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The most gruesome serial killings in India. Read the whole, complete and updated version of the story here

December 29, 2006

India’s worst serial killer(s) has been caught! In the process a very big lapse on the part of the Noida (near Delhi) police has come to light. Approximately 30-38 children (both boys and girls) went missing in the small village of Nithari in Noida (according to news reporters who talked to grieving parents), but only 7-8 missing persons complaints were registered by the police. Live interviews with parents on the television channel CNN-IBN show that children all went missing from approximately the same spot (near a water tank near House No. D-5) but police refused to register the complaints. They told the parents that the children must have wandered off and were definitely not kidnapped!
As a large number of children who go missing in India every year (45,000) come from poor families, the police usually do not bother to trace them. Their numbers do not make it to the official records either.

Remains of over 20 kids dug up from a house in Noida
surendra-1_2_1.jpgEarly (unconfirmed) reports say that it was because of the cell phone of a missing woman Payal, that Satish alias Surendra Koli, a cook, was nabbed. This arrest was soon followed by another – that of his employer, Moninder moninder-singh-1_1_1.jpgSingh Pandher. Official police sources have confirmed on live television that Satish has already confessed to 8 of the murders, including that of Payal. Eight bodies, mostly skeletons (the number of bodies is not confirmed as mostly bones have been found) have been dug up from the backyard of Moninder Singh’s bungalow (D-5) in Sector 31. Some decomposed remains and bones have been found in an open drain behind the house. Satish/Surendra, the cook, has confessed that he committed the crime for sex…this has again been confirmed by the police. He said he lured the kids by offering them sweets. Moninder Singh is suspected to be an accomplice and is being questioned.

Parents say that a lot more kids are missing
A group of enraged parents surrounded news reporters and one woman even slapped a policeman after these bodies were dug up. They have claimed that their children have been missing for months, but the police did nothing about it. They did not even record the complaints! Organisations independent of the government and the police need to investigate this.

1st Jan: Riots broke out yesterday and today as parents attacked the police for their inaction. Today television footage showed the police dealing roughly with protesters. Also, Moninder Singh’s role in the murders has been confirmed as his cook Surendra has said that he commited the murders at his master’s bidding. However, Surendra has admitted that he too sexually abused the kids and even committed necrophelia (sex with a dead person). He also explained that the two little boys were kidnapped because they were very young and therefore mistaken for girls…but once they were inside the house (what was inside the house??) they had to be killed.

I feel angry and at the same time, terribly sad. If as alleged Moninder Singh and Surendra casually threw the bodies in the large half-open drain flowing behind the house (after chopping up and immersing the bodies in acid) it shows that they were sure that no one would question them. I heard parents say live on television that when they pointed out the bones to the police, the police had insisted that they were not human bones, but animal bones!

People are shocked by these killings because serial killings are rare in India. There have been only five other serial killers in India’s history. So few in number that no one wants to believe that these kids were killed for just sex or pleasure. Everyone suspects an organ racket. So far the police have ruled that out.

But crazy people like this are increasing in India. Just today in the newspapers there is a story of the Beer killer’s third victim. Three men were killed in the last few months near Churchgate station (Mumbai) and each body had a single beer can next to it. These murders follow on the heels of the Hammar man, who attacked young girls (not fatally) inside the common spaces of buildings (the police claim to have the suspect in custody) and there is also the serial slasher, a young man who slashed the arms of unsuspecting young girls who travelled in rickshaws in Mumbai.

1/01/2007: Evidence has now been unearthed that actually dozens of children have been murdered by the serial killer duo. And thankfully – six policeman have been suspended for negligence.

2/01/2007: It is now known that bloodstains, choppers and rifles were found in the house. But the shocking news is that the police dug up the remains of the children without forensic experts being present. There are fears that valuable evidence has been destroyed.

3/1/2007: Latest news reports say that Moninder Singh Pandher, an industrialist who owns a factory, studied in Bishop Cotton School in Shimla and St. Stephens College, Delhi. Both of these are elite institutions. This proves that serial killers have no class, creed or caste. The only thing they have in common is that they are mentally sick (not necessarily mentally ill.) However, it is the clever ones like Moninder Singh who can manage to put on an act of being normal.
Two organisations from the central government (the National Human Rights Commission – NHRC and the National Womens Commission – NWC) have been designated to probe the role of the Uttar Pradesh police in this case. However the demand for a CBI probe has been turned down by the Supreme Court as already two organisations from the centre are looking into it.
The UP Police are busy defending themselves – saying that they did a good job of solving the case!!
The good news is that both the accused are to undergo narcoanalysis and only then we will know the complete truth.

3rd evening: The Times Now channel is broadcasting that the murderers have confessed. Moninder Singh has confessed to the rapes, saying that he raped the kids because he had a ‘high sex drive’ and was ‘depressed.’ He alleges that Surendra carried out the murders. Surendra on his part has already admitted that he raped and killed several children, though the exact number is not known. It is estimated that over the last several years these two raped and killed almost 40 children. Surendra’s reason for doing what he did was to cure his ‘impotency.’ He had been told by a tantrik (witch doctor) that having sex with children (dead children?) would cure him.

4th Jan: Latest news from the Times Now Channel is that four policemen have been dismissed from service and two suspended. Also, the date for the narco-analysis of the culprits has been fixed – tomorrow, the 5th of Jan. It has also come to light that a large number (7) of the victims were boys (CNN-IBN) and that all the bodies were hacked into pieces in a methodical and professional way. As the torsos of the victims are missing, the motive of the killers has again come into question. Though they both have admitted to the sex motive there are media reports about an organ trade racket. Only narco-analysis will reveal the complete motive behind this ghastly crime.
Also, another insensitive and revealing statement from Uttar Pradesh. The brother of Mulayam Singh Yadav (Shivpal) has said on camera (CNN-IBN) that too much fuss is being made because such killings happen all the time! These are ‘chota mota’ happenings, he said. He also said that the case has been solved and the policemen dismissed…so what’s the big deal? At first I was shocked by the callousness of his statement but then I realised it is probably true. Hundreds of women and children are raped and murdered in Uttar Pradesh and most of the cases are ignored. So this Yadav is wondering what the fuss is about. After all, at least these murders have come to light and the culprits have been caught. What more could anyone want? That’s their attitude and sick as it is, it is based on the reality of Uttar Pradesh.

6th Jan: Now Times of India reports say that the cook, Surendra Koli, is a cannibal who ate not just the organs of the bodies he cut up but also flesh from the bones. First time in India we have a cannibal. It is the stuff of horror. It is believed that the fact that the remains of the children were not found and no stench came from the bodies made the police suspicious from day one. If the man is clever enough to lie and evade the police for so long, it is clear that he is not mad. He is pure evil and I hope that the courts do not decided that he is insane. If they do then he is unlikely to get the maximum penalty.

7th Jan: More details are emerging about the cannibalism (eating flesh of the same species as oneself) of Surendra. There are also indications that Moninder Singh may not be a serial killer after all. He might have had sex with prostitutes in the house and was perhaps guilty in the death of Payal, the call-girl who was blackmailing him. Well, some more narco tests and more intense psychological profiling is being done to discover the complete truth.
What’s very upsetting is that (TOI) that Noida policemen were (allegedly) bribed by Moninder Singh to keep their mouth shut. Several lakhs (allegedly) changed hands. This happened when parents had insisted that the police investigate the goings-on in D-5 after several children went missing from a water-tank nearby. Some children were also seen entering the house (by other children). Well, this explains why more than six policemen were punished soon after the killings came to light. Two of them were dismissed from service and four-five were suspended.
Now, it is also quite clear how the case broke. According to a Times of India article, , the woman (Payal, a call-girl) visiting the horror house D-5 forgot her cell-phone in a rickshaw. The rickshaw driver did not return the phone. (It is now believed that Payal never came out of the house – she was murdered by Surendra because she was blackmailing the duo.) When she didn’t turn up a missing persons complaint was filed with the police but ofcourse the police could not home in on the killers. However, after some months, the cell-phone surfaced. The rick driver who had found the phone kept it with him for a few months, but later sold it to another rickshaw driver – who activated it. That was how the cell-phone company was alerted – Payal’s cell phone’s IMEI number started to flash and this revealed the whereabouts of the rickshaw driver. He led the police to his room-mate, the rickshaw driver who had pocketed the phone and this driver led the police to D-5. That was how the kiler duo was arrested. Obviously the items found in the house (choppers, acid, rifles and perhaps remains of bodies) confirmed their guilt.

12th Jan: I have been following this story but nothing new seems to be coming up except that more and more tests are being done! However now it is clear that a CBI probe is under way. I guess this means that unless all these ‘probes’ are over we will not learn anything new.

13th Jan: After the narco-analysis tests on both culprits it has emerged that it is actually Surendra the cook who is the pedophile and necrophile. He apparently first killed the kids and then had sex with them. Two boys that he kidnapped were mistaken for girls.
As for his employer Moninder, the guy seems to be a sex fiend…but apparently only had consensual sex with call-girls. He had several ‘rings’ of call-girls and he liked to move around with them and party with them. So far he has not confessed to any murders (even in the narco tests) but Surendra has confessed to 17 murders, including 5 women. One of these is Payal, allegedly a sex worker, and the others are thought to be maids and call-girls. It is possible that Moninder asked him to dispose of the call-girl Payal and maybe others – but nothing is confirmed so far. In any case narco tests cannot be used as evidence in court – therefore the police will have to find hard-core evidence to nail the guilty men.

15th Jan: More and more bodies are being recovered…around 40 as was first thought. Surendra’s so-called confession to just 17 murders seems to be false. The CBI is also investigating the role of the Noida police in this matter.

17th Jan: The CBI has squarely indicted the U.P Police for their negligence in this case. Let us see what more action will be taken…whether more heads will roll.
The official body count as of today is 22. This is probably been found out from the 40 bags of human remains that the CBI found in the drains. It is shocking that this maniac Surendra was so confident of not being caught that he did not even bother to dispose of the remains properly!
A little girl of six and her mother have now come forward to say that Maya, the maid who used to work in Moninder Pandher’s house, had tried to lure the little child with sweets. However the smart kid refused to go with her…but she did meet Surendra and recognised him from television pictures.
Not surprisingly, the inept U.P police had given Maya a clean chit when she was so obviously lying when she said she worked in that house but had no idea of what was going on! How is that possible when so many children were raped and murdered in there?
The CBI probe has also indicated that Surendra was not a cannibal after all. He may have however tasted human flesh…this he had admitted to the police.

21st Jan: The accused are continuously changing their statements. There have been reports that narco-tests on pathological liars such as these do not give accurate results. Pandher has categorically denied knowing anything about the murders. As for Surendra, he keep changing his confession…but the CBI believes that he could have killed far more children (and not just in Nithari) than he has admitted to.

23rd Jan: Pandher’s maid, who had denied knowing anything about the killings, is to be given the lie detector test. An Outlook cover story (22 January issue) states that Pandher is as guilty as Surendra. That he knew about the murdered children…and that he is probably a pedophile. This same article says that Pandher’s wife left him because he wanted her to have perverted sex with him…like orgies etc. A lot of details about Pandher’s family life and past are given in this article.

26th Jan: Pandher was badly beaten up outside the courts…and no it wasn’t mainly the public, but lawyers themselves. He was injured and had to be hospitalised. Strangely, Surendra was not attacked as viciously as Pandher. I don’t know what’s going on with the lawyers, or people who call themselves lawyers. They are supposed to uphold the law, not break it! It is obvious that Pandher is required for the legal process to go on…without him the investigation will be seriously hampered. If it was the public who had done it, even lynched the two, it would be understandable! But not those who call themselves ‘lawyers.’ It is also clear that if the two are hanged after a public trial the punishment and humiliation they will suffer will be far worse than falling victim to a mob. Yes, these two should be hanged. And until then let them suffer – mentally.

27th Jan: Yes, I thought it would be so. There is no organ trade involved. According to a Times News Channel report, AIMMS has said that there was no organ trade. The two men are simply vicious psychopaths.

31st Jan: It had appeared in the newspapers earlier – about Pandher bribing police officials – but now this news had been confirmed. It is believed that Pandher paid more than Rs 3 lakhs to hush up Payal’s (the call-girl who was killed inside the house) disappearance. A woman police officer has been accused to taking this bribe (Simranjeet Kaur) and has been dismissed from service. The TOI reported today that Kaur actually went to Payal’s village and spread stories about the girl’s ‘bad’ character. She also told people that Payal had eloped. Whether Kaur knew that Payal had been killed or actually believed what Pandher had told her (that Payal had eloped) one does not know but the fact that such a large amount of money was being offered by Pandher should have made her suspicious. Pandher apparently had several policemen on his pay-roll (there had been several complaints filed regarding disappearances of children) and it is clear that he bribed because he knew that Surendra was killing the kids, and had also killed Payal.

23rd March: The CBI has cleared Moninder Pandher of the actual killings and also of being an accessory. Apparently, Pandher did not even know that his servant Koli was killing and eating the children! (???) . However the police have held him guilty of bribing the police and having sex with call girls!
What I would like to know is why Moninder Pandher bribed the police with lakhs of rupees? To stop being arrested for having call girls at his place? You don’t give so much money just for this! And tell me, how is it possible that so many kids were killed (and some cooked!) and Pandher didn’t smell something? Surely dead bodies smell? The very fact that Koli threw the bones and even flesh/torsos carelessly into the garden and the drain outside means that he must have been careless in the house as well. Its absolutely unbelievable that Pandher did not know about the killings. What I do know is that Koli was a good cook and managed the house for Pandher very well and in the best case scenario it is possible that while Pandher didn’t actually kill anyone, he suspected/knew what was going on but turned a blind eye to it.

Today a well known blogger wrote in the newspaper that the media feels that Pandher is guilty because they had ‘made up their mind’ earlier and now don’t want to go back on it! And here’s more. The blogger said that the media is enamoured with the idea of a well to do businessman being a brutal killer and cannibal but the thought of a poor man being so is not so interesting! Or something along those lines. I found that reasoning a bit odd. Maybe because my first reaction was to believe that Pandher was not guilty. And now when it is clear that the murders took place in his house, the kids were dismembered, raped and cooked in his house in his kitchen and the bones and flesh were strewn around his garden and bungalow, and the police actually inquired about the missing children after various complaints, how is Pandher not guilty even of being an accessory? When he was told about the missing children he bribed the police, but now it is being said that he is bribed the police to stop people from knowing that he brought call girls to his place and had orgies? Why should a man who had already split with his wife, and had a poor relationship with his brother pay lakhs of rupees to stop people from knowing that he had sex with call girls?
It defies logic.

13th September 2007: I was relieved to hear that Pandher has finally been charged for his role, in at least one murder. That of Payal, one of the girls who was murdered. Justice will only be done when the man is tried and convicted. CBI had said that his mobile phone records showed that he was not around when most (all?) of the murders took place, but that hardly means that he didn’t know about the murders! His servant was killing kids regularly in his house, and cooking them! And if this man didn’t know about it, either he is retarded, or totally callous and indifferent to his surroundings. And in any case, he might have known the killings were happening, even though he did not do any of them himself and that makes him guilty.

Also it is suspicious that one of the victim’s (Pinky) father died recently. It is claimed that he died in mysterious circumstances. He had accused the CBI of being in cahoots with Pandher. Actually it has already been proven that Pandher bribed police officers, and therefore Sarkar’s accusation is not that bizarre. As I have said before in this write-up, Pandher paying huge sums of money to the police itself is a sign that he knew what his servant was up to and for all one knows, he may have even encouraged it, or asked Koli to get rid of some of the victims.

12th March 08 – It’s shocking that the CBI has brushed aside all allegations that there is something wrong in their investigations that Pandher is not guilty. Even if Pandher did not commit the actual murders, he is guilty for harbouring a criminal. It’s impossible to believe that little children were being cooked in his house and he didn’t know!!

April 2009: From the wiki: “On 12 Feb 2009, both the accused Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surinder Koli were found guilty of their crimes, by a special sessions court in Gaziabad. This verdict left the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) red faced, as the CBI had earlier given a clean chit to Moninder Singh Pandher in all its chargesheets. Both the accused Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surinder Koli were given death sentence on 13 Feb 2009, as the case was classified as “rarest of rare”.

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  1. Navinakrishnan permalink
    January 3, 2007 2:50 pm

    This incident literally made me weep without stopping. I am afraid to imagine the condition of the parents who lost their kids, and it was a rediculous act that police did’nt bother to register the case. Moninder and surender however should be and will be sentenced to be ‘hanged till death’ but suspending from duties is not enough for the policemen but should be hanged along with the culprits. This should be a lesson to other policemen who neglect their duties from protecting the poor people. I wonder how anant gupta(son of Adobe CEO) was traced in just 2 days by the same noida police and though its 2 years no case has been registered for the poor parents. This is heights and no single person involved in this case should be spared. Moninder and his servent should be hanged at the ‘INDIA GATE’ so that whole world should see them dying.

    Lets all pray for the peace of the souls of the little kids who have helped us in finding the bastered who killed them.

  2. Arun permalink
    January 25, 2007 4:17 pm

    If they are infront of me I would cut their head. Let all the evil spirits should be warned…sorry for my language..There is a limit for anything. The worst thing is Police men who has kept this as clandestine. My India should not be like this. Oh god tsunami is better than this. This should be weeded out right away.

  3. ayjee permalink
    January 27, 2007 10:39 pm

    Your blog points out that Moninder Singh has not admitted to murder even in the narco tests and seems to be guilty only of mixing with call girls. So, why should he be hanged?

  4. January 28, 2007 6:14 am

    Moninder is a hard nut to crack, he is not confessing,but I think he knew what was going on. It is impossible that he didn’t. As I said in the write-up above:
    “It is possible that Moninder asked him to dispose of the call-girl Payal and maybe others – but nothing is confirmed so far.”
    The police are not getting his confession,he is denying everything. Well, I do not know the truth, and can go just by my feelings. In fact in a 22nd Jan issue of Outlook they say that Moninder was always a pervert…that he is a pedophile etc. I believe it…however there is no proof as yet. I have full faith in the fact that the CBI will get it.

  5. parag permalink
    February 24, 2007 10:29 am

    hi nita,
    excellent blog… i just want to know , has media over reacted in this nithari case?? ur view.. u can mail me on my adderes …thanks .. waiting for ur reply…
    love parag..

  6. jayantabishnu permalink
    March 1, 2007 1:14 pm


  7. Amit permalink
    December 8, 2007 9:41 am

    I think For such type of Cases there should not be any Court or Hearings, Only Decision and that too only one TO BE HANGED TILL DEATH.

  8. Rs412 permalink
    February 14, 2009 12:53 pm

    I heard the results of his trail today. Death penalty is not enough for monsters like these…I can’t type what I wish upon them.

    I am speechless after reading the details of their horrendous crimes… they are epitome of pure evil.

  9. April 20, 2009 11:34 pm

    Apologies to all the lost souls. But, seriously, now, I find the whole account quite comedic. The makers of Southpark could probably make use of this material. The human race never ceases to amuse me. The humans in this country, especially; not like I’ve traveled the world or anything, but something as messed up as this at various levels of the system is hard to come by.

  10. VVK permalink
    September 21, 2011 7:41 pm

    even till now from the day i saw those pic on TV its still horrifies me, all culprits who ever involved in this case should be given death penalty showing no mercy.
    I don know for why there is a provision of mercy petition to president in India, for why president should show mercy on them, this provision should be taken out of act and constitution immediately.


  1. Lawyers give Moninder Singh Pandher thrashing - World Affairs Board

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