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The best aim and shoot camera with a professional touch. Canon PowerShot A 610

December 9, 2006

A non technical review of a high end camera

Want to click rich detailed pictures in lovely colours and blow them up? Well, Canon PowerShot 610 allows you too! It’s expensive, but worth every penny. Pictures of even dull and drab landscapes can come out looking like picture post-cards. Indoor pictures appear amazingly clear and detailed. You can pick up ordinary household items and make them into beautiful images that look good on your desktop.
The high resolution of the photographs is never a problem while emailing as the camera comes with a software called the Zoom Browser which allows you to compress and send pictures in smaller files. You can get low resolution pictures as well, as there are options like the Superfine, Normal and Fine modes for shooting.
In fact, the options available are amazing. Twenty different shooting modes! There are different settings for different times of the day, for different subjects, and for shooting close range and long range objects.
You can shoot high quality movies at sixty frames per second, with sound. You can play back these movies on your TV or PC, or just store them on a CD.

The best part is that the camera is easy to operate. The settings come with picture icons so that even a child can understand them. A huge relief for technology-shy users.
The Auto mode gives you great pictures, as the camera has various self-adjusting properties. So while it has advanced features, it’s also the best shoot and click camera there is!

The advanced features are wonderful for those who like to have fun with gadgets. There are special settings for cloudy and sunny days, and even a Tungsten setting which allows you to take photographs of bright light sources…and many more.

The camera’s user interface is user-friendly. The On-screen menus are very informative. There are also excellent display options to review, edit, stitch or rotate your photos. Again, easy to follow instructions.

The movable LCD display screen is a wonderful feature. It can be flipped at different angles and also to face you. This not only makes taking self-portraits easy, it’s very handy if you want to take a picture over a crowd or from the hip. Great news for professionals as pictures can be taken without attracting attention. The screen also flips close, so you won’t scratch or damage it.

This camera is handy in more ways than one. Though it’s small, it’s not tiny. It’s large enough to hold comfortably in one’s hands. This helps you hold the camera steady as you shoot and also helps anyone with slippery hands!

A timer function allows self photos. Another function allows multiple shots after a delay. This is very helpful in family group photos where not everyone smiles at the same time! Later on you can choose the best picture. One minor disadvantage is that the little flap covering the A/V inputs in flimsy. One has to be careful that one doesn’t rip it off by mistake.

The camera has four re-chargeable batteries and they last an incredible length of time. The number of photographs one can store without downloading into a PC are as many 500! A great help if you are on a long holiday. Ofcourse this applies only if you use the landscape and auto modes. If pictures are taken on a close-up mode, capacity goes down by half. All in all, this is a camera you can use if you are an amateur or a professional. Or like me, an amateur who wants to feel like a professional.

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