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I don’t blog because I am lonely, hate editors or want to make money

November 23, 2006

Blogging is a new experience for me and I am grateful for it. And no, I don’t blog because I am a failed writer, a lonely person,  hate editors, need to get it all out or because I want to make money. So why do I blog?
Captive audience
I blog because I get satisfaction from knowing that a certain number of people read what I write each day. The individual post statistics help. Whether it’s through search engines, blog aggregators, or by clicking on ‘tags’ people who arrive come looking for something. On the other hand when I write an article for a newspaper, I am never sure of anything. Who reads and why.
Blogging is successful because it gives people the opportunity to read whenever they have the time. Why, you can read a post even a week later…archives are easy to access. No messy clippings required.
It gives me a high
I blog because I get a thrill from reading a meaningful comment. Quantity is not the thing here. Even if it is just one comment, if it adds to my article, makes me see things from a different perspective I feel I have grown as a person. This was one thing I never got on the job. This could be because people don’t immediately sign in to their email accounts after reading a newspaper article they feel something about.
Oh, to be free!
I also blog because there is freedom. No, not exactly freedom from editors. I understand that editors have other aspects to consider – like commercial success of a newspaper or magazine, the advertiser’s interest and in some cases the fear of the owner of the newspaper or some heavy weight politician. If I were an editor I might compromise…so no judgments here.
But at times an editor might truly have an opposite view from you. Ideas are subjective. I have often had to sell my ideas before selling my article. And I am proud of the fact that even when I had a regular job, the ideas have been mine 95 per cent of the time. With my blog I don’t have to sell my ideas to anyone. I write because I believe in it.
I want to make a difference
I have one clear objective. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I feel that blogging could help me there. I know it seems too huge an ambition, and perhaps naive, but quantity is not everything. Even if an article of mine helps one individual in a small way I feel happy. And blogging gives me the ability to find out. 😀
Lastly, I blog because I can write on a variety of subjects. I know there are blogging ‘rules’ which say one should not…but if I followed them, I would not be me. I have a wide variety of interests and yes, even several passions. Plus I feel very strongly about most things. If I force myself to write just about a few subjects I will not be being true to myself. And I don’t think I have the capability right now to work on five other blogs.
So readers, bear with me if a particular subject doesn’t interest you. I will try to make you feel with me. Either pro or against. At times you might shrug and go away…that’s fine too. There is always tomorrow.


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  1. timethief permalink
    November 24, 2006 12:56 am

    I dropped in to wish you well with your blogging. I enjoyed reading your post above and thought you might to read this one written about my passion for blogging
    All my best, tt

  2. soorajrox permalink
    November 27, 2006 1:22 pm

    hey nita….true passion cannot be seen in everybody’s day-to-day activities.u must be lucky.Guess I’ll be reading your posts whenever posted.:-)

  3. November 3, 2008 1:43 pm

    i have been in and out of blogging, i get bored quiet easily. i guess lack of enuf readership is a reason for my start and stop blog

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