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Don’t want to vote? Then register your no-vote!

January 11, 2007

Last evening on CNN-IBN I heard Election officers say that those who do not want to vote should go ahead and register their ‘No Vote’…to avoid being party to False Voting. False voting happens when someone else votes in your name.  It seems like a good option for those who are fed up with political parties. In fact, as this article on indiatogether says:

“40 per cent errors are noticed in electoral rolls in many urban areas, and bogus voting in towns exceeds 20 per cent…Purchase of votes through money and liquor, preventing poorer sections from voting, large scale impersonation and bogus voting, purchase of agents of opponents, threatening and forcing agents and polling personnel to allow false voting, booth-capturing and large scale rigging, bribing polling staff and police personnel to get favours and to harass opponents…illegally entering the polling stations and controlling the polling process all these are an integral part of our electoral landscape.”

Ofcourse, this kind of thing is more likely to happen in rural areas…but bogus/false voting can happen even in metros as it can be done surreptitiously.
Considering that just about 60% of Indians vote (Indian election stats), there is a lot of opportunity for goons to arrange for false voting.
So in case you don’t like any political candidate and you are absolutely sure that you do not want to vote..well, you can go to the voting booth to register your no-vote. You will actually get that little blue dot on your finger…but you do not cast a vote and the booth registers the fact that you are not voting for anyone.

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