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Is the Beauty Care industry a fraud?

December 15, 2006

Beauty Care is just skin deep
A recent US study (Consumer Reports Magazine) says that luxury priced beauty products like anti-wrinkle creams don’t work any better than ordinary brands. This conclusion was reached after the subjects of the study were made to apply the test products on one side of their face and the ‘lab’s standard moisturiser’ on the other. At the end of the study, the changes in wrinkle depth and roughness of the skin were measured. Not much difference was found, at least not a discernable difference.
Personally, I have always been suspicious of claims by ‘deluxe’ creams and ‘anti-wrinkle’ creams (the reason why I never bought any although I am well into my forties). I have also read confessions of models who advertise skin care products. Many of them use the simple vaseline.
I also know women with very good skin who use natural home made products like milk cream and saffron pastes. I feel these women have good skin because they stay out of the sun, eat a balanced diet, exercise and also use some kind of moisturiser or an ordinary cold cream. The basic objective being to put the moisture back in the skin after washing it.

No facials, no deluxe creams, no peels
People tell me that I have good skin. Well, I am in my mid forties. I never used moisturisers at all until I was 35. Now I use a light cream in the morning and a sun screen if I go out. Nothing at night. However, I avoid the sun, drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and have my vitamins regularly. And ofcourse I exercise at least thrice a week.
I have never used a deep cleansing lotion in my life or a peel or whatever. I have also never had any sort of facial in my whole life. This seems to shock most people my age.
I use soap (gentle) and water to clean my skin once a day.
True, I was once blessed with an oily skin and have not led an outdoor life. But I think what is most important is that I am happy and cheerful. One thing that is sure to give you a bad skin is negative thinking. You can try any number of exhorbitantly priced facials and expensive wrinkle creams, but none can repair the damage caused by negative emotions, lack of exercise and a poor diet.

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  1. December 15, 2006 8:41 am

    Of course it is a fraud!! Not just the beauty care industry, but also something as crucial as the health care industry. Everything is driven by money, and so-called scientific studies are carried out only in a way that will benefit their sponsors.

  2. August 11, 2007 7:21 am

    I’ve always thought these skin care products are nothing more than a legal scam, as is so much consumer advertising for a host of products.
    Raw, unprocessed aloe vera gel should get the same (or better) results.

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