such people? May be 1 in 1000. This is just my estimate. I am very much sure that the denominator is much more than that, but still I don’t have the raw data so I can say anything about it.

    Now, coming back to those people, who didn’t come to south willingly. You are right. If they don’t like the place, its there “fundamental right” to say whatever they want about the place they are in. Cool. Not an issue. Lets look at it according to my view ( living the guys from armed forces aside ) :

    You are getting an opportunity to meet new people, experience new cultures, you are getting an opportunity to grow ( most times you will only relocate if the salary hike is a bomb, otherwise why bother ) and so many other things, but yet you want to bitch about this place. Sure, go ahead.. be my guest. No body is stopping you.

    As you said yourself, “Its one’s fundamental right to curse anyhting which he/she feels wrong.”, I am using my fundamental right to curse something that I personally don’t like.

    And sir/madam, whoever you are, I never said “southies” are very humble and honest. In fact I have recently watched a you tube video where one guy in Chennai was beaten to a level where there was nothing left in his body. Why would I think like that? I have always believe that Geographic location has nothing to do with people’s mentality and behavior. You can and surely will find good people and bad people every where, irrespective of south/ north or inside/outside India. It does’t mean you should make a idea that the place itself is good or bad.

    And what is this with “simple dressing, lifestyle and complacent attitude”. You certainly haven’t seen Bangalore or even if you have seen this place, you have not seen the right places. Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the hippest place in India.

    Once again you are right, when you say “don’t you see at this blog that what they think about us northies”. This is because we, “the very intelligent northies”, have not done a great job on what and why south Indian thinks what they think about north Indians.

    Take me as an example. Bangalore is providing me my bread and butter. But at the same time, some one from south has lost this job to me. I have absolutely no idea what to feel or say here. I surely feel bad if I am behind this problem. But I might not be in a position to leave this place, as the skill sets which I have acquired, might not be of much use other then Places which are IT hub of India. And on top of that, if I say bad things about this place, what impression will I have on south Indian. Suppose I am working with/under you and I say bad things about you, at your back or on your face, how would that make you feel. Probably, not good.

    If north Indians have bad impression on south Indian then it our fault and no one else’s.

    And buddy, to make things clear, I have been in Bangalore for last 8 years. So, I can very much manage Kannada. Never lived in Tamil or Telugu speaking locality, so I don’t understand them. But if I get a chance, I will surely try my hands and learn them. Not just Tamil or Telugu. I would love to learn any language that I come across with. I guess its just me and my inclination towards learning different things.

    Again, such a huge post. I guess I should try my hands on leader giri. 😉

  14. Vinit permalink
    April 16, 2010 6:10 pm

    There is no need to analyse the development as North or South
    This comparision will promote division

    So pls compare without dividing
    There is nothing likke north or south in india

    • Vivek S. Khadpekar permalink
      April 20, 2010 9:10 am


      //There is nothing likke north or south in india//

      You are absolutely right. There is only North and non-North. The former is “national”, speaking for the homogenised, monotonised whole of the country. The latter is regional, partisan, divisive, anti-national etc. a tendency that Big Brother North is patriotically trying to crush.

  15. Prity permalink
    May 5, 2010 12:52 pm

    This is for Abhinav!!!

    “some one from south has lost this job to me” and “the very intelligent northies” – These statements are utterlly ridiculous as it states the latent fear in you. The fear becoming vulnerable. You say that you are emplyoed at the cost of some south indian’s job. Well, I tell you no one whom I know so far from South is unemployed. You are a male but can you tell me how many of you guys let your sisters or wives progress in their life?(I know that you are going to come up with some silly explanations but facts remain facts- yes in records!). Some of you people engage in the Taliban practices – Khap Panchayats, disregarding the very constitution of this country! Is that fine with you? North india is well known for female infanticide (Punjab), bride burning(Entire north india), female molestation and raping, purdha system, Sati system – Delhi being the king of that! Is it safe to stay there. Maybe that is the reason why you have come to our South!!! 🙂 Well!!! I tell you today… even if they give us anything under the Sun, we will not go to N.India where out lives are not safe at all. We are happy and safe here. Our government is doing many great things for us!! We are truly happy and really contented. We don’t need to see any false facts that you people put forward because we can see what is happening around us!!!

    Jai ho!

    • Vinay permalink
      May 6, 2010 8:55 pm

      For Prity:

      After all your doubtful fundas on North Indian crime, one more fact for you: Kerala remains the most violent/crime ridden state in the country. Tamil Nadu has one of the highest riot rates in the country. Crime and corruption in the South knows no bounds. All those vices you present in the North are equally present in the South, if not more, but in different manifestatations. So thanks but I am quite happy in my North, and would not dream of going down South.

      • Mahesh permalink
        May 7, 2010 11:21 am

        Dude…..Kerala is the most safest place to live in India….the crime in kerala is just Political….. Unlike in North, We dont strip ladies in public here, we dont gangrape
        them, we dont loot the rich here….the actual criminals are in North India & UP and Bihar are the two worst states in India… U ll never admit it … So u guys be happy there up North and we are more happy here down South ….Cheers!!!

      • vasudev permalink
        May 16, 2010 9:21 pm

        dude…a pity on your lack of facts! kerala is notorious for its criminality ’cause kerala publishes it faithfully. after the last message on the same i smsed a kerala minister who replied to me, somewhat laughingly, that while the northies suppress ranveer senas and parochial views as distinct from governmental judicial systems, support sati (still!), kerala faithfully reports every crime commited on its soils to the centre to keep-up its international image of being one of the most educated, safe, thriving, economically enhanced places in the world. in short…we issue statements for the benefit of our tourists and we also warn them of the crime rates in kerala while informing them about the ‘do-nots’. for your info, the crime rate in kerala is a reflection not of the mallu but of the large nos of non-mallus who land in kerala seeking their dubais!

      • December 6, 2015 5:14 pm

        Thats because you have never been in the south

  16. Guest permalink
    May 5, 2010 11:08 pm


    See folks where your English stands infront of Great Hindi!! forget dravidian languages:

    Source IRS:

    दैनिक जागरण लगातार 14वीं बार शिखर परनई दिल्ली, जागरण ब्यूरो : दैनिक जागरण के पाठकों ने अपने इस चहेते अखबार को एक बार फिर से सबसे ऊंचा मुकाम दिलवाया है। जागरण फिर देश का सबसे ज्यादा पढ़ा जाने वाला अखबार सिद्ध हुआ है। इंडियन रीडरशिप सर्वे में लगातार चौदहवीं बार दैनिक जागरण पूरे देश के अखबारों में सिरमौर रहा है। इंडियन रीडरशिप सर्वे के ताजे आंकड़ों के मुताबिक दैनिक जागरण ने पाठक संख्या में न केवल अंग्रेजी के अखबारों को बहुत पीछे छोड़ा है बल्कि वह अपने निकटतम प्रतिद्वंद्वी से भी काफी बड़े अंतर से आगे है। आईआरएस के वर्ष 2010 के पहली तिमाही के आंकड़े आज जारी हुए हैं जिसमें दैनिक जागरण को लगातार 14वीं बार देश का सबसे ज्यादा पढ़ा जाने वाला अखबार घोषित किया गया है। आईआरएस के अनुसार दैनिक जागरण के पाठकों की संख्या इसके दूसरे नंबर के प्रतिद्वंद्वी के मुकाबले दो करोड़ से भी ज्यादा है। जो यह बताने के लिए काफी है कि अपने निकटतम प्रतिद्वंद्वी के मुकाबले दैनिक जागरण ने काफी तेज गति से पाठकों के दिल में जगह बनाई है। इतना ही नहीं दैनिक जागरण पढ़ने वालों की संख्या अंग्रेजी के सबसे बड़े अखबार के पाठकों के मुकाबले चार गुना है। दैनिक जागरण के पाठकों की संख्या सभी अंग्रेजी अखबारों की कुल पाठक संख्या से भी अधिक है। इससे साबित होता है कि दैनिक जागरण ने हिंदी की बदौलत देश की नब्ज को छुआ है। दैनिक जागरण समाज के सभी प्रमुख वर्गो में समान रूप से लोकप्रिय है। इसीलिए तो आईआरएस के तहत सामाजिक आर्थिक सर्वेक्षण में इसे समाज के उच्च व मध्यम वर्ग में भी सबसे ज्यादा पढ़ा जाने वाला अखबार माना गया है। पढ़े-लिखे स्नातक वर्ग में भी दैनिक जागरण के पाठकों की अच्छी खासी संख्या है।

    I request all the people to acknowledge that Hindi is India’s national language and it deserves the high status it has.

    Its proved, please don’t argue.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 13, 2010 3:37 pm

      What ridiculous logic! So you copy pasted an article which states that the Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran has been declared the most widely circulated/read newspaper in India. That piece of statistic is the basis for you to proudly declare that ‘therefore Hindi is India’s National Language, and everyone must acccept Hindi as the National Language!”

      Not only is that convoluted logic (which I will shortly disprove), is sadly is also a commentary on the typical attitude of some North indians.

      Back to your logic. So since Dainik Jagran is the most widely read newspaper in India, that alone proves to you that Hindi is India’s national Language.

      Well, if that is how the National Language is to be identified, we didnt have to wait for Dainik Jagran’s circulation numbers. Every semi literate person would know that there are more Hindi speaking people in India!

      Now by your logic, since 85% of Indians are Hindus, Hinduism is therefore the National Religion, right? And now people of all other faiths must start visiting Hindu temples and observing Hindu rituals as well. Right? Why not? Absolutely not, because stupid statistics and stupid logic do not combine to make sensible decisions.

      Okay since most people in India play and follow cricket, cricket and not Hockey should be the national sport, right?

      Since we have more crows in India, than peacocks, Crow and not peacock must be the National bird right? Same with pigs and Tiger. More pigs, so Pig is the national animal from tomorrow. How about that?

      Lets keep the national Language issues aside. I take larger issue with the absolute lack of cognitive ability, and lack of logical reasoning when I engage some north Indians in a discussion on this issue. As evidenced by this piece of specious logic that you have fetched about Dainik Jagran’s circulation figures.

      Now instead of foisting Hindi as a national language, how about keeping shut and letting Hindi along with English and Tamil, Punjabi, Malaylam, Gujarati and all other 18 odd regional languages remain equal as ‘official languages’ of India.

      Instead how about going into your own Hindi heartland and teaching the millions of illiterates who speak Hindi to also write their own language ‘HINDI’. We are not imposting Tamil or Telugu or Kannada or Malayalam on them. Please teach them to read and write their own language. Just one language. Instead of foisting a second (rather third) language on South Indians.

      We south Indians are doing very well for ourselves through English and our mother tongues. If we want to learn French or Chinese or Arabic or any other Language, we shall do it without anyone else needing to demand of us to learn their language.

    • alexander permalink
      May 1, 2011 11:36 am

      @ guest
      HINDI ROCKS ” nonsense he/she has to use english to express that defeated by the first word itself”
      I dont understand that script.

      why don’t you write in english, it seems u talking about some figures so here it goes

      “According to ComScore, indiatimes (and not TOI online) is the world’s most-visited newspaper website with 159 million page views in May 2009, ahead of the New York Times, The Sun, Washington Post, Daily Mail and USA Today websites”

      keep your hindi with yourself .

      Tiger — INDIA’s national animal on verge of extinction

      Hockey -national game – people dont like it.

      now why u want Hindi to stink.

  17. Some one like you permalink
    May 7, 2010 2:43 pm

    I want to say something, Plz dont try to divide India..
    I’m a South Indian…the geographical position should never create pessimistic view over the other…..
    After hearing the Mumbai attack..I felt as if it was near my neighbourhood…I cried for the brothers and sisters who died up there…Should I cry only if they are South Indians…..Should I cry only for a Hindu, or A muslim….should i cry only for my relatives…
    You all are my Relations….. I feel that I being a human should have a basic sense of at least feeling sorry for the mishap……
    First we should stop fighting amongst us….

    Tamil Nadu was the state which donated much for the Kargil war and for Gujarat Earthquake..
    (First when compared to all states of India)
    did they give thinking the North people will give back later…It is mutual understanding and helping nature for a fellow Indian…

    you guys are saying that North Indians won’t have cried for The Tsunami in the South….

    Humanity should be the first that should be considered, not the geographical difference

    If Im going abroad means I would say im an Indian…
    I won’t say im a South Indian or the others..

    Proud to be Indian

  18. Abhinav permalink
    May 8, 2010 4:17 am

    This is for the guy with “Dainik Jagran” post.

    Yes Hindi rocks. So does any other language in the world. Now coming back to why Dainik Jagran or indirectly News Paper written in Hindi is most read in India.

    More number of Hindi speaking people leads to more number of people buying Hindi papers that leads to the huge difference in number of readers.

    Suppose if Hindi was spoken only in one state, we would be reading the same news article in some other language.

    So, if we are saying Hindi is widely spoken language in India, than indirectly we are telling that we have contributed ( 🙂 ) more in dangerously increasing population of India.

    This is for Prity:

    Your name itself is the proof of how much north India has influenced life down south. You don’t need to go any where or offered any thing under the Sun to figure it out. The best thing in your post are the 2 words that you have used for closing it. It couldn’t have been any better. May be its because of the song becoming so popular across the world. But the point is you have used a Hindi sentence to close your post. Thank you for that. And a big thanks to A.R. Rahman for creating a song that’s a rage in itself.

    I will share my views on the point that you have mentioned. Here the key words are : “my views”.

    When I said “the very intelligent northies”, that was not meant to be a compliment. Its just that if you are in a group of people, consisting of north Indians in south India or talking about south India, the only thing you get to hear is how north India is a better place or north Indians are better people (particularly better looking people) . I happen to not like it personally.

    I went through the line “some one from south has lost this job to me” again and again. And I would like to confess here that it does sound like I have referred some kind of competition between me and a south Indian. But trust me, I didn’t mean it like that at all. Its just the “content and intent” issue with a language. I wanted to say something and you gave a whole new meaning to it, which is actually correct if you wanted to take it like that.

    You say that you haven’t seen any one from south so far who is unemployed, I would say you are a very lucky person. As far as I am concerned, I have some friends from college who are still unemployed. And to tell you the truth, sometimes its really hard to face them when they are disappointed. At that moment I feel so shitty about myself on not being able to help them in any possible way that I can’t say.

    You have also raised so many points on how male society discourages females from progressing in life. I don’t know what to say. I think you are still in 19th century, not even in 20th one.

    To tell you the truth, a women itself is behind the issue where some other women is unable to progress in life… I know I am going to be in deep trouble after telling this, but I have already said, anything that is mentioned in my post is completely my view.

    This is not something I have seen in some Indian soaps that is shown in television now a days. If you notice, you will see that female head of the family will not usually appreciate a female from the same family to work, infact to do anything which they really want. And eventually this will get to be such a huge issue that the female will have to either stop what she loves to do or go against every one else.

    And yes, this has nothing to do with south or north India. You can find it every where. I bet you would have felt it already, and if you haven’t than seriously you are very lucky.

    And yes, most important point of your post. You say, you are happy and safe here ( wherever you are ). I am not sure about the happy part, but are you really sure that you are safe there? If that’s a yes than damn, you are extremely lucky person. Because in my opinion Bangalore is one of the safest places in India and even here no body can say that each and every person is safe, that also all the time.

    To tell you the truth, when I get to know that some one has misbehaved with any women (here misbehaving include everything), in my opinion he should be castrated. Noting else and no exceptions. I might sound rubbish, but that is my take on the topic.

    • vasudev permalink
      May 16, 2010 9:25 pm

      U mean…India still has majority illiterates? (I meant the dainik jagran reading guys not able to read an english np…for me hindi is the first step…BACKWARDS!

  19. Anuragg permalink
    May 9, 2010 11:27 am

    This is for Abhinav……….Cheers!! Abhinav I saw your blog by that it seems u r an intellectual kind of personality……..I like that because i seen have lesser no.’s of blogs on the support of North India….by explaining all that to prity i hope she better understands northeis……..Inki apni bhashaen to bati hui hai kannad,tamil,telugu,malyalam etc. ek dusre ki bhasha se khundak rakhte hain doosri aur koi bhasha accept nahin kar sakte is liye english ka naam bar bar lete hain …….ye nahin kehte ki hamen hindi seekhni chahiye…….aisa karne par hum gulam ban jayenge……aisa ye samajhte hain…….magar angrejon ke aur angreji ke gulam ban ne ko taiyar hain…….Jai Hind ………… Anuragg

    • Abhinav permalink
      May 10, 2010 1:34 pm

      Hello Anuragg, thank you for your kind words. But I never said I support north India or south India. Its just that I don’t support pushing Hindi down the throat of south Indians. I wouldn’t want anybody to learn Hindi if they are no willing to.

      Dusaro ke example ko kyon dekhana, hum khud dusari bhasaon se khundak rakhate hai. Agar aisa nahi hota to iss blog me 2500+ posts nahi hote. Main khud hi jab kisi naye chehare se milta hoon to meri opening statement Hindi me hoti hai, aur jab unko samajh me nahi aata to mujhe English me switch karna hota hai. Lekin important point ye hai ki samane wale ke language of preference ko soche bagair main Hindi me baat karta hoon. Ye nahi hai ki kisi se milane ke pehale aakash me badal chayenge aur bijali kadakegi aur koi chamtkar hoga aur mujhe pata chalega ki main jissey baat karne jaa raha hoon wo kis language me baat karna prefer karta hai. Par pheer bhi important baat ye hai ki maine wo conversation Hindi me start kiya tha. Aur ye prove karta hai ki unintentionally hi sahi par main kisi aur pe hindi force kar raha hoon.

      Aur jahan tak English ke use hone ka sawal hai, I think the issue is too complicated to get my comment. I don’t consider my self smart enough to comment on such issues, atleast not yet. And I don’t feel bad about using English to communicate, and thinking it was forced on us by some one of foreign origin. The fact is, it is the same language which is helping me in getting my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day along with so many other things.

    • vasudev permalink
      May 16, 2010 9:33 pm

      Anuragg…I see yor words reflecting a will to control thru forceful implementation of yor language. anyday english is a sophisticated one which can take u around the globe and get yor things done. if yor hindi was such a great language you should have appointed challenging warriors alongwith it who could have propagated it throughout the world. now u guys seek control and possession because india is known. mind U…india came to be known thru its supremacy over english. otherwise china wudn’t have been so backward! now communist china learns english!

  20. Vikram permalink
    May 12, 2010 11:21 pm

    Why so much fuss about choosing any language here? I do have great many North indian friends so do i south indian. I do have sometimes some discussion about this, but not that anything serious goes into it. Afterall we are all Indians joined to the same root, sooner one realises better…..

    • vasudev permalink
      May 16, 2010 9:42 pm

      u r wrong! v r soon to be given visas by the respective state govts in india to enter their territories! i am happy in a way…i can negotiate with my company for compensation in dollars or euros.

  21. karthik permalink
    May 25, 2010 8:09 pm

    Learn which ever language you guys like(u need),

    India is a democratic country!!

    Apart from your mother tongue , English is a must otherwise you guys know what happens to your career?

    Apart from this, necessity drives the learning,

    for example, one from south india working in Delhi must learn atleast broken hindi to survive.


    one from north india working in chennai would need tamil.

    Moral of the story is that

    “Dont learn the language which aren’t going to be of any use to you”

    Be smart, learn what you need!

    Don’t show your back to those people
    who can’t speak your mother tongue or the language you know! They haven’t cos they didn’t need it,

    Be friendly no body loses!

    Vande matharam!!!

    • Anuragg permalink
      May 25, 2010 10:29 pm

      Well said Karthik, I appreciate what u said but try n make south indians understand about the value of a language be it english or hindi the words they use for a laguage are very much derogatory especially when we are living in 1 country where we must respect each others culture and language but we salute western culture and language that’s right we need to use for our career and communication and we respect english as a language but just as a language!! I respect every tiny thing what India consists and posess……………Jai Hind

      • Mahesh permalink
        May 26, 2010 10:51 am

        I totally agree to Karthik……for us hindi is juz a language and we dont even consider it as an Indian language …. and we r least bothered about hindi !!!

      • vasudev permalink
        May 27, 2010 8:22 pm

        no probs anuragg…just tell yor govt not to shove hindi down our throats. let it be a choice of the citizen…an opportune choice. like learn hindi to survive in north…learn tamil to survive in south. leave the choice to the citizen is all i ask. all this compulsory push-ins give me a belly ache and a need to pike!

  22. Banerjee permalink
    June 6, 2010 9:55 am

    Hey vilas,

    Please dont presume that maharshtra is the developed state in the country. You people don’t even know how to maintain your city clean. You eat paan & spit wherever you like. All the buses in ur state have red coloured exasperating paan stains both from inside & outside of the windows.

    The railway is spending in lakhs to remove the stains of paan from the maharshtrian railway stations.

    The window seat in any bus is not fit to be occupied in maharashtra – Poor literacy rate –

    So how can a state with undeveloped & uncivilized people be called a developed state – ridiculous.

  23. Sikander permalink
    June 23, 2010 10:50 pm

    India is devided into north,east,west,south and central.When we consider in the present time the growth of Indian union let me remind you its not only north and south we east indian like bengal and odisha are contributing par with others.We already gathered a large number of foreign as well as national investment.Also work is progressing in this direction very fast.Also let me take the honour to remind you the initial indian national movement for freedom started from this region later spread to other part of india.Of course we are facing a large obstacle in the development because of naxalism and its becaue of bad politics from center.Once these kind of problems will be solved we will grow not only par with other indian region but also able to establish internation standard.Currently east indian states gathering more foreign and national investment more than other regions.

    Even within so many obstacles we came out as big contributor to national development and which can’t be nglected.In art,culture,education,technolgy and everything we have developed a lot also giving scope to national development.When it comes to national development we should also consider as a big part not only the development discusion should confine to north or south.

  24. Anuragg permalink
    July 14, 2010 7:40 pm

    Hello Setu, we should Never calculate a state’s GDP with its immigrants per capita income staying outside always remember Punjab and Gujrat and these two states are not in South!!! I appreciate the intellect of south which is inclined towards English. English which we use for our communication for the realistic world and it goes for everyone….Yes there are people who are half literate in North India like me but we know how to value your culture and languageI think atleast we are better than those High profile, High Intellect, prestigeous south Indians who consider themselves living in a different planet………..Especially almost in every clinic and hospital we find NURSES speaking good HINDI!!!!! I like that…….

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 15, 2010 1:40 am

      (This is a long post, so those short on time may want to move on to the next one. Else it may be enlightening in some parts…)

      Hello Anuragg,

      Let me break down your absolutely baseless mis-interpretation of what I stated, and lay it out for you (this is a long post, as I have time on my hands at the moment LOL, so be patient):

      1) “Hello Setu, we should Never calculate a state’s GDP with its immigrants per capita income staying outside always remember Punjab and Gujrat and these two states are not in South!!!”

      If you read what I wrote once again calmly you will notice that NOWHERE have i stated that ‘GDP should be calculated with immigrants per capita income’. All I stated was the some economists have begun to compute a variation of GDP to reflect the money that flows into a local economy on a regular basis from remittances abroad. In case of Kerala for over 40 years!

      (This myth about Punjabis and Gujaratis being the most number of NRIs abroad is another north Indian myth, like many of their empty boasts. I know that, because one, I had pulled out several well researched papers some time ago about distribution of NRIs brokend down region wise. Dont have that link righ tnow, but may be able to fetch them. South India has the most number of NRIs, not North. And we are talking just 4 states. Another reason how I know this is from personal experience living in the US for a long time, and travelling and working at several locations worldwide.

      LOL, on a lighter vein it always amuses me that Keralites/south Indians working abroad in general are ridiculed as menial labourers. But all the north Indian waiters and cab drivers in US and tram/cab drivers in Canada, are always boasted about back home by North Indians as some sort of great hard working studs..who are a reflection of the North Indian hard work and enterprise. But South Indians working abroad are always menial. I live in the US and have travelled extensively world wide, and believe me South Indians dominate the scene in the US (especially Telugu folks). I live and work in the Silicon valley now, and have worked in several top notch companies here..and I can guarantee that Indians here are typically South Indian (atleast 75% of them, and among South Indians about 60% are from Andhra). LOL when I first came to the US, I wondered where all those great Punjabi studs that North Indians boasted about back home disappeared. I love to go and speak with them in chaste Hindi and amuse myself when they persist with their English. I have actually told some of these guys why they are ashamed of Hindi now, when back home in India you guys want to shove it down the throad of us proud South Indians. ( I must add that I can speak the language Hindi very well, infact dare I say better than most north Indians as well…I top scored in Hindi in 10th in a class. Lately after realizing how arrogant some of the semi literate North Indians are I proudly speak only in South Indian languages, or Marathi, and of course English!)

      And just so you know Punjabis or Gujaratis abroad does NOT translate to more remittance of money coming into Punjab or Gujarat, than comes to Kerala. Why? Because Kerala alone accounts for more than 50% of remittances coming into India. In other words more money (almost 50,000 crore rupees annually, this has been jumping up year over year. Used to be 27000 crores 4 years ago) is remitted into Kerala than into the rest of India. This money is a solid economic funding available to Kerala, which has more than made up for the disproportionately low central funding Kerala has recieved in infrastructure from Federal Governments.

      And the bedazzling progress, cleanliness, development erupting in Kerala equitably, towns cities and villages, without slums and filth, despite not being the topper in per capita GDP, is testimonial to the strength of this ‘free money’ available to Kerala! And you will see the stunning reality of why Kerala is the most advanced state in India in terms of HDI (human Development Index) the moment you step into Kerala.

      One of the greatest pleasures of my life was some time ago when I accompanied a few of my north Indian friends on a train journey to Kerala from the North. All along the journey, like typical north Indians they kept bad mouthing and ridiculing the south. I remember that in several train stations in the north the amenities were pathetic ( I distinctly remember stations in Gujarat, where we didnt even have decent vendors selling food items, but the north Indians had no complaints. We were all disgusted because we were hungry and couldnt have decent food. I did not criticize the Gujarat station. But when we entered south and again I am not saying these are modern stations or something, not at all, but atleast every statoin had boys selling coffee, tea, soft drinks, idli, vada, meals on those line. To my utter surprise, the north indians began criticizing, saying, ‘Why do you guys only have idli, vada, dosa. You guys dont have anything else in the south’! Oh my I couldnt believe how unfair these guys were, but they were my friends and believe me all engineers, and besides I was the host taking them to South India for a tour. But I must give credit to one of our Maharashtrian friends, Padhye, who after several rounds of this utter nonsense of North Indians crticizing only idli, vada, dosa and coffee available in South stations, after getting barely anything in big stations when we were up north…finally Padhye lost his cool and really gave it to the northy guys. His words, “C’mon guys. Stop this nonsense. Be glad that you have idly vada dosa and coffee here. Did you guys forget that we had pretty much nothing at Anand (if I remember correctly it was Anand station in Gujarat where we hungry guys got absolute nothing to eat). Just stop cribbing and eat what you have idli vada dosa and sambar, without putting up your fake sophistication out here”. Since Padhye exposed their stupidity, and the north Indian guys were dubmstruck and speechless by Padhye’s sensible words. I have always been surprised how North Indians can make complete fools of themselves in situations as these, when the obvious reality is right in front of us. Instead of saying something nice, they will criticize the south for the sake of criticizing, even when conditions in the north are pathetic (not always, but even when they are pathetic).

      Long story short, when the train entered Kerala in the morning, and the landscape just change immediately, erupting into a panoramic lush green beaty flush with water, ponds, streams with towns and cities with beautiful homes passing by as well scrubbed cleanly dressed kids on their way to school standing and waving at us…the sudden profusion of Kerala’s obvious stunning beauty, cleanliness, architecture of homes nestling backwaters hit my north Indian friends like a sledge hammer. I had known this is exactly what would happen to these guys…and so I had woken up ahead of time to watch the reaction of these guys who were ridculing the south all along. I remember the stunned silence of these guys, seconds turned to minutes….for all of over 30 minutes these Northies who were visting kerala for the first time were speechless, I would even say humiliated by their own words. So I finally broke the silence and after about 45 minutes into kerala I asked, “So guys, how do you like what you see?”. I heard embarrassed mutters of, “Man, this is amazing stuff!” or “Setu, unbelievable man, this is truly what they say…Gods own country”. I felt that my silence when they were ridiculing the south, really paid off, because I knew these guys would have their eyes popping out when they encounter kerala, as it happened. But I digress. The only point I want to make here is the stunning beauty, development, demographic figures (women development, religious harmony, the extremely high level of education and development figures for Muslims in Kerala as compared to the rest of India, especially North India health care facilities/distribution/density in India, excellent network of roads and deensity of roads, Highest density of ATM machines and banks, Highest per capita consumption of several consumables/durables including vehicles…yes Kerala tops highest per capita ownership of cars in the country, even though Delhi sells most per state.) The point I am making is that despite not having massive industrialization in Kerala (I for one would NOT want industrialization in Kerala, instead grown service economy, tourism, and manpower to work abroad…rather than spoil kerala ecology/pollution with industrialization. Lukcily for kerala it can get the beneifts of industrialization from the neighbouring states’ massive industrial infrastructure)

      (The reason economists are trying a variation of GDP to include remittances coming into states regularly/month after month/year after year, is because the pure GDP calculation which only looks at local/domestic production, does not explain the higher standard of living and progress- Human Development Index – consistently achieved by some states, Kerala, for instance, which has been Number 1 in HDI, despite being 6 or 7 in pure GDP terms….I am not sure of the exact ranking of kerala in pure per capita GDP terms. Now guys dont run and shout here that piece of info screaming that UP has the highest GDP …I am talking per capita GDP here. UP has highest GDP because highest number of people, but on per capita basis they are at the rock bottom along with Bihar.)

      2) Back to another point from your strange reply:

      “I appreciate the intellect of south which is inclined towards English.”

      Yes, if you are saying that South Indians are not using their intellect towards HINDI, then you are right. Why should a south Indian in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, AP or Karnataka, who is comfortable in life with his language and English, learn Hindi. Why waste our precious intellect in learning chinese, or vietnamese, or Korean or Hindi? Do you want North Indians to use their intellect to learn Tamil. I personally would love to see North Indians use thier intellect to go back home and TEACH YOUR ILLITERATE MILLIONS TO READ AND WRITE IN HINDI! That would be a good use of your intellect. Instead of demanding that we south Indians learn Hindi…which by the way is ‘NOT even the national language of India’ (though most North Indians claim so, but sorry the constitutions does NOT think so 🙂

      And even if the parliament passed an ammendment to declare Hindi the National Language how cares, we will continue to use our intellect to develop our language and learn English so our children can get better jobs in India and abroad. YOu guys go ahead and teach your children in Hindi medium schools. We South Indians woudl like to teach our children in English Medium schools.

      3) “English which we use for our communication for the realistic world and it goes for everyone”

      Are you trying to say that Hindi is used for communication in UNrealistic world?

      4) “Yes there are people who are half literate in North India like me but we know how to value your culture and language”

      I am sure you meant “our culture and language” meaning you know how to value north Indian culture and language…that much is obvious because you guys dont value south Indian culture and language, and want to impose Hindi.

      So my question to you is ‘What culture and language of North Indians do you value so much’. Which culture exactly are we talking here? I know North Indians never tire of declaring how great their culture is, how rich their states are, how strong and hard working north Indians are, how they are the ‘purest form of Aryan race’ (LOL….yes I live in the US and have travelled to Germany and other areas where you have these Aryan groups…and the first thing those so called Aryan groups would do if they look at our fake ‘Indian Aryans’ is they will spit at you.

      (The version of history taught in north indian schools is ajoke. This is the result of revisionist historians of North India who re-wrote history to make north Indians believe that they are some great human race and have great human history…LOL. The reality is as the latest UNDP report shows, the HIndi speaking states of India is the poorest part on planet earth. Yes, it has more poverty and poor people than Africa!

      Now ask yourself, Why is it that your history books in north India never talk about and spend chapters studying the military/navy/administration and great conquests of Cholas who succeeded in defeating several countries of Asia and South east Asia and ruled those countries collectin taxes, enforcing currency systems, court systems. Why doesnt your north Indian history books teach you how those great kings built their local education systems. I am sure the level of culture/identity/administration in the south should have been extremely developed for them to undertake such military conquests to different part of the world away from home. Right? so why do they not teach it in North India schools. Instead you will learn about ‘Unification of Germany’ and Italy, and England, and glorify the Mughal invaders and other invaders who plundered your people. YOu know why? Why glorify your invaders and the Europeans, instead of learning and accpeting the legitimate achievements of the South’s history.

      Ever wondered why the Mughals had a tough time with peninsular India? yes your school books will talk about the Maratha warriors. But thereafter it is a blank. Why? Because you would never acknowledge South Indian glory.

      So ask yourself guys. There is this big myth that North Indians are a martial race (North Indian rulers never conquered a foreign land. Dont tell me about Afghanistan…which was part of India, ‘Akhand Bharat’ which was lost to begin with!)

      So there is this north Indian myth that South Indians lack martial prowess, they are weak, and lack aggression. ( I always wonder and laugh here in the US when I see people are so well behaved and courteous, that North Indians would consider the cultured civil behaviour of Americans here to be a sign of the Americans’ weakness and lack of martial qualities. LOL).

      It was this myth and north Indian arrogance about Tamils being meek that caused Delhi to overstimate the speed with which the Tamils in sri lanka would be crushed by the tanks and commandos of the Indian Army. (Believe me, I am not a sympathizer of any terrorist group or insurgents or anyone who kill innocnets, but I still learn from history, even from enemies).

      So what happened? Rajiv Gandhi had declared that the Tamils will be crushed within ONE WEEK. Tamil boys and girls in rubber slippers, took on the commandos and tanks of one of the biggest armies of the world. You know what happened. The Indian Airforce joined the action and air bombed them, but the boys and girls fought hard, and the Indian army gave up and ran. Yes the proud Sikh regiments, Rajput regiments, Maratha Light Infantry, Kumaon regiments, Grenadiers, Gurkha regimnets, Tanks and bofors guns, air dropped Paracommandos, all attacked the Tamils from all sides. Let me tell you I had friends who were in the Indian Army, and some of them came back injured, one lost his eye, and hands. The one thing they said was the Indian Army was stunned by the discipline and sheer ‘fearlessness’ of the Tamil boys and girls. Even if they were injured or half dead, they would still fight to the very end. And they would fight for hours and days with no food or water, but never surrendered. The Indian Army was simply unprepared and they admitted it. Why do you think they underestimated the Tamils?

      The answer is simple. Arrogance made them underestimate their enemy. ‘Sala madrasi, chawal khata hai, dum kahan hai, darpak bhaag jayega” (“Those rice eating madrasis have no courage and will run away from the battlefield”). But when the body bags started mounting into the thousands, and pictures of bodies of Indian soldiers in boots and uniforms by their abandoned tanks being dragged by Tamil boys and girls in chappals began appearing in Magazines and newspapers, it was a rude jolt back to reality for a lot of people in India.

      Strangely, LOL, Bal Thackeray how began his career by rioting against South Indians (“Lungi hatao, pungi bajao”), which claimed south Indian lives in the early seventies, went on to praise the Tamil boys and girls, and said “these are our boys and girls, and we must support them”. LOL…when people realized that South Indians are really good on the battlefield even their one time strongest enemy wants to become their friend!

      (remember, those who fail to learn from history, are condemned to repeat it. So, you keep ridiculing the south, keep ignoring and excluding the legitimate history and cultural aspirations of the south. Keeping gloating about your non existent martial achievements. You are all condemned to where you already find yourselves …That part of planet earth with the worst poverty in the world (As declared by the latest UNDP report, eight North Indian states have worse poverty and more number of poverty stricken millions than Africa! yes, that is right, despite all the empty boasts.)

      Keep on boasting!

      • Guest permalink
        July 16, 2010 12:21 am

        Mr Setu, How could you even compare a punjabi or any north indian to a tamil. Indian army was dominating Sri Lanka as a whole, the army had routed so called ‘billis’ (some southie call them tigers but it depends , its one’s wish and wisdom if he/she wants to call an ant an elephant). See what happened to the tiger LOL ( See the link. AFter routing ‘billis’ they started dominating the politics of lanka and then problem started and the lanka army started ditching Indians and then it was better to come back and we all know that if Indian army likes it can control lanka in a day but its of no use, we don’t want that.

        Secondly, whatever you write about Kerala, its nothing but a literate Bihar of south whose whole population is outside and boasts of doing lowest of lowest jobs in Gulf and send remittance to so called literate Kerala which has no jobs.

        • Setu Madhavan permalink
          July 16, 2010 9:54 am


          “Indian army was dominating Sri Lanka as a whole, the army had routed so called ‘billis’”

          Were you around when the IPKF operations took place? Do you even know the epic disaster that was for the Indian Army? Are you trying to say that the Indian Army achieved its objective of defeating LTTE and making Prabhakaran surrender?

          LOL! Just because Prabhakaran was eventually killed by the Sri Lankan Army (aided by training and arms from the Pakistani Army and the Chinese), you want to go back and revise the misadventure of IPKF operations by the Indian Army.

          Friend you can think as high about North Indians as you want. That still does not change the fact that the Tamil boys and girls in rubber chappals took on the full force of the Indian army and made the Indian Army retreat.

          I would be foolish to claim that Prabhakaran was NOT shot and died like a rat eventually (and I am very glad the Sri Lankan Army got him and shot that guy, and finished that LTTE menace). His death is a fact. Its ridiculous to deny that.

          Just as it is ridiculous for you to deny that the Indian Army defeated the Tamil Tigers. There are books written by retired Indian Army Generals and other senior officers who took part and planned the IPKF operations, detailing why the Indian Army failed and retreated.

          Just so you know, and this may surprise you, the Indian Army changed its Tactical war doctrine and also changed the way the Indian Army lays ‘ambushes’ during jungle warfare, after being impressed by the way the LTTE laid successful and very dangerous ambushes on the Indian Army soldiers.

          Dont even try suggesting that ‘Indian Army can take over the tamils any time they want’. Well they had a chance, and they promised the country and the PM that all they needed is 7 days to run over LTTE. Are you suggesting that what I wrote above about IPKF operations is wrong, and that the Indian Army defeated LTTE in 7 days!

          Man, I thought I had read and heard everything (one guy posted the other day that the only reason South has excelled in IT and foreign IT capital has flowed into South is because of the good weather in South India, so the IT/Tech boom in South India is only like a lottery!)

          But you take the cake, for being a revisionist historian, and for declaring that Indina Army defeated LTTE there during IPKF operations.

          2. About your comment regarding Kerala…”Secondly, whatever you write about Kerala, its nothing but a literate Bihar of south whose whole population is outside and boasts of doing lowest of lowest jobs in Gulf and send remittance to so called literate Kerala which has no jobs.”

          So then the UNDP (united Nations Development Programme) reports about the development in Indian states which ranks Kerala well above Punjab, Haryana, Maharastra, Gujarat etc… must be wrong, even though that single report every year is considered the most exhaustive research on global Human Development Indices worldwide. (and happens to be the basis on which UN and several global agencies and governments give out aid).

          I find it strange that Keralites going anywhere in the world or India to work is always ridiculed as menial jobs. But the 100s of millions of illiterates in North India who are unemployes is never bad. The Punjabis who are cab drivers, and tram drivers in the US and Canada are all considered and boasted about back home by North Indians as an ‘example of North indian hard work and industry’. I for one do not criticize any person who want to earn an honest living by doing any kind of work. I just find that most places I look here in the US, North Indians are gorcery store attendants, taxi drivers, manning gas station stores (nothing wrong with it), just that north indians have a problem when Malayalis work hard and make money.

          Talking about Kerala being a glorified Bihar, LOL, Bihar is ranked the poorest, most poverty stricken state of India, where as kerala is at the top. And the best you could come up with is that kerala is just a ‘literate version of Bihar’. The Bihar of ‘Bhagalpur blinding’ fame, and ‘Bhandua Mazdoor’ fame (bonded/indentured laborers), and all forms of lawlessness. And kerala was voted ‘One of the ten must see destinations in a human life time’ by Discovery Magazine. I mean I can keep listing stuff forever, why Amartya Sen held out Kerala as a model state for India to follow (certainly not because it is another Bihar, for sure), or Why Dr. Manmohan Singh, PM, said that this century would be Kerala’s century in India (I mean, even I was taken aback by that statement from Dr. Manmohan Singh, and I know that he has a specially affection for keralites, all the IAS officers in his office and important positions in the Government he highly prefers Malayalis, and he doesnt hide the fact, and though I felt nice reading the good worlds by Dr. Singh, I still felt that was gushingly positive).

          YOu guys must visit Kerala…it is stunningly different, not just from north India, even from its neighbouring states in the sudden eruption of natural beauty and greenery, and the stunningly obvious development that greets you. No child labor. Highest daily wages in the country (that has resulted in a lot of UP, Bihar, Oriya migrant workers streaming into Kerala now).

          I am not denying that 50,000 crores that comes into kerala every year is helping it tremendously, but what is wrong with the money that is hard earned by the sons of the soil elsewhere. Ask yourself why is a Keralite working hard any less dignified than a Punjabi working hard? Other than for your hidden prejudice about and bias against South Indians in general and Keralites in particular.

          One last question to you. If you are such a proud Indian, why do you feel very uncomfortable and distressed whenever you hear good things about Kerala? Ask yourself, when you read something on the lines of Al Gore writing extensively about Kerala and holding its health care model and eco friendly lifestyle as a model for USA to follow, what immediately siezes your mind? Pride, or jealousy/resentment? If its pride, I am happy. If its the latter, I think you need to introspect.

          Let me tell you, all the years when i was growing up and I heard about Punjab being the bread basket of the country, it made me proud. When I heard about Sikhs in UP who changed the face of one district/place (dont know the name now but it has a lot of sikhs..some Udham nagar or something which they converted to a mini PUnjab in terms of farming and prosperity) I felt very proud about the Sikhs/Punjabis. I really do.

          But when ever any thing nice is mentioned about the South Indian states leading or being number one, immediately North Indians like you have to feel jealous. Why? And you do know that we are just 4 states, right? And yet you feel so insecure. Why?

  25. Guest permalink
    July 16, 2010 12:29 am


    And you can show this link to your marathi friend to understand reality first before arguing. Its good for you too.

    Now tell me where do you have poverty. And please don’t count Kerala as a state , states are like Punjab, UP, Maharashtara , TN etc where people live and not those small patches of land where people have deserted to take up anything , any job in gulf with no patriotic feeling and no attachment to country. Tamils are far far better by atleast contributing to the intellectual capital of country.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 20, 2010 7:08 am


      I am enjoying this rush of jealousy in norht Indian after seeing Kerala above Punjab (balle balle) and Haryana (Shawa … Shawa) and Gujarat (jhoome ghaghra dandya style)..LOL

      “And please don’t count Kerala as a state , states are like Punjab, UP, Maharashtara , TN etc where people live and not those small patches of land where people have deserted to take up anything , any job in gulf with no patriotic feeling and no attachment to country.”

      LOL…I know that you are a north Indian so why would you let facts come in the way of a good boast?

      Please look up the population figures of kerala and Punjab? Kerala is more populous than Punjab…If anything Kerala is also more densely populated than Pujab, which brings with it greater challenges (lack of space to allocate for large industry etc…which i find nice because I personally dont want any industry in Kerala and would preserve its natural beauty).

      Just so you know these population figures are of people living in Kerala and Pujab. So the massive exodus of ppl who immigrated out of kerala and Punjab are not in the population figures.

      In your extreme jealousy to pull down Kerala somehow you are really clutching at straws.

      Also, did you know that Kerala has more roads (lenght in kilometers) than each of these states, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat! And these network of Roads all across kerala is not a recent phenomenon.

      What many of you north Indians are getting bamboozled and shocked by is only due to the inherent bias and prejudice you have yourself built in about Kerala in particular and South India in general. My dear friend just visit Kerala once…and allow yourself the pleasure of being shocked. It will leave you bedazzled…go enjoy a nice week on a house boat that drifts along quaint palm fronged emerald backwaters as fresh sea food and shrimp is prepared for you. Unbeknownst to the north Kerala has been erupting, and mind you this is just the beginning.

      Do you know that, even if you exclude foreign remittances coming in, kerala still gets ranked number 7 in the list of states with high per capita GDP. And it is ranked higher than all other South Indian states! This despite not bieng industrial power houses like TN, AP and Karnataka…yet Kerala has higher per capita GDP, even without counting the foreign remittance.

      now when you include the foregin remittance (estimated to close to 50,000 crores annually) Kerala is undoubtedly number 1 among states in the modified per capita GDSP! It is flush with money (even though successive Central governments have neglected infrastrucutre investments in Kerala..but that only pushes keralites to kick some more ass.

      I will give you a very recent example. Kerala went with a proposal to MOntek Singh Ahluwalia to fund the Kochi metro project in part through the central govt as a loan. Montek Singh refused point blank, even though they had completed the proposal on the lines he suggested. When he refused point blank they were stunned. So they asked how come you funded the Delhi Metro. His reply “Delhi metro is different. It is owned by the Central Govt! You go find your own funds”

      Now knowing how the Kerala mind works, i can guarantee you that those guys will find one way or another to get investments (most likely pulling the high Mallu connections in Gulf – LOL I love it when northies like to satisfy themselves saying Mallus are only menial laborers in the Gulf…well Mallus occupy all sorts of positions top to bottom…pls read up on Shobha developers…the guy who went as a laborer and is now a multi billionnaire also listed in Forbes list of biggest billionaires…not much heard about in India. But back to the point, Montek Singh did a ‘tussi mainu’ on us, but we will ensure that the Kochi Metro comes to pass, and in style, no matter how badly Montek wants to sideline that. Wait and watch. Like the Kochi airport it will come to happen as a public-private partnership which will become profitable in quick time.

      So, thank you for this opportunity to educate you that dont make a fool out of yourself publicly if you do not know facts. Ignorance can cause arrogance, as it does with most north Indians. The smug arrogance of saying that Kerala has less population than Punjab, made me laugh at you. How difficult is it for you guys to click and look things up on the internet.

      I mean, I know that many north Indians rely on bollywood films to increase the general awareness of their children. That shouldnt stop you from reading up. The arrogance really amuses me. I compare the abject ignorant responses on the internet with the smarts of some of the kids of my south indian friends who ensure that their kids read up and increase their awareness of the world. In this world most all we need to advance is just one thing – the quest to incessantly enhance our knowledge.

      Ask yourself, how come a state like kerala, which was not lavished with central funds, never got free water/free electricity or real subsidized loans to farmers funded by central govt like some of the bread basket states, Kerala which does not have minerals like Bihar and Rajasthan (except Thorium on kerala’s beaches, that America would like for its nuclear it is not freely available anywhere else in the world)…Kerala which has scarcity of land to build industries…how come that Kerala still ranks high in per capita GDP even when the foreign remittance into kerala is not included in the calculation! Hint: The answer relates to 1. Enterprising spirit to travel far and wide (Australia, Middle East, North America, virtually all over the world), 2. Tremendous attachment to kerala and zeal to invest in kerala, 3. Pls read up last line of last paragraph.

      (Keralites are the largest NRI population in India with a massive network of Kerala associations in australia, North Ameirca, south East Asia, and ofcourse the Middle East. Friend, be proud of your countrymen who are travelling far and wide and sending money to india. Dont be envious and ridicule hard work. Even Monhandas Gandhi went to South Africa in search of work. No shame in that. i wish our able bodied young men and women from UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand etc…were as enterprising and hard working as Malayalis. I can guarantee you that whereever a Malayali is, and whatever he is doing…CEO or sweeper, they will be or try to be the best, atleast put in the very best. And that is an iron clad guarantee.

      Manmohan Singh has spoken about the Malayali intellect and hard work on several ocassions. he prefers to have Malayalis in Key IAS position. The present Secy to the President is a Malayali. So is the CAbinet Secretary, and the Secy to the PM (PMO). Home Secy too. Telecom..and several more. The traditional TN stronghold in bearacracy has been replaced by Malayalis…and I havent listed all the positions here.

      You can keep arguing…but just ask yourself are you arguing because of jealousy or because you have facts on your side? If you are truly nationalist/patriotic why are you insistent on criticizing kerala just because it ranks above Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat in standard of living. I understand that standard of living is differnt from UNDP list of rich states. the UNDP list of ranking of standar of living has Kerala, Punjab and TN as the top three states, with again Kerala having a huge difference with Punjab.

      Friend, instead of worrying why kerala is above Punjab, you should worry about Punjab as Punjab is soon to be overtaken by TN. Even in the north HP will top PUnjab very soon in most stats. Punjab just focussed on Agriculture and neglected educatoin/technology. Haryana gained on the other hand with proximity to Delhi/NCR and investment coming into Gurgaon as spill over from Delhi and due to Haryana’s initiative.

      So forget about this jealousy about kerala. Talk reasonable. When kerala used to be down, you guys had no problem calling it a state, when it is up through the hard work of its loyal hardworking sons and daughters, you dont want to call it a state (which is your frustrated desperate attempt to wish Kerala off the list so Punjab can be tops again. If anything Delhi should not be on the list, because it has a free ATM machine in the form of Central Government, and the huge well paid Central govt employees, SEnior bureacrats and Defence officers that are based there, not to speak of foreign diplomatic corp that bring in a lot of revenue/expenditure into the economy.

      I dont begrudde Delhi its position, but just saying that i find it amusing that you have no qualms about Delhi being in the list, but have problemw with Kerala. Imagine if Islamabad would be state, it would without a doubt be the most propserous state in Pakistan. Same for Colombo. Or Washington DC. Or London. that is my point. Any expenditure or infrastructure project is fast forwarded and bank rolled by the Central govt…in full or atleast in sustantial part for the Commonwealth games or other events. So please stop finding ways to get Kerala off the list.

      I am enjoying this post, as I feel there is some new information in here that we are exchanging.

      Have a great day. and pls remove your prejudices about well performing states. Lastly you may not have noticed, but several states from the NOrth east have been speeding real fast on the tract to progress. Give them 10 years and they will be right there knocking on the doors of the top states. Yes the knowledge based economy is doing wonders and there are some very talented people in the North east…who dont spend time on empty boasts..who live clean..and dont answer natures call on the open streets like happens elsewhere in this country. Watch out for some solid performers overtaking pampered states!

      • vimalkumar permalink
        September 4, 2010 12:53 pm

        setu,i am proud of you as a malayalee.good job man.

  26. Guest permalink
    July 16, 2010 12:56 am


    BTW, see the reality of IPKF.
    — an extract for you that a northie army inspite of being ditched by hosts who they had gone to support and also read about a particular Indian army regiment at wiki link for dubious role; proves one northie soldier equal to 7 terrorists and remember it was a’Peace keeping force’ and a peace keeping mission is not a war the intensity and rules are much ligher in a PKF than a war. So stop propogating what has been taught to you by your surrounding and understand the reality.

    The IPKF suffered around 1,255 killed in action and several thousand wounded. After several years, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces realised the role of IPKF and proposed building a memorial to the Indian dead in Sri Lanka.

    The LTTE casualties are not known reliably but number in several thousands. Some estimates state that over 7,000 cadres died in various encounters with the IPKF.”

    Also don’t drag great people like Bal Thackeray who consider you a Hindu first and then a Tamil. Bal Thackeray proposed to support you as hindus and not because of your fighting skills LOL.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 16, 2010 10:12 am

      “Bal Thackeray proposed to support you as hindus and not because of your fighting skills”

      LOL. YOu guys still dont get it. So Bal Thackery realized only after the Tamils took on the Indian Army in the 1980s that they were Hindus, but when he was driving them out of Mumbai in 1970 he didnt know that they were Hindus!

      LOL. About your revisionist comments of the IPKF misadventure (which to this day ranks as our worst Military misaventure, worse even than the indo-China war because the Indo-China war was thrust upon us and we couldnt decide its timing, where as the IPKF misadventure was at a time of our choosing).

      I am still cracking up about that other guy’s comment that ‘IT industry and IT related foreign investment came up in the South of India only because South India has a better climate than the North!’ (and he was serious about it!)

      If anything your casuality estimates between LTTE and IPKF actually is a poor reflection on the Indian Army (one of the largest Armies on earth). If 8000 LTTE cadre died, and 1500 IPKF were killed that is disproportionately high for the Indian army, when it is facing an unprofessional army raised by one man from village boys and girls wearing chappals who had no previous military experience. And they were facing Tanks, Howitzers, Heavy artillery, Infantry/Mechanized Infantry, Commandos/Paracommandos, and the indian Airforce as well.

      You guys are amazing. The indian Army generals have written extensively about the military disaster of IPKF, and you guys are repainting and even BOASTING about the IPKF misadventure. Precious!

  27. Guest permalink
    July 16, 2010 3:58 am

    @Setu and all South Indians

    North Indians don’t really care about anything which you keep saying against northies to hide your inferiority complex due to our Aryan genes. But still just to prove you wrong again see the link:
    6 slots go to north, 2 West and 2 south.
    So it makes clear that who has how much poverty , infact Kerala should not be even counted as state because of its size and all people living in Gulf (take it with a pinch of salt 😉 ) so actually you have only one state.

    My dear before you include UP , let me tell you its figures are very impressive but just go down due to population on paper. What you guys don’t undertsnad tht you have just seen some shine in your capitals (and only capitals) due to IT otherwise north was, is and will always be dominant in everything from power to politics. And don’t give Bihar example as its in east and not north.

    Just go to NCR and see the living and lifestyle of people, its full of rich real MNC executives and not so many IT coolies youngsters who start with slightly better salary but reach stagnancy in pay 2-3 years . Its nowhere close to what people earn in Noida and Gurgaon. Can any IT guy from Chennai,Hyd, Bang, Pune imagine to buy a house in NCR. Just do a reality and realty check to know which area has developed and which area is developing and the profile of population.

    You IT guys and Keralites in Gulf, you earn paltry sums abroad and convert them in Indian rupee and buy a home in a range of 25-50 l and think yourself to be kings. Go to north , we had such houses from ages and now the prices are way beyond your imagination. And forget Delhi, just forget its too high for a general typical IT guy. I am telling you only about Noida and Gurgaon.

    I really don’t understand what you guys try to boast of; what you are seeing now in your capitals we have everywhere and not limited to capitals. In every state there are 3-4 excellent districts. CHandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar,Amritsar, Kanpur,Lucknow, Allahabad etc..etc..

    Secondly try to understand our nature, we are very nationalistic, patriotic and least regionalist people. We really don’t bother if some city of south is progressing , for most of us its India and its all ours. We are happy about everyone. This is why northies are found more in south because it doesn’t come to our mind that we are going to some other region afterall its our India and who will realise it more as we fought for the independence.

    This is why you see very few northies bothering to write on such North-South blogs. Because you guys speak so much against us and all false propoganda then we have to write all this reality.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 16, 2010 10:46 am

      “hide your inferiority complex due to our Aryan genes.”

      LOL. I can laugh my brains out when I hear a north indian talk about his ‘Aryan Genes’. Lot dont ever be caught saying that in the presence of the real Aryans. Let me tell you what they think of you. Here in the US north Indians are synonymous with being 7/11 store keepers, cab drivers.

      Whenever you go to blogs that the real aryans write on Indian topics, some of them often pass disparaging remarks about, “Those pathetic tubaned smelly Indian cab drivers” or “you go back to your 7/11″. I hate to read such remarks, but I have reflected back on such stereotypes that the real Aryans have about our self proclaimed Indian ‘fake Aryans’.

      you guys in the North keep blabbering about being ‘Aryan’…if those genes you had were real, you would achieve on planet earth what the Germans, British, Americans have. Instead what you are is, going back to the UNDP report that rediff and others posted and which you have refered to, as displayed in the UNDP report ‘8 north Indian states have more poverty and more millions living in poverty than AFRICA!”

      So dear ‘fake Aryans’ of india, you are at the very bottom of the list of humans on planet earth…worse even than Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo. The study actually compares Madhya Pradesh with Congo as both have about 70 million people, and says that MP and Congo which suffers from chronic violence and riots, are pretty much at teh same disgraceful poverty levels. Infact MP is slightly worse off than Congo! So somehow the Aryans of MP have not performed better than Congo and Ethiopia!

      I have travelled exensively in the North and I know first hand the level of abject hopelessness that I saw there. It is bone chillingly repulsive. Forget about MP, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, I was appalled by Areas of Gujarat! Yes Saurashtra, Bhuj are unbelivably primitive. Villages at a stretch with no roads, no drinking water, no schools, no sanitation. Some villages had a school with just one teacher, who came at random days of the week ( I stayed at this cluster of villages north of Bhuj for over a month). For drinking water all the women would walk miles to a huge pit some 100 meters wide, and very deep, with just muddy water at the very bottom, and they would drop a bucket with along rope, and then carry their pots on their head back the same way!!! And this is Gujarat we are talking about!

      Strange that since kerala has been ranked above Punjab and Haryana, suddenly kerala is not longer considered a state! LOL. Why, because of its size and population. I am sure it didnt strike you that in both respects it is not very dissimilar to Punjab! Including in terms of migration to different parts of the world and teh country, both PUnjabis and Keralites have much in common. LOL, but since kerla has bettered Punjab and Haryana, it suddenly does not qualify!

      Reading your response, and the numbers and cost of houses that you have thrown around, only convinces me yet again how limited you are in your understanding of development and poverty. Please read up on the UNDP report. Its not about the price of houses, or how many glossy buildings are erected in a city. Human Development Indices of a state go much deeper than that. Your ‘aryan’ gene should have equipped you with a slighty more nuanced understanding of development.

      Let me tell you another thing, and I have maintained this for a long long time, Punjab is on a downhill path. HP has overtaken it in many respects along with Haryana. PUnjab will increasingly become a middle string state, and the Punjab CM is trying to take pre-emptive steps. Punjab which thrived during the predominantly Agrarian phase of the indian economy (and was ably helped by the subsidies and free water/electiricity and easy loans) has not done enough to transform its economy to fit the services/tech/education/manufacturing shift to the Indian/Global economy. Surprisingly HP which has for the longest time lagged behind in Education stats has made terrfici strides in Education. Anyways I digress, and all I am saying is this ‘fake aryan’ nonsense you people keep talking about makes you guys a big joke. I mean if I knew that my lot was the certified ‘trash can’ of human kind global (worse than AFrica) I would keep my mouth shut and not boast about being a ‘fake aryan’ (which you guys are not. do yourself a favor, please google up Aryan groups and gangs in the US, Germany and send you pics to them asking to be a fellow Aryan member. dont try this exercise in person with an Aryan Gang here in the US, the real Aryan meeting the Indian ‘self proclaimed’ Aryan will not end very well.

      Instead just focus on going to your north Indian states and educating on illiterate North Indian to read and write in Hindi (I am not forcing Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Kannada). Just eradicate the misrable illiteracy and poverty in the ‘Indian Aryan’ hindi belt please. We Indians can then walk with our heads held slighty high.

      (So Punjabis with a huge population of immigrants abroad are hard working patriotic Aryans, but kerala with a similar population as Punjab and an equally impressive NRI population does not count as a state. Right? Hilarious).

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 16, 2010 11:15 am

      “6 slots go to north, 2 West and 2 south.”

      Congratulations! Perhaps you forgot that of the four south Indian states 2 made it to the top!

      Theres another even better news for you. An even more impressive performance by the North Indian states. Just hold the list upside down. North Indian states are occpying all the top positions from the bottom! How about that? No South Indian state in the bottom, to spoil the great North Indian ‘fake Aryan’ party to celebrate being the most backward and poorest states of India.

      Want even better news? Then here it is. The exclusive ‘only North Indian’ club of the poorest/worst performing states of India, also are the poorest/worst performing regions of planet earth!! Worse even than Ethiopia, Somalia, Niger, Liberia, Congo. Please read up the UNDP report for even more details of the great Indian ‘Aryan’ performance.

      Double congratulation on the ‘Aryan’ genes. Now I am feeling even more jealous of those ‘aryan’ genes.

      (One quick question for you. It is clear from your post that Keralites going abroad and wroking hard and sending money back home to Kerala is unpatritoic in your opinion. But Punjabis doing the same is fine by you. So the question to you is this: All the unemployed millions of able bodies men in UP/Bihar/MP/Rajasthan if they continue to stay unemployed would that be patriotic, or like Keralites they go aborad and work hard and send money back to India, would that be more patriotic.

      I am presuming from your response that between being unemployed in India, and going abroad to work hard and send money to India, your idea of patriotism is staying in India unemployed. Am I right?

      Just curious to know how the ‘Aryan’ mind thinks. Thank you.

  28. Guest permalink
    July 17, 2010 1:15 am

    @Setu, in short I can only say that ‘Aryan’ minds think like what I mentioned:
    “Secondly try to understand our nature, we are very nationalistic, patriotic and least regionalist people. We really don’t bother if some city of south is progressing , for most of us its India and its all ours. We are happy about everyone. This is why northies are found more in south because it doesn’t come to our mind that we are going to some other region afterall its our India and who will realise it more as we fought for the independence. ”

    I said what I wanted and based on my blogging experience no body has ever been able to convince other. You reacted most to my ‘Aryan’ genes point. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be beautiful. And its all a matter of comparison in Aryan belt some are more aryan, some are less, the rest are negroids, australoids etc..: Germans fought a world war for Aryan thing even with UK, France and many European countries that doesn’t mean UK, France, Poland, Austria etc are non-Aryans. I mean what’s wrong in accepting the facts, for everything I give a link and a proof and you just talk in air:

    and tell me where north indians are and where you are. Why don’t you accept that we are aryans and you are dravidians. Before you say that there are dark people in north and fair in south then read about Aryan-Dravid theory and aryan migration to south (Iyer, Iyenger, brahmins, etc) to perform religious rituals.
    A fact is a fact, we are aryans and you are dravidian. So over all its north that ROCKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Secondly, just come to our north see the girls and guys and then go to europe , you will see that its very difficult to differentiate at times between north indian and european. but at a single glance you can recognise a south indian.

    To add , I think its better to be a cab driver /tram driver in US than being a welder, nurse or house cleaner in Gulf. What other guys say at blog?

  29. Guest permalink
    July 17, 2010 2:03 am


    @Bal Thackeray’s comment. Here I will say, thats the difference between a South Indian and Marathi. A Marathi may fight with a northie internally (at most of the times its coz of politics though), but when it comes to standing against outsiders (read: pak, china) he will always fight together with northie as a unit. And thats why you many from MH in army than southies and also many freedom fighters from the state. But a south indian will not due to internal differences. And also south was not interested in freedom movement.

    This is why when you were routed being hindus by a different religion and in a different country, he supported you but when you came in his home state steeling jobs and favoring your own people in all MH govt. job he did your ‘ pungi bajao’.
    Even I pity, when we fight as Hindus but then understandand and relise that in India regionalistic fervors have left all other things behind. Afterall, there was no India before independence and that time also we fought amongst each other based on some or other division. God save this country.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 17, 2010 10:34 pm

      I will rebut your ramblings, but before that I word about ‘northernized Marathis’. Like ‘Hindified’ Bengalis in Delhi and other places, Hindified Marathis become more bhaiyya than the bhaiyyas. It is as if they have to prove their ‘Hindified bhaiyya’ credentials to the North Indians to get a pat on the back like a faithful dog.

      The Hindified Marathi, like the Hindified Bengali, will openly ridicule and tease ethnic Marathi and Bengali customs, mannerisms and People, openly often to the face of the ethnic Marathis and Bengalis. If a northy Bhaiyya is around the Hindified marathi will be even more vehement in putting down Marathi culture and Language. Ditto with Hindified Bengali. They mock their own traditions and disown their heritage to look good in th eyes of Bhaiyyas. Neither the Marathi nor the Bengali realize that their own history, culture, literature, and traditions are extremely rich, and older, than the culture left behind by mughal and persian invaders. But since more and more Maharashtrians and Bengalis influenced by the Bollywood culture and so ready and eager to dump and ridicule their own culture, language, and traditions, who are we south Indians to object. Just because we South Indians are proud of our culture, and our heritage, you Hindified Marathis and Hindified Bengalis are just a joke so far as you are concerned.

      Now back to your allegations.

      Amazing that you are quoting Bal Thackeray to defend Hindiwallahs and hit the South Indians. LOL. then why is Bal Thackeray kicking out North Indians?

      And you say Maharashtrians stick with North Indians to fight Pak/China. LOL…since you are a Hindified Marathi, like north Indians, now you are also just stating your opinioin/imagination as facts. So what you are saying is that the South Indians in the Airforce, Navy and Army refused to fight Pakistan and China? LOL.

      And where did you get the statistics that there are more Maharashtrians than south Indians in the Indian Military services? Can you quote me figures with a link please? Not your opinion or imagination or hype – most North Indians will through boastful claims, anything that comes to their mind, without any source or facts. I really really want you to give me figures of how many Maharasthrians are there in the Military and how many south indians (possibly divided by state).

      Do you know why I am challenging you on this? Because you will be surprised by what you find! Maharasthrians have a disproportionately low representation in the Armed forces today. And contrary to what most NOrth Indian believe/imagine/lie/boast, south Indians have a huge representation in the Air force and Navy. The Army recruits people mostly on regimental lines, unlike the Airforce and Navy, so soldiers entering as Jawans (below officer rank) can only be recruited into their respective regiments for the most part, unless they are joining ‘secular’ formations like Supply/Engineering/Signals etc.

      So let me talk of the AirForce and Navy first. South Indians have a disproportionately high representation in the AirForce. Infact within the air force it is not uncommon to hear the joke (because of the high number of South Indian, especially Nairs from Kerala) that IAF is not ‘Indian Air Force’ but ‘IndiaNair Force’.

      The Navy has an even higher representation of South Indians, especially from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Navy personnel often joke about this and say that the Indian Navy is the ‘Tambi Service’.

      As I said, due to the regimental structure of the Army, unlike in the Navy or Airforce where people are recruited irrespective of place of origin…The Army selects people into the infantry regiments on regional/religious lines. Therefore only ‘secular’ formations like Armoured, Artillery, Air Defence Arty, Supply, Engineering…etc leave the possibility of more people from a region forming a disproportionate presence into such formations. And south Indians have a very high presence in Engineering, Mechanized Infantry, Supply Corps, and representative presence in Armoured units.

      It is good to be aware, and read up before just pulling out your prejudices and bias, and quoting them as facts. One of the most glaring aspects of the modern day Indian Military services is the surprisingly low representation of Maharashtrians in the Services. Bal Thackery himself has from time to time raised this topic (and it is amazing that you quote Bal Thaceray to beat me down, but have no clue about some of the genuine and meritourious issues he has been raising from time to time. I would request you to gather that report that Shiv Sena prepared to show how Mahrashtrians so NOT command any important position in Central goverment services today. Even I was surprised by what I saw, most position in the Central govt and Military is occupied by South and North indians.)

      “Also south was not interested in Freedom movement”.

      Again, do you have anything to support this claim. Just because your hindified history books dont tell you anything about the south, it does not mean that South India did not exist.

      Do yourself a favor and visit the Cellular jail in Andaman Nicobar Island. On the walls are etched the names of people/Freedome fighters who were jailed and died there. (only the most hardened freedom fighters were sent there, am sure you would agree with that).

      Read the names … and among the thousands of names there, they clearly fall into 3 easily identifiable groups:

      1. Bengalis
      2. Punjabis
      3. Tamils

      (Now, I have listed those names in Alphabetical order, but before you even read this sentence/disclaimer, as a Hindified Marathi your mind is already jumping with joy saying to you, “Look, there were more Punjabis than Tamils”. Now to answer that part…from what I remember, while the three groups are almost equal, there are more Bengali names there)

      Most Hindified history books dont mention anything about South Indian contribution to the Freedom Struggle or before.

      But you need to ask yourself why the Mughals never succeeded in invading and enslaving the southern most part of the country (parts that were earlier/originally the Chera/Chola/Pandya kingdom). Hint: It was not because the Mughals did not try.

      Next, how come your hindified history studies about your invaders and glorified the invaders who killed, raped and converted people? Is it because of the tendency of North indians to worship fair skinned people? Does you hindified history books every teach you abotu how Chola kings invaded and established their rule over other nations of Asia and South East Asia? NO! Why? Wouldnt htat be a good idea to learn how the chola kings developed their Navies and Army and had such good Admirals and Generals and soldiers, and the riches to sustain wars so far away from home, and the intelligence to establish court systems, administration, tax system in foreign lands. Why do your Hindified history books instead write about North Indian defeats and enslavement instead of South indian victories abroad? Is it the fear of accepting and acknowledging the great history of south India?

      Do you even know that the history and languages of South India go back several thousand years? Whereas Hindi is a very recent phenomenon (on historical terms) as it is the left over bastardized commingling of the various languages of your various invaders/masters?

      The reason Soth Indan people are proud of their history and language and culture is because unlike the North which got invaded by every invader who walked in, even if it took some invaders 17 attempts they always succeeded eventually, the South not only kept many invaders at bay as I explained earlier, the South Indians are the only people who went to different lands and established kingdoms. (Taxila and Afghanistan which were originally part of ‘Akhand Bharat’ were lost out by north indian Kings).

      Read up, and improve your knowledge. That is what is making us South Indians respected in the world. This is what Bill Gates said: “South Indians and Chinese are the smarted people in the world”.

      Ask yourself why did he specify ‘South indians’? Because even people in the US now see the big difference in the intelligence and work ethic of South Indians. I live in the US and I am surprised that increasingly I am asked by Americans that I meet for the first time, “Are you a south Indian or a north Indian?!” I used to be surprised about this question, till I asked some of my American friends. And the answer I got told me that even Americans increasingly respect ‘south indian’ intelligence and work ethics more….because we south indians dominate the tech/medical/knowledge base sectors here, and two they hear a lot about South India’s tech areas mroe and more, and of course after what Bill Gates and others have to say.

      I have tried to educate you with facts about history, some current world situations and the lopside Hindified way of thiking and revision of history.

  30. vasudev permalink
    July 17, 2010 11:10 pm

    I now feel like bashing kerala, even though I had said good things about this state in my earlier comments. I recently returned from a trip to kerala. what i saw there was appaling! kerala has become a drunk-man’s state. while on a morning jaunt at 6am i saw a long que in front of a bar but none before a tea-shop. imagine people drinking at 6am! and then again they drink at 5pm till 10 pm when all bars have to close. each of these guys earn 300-400 bucks daily and wate it on liquor and lottery. kerala has also become a haven of islamic terrorism.

  31. July 18, 2010 5:06 pm

    Do you think colour makes one inferior?? It’s great to know how u recognize a South Indian by his colour…
    We too recognize a North India train even by closing our eyes.. 😛
    Also Keralites/Tamils know how horrible is to travel in a train which goes to North India.. Under unavoidable circumstances, if we had to use such trains, where even if we have our SL class tickets confirmed, we wouldn’t be sure if we would at least get into our coaches.. It wud either b locked by gang unreserved passengers or our seats b occupied by them commenting, with a mouthful of PAAN, that its ‘Sarkar ke Ghaadi”..
    Its even worser in an unreserved class where we wont even find space to place our bags.. Some stinky people would have been sleeping there too…
    Honestly, how many of u think it is safe to travel in trains beyond South India..?

    • vasudev permalink
      July 19, 2010 2:15 pm

      i think we can safely exclude west and central india as well as i have travelled in these areas without any great issue.
      probably east and north india are the worst as i have even seen 1st class coaches getting occupied by non-paying college/local goons. the tt is a mute witness (what can he do?).
      maybe that’s the reason why mostly we have the goons bosses as our railway ministers and we have newer and newer trains and routes getting extended into goon-land. of course, the foolishly docile southies are there to make-up for the revenue losses for these goonland trains. we pay all the fines!

    • Guest permalink
      July 20, 2010 12:36 am

      @An Indian

      Whats the problem in accepting that Indians do adore fair skin color whether you accept or not. I need not prove it, its a fact. I have travelled a lot in trains in north and west but I have never seen this problem atelease on any of the northern state; sometimes I have heard for Bihar but based on what Biharis say that its an exaggerated thing.May be its something like south indians eat only on banana leaves and don’t use any cuttlery and plates but do all southies do it?

      Maybe you travel in general class , thats what i can say.
      For me the dressing sense of some southies has really been a problem. Sometimes, I tell them that they are sri lankans or refugees who are not so well off. I really wonder why are they so conservative.

      Whether you accept or not, many you guys are so adamant that everywhere you go you form a ghetto and live like as if you are in south india without any repect to local culture and integration. There is no cair for fitness, never tuck your shirt in , always in simple cloths, I mean you guys must realise that you are not in south india and must adapt to local culture then you will look more like northies/europeans (leaving the skin color factor aside).

      The world knows our fasciantion for fairer complexion so the one who doesn’t accept is living in fool’s paradise or a hypocrite. Lets accept the reality.

      • Setu Madhavan permalink
        July 20, 2010 9:01 am

        “Whether you accept or not, many you guys are so adamant that everywhere you go you form a ghetto and live like as if you are in south india without any repect to local culture and integration. There is no cair for fitness, never tuck your shirt in , always in simple cloths, I mean you guys must realise that you are not in south india and must adapt to local culture then you will look more like northies/europeans (leaving the skin color factor aside).”

        Ha..Ha..Ha. Thanks for the laugh.

        which North India are you talking about. North Indians live in two the world of imagination and the other the world of reality!

        The world of reality is what the UNDP report tells us…Eight North indian states have more levels of backwardness and poverty than the worst regoins of the world…more millions in poverty in North India than whole of Africa!

        now some gentlemen live in the world of fantasy…they believe that they are living in some Bollywood phillum.

        After knowing that the really pathetic standard of living in their states, they still come and still boast about themselves and ridicule others.

        So what this gentleman is trying to say is that the simple dressing habits of south indians bothers him…wow! I have travelled extensively in the south…Eastern UP/Western Bihar which without a doubt would rank the absolute saddest form of human existence. Ditto with swathes of MP and Rajasthan. Saurashtra, Bhuj, Kachch in Gujarat are simply no better at all. I have been to villages in Saurashtra and Bhuj…where there is no road at all…no water supply, no schools, and women walk miles dressedin a weird multicolored dress (looks like patchwork of quilts, that perhaps never gets washed) adorned in huge copper and metal rings all around their hands..I am not ridiculing it, but the places look like we sat in a time machine and have gone some 500 years back in time. children running around in muddy clothes un supervised all around the village with no school to attend. Rajasthan is even worse…absolutely 10th century! Gujarat (kachch saurashtra) camel country, time stands still and sand dune and cluster of villages rise time and again like out of a different era…people with huge muddy turban and some wierd gujarati/rajasthani medieval dress/men wear something like a white min skirt of women that frilland fans out at the waist which is a tunic. then you have a funny pajama, that is broad and very loose at the waist/thigh region and suddenly becomes real tight from the knee down absolutely like a layer of skin over the shin. Old dilapidated homes and shrubs growing through vast deserts…multiply this scenario for hundred of miles if you are lucky..and deserts for miles if you are unlucky.

        I have no clue why this guy has problems with south indians living a simple lifestyle. Will never read and are incapable of understanding that it is less important for people to be like bollywood actors, which belive me North Indian general population is not. Have been to Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal (which was a huge shock – I fell UP bihar must complain that they are always quoted, but MP and Rajashtan get away with a lot just because UP bihar are the usual fall guys). MP and Rajasthan are worse than UP/Bihar in several respects, though East UP/West Bihar are the mount everest of chaos.

        Simply can not compare the North indian penury and choas with anything else.

        Why argue just look up the figures (the report card…read up the UNDP report).

        I would rather that people of india have basic education and standard of living, instead of living like animals with no education, no water supply, no hygience infrastructure or toilets…inshort live like animals..all the 400 million of our north Indian brothers and then guys like hiim come and boast.

        What was that again…that North Indians look liek Europeans. LOL..Dude you are in the world of Internet. if you are on some misconception about north Indians being Europeans…why dont you check up the pcitures of north India and compare it with europe.

        What are you talking…that Lalu prasad yadav and mulayam singh look like Tony Blair and George Bush? Or that Mayawati and Rabri Devi look like HIllar Clinton and Margaret Thatcher? or that Hryana, Punjab, UP, MP, Bihar are like Germany, HOlland, Canada, and USA.

        If I were to learn that my state/region is the worst place in planet earth i would keep my mouth shut.

        Please pull up the list of states with the highest standard of living in India…and here is the ranking of top 3…Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu. Kerala by a long shot. Stop imagining, pull your head out of which ever hole you have stuck it in, and go to your north indian states and eduate your peopole. Dont disgrace yoursefl talking about we north Indians are liek Europeans. You north Indians are the garbage cans of planet earth….htat is what the statistics says. Now go and scream fromthe roof tops that you are liek Europoeans and ppl will laught at you. All we hear about north day in and day out is honor killing, bride buring, women molestation, caste killing, parents and grand parents killing children for honor….in short Taliban country. and here you are more interested in claiming that you are Europeans! thanks for the joke.

        • Rohit permalink
          July 21, 2010 4:46 pm

          Setu Madhavan

          south indians r good only in working for others. how would u explain 80% of business tycoons & industrialists being from north. Perhaps they lack enterprising attitude & leadership skills, which north indians take for granted.

          • Setu Madhavan permalink
            September 14, 2010 10:23 am

            “Perhaps they (south Indians) lack enterprising attitude & leadership skills, which north indians take for granted.”

            LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

            Yes, North Indians have a lot of enterprising attitude and leadership skills no doubt…which is why the UNDP report states that 400 million people in north india live in even worse forms of poverty backwardness and slum like conditions than the 25 poorest nations of Africa! LOL, what is the point of watching Saas Bahu TV serials and Bollywood phillums and forgetting the miserable existence your most backward people live in.

            You allow 400 million of your brethren to live in abject poverty, absolute illiteracy and no hope of a better future. And here you boast about your non existent enterprising skills.

            • vasudev permalink
              September 14, 2010 4:16 pm

              i see your point wrt rampant corruption in north india. but the fact remains that there is naxalism in andhra, casteist walls (real ones) in villages of tamil nadu and kerala? thanks to its current leaders but some earlier leaders had the sense to make its people literate. otherwise with the type of political leadership it is having today an illiterate kerala could have very easily beaten bihar to the last seat.

              • vasudev permalink
                September 14, 2010 4:45 pm

                please note. there is a ‘full stop’ after tamil nadu.

      • July 21, 2010 3:36 am

        “Maybe you travel in general class , thats what i can say.”
        Open ur eyes and read boss.. I have mentioned sufferings about both reserved and unreserved classes.. If you haven’t ever booked a train ticket, for your information “SL Class” which I have mentioned is Sleeper Class, for which you need to book…

  32. Vijay permalink
    July 19, 2010 2:19 pm

    South India has better literacy rate, educational infrastructure, public transportation and roads when compared to North India.

  33. Guest permalink
    July 20, 2010 12:54 am


    First of all I am not a marathi or bengali. Secondly, let me tell you that why Marathis and Bengalis can integrate and mix with hindiwallas which a southie can never because

    1. They also speak an Indo-European language which has a lot in common amongst them
    2. Because they look more similar to us than you because of Aryan genes which I mentioned earlier.
    3. The food is also similar
    4. All participated in freedom movement so all know the value of India and Indianness (and just don’t blame history , you must believe what is written and fact on papers, NCERT; otherwise I can also say that Bihar is the richest state of India with highest literacy and all that is written at wikipedia and central govt. website is a crap.

    and in all three of them southies are entirely different from Bengali and Marathi and hence you can never mix with us.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 20, 2010 10:14 am

      (Long post…may take a while to post again, due to work/business commitments)

      “Secondly, let me tell you that why Marathis and Bengalis can integrate and mix with hindiwallas which a southie can never ”

      Whoever told you that we southies are even interested in mixing with you north indians.

      Why do you spend time worrying about inconsequential things? Seriously, how old are you? The more I read your comments, the more I am getting convinced that you are a school kid.

      If anything most South Indians are disgusted that the north Indian Hindiwallahs consistently rank at the bottom of mankind, and you really think we are worried or heartbroken that ‘we can not mix’ with the Lallu Prasad Yadav ppl, and mulayalm yadav backward regions or mayawati lands or MP ppl.

      Please climb of your high horse, and I would suggest you take a trip to the chaotic world of ‘real north India’ … people climbing and fighing and spitting paan on trains, pushing ticket holding travellers and absolute goondaism on trains and public areas, you people are the worst form of human life. Go take a trip to the south, Kerala in particular, and you will see the difference.

      I should copy and paste the experiences penned by 2 different travellers one from the US and one from Europe…both explaning the absolute third world chaos and pathetic infrastructure of all of India (with particular mention of the Hindi heartland). Both speak in extremely glowing terms of Kerala. (Google up TYT – the young Turks, an american guy who has his own TV show/podcasts etc and happend to visit India..and tells clearly “guy before I speak of the unmitigated disaser and third world horrific condidtions that is India, let me tell you there is one exceptoin – Kerala. Whatever I am going to talk does NOT apply to kerala. And he travelled all across India.

      The other was this European gentleman, and his travelogue clearly says that kerala is a huge exceptoin to the rest of the country. He says that the amenities and cities in Kerala are comparable to Europe (the first reaction that comes to your mind as you read this is …that I am lying. Because I know how a north Indian thinks, and because they themselves are given to empty boasts, that is what you feel I am doing. I shall try and post those two links, only becasue I see an obsession in you for being bracketed with Goras (Americans Europeans..LOL. and believe me I personally feel Kerala is way ahead of the NOrth, but even so I was surprised to hear a European saying that Kerala compares with European Cities)

      Lastly, I live in the US. My wife is an American (white skinned, because north Indians in general and you in particular are obsessed with skin tone and color). So I do understand a lot about what the American perspective and perception of India is. As a people they are too cultured and civil to ever let you know publicly what they truly feel, and will always praise anything and everything. But I have a lot of close friends among them, in addition to my wife, that I openly speak about our mutual perceptions.

      I dont want to rain on your parade…but unlike the fake world that you live in, Americans can NOT tell one Indian community from the other…infact they can not tell us from Iranians or Bangladeshis or Malysians. The world is full of different types of people, and Americans for themost part dont care about the narrow things that we in India rare obsessed about….and that is one thing I greatly admire the US for. here it does not matter what your origin is, your height, weight, your accent (chinese have the worst accent in my opinion yet are extremely successful here). For Americans there are white people, Afro americans, and mongloid (like chinese), and the brown (this included indian, pakistanis, bangladeshis, all of non mongloid asia, included Arabs etc). The only other group they identify is Hispanics because of the huge numbers from mexico and other parts of South America. So when I say that they have absolutely no idea about individual stars of India, they really dont. They have heard of ‘Bollywood’ and understand that it relates to India. thats it.

      I have tried this experiment of pulling up Bollywood stars pictures and showing it to my wife and friends and no one has any recollectoin of any indian star. (LOL in a discussion board one guy a north Indian had boasted that ‘YOu see Bollywood is universal and Amitabh has done wonders for India and he is number 1 indian in history because countries like USA know India because of Amitabh Bachchan’s name. I wrote to the guy asking if he watched Russian movies and obsessed over Iranian stars, so why must Americans watch Amitabh Bachchan’s Hindi film. If North Indians dont understand Tamil movies why are they arrogant to think that USA is watching Amitabhs Hindi films? I have no clue, but ignorance makes them feel so. I can vouch that no one knows about any star. Even after Aishwarya has made a couple of Talk show appearances and acted in some English movie, she has zero recollection here.

      But I will grant you this much, I had told my wife after watching the original American version of ‘who wants to be amillionaire hosted by Regis Philbin, that the Indian Actor Amitabh who hosted the Indian version, in my opinion did a better job. Though she didnt know who Amitabh was at that time, I did show here both Amitabh and Shah Rukh versions of KBC. She and our other friends were unimpressed with SRK, but Amitabh everyone agreed is way way way better than Regis Philbin. Now dont go crazy, extrapolate this piece of information to mean that ‘see that is proof that all North Indians are Europeans, though I wont be surprised if you made that connection)

      One quick note: Did you know that Bill Gates made a statement on these lines: “South Indians and Chinese are the smartest people in the world”

      (Dont remember the exact phrase, but was on these lines. So if North Indians are so smart, and so good and south indians are no good in your opinion, why do you feel bill Gates thinks so? Hint Hint: Its time for north indians to move on from stupid narrowminded considerations like color, caste, I am fair skinned than you, etc. This is an knowledge based world…south Indians are marching on. We dont care if you think we mix with you or not. Not interested. Americans, British, Australians are mixing with us. I work in the Silicon valley, every where I turn its south Indians. No one care about accent, color…all they care is what you can bring to the project. How good you are? How hard working you are? South scores in all of these. We are marching on. YOu can stary where you are. We are really not missing any semi literate or illiterate people from the north, or even educated north indians)

      Back home North Indians ridicule every one…be it Sikhs, Gujjus, Parsis, SouthIndians, North Easterns (calling them ‘chinkis’) etc. To me this is the most uncivilized aspect of north Indian culture…absolute disrespect for an individual or other cultures. Inf act Ihave found each of the obove mentioned groups more civilized than the typical non sikh north Indians. (Himachalis and Paharis /Uttaranchal folks are the only 2 groups in the north i found who display civilized / cultured behavior…non animalistic tendencies). I have actually witnessed an older brother tell a younger brother in Hindi: “Arey, madar..od, kidhar tha re”, and the younger brother replies: “Abe, behenc..d, dost ke ghar gaya tha, kya hua?”. and their mother and father are nearby. NOrmal family atmosphere for many north Indians.

      And their own culture as I mentioned…400 million living like subhumans, but most north Indians, like you, are least bothered about this, but are more interested in pulling others down. Especially if Kerala happens to come up in the list, then norht Indians will only feel nice if they come up with some unsubstantiated nonsense to write about south and Kerala. It just helps get them a good night sleep. That is the DNA. That is the upbringing passed from parents to children.

      Here in the US no one EVER ridicules or teases anyone. NEVER. I find them the most cultured and respectful of people. I have often been surprised about how prompt and diligent they are to open the door for you if you happen to follow them into a store or mall or anywhere. How every one is courteous in trains etc. I have joke to my north Indian friends here that if it were the north of India, now we would have goonda behaviour and fights to push others and abuses flying (and northies actually think such uncultured behaviour is ‘cool’. ‘This is because we are a martial race’ they will tell you. LOL. None of the martial northys exhibit such uncultured martial qualities here because they know they will get locked up in no time. So they become civilized overnight as soon as the airplane hits the tarmac in America)

      I am especially embarassed by the obsession for fair skin in NOrth Indian culture, and on the other hand being unmindful of their north Indian states being in the garbage can in terms of human development is…..that believe me Americans just do not care about skin color. You need to live here to see that the narrow world of ‘North Indian’ outlook…does not really matter. The world has moved on.

      Take your own example. After quoting several times how the north is going down the drain with a standard of living that is worse than Africa, you are still unmindful of any of that. All you care for is to be included with Europeans, and that you are ‘Aryan’ and that North indians are like european models etc. Your mind has been unable to grasp the significance of North India becoming a time bomb of backwardness which is pulling the country and the world down. You could not care less, so long as your desire to be accepted as Europeans is fulfilled.

      Now this may also surprise you….Americans have no clue who Amitabh Bachchan is, or ShahRukh khan is. I am sure you think I am just lying, because all Americans are obsessed with Bollywood actors in real you think. I have met so many North Indians online who take great offense to be told that Amitabh is a virtual unkown in the US. but that is the truth. When I ask these north Indians if people in NOrth India know of chinese or Japanese or Polish film stars, they still dont understand the connection. For some reason North indians feel that Americans must rent sholay and Zanjeer and Shakti to enjoy a aweeekend watching Hindi cinema.

      LOL..tell you the truth, the only things that a typical American knows about india are these… Mother Teresa, Poverty, Gandhi, Spicy food, IT, outsourcing, India/Pakistan are always having problems. End of story.

      Anyway, have enjoyed gaining perspective about the north Indian thinking. Shall not have more time to spend on this given my business commitments.

      Will leave you with an interesting experience with a Sikh Cab driver who drove me from San Fransisco today. He explained why north Indian ridicule Sikhs about ‘Sardarji abhi barah nahin baje hain”, and the Sikh Warrior Hari Singh Nalwa, who attacked the Mughal/muslim forts at 12 o’clock at night as an element of suprise to overcome the numberical weakness of his army, and that won him large successes among the adversaries.
      So I asked him why is it that every where I went in India, North Indians only ridiculed Sikhs for that instead of being grateful? His answer:”Sir, let me tell you, these North Indians, the North Indian Hindus are not a warrior race. They tease us instead of being ungrateful that we were the warriors that fought and sacrificed our lives to protect their women and children. The way these guys ridicule us, and the way Rajiv Gandhi made the insensitive remark after Hindus massacred us in Delhi in 84 after Indira Gandhi’s death, saying, “When a huge tree falls some pebbles are uprooted”. These guys have no respect, and no sense of gratitude.”

      That got me thinking. His analysis was exactly on the lines of my experience of North Indians. Instead of being ashamed for being such a disgrace to the nation, and planet earth, they will ridicule those who are doing good. Biggest backstabbers who will talk very sweet to your face, especially many Delhiites.

      (Just from your way of thought, I can say with 90% certainty that you have to be a delhiite.)

    • vasudev permalink
      July 20, 2010 10:46 pm

      guest…firstly…why are you logging in as guest? i suggest you please accept a name so that it becomes easy to follow your views throughout this blog.
      secondly…by indo-european and light skinned features you mean aryan? if so the iyers and iyyengars in south would qualify. even kannadigas are mostly white. now mixing is language based or a knowledge of the same. i speak bengali and can mix with that crowd very well. similarly i am fluent in hindi and so can get along passably well throughout west-east-north india. another thing…it is not skin color but personality, position, power and money which makes a person acceptable to the north and east indians. i feel south indians lack in these differentiations generally and would shake hands on education. skin color is a bias. indians were basically dark skinned (dravidians) and as per history the white skinned german (sanskrit) / hun/ afghan races were invaders. therefore hark on the skin color! you could be accused of being tainted and not true born. that gives me a thought…most of the kerala muslims from north malabar side are pure white nowadays. clearly their mothers played bed games with arabs. normally a wedding should be in order but where money concerns indians tend to forget race mixation. however, the arabs won’t permit dilutions within their own clan. so this could be a double edged sword for you.

  34. Guest permalink
    July 20, 2010 12:59 am


    In your response, can you mention the names of even a copuple of ‘Famous’ freedom fighters from south??

    • July 21, 2010 3:19 am

      There are thousands of freedom fighters from South India who fought for the cause of the nation. The history of the South Indians’ contribution was unlit by some North Indian freedom fighters who have later proclaimed themselves as National Leaders. How many of you know that Kamarajar from TamilNadu was a great freedom fighter who was once the Party Leader of Indian National Congress?? How many of you know the fact that when the majority of the members favoured Kamarajar to become the Prime Minister, he generously gave it up to Indira Gandhi, who was heart-broken when the same Indira Gandhi declared emerency, regretted and have fallen sick eventually? Did anybody know that he eagerly expected Indira to withdraw emergency and enquired his subordinate ‘Is there any trunk call from Indira about withdrawing Emergency?’ which was his last words minutes before his death? What do you call as Patriotism here? What do you call as Sacrifice? Selfishly Fighting for fame?? or Selflessly fighting for the cause of the Nation?? Dont just read the text books printed in North India which conceals a lot of truth about history.. Honestly reply me..
      Who made every Indian (be it a youngster or a kid or a senior citizen) to humm Vande Mataram? Isn’t it A.R.Rahman? He is an Indian, who belongs to Kollywood & TamilNadu..
      Who do you think have redefined the image of the President of India? Don’t you think Abdul Kalam is the most loved President in India? Hasn’t he brought the Presidentship close to the hearts of common people? Hasn’t he inspired each Indian by his visionary thoughts? He is an Indian, who belongs to a remote Village of TamilNadu?
      You may blame me for drifting out of ur question i.e. freedom fighters.. But it’s intentional.. Because ‘OUR’ Dr. Abdul Kalam (not being selfish to call him as Our Tamilian as he is the pride and property of the nation) has insisted on dreaming about the future of India that praising our ancient glory..
      But if you still believe in old history, I have a question.. Why do your Hindi or the so called National Text Books claim that ‘Sepoy Mutiny(10th May 1857)’ is the first instance of freedom fight in India whereas the World History says that ‘The Vellore Mutiny (July 10, 1806)’ was the first instance of a mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Company. The revolt, which took place in the South Indian town of Vellore, was rather brief, lasting only one full day but brutal, as mutineers broke into the Vellore fort and killed or injured 200 British troops, before they were subdued by reinforcements from nearby Arcot. Do you claim that Vellore does not belong to India? Don’t you think it’s an injustice? How do you justify this? The authors are ignorants that they haven’t known that the land below Vindhyas is also India? Or they are cheats? All I can say is that they have excluded a greater part of history for the sake of some selfish politicians of the North, like they award Padma Shri and Padma Bhusans to whom they favour for than who actually deserve it…

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      September 14, 2010 10:34 am


      In your response, can you mention the names of even a copuple of ‘Famous’ freedom fighters from south??”

      LOL…that is the problem with many of you North Indians whose ancestors got enslaved, raped and converted by invaders who came on horsebacks from 1000s of miles away and still managed to defeat you guys every single time. Those Persian/Mughal/Muslim invading armies ‘dishonored’ your women right in front of your eyes. I know kiddo, your NCERT books were written to give the illusion that Mughal emperors like Akbar were some kind ‘Santa Claus’ who came with gifts to bring about harmony among various religions….and blah blah blah. The reality is that the north Indians who had forts and fotresses and reinforcements locally, could not stop the warriors from Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan who came on horsebacks to plunder your wealth and women.

      Now South Indian warriors like Rajendra Cholas, Cheras had Generals and Admirals who went far and wide – even crossing the seas to capture foregin lands and established their rule in lands as faraway as Borneo, Sumatra and moder day Indonesia…evidenced by the South Indian influence in the cultures of South East Asia Nations to this very day. Well you can keep reading your little NCERT books authored by your north Indian Sharmajis and Vermajis…who are arm chair revisionist historians only interested in covering up the shameful chapters of North Indian slavery and rape at the hands of Muslim invaders.

      So stop talking about freedom struggle.

      • vasudev permalink
        September 14, 2010 4:10 pm

        ah! so now i know why islam and christianity came into india via the south! their armies were off to sumatra bali etc for an all found vacation while the muslims and christians happily came in and converted the mallus into their fold. unfortunately for the marauding invaders no mallu blood was shed for the clever mallu knew which side of the bread was buttered and set about buttering the invaders. great going sethumadhavan!

  35. Praveen permalink
    July 21, 2010 4:22 am

    As per your request here are a few ‘Famous’ names of freedom fighters from Andhra Pradesh alone :
    Tanguturi Prakasam – known as Andhra Kesari
    Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, President of India May 13, 1962 to May 13, 1967
    Pingali Venkayya – designed the Indian National Flag
    Alluri Sita Rama Raju – revolutionary, led the Rampa Rebellion
    Potti Sreeramulu – revolutionary, fasted to death in protest
    Bahadur Yar Jung – most prominent Muslim leader during independence movement
    Swami Ramanand Tirtha – educator and social activist
    Veerapandiya Kattabomman – Palaiyakkarar, early opponent of British rule
    Sarojini Naidu – freedom fighter and poet
    Madapati Hanumantha Rao – first mayor of Hyderabad
    Zakir Hussain, President of India May 13, 1967 to May 3, 1969
    Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, President of India July 25, 1977 to July 25, 1982
    V. V. Giri, President of India May 3, 1969 to August 24, 1974
    Duggirala Gopala Krishnayya – also known as Andhra Ratna
    Kandukuri Veeresalingam – social Reformer and Independence activist

    There are thousands more that escape my memory right now. Note that these are from A.P alone and that too are people from only the 20th century, and they are famous. Its a shame that Central Syllabus and many north Indians don’t learn about these famous people. Our state syllabus in A.P covers about 300 Freedom fighters in 10th class Social, fighters from all around India (with no partiality to region). So my dear guest you cannot just say that there are no fighters from any corner of India. It was a nationwide struggle and a nation wide victory.

  36. Guest permalink
    July 22, 2010 12:39 am

    @An Indian, Setu, Praveen

    1. I really don’t know and have never heard of any of those south indian freedom fighters. What text book says and world references say is the reality for me. Its as good as: If they are the freedom fighters then Bihar/Orissa is the richest Indian state and India is the richest country in the world. I mean I can say anything what comes to my dream and which has no proof, no reality.
    2. Setu says, that Americans don’t know Amitabh or Shahrukh and they know Mohanlal etc.. I can say they know me as well, is it true? but I can write 100 of lines (if I have time) that they really know me very well or they know me more than Amitabh.

    Why don’t you see the popularity of a bollywood movie overseas and stage shows. Just imagine the audience in a show done by mohanlal etc..and audience in sharukh or amitabh (leave other bollywood gang). There is no comparison.

    You southies can call anyone fool on this earth except for your category called ‘dravidians’. I am sure thats the reason why the whole world and esp. rest of Indians think about you the way I mentioned.

    3. The person who can call Gujarat a backward state can even call Kerala better than US. You are telling me that Kerala is better than Gujarat forget Delhi and Punjab.
    I can’t even laugh now, I think there is something seriously wrong.

    Like you know so much about north (in your whims and fancies) we know your reallity. So please don’t try to make fool of everyone at this blog.
    I clearly showed you the link 8 out of top 10 slots go to north but you can’t accept. Because God has not given you much to boast about so you can only boast of Kerala lieracy (and many keralites are proud welders /nurese in gulf LOL) or compare yourself with Bihar in some HDI index and think to be heroes. Think what you like and dream. But we northies believe in facts, smartness, beauty and fun and let us (Northies) take care of India like we have done so far so that every one can prosper including you. See under North’s leadership India has progressed so much and the whole world is proud of India. A country is known its leaders, power and Industrialists and everywhere its north which heavily dominates.

    Today you will see a dream and next day write about it as a fact in 100 lines.

    @An Indian, this is why I come as a Guest and go because I hate when people don’t want to believe in facts. EIther you can debate on the basis of facts or on in air/based on your dreams. EVen on the facts, when I will give you some national/standard sources then somebody will give me alink from a regional newspaper or website. SO I come and go as a Guest.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 22, 2010 1:44 pm

      @ guest.

      LOL… Why do you just want to write about stuff I have NOT written. Here is an example:

      “2. Setu says, that Americans don’t know Amitabh or Shahrukh and they know Mohanlal etc..”

      Please tell me where did I say that ‘Americans know Mohanlal”. LOL…To think that they know Mohanlal or Rajnikanth or Amitabh or Shahrukh! Why do you know Korean actors? or Kenyan artists?

      Dont just make up stuff I never said. It is Bollywood fans who want to claim that Americans are crazy about Hindi heroes. Take it from me, Americans dont give a rat’s a$$ about any hero or heroine in India. NO matter how much you hindiwallahs think your icons have goras and goris running after them here! LOL, it’s a joke.

      (Will you ever come across Chinese claiming that Americans are crazy about Chinese heroes, or Germans claiming the same. but our northy friends have this deep craving to be accepted and admired by white skinned people! Sorry, they are not interested in watching Hindi movies any more than you are interested in watching Chinese movies. I know northies dont just get this simple fact. So dont stress your head about this. This logic is beyond you. 🙂 And once again, I dont think Americans care or know about Mohanlal. No malayali give a rats a$$ if Americans know about Mohanlal. How does it matter to us. And why should it.

      2. you go again with your imagination. Don’t jump to conclusions. This is what you wrote:

      “The person who can call Gujarat a backward state can even call Kerala better than US. You are telling me that Kerala is better than Gujarat forget Delhi and Punjab.”

      Read what I wrote once again. Did I call Gujarat a backward state anywhere? You amaze me. All I said was even in Gujarat, I have seen areas (and I specifed those areas…Saurashtra, Bhuj, Kutch (North Gujarat) is arid, extremely backward, camel country. I have personally been to these areas, lived there in villages during a visit, and the places there are ‘PATHETIC’…no schools in villages, no drinking water, no roads!

      The problem is many of you northies rely on Bollywood movies (phillums) and ‘Saas Bahu’ serials for your General awareness. I am not crazy to state that Gujarat is a backward state, but yes it has extremely backward places. Which is why I specifically mentioned Gujarat to emphasize that though it is considered industrialized and progressive even it has unbelievable poverty and backwardness in certain areas. Why are you obstinately refusing to understand easy facts, just because you want to stretch and change facts for the sake of an argument!

      Your other statement:
      “You are telling me that Kerala is better than Gujarat forget Delhi and Punjab.”

      First let me assure you that kerala is not a state of Pakistan. So if it ranks higher than PUnjab in something, you dont have to take offense. (Strange that you said you are ‘naitonalist’ and ‘patriotic’ and love all states, but somehow when Kerala/South is praised you get very upset. LOL. That is interesting patriotism).

      Okay, to clarify. It is not me stating that Kerala is more prosperous than Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat, it is the UNDP (United National Development Programme’s) annual Development report, which is the most exhaustive report in the world, and has been for 13 years.

      Yes it states that Delhi, Kerala, Goa, Punjab,….etc is the ranking.

      It is not me making stuff up.

      If you are truly ‘patriotic’ you should be happy about states that do well. YOu (and other north indians) are only happy about Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat…but are itching so badly about Kerala.

      The problem of jealousy is with you, my dear friend. And that disease has no cure.

      Stop talking nonsense about Bollywood stars are great and their shows are big etc etc…or North Indian freedom fighters are great, and south figthers are unknown.

      Friend why dont you move from these superficial stuff … of bollywood, and freedom movement of 60 yrs ago. Look where the country is today. 400 million indians live in worse poverty – no food, barely any clothes, no water to drink, using open space as toilets…and you are more interested in my bollywood stars are loved and adored by Americans!

      (and just so you know the same UNDP report specifies that eight north indian states have worse poverty than Africa. I didnt make that up!)

      You are not interested in reading up. Only arguing for the sake of arguing.

      I tell you, Pakistani people are more civilized, and that surprises me. I have visited Pakistan, and I was amazed by how much cleaner their cities are than those in North India (though women are just rarely if ever seen in the open there…exception was Karachi where at upscale hotels upper class Pakistani women could be spotted smoking! Islamabad is one city which is way way way cleaner and modern than Delhi. You may think I am exaggerating, but Islamabad’s diplomatic enclave and other areas have a lot of stunning beautiful and well architected areas that no north Indian city can match.

      The north Indian habit of spitting everywhere and openly urinating and defecating on the streets is a rare occurrence in Pakistan, surprisingly. In short, North India is truly one of a kind, the most primitive and uncultured place on earth. YOu will not see people urinating in the open, and men and women defecating in the open …NOT even in Africa!)

      Okay, here is the link to the article written by an American traveller to India and his first hand experience of our great ‘super power’ country.

      Here are some excerpts from what he has written (the link follows these 2 paragraphs):

      “If you are Indian, or of Indian descent, I must preface this post with a clear warning: you are not going to like what I have to say. My criticisms may be very hard to stomach. But consider them as the hard words and loving advice of a good friend. Someone who’s being honest with you and wants nothing from you. These criticisms apply to all of India except Kerala and the places I didn’t visit, except that I have a feeling it applies to all of India, except as I mentioned before, Kerala….”

      “…Dung, be it goat, cow or human fecal matter was common on the streets. In major tourist areas filth was everywhere, littering the sidewalks, the roadways, you name it. Toilets in the middle of the road, men urinating and defecating anywhere, in broad daylight. Whole villages are plastic bag wastelands. Roadsides are choked by it. …People casually throw trash in the streets, on the roads. The only two cities that could be considered sanitary in my journey were Trivandrum–the capital of Kerala–and Calicut.”

      Here is another visitor ( I believe an American guy from where I live now – San Francisco) who writes glowing about Kerala (“Kerala could pass for almost any European City”…his words, not mine, so dont get mad at me, Mr. patriot 🙂

      “…For Rs 2700 we flew from Goa to Cochin. We hired a prepaid taxi and headed out to Fort Cochin. Kerala stood out like a beacon of Indian construction. An entire city of lights, clear roads with lines, and buildings erect. A part of India that wasn’t in a perpetual state of falling down. I found the road! Kerala could pass for almost any European City. …”

      So stop criticising a state just because it is from the south of India. Why can you not be happy about South progressing, when all south Indians are proud about the good things achieved by north Indians (like Punjabis). But yes we will criticize the backwardness, the illiteracy and goondaism in north India, which has pulled the country behind…so far behind.

      Just going by your remarks itself, it is evident northies are ‘least bothered’ about the illiteracy and backwardness in the north that is pulling the country behind, but you are more concerned with superficial inanities like ‘I am fairer than you’, ‘bollywood actors are global icons with Amrericans running around crazy for their autographs’ and stuff like that.

      A study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) found that there were 421 million poor living under the MPI in 8 north indian states of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. This number is higher than the 410 million poor living in the 26 poorest African nations

      A related link:

      (I am sure, even after you read that north India has such pathetic levels of poverty,you will come up with some utterly superficial nonsense to still claim how great north is. Something like, ‘okay then tell me how Americans are not as crazy about masala dosa as they are crazy about bhel puri?”. I wont be surprised.

      Other interesting links about Kerala’s Standard of living being better than other states (So I didnt make this up):

      From Govt of India website:

      “…The reasons for highest sex ratio in kerala are better health, high literacy rate and better standard of living when compared to other states of India.”

      “…However, Kerala`s Human Development Index and standard of living statistics are the best in India. In devolepment indices Kerala rivals many developed countries….”

      (look under the section ‘Economy of kerala’ in the following link)


      I can go on, but you will still say that I am making all this up. LOL.

      Just one question: What goes across your mind when you see those pathetic poverty/backwardness stats about predominantly Hindi speaking states. Are you outraged? Do you feel disgust? Shame? Shock? or is it an immediate call to action to somehow go out and find something bad about the south, so every thing feels ‘equal equal’ in your mind? 🙂

      (Hopefully though this post, I educate you some more. Hopefully I am bringing some change in India, enlightening one semi literate north Indian at a time.)

    • July 23, 2010 1:55 am

      Ha ha ha ha.. I can clearly see ur agony and envy on reading my facts.. I wonder how u do post ur replies without net … Coz when I used the keywords of my article, I could get so many links reinforcing the facts I charted above…

      And one request please…
      Don’t try to create a false impression that you have provided all necessary facts to support your boasts.. by providing useless links.. One such example is as below..

      In ur 16th July 2010 post, you have provided a link claiming that
      ( See the link. AFter routing ‘billis’ they started dominating the politics of lanka and then problem started and the lanka army started ditching Indians and then it was better to come back and we all know that if Indian army likes it can control lanka in a day but its of no use, we don’t want that.

      But the link speaks about the Prabakaran’s DNA test and his father Velupillai’s life history.

      Also don’t try to write passages and split it based on their size and give numbers as if you have written the facts as per international standards..

      Let me know if I can provide you the links.. for that matter, anybody who surfs here could provide u I believe..

    • Praveen permalink
      July 23, 2010 12:08 pm

      @guest dear,

      Lol…if you don’t know something doesn’t mean its wrong…it just means you are ignorant. Ok granted, due to weak North Indian social syllabus you haven’t heard of many of them. But how could you have not heard of three former presidents of India (as mentioned in the list), how could you have not known the Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu. And you also don’t know the person who designed the Indian National flag?? Did you even read the list?
      If you don’t know all these people its time to go to google and atleast put their names in it and learn about them. Honestly you didn’t even try. Just replied that it is wrong. How else do you learn new things? Your brain is not an encyclopedia. You cannot know everything. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist if you don’t know it. It will be fun to argue if you atleast make a little bit effort from your side or make coherent arguments. You are arguing like a high school child or worse. Sorry if i was Harsh but seriously you coudn’t check the names in Google??? I am baffled, surprised…just no point in arguing with there? Be happy in your ignorance…

  37. July 23, 2010 3:39 am

    To educate you on the fact that TamilNadu being the origin of Indian Freedom Struggle, read the following links..

    I guess that you will accept, Wikipedia, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Postal Stamp by Postal Department of India as reliable sources…

    To enlighten you that Hindi did not have grammar until 1958 wheras Tamil has its own grammar 2500 years ago, read the articles below..

    “Scholars categorise the attested history of the language into three periods, Old Tamil (300 BC – 700 CE), Middle Tamil (700–1600) and Modern Tamil (1600–present).”
    “More than 55% of the epigraphical inscriptions – about 55,000 – found by the Archaeological Survey of India are in the Tamil language.”
    “the first Indian language to be declared as a classical language by the government of India in 2004.”
    “Inscriptions in Tamil Language from 1st century BCE and 2nd century CE have been discovered in Egypt and Thailand.[11][12] The two earliest manuscripts from India,[13][14] to be acknowledged and registered by UNESCO Memory of the World register in 1997 & 2005 were in Tamil.”

  38. Anuragg permalink
    July 24, 2010 7:36 pm

    This is for Setu, Dear Sir, Always remember kerala is in INDIA and the capital is NEW DELHI It was you or probably your southie brother who wrote that pakistanis are better than North Indians????????????Thank God you are not in Armed forces or in security of India…………and I request the South Indians that if you go outside India never say to a pakistani or a forgiener that you hate NORTH INDIA………..coz after listening this they make a laugh of INDIANS not Southeis or Northeis.

    • Mahesh permalink
      July 25, 2010 10:11 pm

      Yeahhh…..Thats what we also have to say….First the North Indians should understand that they are living in a country called ‘India’ and not ‘North India’. There are not juz hindi wallas in India. And they should learn to respect other people’s culture also. I am a proud malayalee but if I go to some other place , I will respect their culture, I will respect their food, I will respect them. I know , this discussion will never stop but I juz have only one thing to say, Hindi is never gonna be the national language of India. There are other better languages here in India. Eventhough am a Malayalee, I am very proud that Tamil is an Indian language. Bcoz Tamil is one of the oldest language on earth along with Greek I guess. So If any language deserves that privilege, then its obviously ‘Tamil’.

      • Setu Madhavan permalink
        August 5, 2010 5:04 am

        Well Said. Tamil is not my mother tongue either, but I respect it so much more than some other north Indian language which is nothing but a mish mash of languages and dialects left behind by various invaders who defeated North India.

        Tamil Kings on the other hand took their armies and navies far and wide and established their rule over South East Asia, and the flourishing Tamil influence is evident in those regions to this very day.

        Hindi did not have a grammar till after independence of India!! While Tamil not only has had grammar for several thousand years, but also historic texts that are still available. The Germans have been researching Tamil and there is an ongoing project to microfilm, archive and preserve every single piece of Tamil Literature (ancient and modern) in Germany!

        English is so much more polished, versatile and developed than Hindi. I am glad that students in South India learn their mother tongue and English with much passion.

        I am so proud of my ‘South Indian’ identity.

        • vasudev permalink
          August 6, 2010 9:16 pm

          i agree with sethu regards tamil. every mallu worth his salt respects the rich language of tamil ’cause malayalam is a cross between 60% ‘the pride of dravidians’ tamil and 40% of the alien foreign aryan sanskrit. makes mallu a bad bastard but am happy we seeded the other way for a change! tamil is a language every mallu would vote for ‘the’ national language status w/o a murmur (equi to hindi) simply because it IS the native language of ancient dravidian bharat.

          • Setu Madhavan permalink
            September 14, 2010 10:46 am

            To Vasudev,

            “malayalam is a cross between 60% ‘the pride of dravidians’ tamil and 40% of the alien foreign aryan sanskrit. makes mallu a bad bastard but am happy we seeded the other way for a change!”

   didnt seed the other way with your Hindi by accident. LOL…it was thrust hard into you guys by the invading Mughal, Persian and other Muslim invaders of yore who walked over your weak armies and forced you to convert into their culture, language, attire ( your north Indian ‘purdah’ like their ‘burqa’ for example), food. There was exchange of DNA ofcourse (forced exchange) and your geneology itself was bastardized by the forced comingling and conversion THRUST upon you by the superior forces and seed of the Muslim invaders.

            So you should not be shedding tears over imagined ‘bastardization’ of others when within your history are torrid tales of organized commingling of seeds, blood and culture.

  39. Guest permalink
    July 25, 2010 3:46 am

    @An Indian
    You yourself have proved your ignorance. I am more convinced now that why this country deserves to be ruled and dominated by North.

    See the big Question Mark at the wiki link to so called velore mutiny:

    It says: ” This June 2010 includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please improve this article by introducing more precise citations where appropriate. (June 2010)”

    There is no genuine source – see 3 links below are not working and two describe it in 2 lines. And one of them is from a local chennai newspaper which I consider regional. Also, it was not even at wiki till June 2010, you might have created it last month to prove that south indians also contributed in some way to Indian freedom struggle, but my dear friend again your attempt goes in vain.

    Secondly, even for a moment lets assume, I believe you, see the biggest joke now at your own link , see what wiki says LOL, LOL:

    ”The revolt, which took place in the South Indian town of Vellore, was rather brief, lasting only one full day ”

    for a one day event you want it to be recognised in Indian history books. What a logic, how can you even call it an event forget mutiny or it be noted in History. In north , daily such skirmishes were happening in many town during freedom strugggle, if historians start considering each and every small day event then History will be like a daily newspaper and not come in form of a book with only relevant and important portions.

    So, you are again wrong with your facts. You again show the same habit of boasting any small thing they have which is nothing at national level. Please see the non-south india and world and then benchmark yourself against set standards . LOL, or be happy by comparing the literarcy of Kerala with Bihar and LOL esp. when all people have left the so called literate state to the Gulf.

    @Some South Indian above

    Some one said that Northies are fond of Whites and compare themselves with them, my answer why not after all we are one of them (Aryans). And you, want to be their slaves in Gulf? really a bad choice but might be that Kerala’s literate people are educated and inspired to become slaves in Gulf. LOL…..

    • July 26, 2010 2:58 am

      Hello Guest,

      Wat an intellectual u r!!

      Hats off to ur data-interpretation skills for concluding that the Vellore Mutiny page did not have existed before June 2010 by just looking at the ‘Last Modified Date’.. Wonderful boss!! 😛 😛
      Who else in this world, could interpret the ‘last modified date’ as date of creation of an article.. So in ur terms do u want to tell us that the date of creation of ‘Indian Rebellion of 1857’ article hadn’t existed until 24th July 2010, since the last modified date for that article is 24th July 2010?? Pity on you, kid!!

      Another master piece of urs says, ‘Secondly, even for a moment lets assume, I believe you, see the biggest joke now at your own link , see what wiki says LOL, LOL:’

      Another Hats off to u fa ur sense f humour!!
      Do you wish to say the biggest joke of Indian History is Jallianwala Bagh massacre as it lasted only 10 mins???

      • Setu Madhavan permalink
        August 5, 2010 5:11 am


        AnIndian, you nailed the north Indians rambling with this:

        “Hats off to ur data-interpretation skills for concluding that the Vellore Mutiny page did not have existed before June 2010 by just looking at the ‘Last Modified Date’.. Wonderful boss!!
        Who else in this world, could interpret the ‘last modified date’ as date of creation of an article.. So in ur terms do u want to tell us that the date of creation of ‘Indian Rebellion of 1857′ article hadn’t existed until 24th July 2010, since the last modified date for that article is 24th July 2010?? Pity on you, kid!! ”

        Wow, what logic. Going by the ‘last modified date’ to prove that the originally entry was not old enough! Some people exhibit their ignorance to public ridicule.

  40. Guest permalink
    July 25, 2010 4:00 am

    @An Indian

    Now see what a real great historical event link and sources look like, just see:
    and now observe the references and sources below, the sources are not from NCERT books (which as per you are applicable to only northies) The references are almost from all world famous universities , this is called a real, genuine link and source of information.

    And now compare it with your Velor link:

    Do you see any BIG question mark at wiki? Do you see it calling a one day event?
    LOL…I think you are not going to argue with me now.

    I hope you got the answer thats why I urge everyone to always argue on the basis of correct and relevant refernces and not just any website or link.

    And I come and go as Guest and guest always gives an expert opinion or ‘Guest Lecture’ 🙂

    • July 26, 2010 2:15 am

      Hi Guest,
      Its ur turn now to acknowledge ur ignorance by urself, which had been acknowledged only by other authors so far.. But its totally funny to see that even after writing such an irrational article (rather passage), u r declaring urself as ‘an expert’.. 😛
      Calling an event Non-History just because of the reason that it has lasted for one day, is the peak of ignorance.. Ha ha ha.. But how does that matter whether it is an one day or one minute event Mr. Expert..?? Ohhh..haaa..haaa..haaa!! Gimme some break man..(rather boy)!! Do study lessons on Jallianwala Bagh, u will understand d importance of even a 10 minutes event..

      I’m really sorry to say that, u need to start reading some good books on History (not NCERT) before coming back to this site… Are u trying to say that Jallianwala Bagh is not a historic incident which lasted for only 10-15mins??? (Who knows, u may come up with a story claiming that its a year long event as it happened in North India.. ) But let ‘Vellore Mutiny’ not be the first Indian War of Independence … 😛

      And regarding ur analytical skills, by counting the number references quote, hats off… But u have disappointed me again for not researching well enough. Google boss Google!! Ur major problems will be resolved there itself..

      And it is to remind u tht I didn’t get any reply about the fact that Hindi was not having Grammar until 50 years back, whereas Tamil is fertile with its own Grammar even before 2500 years.. Haven’t you finished ur ‘analysis’ yet? Is there any interesting fault u found with it??? he he 😉

  41. vasudev permalink
    July 26, 2010 11:14 pm

    a few things i would like to add to no one in particular. kerala used to be a neat state but no more. the maximum amount of trash of animal waste thrown in rivers/streams/ditches/roadside paddy fields…chicken/goat and beef flesh wastes have all made journey through kerala a stinky affair and not surprisingly one can see the mallu in malluland nowadays suffering from the maximum nos of diseases. the doctors and hospitals thrive on the money of these gulf-slaves, especially the muslims. talking about muslims they have started implementing taliban courts in kerala. it was a hand chopping, next it might be open neck chopping or stone pelting. in any case, such courts from the holier than thou mussies of kerala cannot be grander than those of their afghan and saudi masters simply because cheap converts can always try to impress but the original one might always stamp on their head and walk away. yes…most keralites are slaves…of the arabs or the whites. now that is the truth.

    as regards this i-am-afraid-i-will-get-banged-north-indian-guest above i have only one thing to need to prove your parentage before you claim yourself to be aryan. i can think of various unholly combinations of tainted blood and genes that could be flowing through your body. as of now the color part of it could have a confusing mix of race and religion so now i am not even sure of the association of the color with afghan or arab or german or british??? in fact it could be a very shameful affair for a normal indian but then say you are a northie, don’t you?

  42. Guest permalink
    July 26, 2010 11:59 pm

    @An Indian

    LOL…Read Carefully what I wrote. I showed mirror to your fact because you tried to compare it with Mutiny or first war of independence. Its just like comparing an ant with an elephant. Seondly, look at the content of Jalianwala Bagh : and see the people died, its impact and thats why again, you see so many world class rferences and page full of content.

    And then look at so called: , you can find the difference between content, consequences, impact and intensity of both. Tell me how many people died in Vellor, what are the consequences, what are the references, even a child can tell that which event should find place in history books. Do you have any answer?
    Why don’t you accept that NCERT books have done nothing wrong when no body in the world has acknowledged the so called Velor mutiny then why NCERT is going to acknowledge. Now I believe more firmly in what is written in NCERT text books and false south indian propoganda.

    About the hindi grammar: my take is different on language issue. Its the survival of fittest and for a language that is its number of speakers where Hindi beats all other languages hands down. Just see the level of Hindi, its in the world league like English and Spanish and I believe as an Indian you all should respect it. I just don’t care whether grammar is old or new, if a language doesn’t have speakers then it deserves to give way to more popular languages, may be I was speaking Tamil, if it was as popular as Hindi now and Hindi was at the level of Tamil. I am sorry dear, there could be so many older languages than Tamil spoken somewhere in Afrika or by red indians, it doesn’t mean that world will start speaking those ancient languages. The ‘xyz’ language was just not fit enough so could not survive. Btw Hindi is derived from Sanskrit like Latin is the mother of many languages in Europe.

    So I don’t buy your argument of oldest grammar or newest grammar.

    BTW , why south indians like english so much , is it something to do with your role in Indian freedom struggle against British, which I have mentioned in last few posts 😉

    • northernDiscomfort permalink
      July 27, 2010 11:21 pm

      Hello Northie Guest:

      Simple reasons for Southern people not wanting to consider Hindi as a langauge —

      > Hindi is less evolved.

      Face it, while you can express almost everything you see in the engineering with English words, Hindi just doesn’t cut it. Well yeah! you can express Pani Puri, Dhoti, Lungi etc., but that doesn’t count as a matured language for an average educated Southerner. I’ll give you some home work to do: come up with Hindi words for Flange coupling, Universal joint, Keyboard, Polymorphism, Inductance. Now you know where your mother tongue can take you 🙂

      > Most Hindi speaking people have set themselves an image that has tarnished their reputation in rest of India.

      When you persuade a group to get your things done, you should do it in the way that works. You yourself have set an example of how bad a Hindi educated person would behave when faced with diverse group of people.

      Thanks, but no thanks.

      I think if your judgmental skills are up-to mark, you should be subdued with the reasoning people have offered here. I see that you were posting replies since long time. I know what exactly you are going through and I am sure it is bothering you.

      If I were you, I would have just taken back seat and forget about it. But hey, you have your own keyboard. You are always welcome to post back.. but hardly does that impact a Southerner’s view point of Hindi.

  43. July 28, 2010 3:00 am

    Hi Guest,

    I’m terribly sorry, if my post had insulted ur ego.. LOL.. But truth is always bitter to digest.. Whatever u boast, chronologically or impactwise (or any stupid factor that u gonna bring up in a couple f days)

    What do u call as a Mutiny?? [Have u derived any mathematical expression to call something as a freedom struggle or Mutiny? Lol 😛 ]

    Jallianwala Bagh too has no concrete proof on the exact figures in terms f casualities… But I wont dishonour it like cultureless crap..

    Read the article carefully.. Even by the duration or the so called ‘impact’ (mr. impact analyst), the casualities (350 in number) are same in both the mishaps.. Also dont be an ignorant to call the ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ or the life history of Sir Rollo Roberts Gillespie as not in world class.. Wherever this Vellore War is quoted in history by Englishmen, it is referred as ‘Vellore Mutiny’.. When an outsider could respect the sacrifices why do u ppl try to erase it from history.. Is it that ur ego stopping u in accepting it?? If u feel proud to be an Indian, feel proud of the sacrifice done by our fellow men.. Be it Meerut Sepoy Mutiny or Vellore Mutiny… Feel proud that we weren’t sleeping until 1857 in the darkness of ignorance & slavery but we were brave enough to show our strength and unity even by 1806 itself..

    We neither love nor hate English.. Our argument is that we do not want to read a language without any purpose.. When we consider language as an identity of our culture, we respect our Mother Tongue.. When we need a language to communicate with the greater part of the world, we acknowledge English, which does that task effectively..

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      July 30, 2010 8:30 am

      Very well articulated. With a lot of grace, intelligence, and conviction.

      Just browsing through these messages gives a clear indication about the intelligence and cerebral depth of south Indians.

      It is a pleasure and an honor to read notes from fellow south Indians…each well embellished with facts, reasoning and an evidence of intellectual rigor.

      No wonder why Bill Gates remarked, “South Indians and Chinese are the most intelligent people on earth”.

    • July 31, 2010 2:13 pm

      To add on to my above post.. When I refer Hindi, I have preferred to say ‘to read Hindi’ rather ‘to learn Hindi’ because I consider ‘learning’ is something which should benefit you.. I dont think that I would be benefitted by knowing Hindi, since I can manage with my mother tongue or English to meet my needs…

      So, to expect a South Indian or any non-Hindi speaking Indian to know Hindi sounds like demanding a passenger to buy ticket when he already holds a valid season ticket…

      Will any of you ask for a ticket to travel in a bus when you already have a valid season ticket??

  44. S.Iyer permalink
    August 4, 2010 3:35 am

    I read the comments from North Indians obsessed with skin color and complexion. They don’t realize, the same things are said about their North Indian color and complexion by white people! 😉 British people mistreated all Indians for their complexions, and now North Indians like to take “revenge” by targeting South Indians.

    Of course, as this article shows, in the important matters – education, literacy, development, and identity – South India has come out ahead. These are the important things.

  45. aman acharya permalink
    August 10, 2010 1:15 pm

    ahhh so many posts.I am frm gujarat.
    If you give me a place to settle down among mp,up, bihar and kerela ..i would go for kerela. There is no need of research for obvious things

    • aman acharya permalink
      August 10, 2010 1:26 pm

      and wats the fuss bout hindi wen socially using english is cool.I studied in gujarati medium with hindi and it has no application in my life aka waste!
      here’s wat i think
      north indians (UP,Bihar,Delhi) majority arrogant minority good
      south indians minority arrogant majority good.

      • vasudev permalink
        August 10, 2010 10:02 pm

        samajh mein nahin aaya angrezi bhai. zara hindi mein samjha

      • Setu Madhavan permalink
        August 22, 2010 1:35 am

        Aman Acharya, very well articulated points. Appreciate your honest observations and candor.

        Your observation about ..”and wats the fuss bout hindi wen socially using english is cool.” is very apt. All the hullabaloo about Hindi becomes a joke, when as your rightly observed socially English is considered more sauve even in (or I should rather say, “Especially in”) Hindi heartland. Mulayam Singh Yadav is a case in point. He harps about ‘Hindi’, Hindi medium schools, as much as he can, but when it came to his own son, he got his son educated in English medium school, and then send him to Australia for higher studies.

        (Lol..on a side note, Mulayam singh once sent letters written in Hindi to Chandra Babu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh, and to Nayanar of Kerala. Chandra Babu Naidu replied to Mulayam Singh in Telugu, and Nayanar replied in Malayalam!)

    • vasudev permalink
      August 10, 2010 10:16 pm

      could be the biggest mistake of your life lest you are a communist or a pentecost evangelist or a prominent muslim. if you are a hindu from gujarat wanting to peg your ass in karala, understand that they (hindus) all are ‘assinine’ in kerala (particularly) and in india (wholly). suicidal, you know? and finally, you would have to learn malayalam which is a tough language even to hardcore mallus. so why don’t you chose ‘lallu land’ instead of ‘mallu land’? ok. you wanna tell me that what’s the difference amongst idiots? and you wanna choose a smart ‘gadha’ amongst all those ‘gadhas’?

      • Setu Madhavan permalink
        August 22, 2010 1:59 am

        LOL..Vasudev dont get so worked up just because Aman Acharya expressed his view about Kerala being a better choice anyday over UP, Bihar, Delhi.

        It is his opinion that in case of North Indians majority is arrogant, and only a minority is good. With the South Indians he believes it is the other way round. Its his opinion, which he is entitled to, and which I happen to share wholeheartedly given my experience with North and south Indians. Take it easy, Buddy, people will always have divergent opinion that dont match yours.

        Aman feels that English is ‘socially more acceptable’, I agree with him. Aman may feel that learning Hindi has been of no use to him, that is he speaking about himself and his experience in life. I agree with him on that count as well. If it is better for him to learn his mother tongue Gujarati and English to achieve a better social standing or open more opportunities for him, I respect that.

        Let me also enlighten you that there are a lot of Gujarati Merchants and Sikhs that have settled in Kerala for decades. Did you know that there are more Skih Gurdwaras in Kerala than other south Indian states? Kerala is a south Indian state where people from any part of India can settle down and will never be subject to anti-north problems. I have met Gujaratis from Kerala who speak chaste Malayalam (as they do Gujarati). Please talk to them before you write. If anything keralites respect the Gujaratis for their hardwork and decency.

        If anything Keralites have a slang for Gujaratis ‘Sethuonmar’, which is not an insulting or deprecating slang, rather a tribute to the industrial nature of Gujus in Kerala.

        Yes, I have also come across Sikhs in Kerala who follow all their religious/cultural traditions freely, and have settled in Kerala for decades. Initially it is a shock to see a turban wearing Sikhs speaking chaste malayalam. What is more strange is to hear the same Sikhs speak in Hindi with a slight Malayalam accent. You will find quite a few of them in Kochi, Calicut, Kannur, Trichur, and Trivandrum.

        And I can say that they are as safe in Kerala as they are anywhere else in the north. If anything, I can guarantee that Malayalis will not stand like the Delhiites who watched as thousands of Sikhs were killed, maimed, and burned alive on the streets of Delhi and other parts of North India.

        • Navneet permalink
          November 28, 2010 2:32 pm

          Yes…thats correct about arrogance and modernity….But if you see linguistic/regional bias over any decision/Unfair treatment of fellow indians from other states then Southies from 4 states that is Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu top with majority and a very bleak minority doesnt do that while with North Indians its the other way round. Even if it has less opportunities a fair chance awaits all and they dont see if this guy cam from south/north/east/west.

          You can see that Many National institutions had been established in south even if north had the majority in parliament but if try to even establish a brach of an IT company outside south to Delhi or gurgaon you can very evidently see the linguistic and regional politics involved over there. I hope our National leaders do get hold of this discriminatory behaviour and do something to curb this practise and mentality than simply get fooled by lickering tactics of cunning leaders.

  46. vimalkumar permalink
    September 4, 2010 12:54 pm

    sethu madhavan rocksssssssssssss

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      September 24, 2010 6:50 am

      Thank you,VimalKumar.

      At the end of this post are the pics of the Delhi ‘Commonwealth games’ infrastructure that the ever ‘boastful’ Delhiwallahs have put up to ‘showcase India’s growing pre-eminence’ to the world…. Wow, what an effort by Delhiwallahs to rival Beijing olympics….

      All this after 7 years and 50,000 crore rupees spent on the games.

      For those not courageous enough to click on the pics of the Commonwealth Games village…here are the excerpts…

      Toilets caked with filth and dirt, Toilet unusuable because there is a pool of water a few inches deep flooding the bathroom/under the urinal, mattresses have paw prints of street dogs, airconditioners are standing on 5 inches of water, water about 5 to 6 inches all over the general premises..with electrical wires seen submerged under the water.

      I have not included images of the concrete foot bridge that collapsed or the parts of the ceiling of the newly renovated stadium that came crashing down.

      Empty boasts…and ofcourse religious riots, eve teasing, killing family members in the most barbaric fashion as ‘honor killing’. LOL…’honor’! These people kill their beloved daughters and sons torturing them for hours with live electric wires, and sharp metallic instruments, as the helpless victims scream on for hours till death finally rescues them from their pathetic situation. In one of the cases, teh neighbours heard the screams of the daughter and her boyfriend as they were being tortured to death over 4 hours, and the neighbours did not inform the police.

      LOL..but some keep repeating their empty boasts here, while they try hard to lampoon South India in general out of sheer jealousy, and of course, Kerala in particular.

      Infact, I am seriously considering putting out a blog with images and incidents depicting the true face of the culture in some parts of India – with images of ‘honor killing’, bride burning, defecation on the open roads with impunity by both men and women, spitting paan and spraying out the betel juice on an impulse in public places, corruption and thuggery, in a way to enlighten the world about the true ‘taliban’ face of some parts of India.

      I would normally not have focussed on such a project, but the ‘irrational jealousy’ exhibited by some north indians on this board has made be consider this noble service to humankind…so that foreigners are forewarned should they even consider visiting the land of ‘honor killer’s, bride burners, and thugs.

      • vasudev permalink
        September 28, 2010 1:04 pm

        sethu madhavan

        please consider that more than 50% populace defecating on mumbai roads have ‘tamil’ written all over their asses. likewise go to chennai, take a walk on wall tax road/mount road/nungambakkam high road/kodambakkam high road and see if you walk blindly into your office you may jolly well carry a ‘stink’ with you which isn’t like what a dog put in there.very much human.

      • Navneet permalink
        November 28, 2010 2:18 pm

        Hi Sethu….You are right and even you will not refuse that Mr Raja has eaten 3 times the money in crores about 1 lakh 75 thousand crores in a 2G scam and even then he looks shameless.

        I think you also know about the Judge Ramachandran’s impeachment process in Lok Sabha where at the last day south indian MPs have shown their patriotism not for India but for South India by applying their cunning tactics and convincing other members that the caught judge will resign if we spare him. And you know what, that useless judge was on his seat untill he retired. Very good, you guys are great! If someone tries to calculate the crime divided by population density then I think Southies will top the list.

        But you are correct even Northies are not clean if the leadership is concerned. There are many historical evils like casteism/social wrongs which are holding them back from development.

  47. Nubin permalink
    September 27, 2010 10:52 pm

    So its somewhat confirmed too…

    The Richest, Most Educated, most Healthy and most developed state in India – Kerala

    Kudos to all Malayalis….
    May rest of India follow some good elements of Kerala while Kerala can learn many things from other states to improve its situation. 🙂

    • vasudev permalink
      September 28, 2010 12:59 pm

      you mustn’t believe anything that the media writes on print or speaks on tube. they are the most uncouth, unbelievable shams that exist on earth and can be bought over by anyone who has some extra lolly to dangle before them. looks like karela too bought them. i would rather believe my own eyes only and while acknowlegding that it might not be as backward as bihar or as dirty and populated as bangladesh, the media hype of kerala being such a great place is as false as the indian commmonwealth games arena being compared with china.

  48. vasudev permalink
    October 3, 2010 9:49 pm

    Can any of you peeps dig out the blog of Neeta’s on ENT where she has mentioned about some doctors in Bombay Hospital etc who conduct surgery-less treatment for ear problems? I seem to have lost that topic. Please do mention it here. Thnx.

  49. ADRIAN permalink
    October 6, 2010 5:23 pm

    South Indians are smart because Southern India has been more politically stable.South Indians are cultured,well behaved,sophisticated and brilliant.The intelligence of South Indians can be traced to their Damila origins. Though speak 4 languages but they all have a Damila(Tamil) Root. Tamilians are considered the worlds most intelligent people. India’s Nuclear world, Space world and America’s NASA have a sizable Tamil population. The Mathematicians u are referring to (Ramanujan to Alladi to Sudarsan) are all Tamilians. It is The Tamil Language and its offshoots which has made South Indians Intelligent.
    Tamilians opposed Hindi and made India stick to English.Thanks to Tamilians India is an IT SUPERPOWER

  50. Guest permalink
    October 9, 2010 4:37 am

    Hi Southies,

    Here are two facts again which will b e difficult for you to digest but reality is reality:

    1. Somebody mentioned about hunger index of bbc report: here are the facts and links, you can check it yourself.
    1. Punjab is best
    2. UP, Rajasthan better than Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat
    3. MP, Jharkhand and Bihar are more central and east than north

    Check yourself, the link above.
    If you observe, that all 17 Indian states which include all dravidian states are not only below ‘GREAT’ North but also below many african countries. See the link again:

    Btw.. for me or any great northie Punjab, UP, Himachal, Uttarakhan,Rajasthan, Haryana and Great Delhi, is north and again we show that we are superior to anyone else in India. South is really something we don’t care ; north India is India and India is north India. Rest is South India and different races call Dravidians lives there.

    We are just not same. Please understand that we are different than south indians and same country doesn’t mean that we are all same.

    Second fact on African origin of South Indians; see the link below:

    This is why I say to argue based on facts and not dreams; its not possible to beat the great north indians in anything politics, sports, power, science, technology , leadership and all good things.

    @Moderator, don’t block as what I am stating are facts and public links at internet from respected organizations.

    • from South permalink
      October 17, 2010 7:33 pm

      Hi guest,
      I think you have conveniently twisted facts and interlaced with words such as ‘great’. Also, you are dragged yourselves into a racist situation. If Southies have African origin, you may want to turn the clock even more backwards and you may discover that pretty much every race have African origin, including you.
      The intention of this post was to only convey the message that Hindi shall not serve as a proper unifying language for India.
      And looking at the broader perspective, you would be forever be able to convey your points across to other Indians using English and never shall that be Hindi in your life time or your grandchildren life time.

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      October 18, 2010 12:37 am

      LOL…I just clicked that link you posted from BBC to prove how great north is and how bad the hunger situation in the south is.


      You conveniently mentioned. Punjab is number 1, and didnt mention who is number 2 and 3. LOL. But then you went to say that Rajasthan is above Karnataka?

      Okay so I looked at the list again. States at number 2 and 3 are both from the South…Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. LOL..maybe that explains your hurry to run after just mentioning state number 1.

      You may also like to remember that unlike Punjab and Haryana, these south Indian states (and other states) were not lavished with free water and electricity for decades and many other subsidies to farmers and farm sector by successive central governments.

      If anything I am surprised that Kerala and Andhra are so up there, right at the top, over and above Haryana and Maharashtra and Gujarat etc.

      LOL…Did you forget that there are just a handful of South Indian states, and of the four 3 are in the top 6 states, 2 of them better off than Haryana! Even the worst performing South Indian state in the list – Karantaka – is better off than Gujarat! LOL…

      Now that you quote BBC, how about also quoting the latest UNDP report on Global Human Development which states that 400 million people of North India living in eight predominantly Hindi speaking states live in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness than all the people of the 25 poorest nations of Africa!!!!

    • vasudev permalink
      October 18, 2010 1:26 pm

      dear guest..
      who takes bbc seriously anyway? but this is exactly what will happen if correspondents spend their time sitting in delhi north propaganda offices partaking their scotch and beef chilly, getting drunk and thankfully accepting propa-gandu sxxx typed on toilet paper and faxing it to ignoramuses and fools up there in bbc office..but then..who listens to bbc anyway?

  51. don't say i'm not that one! permalink
    October 22, 2010 6:10 pm

    Mannnn! We should accept that we have lost our true national language-the mother language of most indian languages called “संस्कृतम्”.Nobody is interested in Sanskrit…wtf ? Indian…? We are most selfish people in the whole world and that’s why we always point out others although we have many issues. yeah Many saint and spiritual teacher were born on indian soil but it’s called as a history what about present? The modern India is still representing heavy corruption in all sectors,illiteracy,blind superstition and the main thing is we are narrow minded by all means.Take it or leave it! But,it’s the truth of India.

  52. kalpesh permalink
    October 25, 2010 2:41 am

    Hey i just randomly came across this and i see we indian are giving so much attention at this topic.Its so cleared that we dont have any national language and its kinda pathetic.
    Now the time has come when we have to adopt english as the national language of India.
    I know everyone loves his/her mother language and so i do but India is a multi-cultured,multi-lingual country so we cant say that hindi should be the national language just because of majority.

    Then why mandarin(chinese) is not a global language of communication where mandarin speakers are triple of english? why???

    If you want to keep your identity,then why not try Sanskrit?

    Our national anthem and song is in Sanskrit…

    Yeahhh that would be more acceptable all over India i guess hahaha.I think we should not only lead our nation but also a modern democratic country.I am sure that would be done in next 20 years when at least half of population in india will speak english easily and then after in next 30 years all indians will speak english just like those americans.

  53. I am a Earthian permalink
    December 3, 2010 2:29 pm

    Indians never attacked any other country – because they were atttacking each other no time for going outside.

    In India people give lots of importance to color of the skin, they fail to understand, many of the eastern europe, northern africa and the middle eastern states have white people, very good looking, fair but NOT intelligent. Good lookingness can bring many men to bed or the vice versa, what it cant bring in is an extra amount of brain cells..

    I know people in the southern part who are very obsessed with the norhtern people coz of bolywood, and sometimes some businessmen. And norhtern people who are obsessed with the southern for thier intelligence and culture. I think these people should go aghead and get wedded in those cultures and should live it. I am quite sure at the end of the day what comesout is just a mere repence. We are what we are born into, live with it, be proud yet humble and never let others opinions or cultures to take over it….Birds with similar feather flock togehter, and an odd one always gets into trouble.. sooner one realises the better…

    • Bharatiya permalink
      December 4, 2010 1:17 am

      Everyone can be intelligent, it’s not dependent on the place of your birth. As you said, being white does not mean intelligence – although I believe that North Africans, Middle Easterners as very intelligent, but their religion and government has failed them. The Middle East made important academic contributions historically. Similarly, being black doesn’t mean one is intelligent – South Africans and Australian tribal groups are not very well off either, though they are dark-skinned.

      It is pretty obvious that North and South Indians are equally intelligent. However, while the South may value formal education more, the North values values wealth and income more. The Southerner may prefer a degree, the Northerner may prefer a business with higher income. If one region had an exceptional ‘intelligence’ gene then I would say theories like the Aryan invasion theory may be accurate, which suggest radically different gene pools within India. That is certainly not the case. I don’t buy the ‘one region is more intelligent’ argument – which suggests a radically different gene pool in India, while the fact is that there is a difference in mere values – two very different things.

      I think India is far behind in intelligence theory too, as most Indians don’t understand the concept of multiple intelligences yet – still we use a very confining and traditional approach to thought processes, where intelligence equates to being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. And where people pay inordinate amount of bribery to get to these positions, leaving out the truly intelligent to hoaxes and wealth abusers. The education system in India is not short of a hoax itself.

  54. alovely permalink
    December 10, 2010 1:24 am

    north indians dont know how to respect other people and their culture….thats the main problem…,there is only 1 solution…better they dont come to south…every1 should live in their own place by preserving their culture..bcoz,no one will allow you to go and make fun of their culture…better be happy in your place..dont o and comment on others…

  55. Ismail permalink
    December 14, 2010 12:12 pm

    I was wondering why northies stereotypes whole south indian as madrasis?
    I’m a malayalee working in one of the metro. One of my punjabi friend told me that there are lot of Madrasi like me living in this neighbourhood. In reply i told him there are lot of biharis like him are here too. My statement turned him redfaced and in anger he said that biharis and punjabis differ a lot. I said the same is with madrasis and keralites too.
    So most of the northies should know that there are people other than madrasis in south india.

  56. Jay permalink
    December 31, 2010 2:53 am

    In India one can find a hell lot of Biharis, Punjabis, Gujaratis, maharastians,tamilians, kannadigas, keralites,tamilians etc but not many Indians. Such a shame!!!!!

    Whatever your mother tongue is love you mother tongue, do all you can do to keep it alive.

    Hindi vs English vs regional language.

    What ever the situation we see right now is the result of the hard work of all those jerks who ruled this country till now.

    Hindi as the national language??? I agree with most people in here, you can’t force a language on anyone. Hindi is as foreign to a Bengali or tamilian or Oriya or Kannadiga as English is. Well, what is the point in learning Hindi in the first place? I have lived in quite a few cities in India, and from my experience Hindi hasn’t been very useful unless you live in a city and if that is the case then English works far better.

    On the other hand, English opens the world of opportunities for you. We are doing so well in the BPO sector mainly because of English. Almost every website we use is in English. There are a few 100 reasons why learning English can be useful for us. The whole world including China is learning English. It is the language of the new world.

    The ones who suffer the most coz of this are the children, they are forced to learn at-least 3 languages at a very young age(even if it is the best time to learn new languages). God save the child if he/she is born to parents who keeps moving around and working in a diff state every now and then. Get into the poor child’s shoes and think of how difficult his life is, thanks to some selfish political leaders’ quest for gaining mileage from the ‘tried and tested’ “colonial” policy of divide and rule.

    • January 23, 2012 6:37 pm


      There’s nothing wrong in keeping your primary identity alive. We were Marathis, Gujaratis Bengalis, Tamils just about 60 years ago, Am I not correct? So just because all the states came together to fight the British & form one union doesn’t mean we are any less Indians. it’s very preposterous to think that we should consider ourselves beyond our regional identities. it’s rather stupid. We were vividly different from one another, we are & we will always be. As for the 3 languages concept. I think it’s rubbish. I believe in “When in ROME..”. One who migrates to Mumbai or Pune to earn a living should take up Marathi right from one day. I don’t expect them to learn the language overnight. That would be idiotic but over the time because of it they start relating themselves to the regional culture. now, isn’t that what we want in a diverse nation like India? Forcing one language over everybody was the most stupid thing to do back in the day. I don’t speak Hindi & I don’t think it makes me any less Indian.

  57. zizzy60 permalink
    January 21, 2011 6:08 pm

    I have loads of Indian friends, and to me, there is no difference between South and North.

    But what I’ve noticed throughout the years, and confirmed by many non-Indians is is this:

    Lots of Indians, especially those whose fathers and grandfathers (never seem to talk/boast about mothers, funny) who were ex-government servants, ex-military, or someone they thought to be of “some importance” in their society…….. these Indians are very impatient to “make known” to others who their fathers and grandfathers were.

    I’ve seen this in LOTS of Indians in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.
    They appear to work very hard in projecting a respectable family image.

    The Chinese who noticed it often say that the no.1 reason is because:

    Indians are intrinsically “not proud” of their family backgrounds, especially when they reside in a non-Indian country. So, Indians have to constantly push their noses up a little higher, walk straighter and convince people that although they themselves are Indians who’s ancestors originated from India, nevertheless, they are not really “THE TYPICAL INDIANS”.

    I once asked an Indian-looking guy: “Are you from India? Are you Indian?”

    He replied:
    I’m a Gujerati.

    Hahahaaaaaa!!!!! That’s what I’m trying to say.
    Are you American??
    Errr…..I’m a New Yorker.


    Interesting perspective. However I am curious to know whether a new yorker is ethnically different from an amercan. does he speak the same language, eat the same food, or is his cuisine similar, speech similar. This is assuming both the new yorker and american are from the same social class. In India, a Gujarati and say a Punjabi are ethnically different, speak different languages with different scripts (Yes!) and have different food and different customs. India is a lot like Europe in terms of cultural diversity but foreigners may not know it. If you ask me all Europeans look the same to me and I cannot for the life of me distinguish between frenchmen and Italians. It’s only recently I have started to distinguish americans from europeans due to closely listening to their english. Still, I make mistakes! No wonder you cannot tell a gujarati from a punjabi. quite natural. India became a unified state like Europe far before its time, and is suffering for it. If an indian tells you he is a gujarati, please listen…and do not assume he is stupid. – Nita

  58. zizzy60 permalink
    January 21, 2011 6:22 pm

    When I was living in Malaysia that has loads of Indians, my family noticed another strange phenomenon.

    The very fair-skinned Indians almost refuse to have any association/link/connection with those super-dark skinned Indians.

    The fair-skinned ones are usually well-educated, eloquent, well-travelled, and engaged in the corporate world. They drive nice cars and live very comfortably. In public, you only hear them speaking Indian-style English.

    Of course, the many dark skinned ones are also educated and have good jobs…..but it is so obvious there’s a clear dividing line between the two camps.

    Majority of the dark skinned Indians are mainly unemployed, having low-wage jobs, doing odd-jobs, work as labourers, and most work in plantations (agriculture).

    Another phenomenon is, Punjabis do not seem to LOVE any Indians.
    I was told that Punjabi parents would be very unhappy or even devastated if their daughters and sons shoudl get married to Indians, and vice versa.

    One more phenomenon:
    Many Indians in Malaysia simply distrust Indian Muslims.
    They have this impression that Indian Muslims are cunning, can never be trusted, and will always cheat you/play you out, or stab you in the back.
    Even the Muslims in Malaysia do not have 100% trust and 100% liking towards Indian Muslims.

    That’s just my observation after having stayed there for 6yrs and interacting with Indians, Muslims and Chinese.

  59. Siddhant permalink
    February 15, 2011 3:09 am

    Hi guys

    Well I am basically Tamil and i think learning hindi is most important and those ignorant fools who are thinking that learning english is better then Hindi, well this is what i felt when i stayed in norther parts of india

    People of south living in northern states :
    The people who didnt know hindi from the south found it very hard to communicate with people in norther india ( i mean people who work at lower level like gardner, peon etc ) because they dont speak any souther indian language or english

    And then norther indian have a tough time when they come to souther states because they cant understand what souther india language

    so there should be one medium of language, I lived in Gujarat for many years they speak gujarati as well as hindi so why could not we do so

    And did you know that the north american students who are doing business management and other course related to business are taking languages courses of chinese or hindi

    I can go on and on about this but think logically dont be a wise ass and say it better to learn english then hindi.

    How tamil is local language of tamilnadu that’s how hindi is local language of india

    • mugil permalink
      February 18, 2011 2:40 pm

      How many % of people live in north india from Tamil Nadu ? At the Max, 95% ppl stay in and around TN. If you are goning out, you have to learn that language.
      Will you learn chinese(most spoken lang in the world) without a need for it ?
      So, learning a language is based on a need. I am seeing, North Indians(from poor states like bihar,orissa etc), learn local language TAMIL for their survival. They learn, as there is a need for them to survive ! If you are interested and if u think, you need to learn a language, no one is stopping you. Its democracy and you do what you want to do. Imposition doesnt work !

  60. Siddhant permalink
    February 15, 2011 3:21 am

    And there is no point in saying who is superior we are all Indians, dont u get it, Its a simple thing that we learnt in our childhood

    United we stand, divided we fall

  61. sam permalink
    March 21, 2011 9:52 pm

    i love this.

  62. gary permalink
    March 22, 2011 12:58 am

    I don’t understand what this racist hullabaloo is all about !
    some south Indians here appear as paranoid about the so-called “hindi imposition” as their dmk-ancestors were half a century ago..
    besides, whats the big deal with learning languages ? Icelandic children learn 5 languages and there is a research which shows that the analytical skills of a child increase with more languages that the child learns..
    I know 5 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati & French… but that doesn’t lessen my identity.. so some insecure people here should really suck up a tree!
    And to the “hindi is as foreign as english to tamils” is soooo bogus! Do people here even know whats called a “foreign” language. A language whose origin lies outside your territorial borders is a foreign language – which Hindi isn’t and English is.
    I am not a native Hindi speaker but I believe we all should learn 3 languages (English – because its required internationally, Hindi – because its the single largest spoken language in the country & Our native state language)

    Learning more languages is a better thing, lets not make an ego-issue out of it..

    • Setu Madhavan permalink
      March 24, 2011 1:54 pm


      “besides, whats the big deal with learning languages ? Icelandic children learn 5 languages and there is a research which shows that the analytical skills of a child increase with more languages that the child learns.”

      Excellent point, my friend. I am a proud South Indian, who is extremely proud of my command over my Mother Tongue, and the reasonable felicity with which I speak and write English. I happen to not like Hindi at all – just a matter of personal taste. Whenever a North Indian speaks to me in Hindi here in the US I reply to them in English. I do this twice, and if the North Indian ever attempts to speak to me in Hindi on a third ocassion, I reply to him in Malayalam. That works like a charm and I have never ever needed to speak to the same North Indian a second time in Malayalam.

      That said, I am totally with you about ‘Whats the big deal about learning languages’. Which is why I always impress upon North Indian like you about the need to teach North Indians how to READ and WRITE in HINDI. I repeat, I am not advocating them to learn an additional language that they dont need (like Tamil, Malaylam, Kannada, Telugu, Manipuri etc). All I am requesting is for proud North Indians who scream from rooftops impressing upon South Indians to learn Hindi…I am requesting those same ‘proud’ North Indians to kindly make it possible for the 100s of millions of kids to learn to read and write in ANY LANGUAGE…even HINDI. Some language. Somehow, those very ‘proud’ Indians who advocate that South Indians should ‘learn Hindi’ because ‘what is the harm in learning another language’ just as you learnt French or whatever OF YOUR OWN Volition.

      Maybe North Indians who are so charitable as to implore South Indians to learn Hindi for our own good (‘whats the harm in learning another language….and learning another language killed no one, so you South Indians please learn my mother tongue’). Why dont such benevolent North Indian kindly draw from that same well of human kindness and stop crying us a river of crocodile tears, and instead do something to ensure that Chief Minister Mayawatiji is as enthused by your thoughts enough that she spends as much time and money in building schools as she does 10000 of her own statues. This would ensure that children will grow to be literate in their own mother tongue.

      (But ofcourse, you are not a ‘North Indian’ as you declared and you only spoke from such a neutral position that South Indians must learn Hindi…so ofcourse what I wrote above does not apply to you. LOL..I am always amazed how those patriotic Indians who implore South Indians to learn Hindi for our own good are neutral Indians.)

      I am also amused by your strange logic that follows:

      “I am not a native Hindi speaker but I believe we all should learn 3 languages (English – because its required internationally, Hindi – because its the single largest spoken language in the country & Our native state language)”

      “Hindi, because its the single largest spoken language in the country”. Really? So by the same logic, since Hinduism is the religion followed by the most number of people in India, should Muslims, Christians, Jews, Parsis and other minorities now be required to learn the Hindu scriptures and be conversant with its religious rituals and observe Hindu traditions as well?

      After all if the price that Non Hindi speakers have to pay for being a linguistic minority is the requirement that they should learn Hindi, then by the same token shouldnt we ask the religious minorities to pay up for being a religious minority by having to learn Hindu scriptures and follow Hindu traditions. Oh, wait a minute, I take that back. Since that is a very sensitive topic. We all know that if we do that, tomorrow we will have riots all over the country! So lets not push religious conversion, because the religious minorities will spill blood…so lets move on to something more subtle. What better topic to take, than imposing our mother tongue ‘Hindi’ on the linguistic minorities of India. LOL. Fantastic logic, my friend.

      What next? Since North indian states account for a majority of the population of India, and these same Hindi speaking states of north India, also account for the over 400 million Indians who live in worse levels of poverty in the world (that even the 25 poorest nations of sub saharan AFrica, per UNDP World Human Development report of 2010)…so since the majority of Indian live in such pathetic poverty, illiteracy, and lawlessness, shall we also demand that South Indian states that are doing much better in Human Development Indices, they stop progressing and embrace the culture of the backward states of India?

      Never mind that 100s of millions of children of school going age have no schools in North India. (By personal experience from my visit there, I can attest to the fact that even in certain parts of so called ‘advanced’ Gujarat there are hundreds of villages with no Schools. Bhuj district and vast tracts of the arid regions of Saurashtra stand as a shameful spectacle of pathetic infrastructure…no schools, no (or very limited) road, no public sanitation – sewage and water supply.) But never mind the grinding poverty and hopelessness that 460 million North Indians live in. Never mind that 100 thousand farmers in India have committed suicide (over 250 thousand by some estimates…over the past 8 years), but the one important magic wand that can solve all of India’s problems in one fell sweep is somehow getting South indians and people from North Eastern States to speak in Hindi.

      That one wish, will somehow deliver our 460 million North Indian brothers and sisters from the their ‘hopeless’ poverty stricken existence. Never mind that even as we debate on this board in English, right at this moment, there are thousands of men, women and children in chains kept as indentured farm and brick kiln bonded laborers (bandua mazdoor) in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand etc whose only vain hope of freedom in this lifetime from this slavery is the fond hope that some solitaray Non Government Organization may oneday raid their hideout and break their chains and set those slaves in North India free. Never mind that reality of those wretched hopeless parts of India. But the issue of overriding national importance is not teach north Indian children who to read and write in Hindi, but to get South Indian children who are already learning their Mother Tongue and English to somehow start to embrace Hindi.

      And why? Because Icelandic people are learning 5 languages. Nice how about Icelandic people are not illiterate, so lets get our North Indian brothers and sisters to follow Iceland and lets educate our illiterates?

      Surprisingly you could go all over the map and dig out the forgotten Iceland to buttress your point. But you overlooked Canada which has more than one language as its National language and the freedom for each citizen to speak whatever they want and no inducement or force to learn any language.

      How about Singapore that has several languages consitutionally recognized and given equal importance (incidentally Tamil happens to be one of them) with no language forced on any citizen.

      Ditto with Belgium…and several other countries. So dont go around digging out iceland or some Burkina Faso to make a point, when there are enough example of cultured, civilized nations all over that truly believe in equal importance to all languages.

      I have never understood this uniquely north Indian fetish to somehow find an explanation to get South Indians to learn the mother tongue of Hindiwallahs. Listen people will learn a language that they need or feel like learning. Leave it to them. If a child in Kerala wants to learn French, good for her or him. She has a better chance at mastering French than an illiterate child growing up with no school. If the child in Kerala grows up and goes to Japan and wants to learn Japanese, good for her.

      LOL..your logic that Hindi is a ‘local language’ and not ‘foreign’ to south because your definition of ‘foreign’ language is a language that isnt used inside the territory (or some such). Well you know what, Hindi is local to states/people who speak that language. It is ridiculous to say that Hindi is ‘local’ to Tamil Nadu. Well ‘Hindi’ is as local to Non Hindi speaking states of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Nagaland, etc as much as Tamil or Malayalam is local to UP, Bihar, Rajasthan etc.

      Get over your obsession with encougraging South Indians to learn the mother tongue of Hindi wallahs. Incase you have not read the Constitution of India lately, Not only does the Constitution not declare any language as a ‘national language’ in India, it clearly refrains from even mentioning the phrase ‘National Language’ anywhere. Not even once is the phrase ‘Natonal language’ used in that book!

      And who do you think you must thank for that glaring omission? Well the answer is ‘the DMK-ancestors of 50 years ago’ that you lampooned in your response. In case you were not aware, the last prominent Hindiwallah Dhotiwallah who tried to ram Hindi down the throats of North Indians and to amend the constitution declaring Hindi as the national language was PM ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri’. So stunned was he by the violent reaction from South India, that he formally declared in parliament that he is giving up on his pledge to declare Hindi as the National Language.

      I personally am so proud of all Dravidian Languages and English. I give full marks to the Kerala CM who just last month tightened the foundation of Malayalam even further by making Malayalam compulsory in Kerala upto Standard XII.

      Atleast North Indians must thank South Indians that unlike areas in Nagaland, Assam, Manipur and certain other parts of the North East, the people of the Southern states do not kill people for speaking in Hindi! If Hindi speakers are harmed anywhere that would either be North East of India or possibly Maharashtra at the hands of some overzealous Shiv Sainik. So yes we South Indians love our culture, language, and tradition. You are free to love yours.

      Just dont push, pimp, or ramrod your language or culture down our throats. Thank you very much.

      • gary permalink
        March 24, 2011 8:10 pm

        I am gonna shred your illogical blabber into pieces – bit by bit , point by point

        first, you need to learn a basic ethic of a debate – stick to the point.. if you are asked to talk about gandhi, don’t start talking about napoleon just because they re both part of history. Similarly don’t drag arguments about religion & UN development bla bla bla crap into what is essentially a “linguistic” argument.

        2) don’t feed your words into someone else’s mouth. I never claimed Hindi is “local” to the south. But it isn’t foreign to it either… you don’t even know the definition of a foreign language haha. I will give you an example: English is not “local” to Scotland (province of england) but its not foreign to it either.

        3) don’t make assumptions about someone being something. My own identity is irrelevant to the debate but since you are showing your typical dmk-inspired shallowness, let me clarify that I am from Maharashtra so that you may halt your racist diatribe for now 😉

        4) I know 5 languages and being fluent in Hindi has not “lessened” my identity of being a maharashtrian.. but it has helped me communicate with a lot more people.. Learning hindi is not going to lessen your tamil or whatever-ness.. but alas, you do not understand that or I wouldnt need to explain this.

        5) please stop singing the dmk-greatness-saga atleast now! the whole country knows whatever their corrupt ilk is made up of.. making scandals behind the curtain & then shouting o dravidians o dravidians for the sake of votes!.. lol..
        they have correctly chosen to make a 2G scandal.. (perhaps they were trying to say our 2nd Generation is also corrupt? lol)

        lastly, don’t distort history.. Only some parts of tamil nadu had the so-called ‘anti-hindi agitations’ and NOT the WHOLE south as you have claimed as part of your agenda.. the anti-hindi agitation had little or no support in karnataka, andhra pradesh or even kerala.. only tamils under the dmk-seperatist influence were swayed by it’s (rather temporary) success

        PS: its a crying shame that you are proud of “English” but not proud of a language which took roots in your own country.. shows how much venom the dmk-corrupt-jokers have spread in your veins..
        please watch the ongoing cricket match & leave debating to someone else.. its not your cup of tea.. 😉
        oh yeah you can safely watch cricket match since your english masters have invented it & not some northerner LOL


        • Guest permalink
          April 11, 2011 6:44 pm

          @Gary, a nice comment from you.

          You know one thing I have learned about some south indians that they dont look beyond anyting other than their language and old culture (which may be backward as seen by an urban northie) and just have one aim in life to leave India and live anywhere in world in any condition and keep saying idiotic things against north indians. So many links I gave above to prove that north and other non-south states are much better but these guys wont even spare Gujarat ( a very advanced state) and for them they are even better than united states; one just have to ignore them and nothing else.
          They are persistent keyboard warriors , you will find them always writing some trash on internet, and hardly in Indian army or paramilitary forces fighting real enemy. Interesting, you will hardly see any non-south indian spending so much time responding to their comments because in reality no body cares about thoughts.

          I feel they are moving out of the national mainstream and they are into a very deep inferiority complex and to hide it they are running away from India.

          I have been talking to many of these south indians and have observed that now they relate themselves more to sri lanka , tamil population outside such as singapore and gulf than india.

          Our govt. must do something to bring them back in national mainstream otherwise we will have a large population totally disconnected with India.

          Not all south indians are like people who commented above. Some of them are very nice and ready to learn Hindi and many more languages just because they are not insecur about hteir culture but confident that they can compete with not only northies but whole world.

          • AnIndian permalink
            May 14, 2011 1:41 pm

            Hi Guest,

            It’s pathetic that you often unconsciously exhibit your narrow attitude by saying that for you some South Indians are nice provided they should be ready to learn Hindi (though you tried a bit saving your skin saying other languages too). I’ll be happy if you learn Tamil or Telugu or Malayalam or Kannada before commenting on others.
            And your comments by itself becoming evidences that South Indians are open to learn other languages and adapt with other cultures without which they wouldn’t be shining in UK or US or Singapore or Malaysia or elsewhere, as they shine in India (which is the root cause of all your agony).. Just ignore if he is a South Indian or North India.. If some of us are running harder to succeed, we should only feel happy that the nation is also being dragged towards development and finally together we are accelerating..

  63. ASH permalink
    April 2, 2011 7:23 pm

    hey i can across the comment that says kerala has the higest crime rate and stuffs like that ,as a keralite i don’t know that was the case because we feel safe inside our state and the police are more friendly and realiable so am not saying any other state police are bad but our cops have a better profile

    • N Ismail permalink
      April 9, 2011 3:14 am

      In Kerala people files cases for small issues. Even your loud barking dog can get you into trouble.

      When it comes to major offenses like murder, rape etc. Kerala is somewhat at the lower end in crime rate.

  64. say permalink
    May 14, 2011 9:50 pm

    I think it should be divided………. because in coming days they both will fight one against the other…to avoid such a problem we should split…and one more thing, south India is too small and if lacks of north Indians come and reside here…where will the south Indian go??????

  65. Southee permalink
    June 6, 2011 1:21 pm

    Its clear that South Indians have more percentage of Educated people, more colleges, more hospitals, more schools, better infrastructure, better media exposure, better law and order system, better living standards.

    In the Future, South Indians will have more Per Capita Income than the Rest of the India, and that’s a dangerous thing for South Indians.

    As South Indians become rich compared to North Indians all the Poor people from Hindi belt will start to migrate to South India.

    I think in future South Indians will become aggressive people, its fair for South Indians if they become Aggressive to save themselves from migration.

    So the Only Solution , North Indians instead of talking about their Fair skin and Aryan racial bull shiit should start sending their children to Schools, should elect good politicians, should think about their education, health, politics and work.

    Majority of North Indians are poor when compared to Majority of South Indians. North Indians should think about their development in their own state rather than flock to South India where they have to face aggression from South Indians.

    Every state should develop itself, They should not send their poor people to other states. Its time North Indians stop fooling themselves about their Fair Skin, Aryan Racism and worry about educating themselves.

    From 1947, South Indians are silent and were thumping their chest like North Indians. North Indians should think that their Hindi, White skin(they are darker than Pakistanis, but still think they are white like Americans), Aryan racial features which they think helps them will not help them in any way. Education is the only way for North Indians and to compete with South Indians.

    Enough of Stupid Hindi language craziness,White Skin delusion, Aryan Racism.

    Leave South Indians alone, they will grow on their own. I have seen many North Indians thinking that South Indians are cowards and scared off them, but they should know that South Indians see inferiority complex in North Indians. North Indians are looking to vent their frustration of being under the feet of Foreign rulers for Thousand of years. North Indians think they can bully and throw their weight on Mild Mannered South Indians. I promise you every South Indian parent raises their sons saying that Bullies are most Vulnerable people and they should avoided at all cost.

    • Vimal permalink
      June 13, 2011 6:45 pm

      Absolutely right..! At any situation they must not be let to dominate us..! We must develop even fast than current progress.

  66. Vimal permalink
    June 13, 2011 6:37 pm

    No one can ask me why don’t you know Hindi..Because the answer is simple..I will say it is not my MOTHER TONGUE..So, no compulsion that I should know it. But there is a moral compulsion that I must know my Mother tongue and naturally I am inbuilt with my Mother tongue!!

  67. madhan permalink
    July 7, 2011 5:44 pm

    Being an Indian i do not support either Hindi nor Tamil. There are two origins in India one is Dravidian and other is Aryan. to give equal rights to all people and to bring unity in diversity, one more language has to be made as national language in India from Dravidian
    will arise another problem Tamil or Telugu.?

    • Vimal permalink
      July 9, 2011 1:20 am

      Hello, don’t spread the information wrongly. There are 22 National Languages in India including Tamil. Hindi and English are the Official Languages recognized by Indian Govt.

    • Vimal permalink
      July 9, 2011 1:21 am

      Hello, don’t spread the information wrongly. There are 22 National Languages in India including Tamil. Hindi and English are the Official Languages recognized by Indian Govt.
      Go through this under the heading “People”, you will know the fact!

    • Setu permalink
      July 10, 2011 1:23 am

      Madhan, please let me educate you. India does NOT have a national language. Kindly read up schedule VIII of the constitution of india.

      India only has official languageS. English is an official language of India. So is Kannada, and Marathi, and Tamil, and Malayalam, and several others, and Hindi.

      It is amazing how unaware people are about basic facts in today’s world of the internet.

      Further, The constitution of India avoids mentioning the phrase ‘National Language’. Not once is the term ‘National Language’ used anywhere in the bulky constitution of India.

      Illiterates and ignorant people from the most underdeveloped part of India (which is also the most underdeveloped and backward part of the world) can keep dreaming that their language is the ‘National Language’. Just because millions of backward people keep parroting something, that wouldnt become the truth.

  68. Setu permalink
    July 8, 2011 8:12 am

    South India is way ahead in achieving the millennium development goal (MDG) targets for maternal mortality ratio, infant mortality rate and the total fertility rate.

    The latest figures of the Sample Registration System (SRS), released by the office of the Registrar General of India suggest that the undivided Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam still lagged behind in improving their respective MMR, IMR and TFR figures despite being high focus States where the bulk of Centre’s attention and funds are directed.

    As in every other sector, Kerala tops the list of performance by having achieved the MDG well ahead of the schedule. The MMR in Kerala is 81 as against the stipulated 109, the IMR is 12 as against the required 28 and the TFR at 1.7 as set by the United Nations. The under five mortality rate is already14, though India had to achieve a figure of 42 by 2015.

    Closely following Kerala is Tamil Nadu that has managed to bring down its MMR to 97, IMR to 28, TFR to 1.7 and U5MR to 33.

    Andhra Pradesh is closing in with its MMR at 134, IMR at 49, TFR at 1.9 and U5MR at 52. Karnataka’s MMRis at 178 and IMR at49 and it has achieved a TFR at 2 and U5MR is 50. Maharashtra and West Bengal have also shown remarkable improvements.

    The worst performers have been the undivided States of U.P, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar — clubbed as the empowered action group (EAG) and Assam. The MMR is highest among these States at 308. The maximum IMR (67) and U5MR (89) has been reported from Madhya Pradesh while Bihar has the highest TFR of 3.9, followed closely by Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand — all with a TFR of over 3.

  69. Vimal permalink
    July 10, 2011 2:34 pm

    If some people are not aware of these North Indian & South Indian Languages, let me say what I know. Dravidian Languages are speculated to be spoken throughout India until the Indo-Europeans(North Indians) invaded the native-Dravidian people who prominently were living in Indian sub-continent. Later, the Dravidians were forced towards the south by the invaders and over the years after British rule the whole sub-continent is united and called as India or Bharat or Hindustan and so on. This is the history. Let us put behind all those facts and work hard to first educate all poor children in our country and naturally we will reach our goal of development and this is what all our target must be.

  70. Bharat permalink
    July 11, 2011 10:24 am

    CNN IBN seems to have conveniently forgotten honour killings in north india

  71. kumar permalink
    July 14, 2011 3:29 pm

    At the time of study from my state i wouldn’t think there have differences in living style of indian.
    But i travelled in major cities through bus , i found the villages and peoples, in between cities, i ashamed about India,
    why we quarreling about race and language, instead we fight against politics and ruler of india,
    Most of the state govt are investing money only for developing developed cities,they are not think even about the food ,shelter,major aminities of the villagers.
    To change the villagers from their standard of living ,need education,no schools in villages.
    At the time of election just offering them 2Rs Rice ,the villagers satisfied about that.
    Money of indians are accumulated only to rich people,poor are still poor.

    I can say this is not the situation of only north India,or south india,whole india is same,
    I can pointed some state Up,Bihar,the least educated state.

    Some debutant says about the spitting of people in public places, why this is happening?
    ,due to lack of culture.How culture comes? I say through education.panchayat level ruler comes forward to achieve that.then india comes forward.

  72. sylvereye07 permalink
    September 26, 2011 2:48 am

    Hello Friends,

    Is ther racism in chennai ? perhaps this might be a question that so many people could ask and the answer may be know only by a very few who have experienced it. Mine happened today and heres how it all happened..

    Theres a Paani Puri stall in the Anitha clothing store campus at Kilpauk Garden or Mummy Daddy stopping as many of you may be familiar with. (The small make shift stall is always crowded with north-indians and i had been wanting to try it out.) So Me my wife and staff of my company decided to jsut stop by to treat ourselves to a plate of this authentic mumbai dish. we just got down from our bikes and walked towards the small stall. As we were walking we just stopped a minuted to dicuss on some issue that we were earlier occupied with. In a few minutes we heard a voice yelling out to us “paani puri nahi hai ” i just turned back to check who could have said that and it was none other than the shop keeper himself. A few ladies standing there were looking up and down at us so i asked him back WHY ? to which he ever answered. His reaction were very racial and myself and my staff immediately caught it. But my wife who does not know the language thought probably there was not enough left for the people who have already been waiting. so she said lets jsut try another stall. I dint say a word and we instantly moved away from that place to a stall a little futher down in kellys. I was in a complete state of shock and coudnt digest the incident. On our way back home through the same route i showed my wife that the crowd which was standing there had moved and more people have swamped the place. She then understood and felt humiliated. I was very deeply hurt and never ever dreamt of facing such a situation. This incident has created a very deep wound in my mind and instantly triggered a very strong aversion towards north indians which i dint have until yesterday. Dear friends, please suggest me whats to be done with people who practice racism in free india and in Tamil Nadu. Should i bring it to the attention of the media ? Your earnest replies will help me decide on my actions. Thanks. SYLVER

    • Vimal Rathinasamy permalink
      September 26, 2011 8:07 pm

      I think the shopkeeper is a senseless moron. I recommend you to bring this to the media as much as you can. That would be the right way to oppose this racial ****

  73. October 19, 2011 2:17 am

    please guys…..dont fight each other….we are indians first and then south/north/west…..even i used to do that before(however i am not saying where i am from because i want all my brothers from india to read this completely), fighting for the side where i am from…..but enough…do you guys know all these we are quarrelling is merely because of some british bxxxxxxx divided india like anything even before they left….its time to wake up guys….before british came to india we were progressed far better than them economically, technologically…culturally….we all know that….

    ofcourse we were nt united…..thats why they easily ruled and looted us….but we never hated each other despite of the cultural differences…..

    and now the result….we are ruined….britain now is one of the superpowers of the world….we could have easily become one…..because we indians deserve to be the best over the whole world….we were the oldest ones who about the civilisations, sanskrit is the oldest langauge..the number system the world use is derived form india…..everyone talkes about various theories in mathematics by the greeks…but most recent research shows it was implemented in kerala(ofcourse it wasnt kerala thousands of years before,…but i mean the indian race)….numerous things…..i dont have to say all these….you all know these facts…………..the whole aryan-davidian theory is a myth..i will come back to that in a while

    i just read one of the comments by someone that north indians are more like europeans and south indians not…..because NIs are fair, uses fork and spoon and SIs dont. PLS UNDERSTAND…EUROPEANS ARE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS LIKE US WITH TWO LEGS, TWO HANDS AND ONE HEAD….THEY ARE NOT SUPERIOR THAN US BY ANY MEANS….i have stayed in western countries and i know….they just have a different lifestyle …however there is no other culture in this whole world that can match the superiority of indian culture….one of the reasons why they ruled us is becuase we had (still have) the tendancy of respecting british/europeans more than our fellow indians because of the skin colour….and that combined with “athithi devo bhava”….we started doing things instructed by them….but i wish our ancestors should have realised whome we should respect and whome we should have thrown out of our own INDIA…alright…past is past…..

    everyone know the language issues in india….i dont know how many of them knew that british were actually scared of the langauge SANSKRIT….(which would have been easily india’s national language without any issues…i dont think any state would oppose that…..) this resulted in the introduction of one of the biggest rubbish world has ever seen-aryan invasion theory………….germany brought the word-“aryan” for their own benefits(which is in fact a sanskrit word pointing the superiority of the indian culture)….anyway fair enough…..but this played an important role in dividing india…which was executed by crooked british… fact they used the our culture to destroy us….!!!!

    i am never a preacher of hinduism…but i stand up for the truth,,,,please read through…

    now is the time to wake up…..we need to fix it…atleast our future generation should understand and grow up knowing what has happened in past,,,,,unfortunately still the educational system in india prepares the students to digest aryan- theory because we still follow the british education system….if i am not wrong…..and thats a shame…..

    lets be together….regardless of were we are from…be it delhi, punjab, tn,kerala,bengal or maharashtra!!!!

  74. gautam permalink
    October 19, 2011 5:20 am

    please guys…..dont fight each other….we are indians first and then south/north/west…..even i used to do that before(however i am not saying where i am from because i want all my brothers from india to read this completely), fighting for the side where i am from…..but enough…do you guys know all these we are quarrelling is merely because of some british bastards divided india like anything even before they left….its time to wake up guys….before british came to india we were progressed far better than them economically, technologically…culturally….we all know that….

    ofcourse we were nt united…..thats why they easily ruled and looted us….but we never hated each other despite of the cultural differences…..

    and now the result….we are ruined….britain now is one of the superpowers of the world….we could have easily become one…..because we indians deserve to be the best over the whole world….we were the oldest ones who about the civilisations, sanskrit is the oldest langauge..the number system the world use is derived form india…..everyone talkes about various theories in mathematics by the greeks…but most recent research shows it was implemented in kerala(ofcourse it wasnt kerala thousands of years before,…but i mean the indian race)….numerous things…..i dont have to say all these….you all know these facts…………..the whole aryan-davidian theory is a myth..i will come back to that in a while

    i just read one of the comments by someone that north indians are more like europeans and south indians not…..because NIs are fair, uses fork and spoon and SIs dont. PLS UNDERSTAND…EUROPEANS ARE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS LIKE US WITH TWO LEGS, TWO HANDS AND ONE HEAD….THEY ARE NOT SUPERIOR THAN US BY ANY MEANS….i have stayed in western countries and i know….they just have a different lifestyle …however there is no other culture in this whole world that can match the superiority of indian culture….one of the reasons why they ruled us is becuase we had (still have) the tendancy of respecting british/europeans more than our fellow indians because of the skin colour….and that combined with “athithi devo bhava”….we started doing things instructed by them….but i wish our ancestors should have realised whome we should respect and whome we should have thrown out of our own INDIA…alright…past is past…..

    everyone know the language issues in india….i dont know how many of them knew that british were actually scared of the langauge SANSKRIT….(which would have been easily india’s national language without any issues…i dont think any state would oppose that…..) this resulted in the introduction of one of the biggest rubbish world has ever seen-aryan invasion theory………….germany brought the word-“aryan” for their own benefits(which is in fact a sanskrit word pointing the superiority of the indian culture)….anyway fair enough…..but this played an important role in dividing india…which was executed by crooked british… fact they used the our culture to destroy us….!!!!

    i am never a preacher of hinduism…but i stand up for the truth,,,,please read through…

    now is the time to wake up…..we need to fix it…atleast our future generation should grow reading what has happened in past,,,,,unfortunately still the educational system in india prepares the students to digest aryan- theory because we still follow the british education system….if i am not wrong…..and thats a shame…..

    lets be together….regardless of were we are from…be it delhi, punjab, tn,kerala,bengal or maharashtra!!!!

    • Anurag permalink
      October 27, 2011 11:23 am

      You are absolutely right Gautam, Well said

  75. Joyson m permalink
    November 5, 2011 2:41 pm

    Khushboo is from tamilnadu not from Andra/kerla.

  76. unknown permalink
    November 25, 2011 4:55 pm

    can we just be Indians? and stop this argument.

  77. Gayathree N permalink
    November 25, 2011 10:31 pm

    To everybody,

    I am from the south, in general terms a Madarasi. I am married to someone from Assam by choice. I live in the north, rather in the west (Maharashtra). I am fluent in my mother tongue and English. I manage to speak good Hindi.

    Given all those personal details, I wish to say only one thing. People fromt he north and south have always had issues, have always compared each other’s abilities , each other’s qualities and so on and on. It really hurts me today to think we’ve never progressed beyond a point in terms of understanding and respecting each other. I really did shed tears looking at the comments on the blog.

    You know what, split up every state into a country. You will have your language. You will have your traditions. You will have everything and you will rule yourself. But how long wll you sustain? Until a power like China takes over you by force? No state in India can survive individually. Like someone mentioned, it is our diversified nature that is helping us in several ways to survive. Languages are only a way of communication. The dumb communicate through the language of signs, which means even signs are enough to make the other person understand. There is no need to fight over languages. Every language is inter connected. Though my mother tongue and the regional language of the state where I stay are different, it took me hardly two months to understand their language.

    I have travelled parts of India and I would say the same of the other languages too.

    If only we realized that life is more than just being from the south or the north, it is about being an Indian, and that when we move out of the Indian soil, we are not recognized as Maratha’s madrasi’s Punjabi’s kanndiga’s Malayali’s Mumbaikar’s Roti eaters Idly eaters but are recognized purely as Indians, we wouldn end up arguing about who is trying to supress whom!

    Give it a thought! Somewhere down the lane, we are all related , our ancestors were related.

    I have always wanted to be an Indian. I have faced opression here, not that I haven’t but I have won the heart of the localites here and thats where the happiness is. Our differences make us special!

    I am not an extremist in patriotism. I hate the way politics has taken over lives but I realize, our country has potential which is buried gets buried deep overtaken by arguements of futile nature.

    Gayathree (people have had problems with my spelling because it was translated into english from a southern language, including my own north eastern lover-turned-husband, which was one strong reason to break up with him but that never stopped me from being what I am today or marrying him)

  78. Siddharth permalink
    January 10, 2012 9:50 am

    South Indians rant too much about North Indians on Internet. Here’s a list of their complaints redressed by North Indian Delhi born and brought up guy. Consider this a general purview of answers from North Indians.

    Common Complaints by South Indians.
    (1) North Indians hate us, consider us inferior: First come to Delhi, and look at how your communities are flourishing here. A section of tamilians and keralites are forming backbone of Medical Technologists/Technicians group here. No one bothers them, they are living happily. All Delhites consider them a close knit, law abiding community. Unlike your politicians, no political party here has on agenda, plans to segregate or harass them, or otherwise consider that they are ‘threat’ to North Indian culture.
    (2) North Indians hate our food: Not a single restaurant here exists that doesn’t have Uttapam and Dosa/sambhar on it’s menu. No one here thinks that south indian food is ‘threat’ to our cuisine or that it is invading us.
    (3) North Indians think they are superior, consider us ugly: We don’t consider you ugly, infact some of the finest heroines of previous generations like Hema/Meenakshi etc were from South India. We don’t consider ourselves superior infact you are working in jobs here that require brain like Medicine, Construction and Education. No one here cares to think even for a second that you’re taking our jobs or are ‘threat’ to our existing jobs pool.
    (4) North Indians rule over south Indians bureaucratically: India is sovereign state, clear division of powers b/w states and center. First look at Armed forces, a decent number of officers are from south. Very less here are aware of fact that south thinks that north rules them.
    (5) North Indians don’t learn our language but want us to learn theirs: Your politicians made you think so, no one from Kashmir complains that Hindi is being taught there. So is with Punjab and Himachal. Periyar wanted to rule so he created Aryan Dravidan theory with Brahminical Supremacy added, though there is no scientific/genetic evidence of Aryan Dravidan divide. We want to learn your language infact many of us learn it watching your movies. While watching your movies no one thinks that your movies are ruling over our national network and they are ‘threat’.

    No one here thinks even for a second that too many south indians coming over to delhi can be ‘threat’. No political party is against them. No delhite considers it offensive it they communicate in their own language yet it laughable that a paranoia down south says north indians are coming, save us, save us. save our language, food, culture, we’ll be extinct. Grow up, this is 21st century, an era of cultural assimilation. No one cares if hindi speakers grow or fall short. Infact hindi is fast deriving words from other languages like Tamil, no one is bothered a bit about that. Break walls and let these unprecedented fears out of your mind. Let India Unite!

  79. February 28, 2012 7:59 pm

    We need a language for internal globalization to increase the trade relations between the states and to facilitate multilingual communities in metros. Both Hindi and English are being used for this purpose because one is the majority language and the other is obviously the colonial legacy., But Hindi being an Indian language has more resemblance to rest of Indian languages in word order, grammar and spelling rules. So people who are monolingual till their 20s find it easier to learn Hindi than English. So, for example, in Bangalore Hindi is used more than English. Even in Chennai one can speak in Hindi at least to the taxi drivers.
    English, to be fluent, should be learned as a child. The younger generation in metro cities speak English more fluently than their parents. So, it looks like, Hindi serve our urgent need for a link language, but within a few generations, English would catch up and it will replace Hindi.
    And, I am a Malayali…I have no special affection for any language…not even malayalam (like most malayalis)

    • Deepak permalink
      November 20, 2012 6:48 pm

      I completely agree with you Sathish. For that matter i am a north india, but dont have any special love for Hindi. But as you said, it is great to have a common language and Hindi works.

  80. July 18, 2012 12:20 am

    Fighting over the issue of language is something that only humans can do. May be the monkeys and donkeys are much better in this respect as they can fight for shelter and security issues but not for some funny language. Let it be a means of communication and not something that you should brag about. No language is perfect but the ones who use it can make it good enough to be loved, therefore rather than standing against south and north it will be much better if we could live together.

  81. October 23, 2012 1:58 pm

    south india never received any aid from delhi.we developed on our own and after sixty years of indepenndece we can proudly say that we have produced 2 major industrial centers by way of political will.
    we are linguistically more ancient and most of the indo aryan languages borrowed their grammatical structure from the dravidian family.
    Hindi spoken in india barring a few places is highly urduized to begin with.HIndi has sold it’s soul to farsi.

    • June 4, 2013 9:25 pm

      umm I dont think so.. You are confusing hindi with hindustani..
      hindustani is a fusion of sanskritic hindi + farsi.. dialects of Hindustani are spoken throughout northern india.

      sanskritized version of Hindustani = Hindi
      persianized version of Hindustani = Urdu

      • June 5, 2013 3:40 pm

        Tamil is older than Farsi…Tamil is also an extremely refined language..
        Hindi or Hindustani.. are both heavily influenced by Dravidian words..
        As you know Dravidians came from Iraq/Mesopotamia/Babylon…very refined..very ancient origins.. certain points in history the borders kept changing and parts of Persia were included in Iraq..this is going back thousands of years
        so origins are the same

        Would love to research the origins of Farsi..graceful culture

        For so long ,the amazing Dravidian culture/ architecture (pl google Dravidian temples which are found throughout India,{Angkor wat,Thailand}..also influenced architecture in China)).have been kept like a well guarded secret..
        The gothic buildings of the west do remind me of Dravidian temples..
        Mayan civilization..harks of Dravidian influence..its a huge civilization – extremely influential but hidden by the media…
        But because the Dravidians are grouped with the indigenous of becomes very easy to ignore this huge civilization..

        I hope you get the gist of just how ancient and influential the Dravidian culture is..
        But its very fashionable for Indians especially to put Indian history down..why?

  82. Deepak permalink
    November 20, 2012 6:45 pm

    What a bullshit comparison between south and north india by CNN IBN. You know why India was ruled by britishers – because we cant unite as states, as people in our thoughts and actions. Lets assume for time being South india is better developed than north. Do you think countries outside India look at North and south separately ? No. They look at us as Indians and if a city is praised, the credit goes to the country and if a city is disgusted, the country has to walk with the shame.
    Lets get this dust clear out of our minds and benchmark to succeed like China or Germany did. These politicians want to create this divide so they have regional chairs with them – tell me how is karunanidhi better than Mulayam singh yadav ? Or for that matter Sheila dikshit better than Yedyurappa ? The fact of the matter is – The politicians who divide us are more united that we ourselves are !!

    • murali permalink
      March 21, 2013 10:31 pm

      well said !!!!!!!!

    • March 25, 2013 5:09 am

      Dravidians with their very ancient and refined culture is spread though out India..They are the ancient Babylonians ..very refined culture as is evidenced by Tamil literature..Hindi is full of those refined Dravidian words..

      Yes certain people have divided up India..ans Indians have chosen to believe it..
      Some people prefer to show just the Taj Mahal…which hides the ancient dravidian temples…which are also scattered in Vietnam,Bangkok and even South America….Any western or Indian documentary will only show the Taj Mahl..which was built rather recently in this country which is as old as Egypt..

      But to prefer English over unusual..Hindi is full od dravidian words anyway..
      words in yoga for example..makes that beyond dispute..
      very few words came from Europe..when the aryans first came to India,they were culturally thousands of years behind the they brought very few words across….

      But to prefer English..?..I am from the South and would definitely prefer Hindi as our national language ..Tamil is harder to learn and much more refined ..and there needs to be education throughout India about our rich heritage of Tamil literature which has influenced Plato.and other Greek philosophers..etc

      SO HIndi as our national language but Indians to have a thorough knowledge of the amazing rich Dravidian history,literature and even a knowledge about the dravidian words in Hindi…..

      To even suggest that English become our national language is bizzare and no other race would even consider this !!

  83. Sankar Sasi permalink
    December 9, 2012 3:52 pm

    Highest literate state in India – Kerala
    Second largest per capita income – Tamil nadu
    Lowest Birth Rate-Kerala
    Highest expectancy of life-kerala
    State Having highest IT Export-Karnataka
    State having second largest number of Enterprenuers-AndhraPradesh
    State having Lowest male to female ratio-Kerala
    State with highest foreign exchange-Kerala
    State with more number of educational institution – Tamil Nadu
    State with more number of Graduates-Tamil Nadu
    State with more number of Hospitals ( Rural)-Kerala & Tamil Nadu
    State with highest education rate among female ( graduatees) -Kerala
    State with less issues on communal riot-Tamil Nadu
    State with highest exports on Commercial Crops-Kerala
    State with less infant mortalityRate-Kerala
    State with eco friendly construction-Kerala
    State with low poverty Rate-Kerala
    State with large income from Public Sector Investements-Tamil Nadu & Karnataka
    State with less air Population-Kerala
    State with large foreign Income(both expats & Tourists)-Kerala
    Most Modernized city in india-Bengaluru( Karnataka)
    Fast Growing city in development Index – Hyderabad ( Andhra Pradesh)
    Clean City In India-Vizag ( Andhra Pradesh)
    Accepted Indian Languages spoken outside South Asia-Tamil ( SIngapore & Malaysia),Malayalam ( Throughout GULF) ,Telgu ( Largely Spoken Indian Language in Us & Australia more than Hindi) ; Hindi is not an accepted language anywhere outside India .
    Third,Fourth & Fifth Largest Cities in India – Bengaluru(3rd),Chennai(4th)& Hyderabad ( Andhra Pradesh)
    If South Indians are ugly take these heroines of Bollywood in mind-HEMA MALINI, JAYAPRADA, REKHA,SREE DEVI,MEENAKSHI SHESHADRI, SHILPA SHETTY,AISWARYA RAI, VIDYA BALAN are always ur favourite actresses.

    We all are indians.

    Stop Boasting & put ur contributions to ur states development . We love northies & also we all are one but put all these information to prove that south indians do really well in their aspect now its north indians turn prove yourself .Dont hesitate south indians as they are the large supporters of Indian Economy & dispora in many ways .

    • January 10, 2013 10:50 am

      hi, i am ronak from jaipur living in bangalore for past 5 years

      very true….south indian states are better developed…well people have diverted this topic to whether southies are god or northies are good.

      People in this part of country are more sober, Calm & composed as compared to their counterpart in north . its my ( along with my family ) observation.

      Their people are bit loud & not able to recognize the contribution of southern states as these states generally don’t make headlines as often as other northern states.

      Well being loud doesnot mean they are bad . it is because of centuries of aggression they faced from western frontiers.


      ronak vijayvergia


  84. January 9, 2013 2:50 am

    My name is achal and i am from kerala. I see lot of unwanted comments here.Recently I saw a pakistani saying in a blog that he started a north Indian south Indian fight and he enjoyed it a lot as it grew bigger.If you are comparing development the south India have three metro cities (chennai bangalore and hyderabad in four states and North India have the largest metro city area in the world our great capital Delhi ncr.
    Kerala don’t have a metro city because it is a small state and densley populated.But it has a high standard of living.North Indans are the most of the enterprenures in India but they also face poverty than south.But you can see the most richest people (multibillionares) in North.
    North Indans come to chennai bangalore and hyderabad for IT related jobs and south Indians go to delhi mumbai for every jobs.(as stated by mahesh before , no North Indians are comming to cochin for IT jobs (or even south Indians , cochin is a small town without IT or any other industry).But they come to big cities like bangalore hyderabad and chennai for IT jobs.
    Kerala people usually go to gulf nations for jobs so malayalees get high income form there .Sothat is the reason why kerala don’t have any industries.But you have to remember that only four south Indian states have three metros and the rest of all states have the other four.That is why they say south is more developed than north.

    But North Indian girls are much more good looking than south Indians because of the european genes.North Indian girls are hundred times more fashionable than south indian girls.
    So both North and South have good points so we cannot compare both as each part is unique as each person in this earth is unique so no comparison.Just think India as one nation and Indians as one .

    Jai Hind.

    • January 10, 2013 5:49 am

      are you taliking about the indigenous people in europe..-white with non caucasian features-or are you talking about the arabs etc that settled in europe four thousand years ago..
      essentially,dravidians come from the middle east and are spread though out India..and pakistan and afghanistan and sindh and thorugh the south,,,.
      so which sector of the european population are you attributing the north indian good looks to..?

      • Bharatiya permalink
        June 5, 2013 11:40 pm

        Had we had enough of aryan Invasion thoery that now you have brought (or picked up) another dravidian invasion theory ?? Listen, Dravida refers to region in sanskrt, a region which is covered with water on three sides …Its not the race, its the region learn this fact…

        • September 8, 2016 1:19 am

          You r the way whr did they originate it from China ….exactly no.we originated from where we are now .we stay whr we belong.there are lot of evidence to prove it.we are the natives of south India I guess.dravidians are totally different from aryans in culture ,colour,food etc.finally nobody is inferior to nobody in this world.we are Indians and be proud of it.

  85. Setu Madhavan permalink
    April 13, 2013 9:09 pm

    Latest news: ‘Ghulam Nabi Azad lauds South India for progress in health sector’

    Thrissur, Apr. 13 (ANI): Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has appreciated South India in general and Kerala in particular for the rapid strides made in the health sector and having indicators such as Mother Mortality Rate (MMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Total Fertility Rate (TFR), comparable to the developed countries.

    Speaking at the convocation of Kerala University of Health Services at Thrissur, Azad said it would not have been possible without the progressive outlook and leadership provided by successive State governments, irrespective of party affiliations.

    Asking other States in emulating the best practices of these front-runner states in the health sector, he urged the rest of India to learn from them.


    Assi tussi.
    tussi Mainu!

    Here is the link to the news item:

  86. Santhosh permalink
    June 2, 2013 3:54 pm

    Today I am seeing most of the north indians learning tamil coming down to chennai for a job. So kindly do not partiate north indians or south indians. Today every body s learning atleast 4 languages

  87. Setu Madhavan permalink
    July 28, 2013 11:05 pm

    Here is the results of the latest development statistics comparing South India with North India, as published in India today. All semi literate boasters like Anuragg will do good to read and assimilate the findings of this study.

    Well done South India. Keep it up!

    North Indian semi literates, keep on boasting your empty boasts..

    Here are some excerpts from the article….

    Quality of governance and better leadership has led to southern states surging ahead of their northern counterparts, widening the gap in terms of per capita income and poverty between the South and North, says a study.

    Per capita incomes in the south (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala) have risen fast and poverty has declined in recent years and the reason is quality of governance, better leadership and political stability, according to study conducted by the Public Affairs Centre.

    As of 2009-10, on an average, the weighted per capita income in the southern states (in constant 1993-94 prices) was Rs.19,531 whereas it was only Rs.8,951 in the northern states (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh).

    In 2009-10, the average (weighted) poverty rate (combined for rural and urban areas) in the southern states was 19 per cent against 38 per cent in the northern states.

    • July 31, 2013 9:21 am

      I wonder if such self destructive division is evident anywhere else in the world..very bizarre

      • VJ;s permalink
        October 23, 2013 7:10 pm

        Ha ha …. very true…

        Though there is some truth to what is being said, instead of focusing on it and self-destructing, may be improving the inequality would be better!

  88. Setu Madhavan permalink
    June 1, 2014 8:04 pm

    Here is some information regarding Kerala copy/pasted from Wikipedia:

    Kerala already leads the Indian states in terms of Literacy, HDI and almost every other indicator. It is ranked 6th in per capita GDP, but when the remittances are included the GDP is almost double that of Maharashtra (the current leader) and is on par with some of the western countries.

    Kerala is considered by many as the cleanest and most developed region in South Asia. This improved standards and quality of life has made Kerala a preferred location for the laborers from the poorer states in the North like Bihar, UP, Jharkand,West Bengal, Punjab, MP, Delhi, Himachal, etc and also from the neighboring Tamil Nadu.

    The dialy wages in Kerala is almost 4 times that of these states and the trade union activities in Kerala ensures a better standard of life for the workers. The quality of medical facilities in kerala which are provided to the public for free also makes Kerala a preferred location.

    Kerala also ranks as India’s best state for woman safety and childcare.

    • Girish permalink
      June 9, 2014 2:15 pm

      Eh? South India is relatively more developed but don’t manufacture fake statistics.
      Kerala’s GDP is nowhere comparable to maharashtra (even if you add the $11 billion remittances kerala gets)

      • Setu Madhavan permalink
        July 9, 2014 7:37 am

        Hey, re-read the post. It is not something I ‘manufactured’. It is pasted from a wiki page and I provided the link as well. At the bottom of that page are references listed.

        Now do one thing. Google up ‘Kerala Australia Norway HDI’ and see for yourself that Kerala’s HDI (Human Development Index) ranking is only bettered by two developed nations on the planet, Australia and Norway. So would you want to crucify me for pointing that out?

  89. March 26, 2017 7:59 pm

    Good article.

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