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Continental food in Thane – Restaurant review

December 12, 2006

‘The Grill’ is one of those few places in Thane which serves continental food. If one has to give an overiew…well, it has a good ambience, polite waiters and a good family crowd. Food is average however…in fact it can be bad. But as there are very few decent places in Thane where one can get continental food, so I guess one doesn’t have much choice. The same owner had started a branch at Nirmal Lifestyle at Mulund but it closed down.
The Food
Our experience during our first visit was good. We ordered Chicken Straugonauff (good), a fish sizzler (above average), Spaghetti Bolognese (average) and Iced tea (fantastic.)
The second time round however the experience was not good. We ordered Sicilian Pasta (below average), Basil & Tomato Sauce Pasta (very very average) and the worst? Pasta Alfredo. This tasted like a thick kheer, and the spaghetti made it look like one too.
Uninformed waiters
When we mentioned this to the waiter, he insisted that this was how this dish is supposed to taste. He refused to listen to us when we told him that this was not so. This I think is a sign of a bad restaurant. Ill-trained waiters who have absolutely no idea of what they are serving.
Well, our 19 year old daughter who had ordered the pasta (she is a pasta lover, like all of us) couldn’t have more than two bites. As she doesn’t like dessert (except for ice-cream) the option of having it as a dessert was out.
So if one dines at The Grill – avoid the pasta. At best it will be average. The chicken strips were just thrown into the pasta dish at the end. It was such a patch up job.
Poor presentation
I also did not like the way they had presented the dishes. The first time we went there it didn’t matter as the food was alright. The second time it mattered. Tomato slices were layered all around the pasta dishes in a most unaesthetic manner. Cold lifeless tomato slices.
We met the owner a couple of months later outside his Mulund restaurant (which was shutting shop) and told him about our bad experience. He was very opologetic and told us that now he intends to concentrate on the Thane Grill. Well, we just hope he lives up to his promise. We intend to drop by again.

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