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Brad, say you’re sorry

November 19, 2006

perfect-people_1_1.jpgMy respect for Brat Pitt has plummeted. Not because his and Angelina’s bodyguards allegedly pushed and abused parents in a school in Mumbai while shooting for The Mighty Heart, but because of what he said in a television interview to NDTV. He said that if these things happen (bodyguards being arrested on several complaints made by parents), then other Hollywood productions might not feel inclined to come here to shoot! And strangely, his so-called ‘friend’, Bollywood actor Irfan Khan, echoed his thoughts.

Pitt is behaving worse than any Indian politician. He thinks that just because they have money and clout, they should be above Indian law? Well, he should know that India does not need Hollywood productions, specially not productions like him. His unit has been dogged with controversies right from the moment they stepped into India. There has been a report of a road accident concerning his driver, a report of his guard beating up a British reporter, the matter of an illegal plane landing and day before yesterday – the racial abuse. And now Pitt feels that all this should be excused just because they are an Hollywood production? 🙄

Whether you are from Hollywood or from Timbuctoo, you have to stay above the law. This is not some feudal kingdom that you had come to my dear Pitt. This is India, a democratic and civilised nation. If your guard called parents (who were trying to get a glimpse their children as they trooped out of school) ‘bloody Indians’ and assaulted them, it may not be a serious criminal offense, but if the police felt that the matter should be investigated and the guards arrested…well, it should be done.

And if the police investigation frightens off other Hollywood productions – good.


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