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Worst Chinese at the best mall

December 20, 2006

Noodle Nook Pizzarro is what this stall opposite Shoprite (supermarket) at Nirmal Lifestyle ( India’s biggest mall) calls itself. Why? Because it sells Chinese and it sells Pizza. I didn’t try the Pizza, and now I won’t – not after watching the way they made it (for some others) and after tasting their Chinese.
Give me a break.
Oily noodles in which one had to hunt for veggies. Specks of green and red. And the man who made it was dripping sweat into the kadhai. Worse, the guy who packed it had black ringed fingers with which he kept shoving the noodles into the parcel he had made. When I told him not to do it…he smiled.
We made the mistake by asking them to pack a ‘gravy’ – sweet and sour. I think they didn’t have the ‘sour’ (I heard them whispering) so they packed some sweet corny thing instead. It looked like sugar cornflour soup and when we tasted it was just that. Boiled water with lots of cornflour and a fistful of white sugar and a dash of salt ( I saw them make it).
Guess what? They took half an hour to make the two plates hakka noodles and one gravy.
Then when we went home we threw the ‘gravy’ down the drain, although my husband was brave enough to taste it. Actually, he was the one who threw it.
I tasted the noodles. Almost puked. An ajinomoto rush. Grease rush. Visions of black ringed fingers and blobs of sweat. Wicked smiles.
I have had street Chinese plenty of times before. Never has it been this bad.
They charged Rs 45/- for each dish. I think Rs 10/- would have been too high a price. And to charge that much for the yucky gravy was cheating.
Considering that the next day both my husband and me had loose you know what…I think they should pay us. Perhaps we should ask Nirmal Lifestyle to cough up the dough. On second thoughts, forget it. If we have to eat street Chinese, why do we need to go to India’s biggest mall? We can have it right outside our colony gate, on a thela. At least his stuff is tasty, even if it isn’t healthy.

Update: December 2007. This place has shut down. 🙂

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