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Male teachers banned in primary schools in Delhi to prevent sexual abuse

January 12, 2007

Primary schools in Delhi are banning ALL male teachers, according to a CNN-IBN report. The report says:

“Within the next three months, male teachers will be replaced – wherever possible – with female teachers in Delhi’s 1,200 MCD-run co-education and all-girl primary schools, which teach children up to the age of 11. ”

It is a pity that the the government has been reduced to this in their helplessness to prevent sexual abuse. However unfair it sounds (all males cannot be held responsible for the actions of a few) the very fact that the government is doing it means that something serious has happened. A lot of sex crimes go unreported. What shocked me however is the reasons that the teachers gave against this move. This is what was said:

“This is nothing but a slur on the male faculty,”a local teachers association secretary was quoted as saying by Reuters. “Instead of teaching the students what is right and what is not, the department is giving a wrong message that male teachers are responsible for all sexual harassment.” The Teachers Welfare Organisation also told the Statesman newspaper it would protest against the move as it would result in male teachers losing jobs and girl students being needlessly mollycoddled.”

Teaching students what is right and what is wrong? Mollycoddling girl students? I don’t get it. If this teachers association had said that teachers should undergo a sensitization programme so that they understand what a girl feels when she is molested…if the teachers are taught the right way of touching a girl, then this would certainly be better than banning the teachers altogether. But this is not what the teachers’ association has suggested.
In any case, will the government listen if it asked to tackle this another way? Sensitization programme? Education of teachers? No, that is not an option for the government. Who will understake such a massive programme?
In the absence of any such programme, what the government has done is right. I feel the horrifying Nithari sex killings are in some way responsible for this move. Little kids are incapable of protecting themselves. They may not even know what sexual abuse is and may not report it to their parents. Or if they do know they can be easily intimidated into keeping quiet.

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  1. Subhradip permalink
    January 27, 2007 2:18 pm

    well if its happend , that there are even 0.1% reported cases, its better to teach the MALES a lesson that may even be applied for the whole lot.

    its true our society is infested with hidden criminals who in the pose of gentle man, cause any extent of damage and harm,its a shame on all the males and we should learn a lesson from this, rather than shouting and crying, lets have guts to accept the fact, MAJORITY of MALES in Indian society are in some form of sick sexual disaster”. Shouting and protesting doesnt hide the crime, ask yourself and you will know the answer. HAVE GUTS to face IF you claim to be true MALE

  2. Tamojit das permalink
    August 23, 2009 2:36 pm

    Do not say MAJORITY of MALES those are 3 out of hundred who do this. real MALE just cant even think of this.YES WE HAVE GUTS TO FACE

  3. vasudev permalink
    August 24, 2009 11:01 am

    in any case it is high time men got out of the primary/secondary school teaching business and left it entirely to women touch. somehow i have always felt that it is a job which requires female finesse and care. there are many manly jobs available for the men graduates.

  4. Chatterbox permalink
    August 26, 2010 8:47 pm

    I was repeatedly molested by 2 female teaches when I was 6-7 yrs old at my catholic missionary school in New Delhi. Their punishment for not doing homework (yes they gave homework in class 1 and 2 in those days), not paying attention in class etc, was stripping you semi naked in front of the class while you struggled and pleaded. Boys and girls faced the same punishment.

    Oh and I am also a female. I never complained because I felt it was just another punishment. So, I really don’t see why male teachers are being specifically victimized over this. It won’t make schoolkids (male or female) any safer.

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