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Brangelina plays hide and seek

November 8, 2006

Every single day Brangelina is in the Indian newspapers and I’m not talking about the tabloids. It’s the mainstream English newspapers who are constantly reporting on Brangelina’s movements. Either Brad, Angelina and their kids are lying low in The Meredian hotel, taking rickshaw rides in Pune, playing with their kids in a Pune park, having a grand time in Goa, relaxing with a Maharaja in Jaipur, scouting around for an Indian child to adopt, building houses for refugees with ex-President Carter or meeting ministers in Delhi…it goes on and on.

But that’s not all. Brad and family’s minor skirmishes with the law are also being intensely reported. Their bodyguards allegedly beat up a reporter outside The Meredian, one of the cars in their entourage allegedly knocked down a two-wheeler…and the every latest? Legal proceedings against the pilot who landed their plane without permission in the Maharaja’s palace grounds.

So what’s the big deal you ask. After all, Brangelina is a big brand. This kind of reporting is natural. But hey, this is India, and Brad and family can sight-see, work or whatever…but why are they getting this much publicity? Indian movie stars certainly don’t. And surely, Indians are more interested in home-grown movie stars? We don’t get to hear what Shah Rukh is doing every minute of the day, do we? Certainly not by reading the mainstream papers. Thank God for that.

Perhaps this great interest in Brangelina could be due to their playing desperate hide and seek games with the press, unlike Indian movie stars? Forbidden fruit is always more tempting. And I wish I knew what terrible calamity will befall Brangelina if they allow photographers to take pictures.

(Read the follow-up to this story: Brad- say you are sorry)

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  1. May 25, 2007 9:32 pm

    I personally think Brad Pitt is an idiot. He dumped Jenifer Aniston just cause she cant have babies.

    He is an idiot and an insult to Hollywood

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