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Who uses the VIP entrance to enter Delhi airport?

January 9, 2007

Veteran journalist Veeresh Malik wrote a letter to the Chief PRO of Delhi Airport asking him why criminals were allowed to use the VIP entrance to enter the airport. Reading it made me chuckle and I thought I would share it.

Subject: Delhi Airport, RTI Applications on VIP Gate, and NOIDA cannibals 

To: Mr. Arun Arora,
Chief PRO,
Delhi Airport.

Dear Mr Arun Arora

Happy New Year!!

It was indeed very interesting to observe that the authorities and managers of Delhi Airport used the VIP Gate to take the NOIDA cannibal case accused, Moninder Singh and Surendra, to board their DEL-AMD flight on the morning of 5th January’07.

As you may be aware, I have been using the RTI Act for some time now to find out exactly who all are defined as VIPs, and who all are entitled to use the VIP facilities at Delhi Airport, and this is therefore a fine indicator.

Is it therefore, safe to assume that the VIP Gate at Delhi Airport is kept aside for cannibals, rapists, murderers, pornographers, criminals and other such people?

Just a simple question at the start of another day in Delhi, in the course of which I shall be using Delhi Airport, but not the VIP Gate for sure.


Veeresh Malik

Heh Heh. I too am glad that I am not a VIP!

(This letter has been given to me by Veeresh Malik)

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