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The Shilpa Shetty Big Brother fracas and video

January 17, 2007

The last day or two the Indian media in India has been full of stories of racial abuse against our very own Shilpa Shetty in the reality show Big Brother. She is believed to have been called a ‘dog’, and there have been refusals to pronounce her name correctly. She has been repeatedly referred to as ‘Indian’ and also as a ‘bloody Paki’. All this has shilpa_1_1.jpgreduced her to tears. In fact, more than 10,000 complaints have been made over the treatment meted out to her by her housemates, the other contestants of the show, including Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara. An article in the Scotsman states:

“The media watchdog Ofcom said it had received a record 7,600 calls and e-mails by the end of yesterday (16th) about the treatment of Shetty. (Now gone up to over 39,000). A further 2,000 viewers contacted Channel 4 to voice their dismay. British Asians posted messages on websites saying they were appalled by the programme.”

All this has created a furore in Britain as well as in India. Today, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry in India has held a meeting to discuss this thorny issue, an issue which has taken a political tone. A furious debate is on to discuss whether the racism that Shilpa is facing reflects the attitude of British society as a whole. Some say it is not racism, but simply bullying. There is another person there of African origin inside the Big Brother house and he is not facing any racism.
Well, jealousy could be a factor because Shilpa is more successful and more beautiful than the women in there. Even then, if she was a white and beautiful and successful, say Jennifer Aniston, would she have been treated this way? Obviously not – those bullies would have been worshipping at Jennifer’s feet.
My daughter feels that brown people are the ones who the whites dislike, not black. Black people according to her are more accepted…well, that’s another story, and at this moment one can only say that one doesn’t know all the answers. It is however clear that Shilpa is far more refined and classy than her housemates.
What is scary is that there are people who are thinking of retaliating. A TOI article says that:
“Police in Hertfordshire, north of London, said two emailed threats had been sent to the show’s broadcaster Channel 4. They contain unspecified threats against a number of the housemates. Police are currently looking in to the e-mails…”
To add fuel to the controversy, the Guardian newspaper is claiming (according to a Times News Channel report) that this is all staged, that Shilpa is acting on a script.
If you want to see for yourself what Shilpa is going through take a look at this latest video which has been posted at:


21st Jan: Jade Goody has been evicted from the show. She was reportedly taken out very quietly. News reports are available at: Telegraph, U.K. According to the reports Jade Goody is now fearing for her life because of threats against her. There have also been financial consequences:

“The Perfume Store said it had stopped selling the perfume “Shh…”, which is marketed under Goody’s name, at its 150 stores. Act Against Bullying, the charity Goody supports, removed her photograph from its website. The model Danielle Lloyd, the other girl who bullied Shilpa and who is still in the house has lost a six-figure contract to promote the motorcycle insurance firm Bennetts, which also took all promotional pictures of her from its internet site.”

29th Jan: A lot of things have happened since I wrote the above. Shilpa Shetty has won Big Brother (read post) and plenty of lucrative press and television interviews as well as contracts are waiting for her. Well, the girl has struck a pot of gold. She deserves every bit of the glory because she conducted herself with dignity throughout the whole episode. On the other hand, the invitation by the Tourism department of the Indian Government to Jade Goody to visit India is the stupidest thing that has happened. Why should the government get uptight because one woman insults India and Indians? It shows how insecure we all are. Anyway, I believe the government is already regretting it and has taken the invite back…!

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  1. January 17, 2007 8:49 pm

    It is sad to see adults, in this case famous adults, acting like a bunch of kids at pre-school. Adults who need to be an example to kids and famous people, in some way, are seen as an example for others on this planet, are acting like idiots. These people will cause only more racism in the world. Didnt their parents teach them to respect other people or atleast to treat other people the same way you want to be treated as a person. Is it so hard to call someone by their name??

    Pretty pathetic to see these people, but now we all know how they feel about people who have a different background.

    If it would be the other way around and Shilpa would make these comments, she would have been thrown out immediatly. But these people of channel 4, i guess, support the act of these idiots just to get their ratings up. If they had any respect for human beings at all, they would have given out warnings and if that didnt work, they could have thrown out each and every contestant who dared to say anything like that. That would be respecting people, this is just disgusting.

  2. January 18, 2007 8:14 pm

    We Indians have better things to do than create a fuss about a reality show.Most of these shows are managed and this particular show is about slander and schemeing.I guess Shilpa did her homework before going to Big boss.She is earning a lot of money, according to some more than anybody else in the show. Our politicians need something to divert public attention from the real causes so they jump on any such opportunity.All coloured people know there is certain amount of racism in all western countries ,it is all right to pretend nothing of the sort exists.In a few days something else will someup and our news channels will focus on that.

  3. January 18, 2007 8:51 pm

    Yeah, too much fuss is being made. At first I too was very indignant but later I thought that we are being over-protective of Shilpa. As you said she is making a lot of money…and what’s more, this is giving her a lot of visibility in the international press.

  4. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 18, 2007 11:19 pm

    Interesting comments. I am a 49 year old white englishman. What does not seem to be appearing in the media is the enormous groundswell of support for Shilpa. She is a charming, beautiful woman suffering at the hands of rather poor specimens of our country. Here’s hoping that Shilpa wins this moronic programme if for no other reason than to demonstrate that a favourable proportion of brits are not racist.
    Something that irritates me though; is racism purely a white trait? Look around the world and unfortunately you will find examples of racism everywhere!

  5. January 18, 2007 11:48 pm

    I have watched this programme. I am a white, working class, English woman.

    I get more and more infuriated every time I watch it.

    The three women are bullies, no doubt about it. I don’t think it was racist in the beginning, I am not sure it is now. Shilpa’s culture, and the fact she is Indian, are used as reasons to further insult her.

    The fact that she is a beautiful, graceful, charming and intelligent woman, who is also a bona fide celebrity, one who has earned her status through talent and hard work, only fuels the spiteful insecurities of the three idiots she is unfortunately sharing the house with.

    Shilpa made me laugh last night, when she said if the three ‘witches’ (my word, not hers) came to India, they wouldn’t be able to speak a word of her language, and yet, she can speak English better than they can (I am paraphrasing). She was referring, of course, to the ‘witches’. I compare them now, to the three witches in Hamlet. I am sure in India, you will have your own unfavourable comparison. I am interested to know what that might be.

    I sincerely hope she wins. I, amongst many, will be voting for her. She has carried herself with dignity throughout. Shilpa is positive role model for women of all ages, not the Jade Goody’s, the Jo from some band or other, and a young woman who is only famous for dating a footballer (these are the three witches).

    Shilpa, is lovely. I just hope she can continue with the same courage she has shown so far, and not let these ignorant, foul-mouthed, stupid idiots, run her out of the house.

    In a way, I am glad this has happened. Not for the despicable behaviour that Shilpa has had to endure, but because this has now shown Britain, exactly the type of reputation we don’t need, and for many us, don’t deserve. And, if that’s the way the rest of world views British people, I am moving to Canada.

    Come on, Shilpa, you beauty!


  6. Rick permalink
    January 19, 2007 12:47 am

    I am in total agreement with you bollyfilmfreak, being british and white (nothing to be proud of accept my scottish blood). Maybe it has been blown out of proportion by the media, but what Jade Goody and her mother have done is racism, they are an embarassment, maybe those that have grouped together are put out by Shipla’s natural beauty. They btake the rip out of her accent, well, I can’t understand a word Jade Goody says, how she became famous and a millionair by acting so thiock a few years back I have no idea. That said, Goody now faces ruin due to her actions.

    I appreciate thast there will be some who might think all britians are the same, well rest assurred, we are not, I certainly am not and personally hope Shilpa wins the show now, no one should have to put up with this immature nonsense, we are all human and should learn to understand and appreciate everyone else, then again, if we did thatm, their would be no wars and George Bush would have nothing to do but play golf…

  7. January 19, 2007 12:48 am

    I am appauled of the behavour on the channel 4 show, not ever has such a distrespectful act on any television show in the uk caused so much shame on the british nationality as a whole. I do not agree with the uk national press that this is a racial matter, more of different personalities and upbringing that do not get along together. The whole matter is simply bullying that should not and can not be tolerated in the humane world from issues of race, religion or beliefs as virtually all Uk citizens agree. As a Uk national myself,living in the Uk and a watcher of this show & I would like to apologise for the biggotist,shameful and hurtful comments made by Jade Goody. You will find the star this show created will not be able to work on television again after this outburst and rightly so!

  8. January 19, 2007 2:45 am

    I am fed up with the whole mess,! when people are talking BEHIND OTHER PEOPLES BACK

  9. Jez Sagaris permalink
    January 19, 2007 3:51 am

    Hi to you in lndia, who dont know who Jade Goody is. Let me enlighten you! She was once a house”mate” in the Big Brother house who, through her ignorance and illiteracy and foul mouth, happened to make it “big – she WAS indeed VERY big until she recently had 8KG of fat sucked from her body BEFORE entering the house – although she will have you believe that it is all due to “healthy eating and excercise”. She has had numerous boyfriends – the latest one [Jack Tweed] is what we English call, a “ponce” – who who goes with somebody for their money – she WAS married to a very nice guy with whom she had a child [ maybe two ] but we guess he was TOO nice for suck a pig paced gutter snipe like here – let’s face it – she DOES resemble a pig and maybe when she comes out will consider having the size of her snout reduced before she is snapped up by a French farmer wanting her to sniff for truffles!!!

  10. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 19, 2007 4:09 am

    Hello again,
    I was heartened this evening watching the news on all channels and 2 cognitivley challenging programmes on brit TV tonight: you Indian folk might be pleased to hear that most brits with brains are appalled at the manner in which Shilpa is being treated and the manner in which this programme is manipulated by channel 4 to attract viewers. The programme sponsors have severed their contract with Big Brother and Jade Goodies perfume distributors have ceased marketing her products – it strikes me that she is committing social suicide here. Sadly I do not believe she is truly racist – she is not bright enough to understand the implications of her actions. Here’s to all indians and their contribution to the british past, present and future. Ged.

  11. January 19, 2007 5:12 am

    Good luck to Shilpa ,she is a credit to the viewers . If only the British housemates had the intelligence , decorum ,tact and bearing of this fine woman ,(paid 30,000 GBP.)I am almost certain that she will win .She is beautiful , articulate ,diplomatic ,any viewer can readily see that she deserves all the success she currently has . I am a Scotsman , living in England , racism , of any sort is easily overcome . I would hope that most viewers will realise that the opinion of :Jade: , and her friends , are not the opinion of the majority of British people .

  12. suresh permalink
    January 19, 2007 6:27 am

    how will a girl with moral values go for such a show- even the western world is crying to stop such shows in australia and other countries where such shows are being aired- it is probably the most dangerous show on tv for the youngsters- i cant understand how an indian girl who is supposed to uphold traditional indian values go for such show just to get some money and fame, when the whole civilised world is trying to stop such programmes.
    shilpa shetty’s appearance in the show itself is a disgrace to india
    the others may be racial or whatever- i dont care- she is a disgrace to india- people should not do any damn thing for money

  13. January 19, 2007 8:19 am

    I am quite overhelmed by the response from all the British viewers who have commented. A special thanks to you Queenminx for your detailed comment. If you ever come to India, remember that you have a friend.
    It is clear that people like Jane Goody are in a minority. Every country has them. People who act in an uncivilised manner because they feel anger or hatred or suspicion.
    Actually all human beings feel a certain ambivalence towards those who are different from them…but the question is: How does one express it? Does one attack, try to understand, discuss, or withdraw? I guess ‘attack’ is the worst way of behaving. Whether it is a verbal attack or a physical one.
    Politeness could be a veneer, but without it civilized society would cease to exist.

  14. January 19, 2007 9:27 am

    shilpa shetty knew what she was getting into when she signed up for the show. but preparing yourself for something and actually going through it are two completely different things, so my sympathies are with her…it’s very heartening to read the pro-shilpa/anti-racism comments here.

  15. fredsmum permalink
    January 19, 2007 1:18 pm

    Shilpa is a beautiful, articulate educated woman, whereas some of the others do not have two brain cells to rub together, I sincerely think Jade is not clever enough to be racist, she is simply abusing and bullying because thats how she is, she would have picked on someone else because of the colour of their hair,their weight or their accent. She has no idea how well respected and famous Shilpa is and is jealous,I just hope Shilpa can stick it out long enough for Jade to be voted out,

  16. Paul permalink
    January 19, 2007 1:33 pm

    It’s easy to point the finger at them but we’ve seen the effects of the show for years now – it’s a pressure cooker, a completely distorted view. The residents inside are frustrated and bored and irritable, and the arguments are superficial but have no outlet so they never go away. And no matter which person is right or wrong (are either of them right any more?) they are both too proud to realise how silly it all is.

    Why are we all so focussed on it that WE can’t see how silly it is? The comment by Suresh suddenly reminded me – don’t we usually watch the Big Brother house and laugh in relief that we are not those people, that we haven’t embarrassed ourselves like those people, that we would try and behave better? Unfair of Big Brother to suddenly include someone who isn’t a has-been but a role model like Shilpa – of course the more immature has-beens will be devastated…

    I’m sure that people who attack are those who are insecure and it worries me that the ‘support’ that Jade Goody will get will only be from those who have seen her as right for her mistakes, while those who could educate her will probably just condemn her, refuelling and reinforcing what’s surely not a deeply held belief in racism.

    I just hope that it doesn’t work like that for most of us – that we’ve now got a reason to bring racism out into the open and actually look at ourselves, admit we all have times where we’ve blamed or hated for stupid reasons and try to get past any of that. We probably all need to see part of the world as ‘Them’ whether it be based on country, colour, power or wealth – a scapegoat to curse when we lose out, whatever – but we need to forgive ourselves and others for our uncharitable thoughts (because until we’re saints, we’re not getting rid of bad thoughts are we?) and not let them affect the real world.

    Oh, I wish it was easy. I wish it wasn’t embarrassing to admit when you’re wrong. I wonder how many people keep fights like this going for decades – oh, how I wish they were not so proud. I hope it’s all for the best. I want peace.

  17. Sue permalink
    January 19, 2007 2:15 pm

    I’m in agreement with everyone that the treatment of Shilpa is atrocious, but can I just say that nothing was said when Germaine called Jackie “white trash”. As white people do we have to accept racist comments!

  18. vinitha permalink
    January 19, 2007 3:25 pm

    i am a asian lady i understand what shilpa is going through.i live in uk for the last 35 heart goes out to shilpas sadness in a the programme.she is a beautiful kind hearted lady from good family. I was ill treated badly because i am educated,sucessful,with asserts and drove a very expensive sports car.the “jade goddy mafia” is jelouse of shilpa because these 3 people are common muck. pl dont judge rest of the british community by these is time a asian queen to wear the big brother crown.good luck girl 100%of asian in the uk are behind you and most of the british. we love u keep your chin up.


  19. razdan permalink
    January 19, 2007 4:27 pm

    I am of indian origin and I’ve been living in the uk three quarters of my life. My experience is that the english in their hearts do not want us here.But they are tolerant in the sense that they do not want the world to know that they are a racist people.So they hold their breath and carry on smiling and pretend that nothing has gone wrong. South asians in particular are not liked. Blacks are preferred.This could be reasons of historical importance.British were made to feel ashamed for their colonising tactics in india by educated indians like Gandhi and were forced to leave with their tails between their legs.The English have not forgotten this. That is why Gandhi is not as popular in Britain as he is in the USA.
    The Afro-Caribbeans came as labourers and certainly had problems in the beginning.The mentality of the blacks is totally different from that of the Asians. The south asians have strict traditions and culture which they don’t want to give up that easily.The blacks mingle freely with the whites. Sadly in today’s Britain the blacks take complete advantage of the whites’ dislike for the Asian community.
    Another factor is the economic one. South asians tend to do well economically. This is because of their strong community links and business acumen.They also take up to higher education and challenge the upper middle class of this country. All this has led to a deep seated jealousy among both the blacks and the whites and sometimes one feels the Asians are cornered.The behaviour of the three ignorant stupid white cockney women probably of South London goes to prove how disgustingly racist this society can get especially against anyone who looks Asian.
    A white anglo indian guy was shocked when he realised he was discriminated for his accent which was Indian. No matter what u do the English can never be your friends.There is a saying.’The English may work with you but would never play with you.’
    In a classroom or an office an Englishwoman would talk well with you with humour etc but when she on the street she would ignore you completely fearing that she would be caught talking with a ‘paki’. If the Asians make the mistake of integrating with these people, they could only end up feeling inferior and could be targeted for ‘trying to be like the British’.
    This is where I agree with the muslims of the uk who stand bravely proud of their relgious practices and their impenetrable culture.
    There is certainly racism especially against the asians and whatever relationship there is is only on fractured lines. Positively speaking there are a few decent English who have a sense of conscience and know that this is wrong and these people we should acknowledge and respect.
    Shilpa Shetty would not have had this experience if she did not attempt to ‘be English’ by taking part in big brother. She has now learnt and experienced what the south asian community has been and is seeing since half a century.

  20. January 19, 2007 5:07 pm

    Razdan, I do understand your point of view. It is indeed sad that South Asians are not totally accepted in British society.
    However it is not easy to accept people of other races unless they mingle and integrate. This is the natural human condition. I always put myself in their shoes. Would we in India accept someone as one of us, as an Indian citizen, if they did not integrate? True, we are very accepting of all religions in secular India but we do have cultural expectations.
    The Parsis were accepted in India because when they came to the coast of Gujarat more than a thousand years ago their leader promised the King that they would mingle with the population, and they did. That is why Parsis are a part of Indian culture today and highly respected. They have maintained their religion and continue with their religious practices. They also avoid intermarrying but culturally they adopted a lot of the Gujarati culture like language, dress, some food habits etc.

  21. January 19, 2007 5:10 pm

    I am really appalled by this great hoopla happening around this “Big brother” and its amateur version which happened in India. If shilpa is bearing the brunt of what is happening in the show, she chose herself to go through it. Her agent would have clearly read the fine print of contract which is making her sit in that house. The people there in the house may be losers, wrecks or insane, but she chose herself to be in such a situation. Everyone with some kind of nous knows that you can easily avoid this kind of situations. Now, this whole leap from Bollywood to a U.K viewrship market would have been devised to give a push to her fading career in Bollywood. May be she will get a puny role in some action flick or something like “gorillas on flight” or something of that sort. She will be cleverly manipulating the sentiments or she is following set of codes which he agent would have prescribed her, to siphon out the maximum publicity and sentiments of the viewers. Now, sentiments, yeah it works every where. A poor girl being bullied around and she is so nice and what not and all those maudlin mothers crying for poor shilpa.( please refer the comment above, Queen minx) Its whole lot of a whipped up publicity stunt and more over she herself is trying to put her in a stalemate, from which she is expecting to earn something.

    Now, the question of racism is evident everywhere, it is there right from the footpath to maniacal English premier league club stadiums. The issue of calling her “paki” is simply blown out of proportions, as it is very common in India to refer people from different states with the names of their state : Bihari, Bong, Gulti, Mallu and what not. She for sure as a south Indian would have gobbled a lot of this shite in Mumbai.

    From the land of slums : If we are from the land of slums, Jade Goody, is from a country with so many whining and troubled souls ; who get hurt when we talk about a barrage of atrocities that happened around the world in the name of Imperialism. So many peevish souls out of sheer incapability, always tends to speak about a glossy future and tries to forget about a bloody past, their country made. So many of them gets disillusioned to an extent where they start moaning “give peace a chance”. It’s a whole load of shite, the show, the people in the show and the people outside who are belligerent because of the racist abuse and those pacifists who try to mend a bloody past, trying to talk sweetly.

    This world is running on myths that have been so carefully woven in to the daily lives. Probably a read of Mythologies by Roland Barthes will allow all of us to take a “deviant’s path”

  22. razdan permalink
    January 19, 2007 5:37 pm

    Thank u for ur response nita.But u must understand that the parsis though foreigners were of eastern origin.eastern people may have their differences but somehow suddenly appear to become one.These are anglo saxons we are talking about.
    The phenomenon of so many of indians living and working in the gulf regions in countries like dubai kuwait etc proves that all asians west south or east have something in common. Half of the population in dubai is indian.True we wouldnt accept people who dont mix with us but we tend to worship the white race even though they exploited us and left india bleeding. We still chase them and try to be like them.This is where we make the mistake. we dont have to integrate with them to the point that we lose our originality.In fact they tend to respect us more if we show we are more original and we have our own culture.
    That is why i made the point of the muslims of britain.You will be surprised to know that the scene of british muslim youth has completely changed. I am talking of those actually born here and belong to the third and fourth generation.They are british born but they do not frequent pubs nor have anything to do with the english except during work.They have started dressing in their traditional islamic clothes while still speaking in their crisp british accents and confident approach to life. U dont have to become another race to be accepted by them. Be different.
    The muslim women in their traditional clothes look really dignified and beautiful. In this way the english get confused and know that there is another force to challenge their racism. So they tend to pick on the mosques and the muslim community in genral calling them ‘fundamentaists’ or ‘terrorists’ or whatever to distract public opinion.
    Integration by the way should be a two way system. Otherwise it becomes an integration of subordination of which we indians unfortuantely are very good at.

  23. Rish permalink
    January 19, 2007 11:46 pm

    No way is this racism! There has been no racial comment being made.It is cultural ignorance and bullying. The three girls were finding Shilpa very domineering. But instead of resolving this problem by discussing it in a civilased manner, they decided to gang up on her and poke fun at her. Jade believes Shilpa is ‘fake’ because one minute she is happy, the next depressed. Shilpas crying is very much justified. For Jade, the issue is class more than ‘race’. Her upbringing has not been good, so Shilpa having class is the problem.

    Now let me tell you why some of the conflicts happen. It is because Shilpa displays certain characteristics. For example she makes such comments like ‘When I walk into a room, people stand up’. I am sure she doesn’t mean it like she’s above everybody, but that is the impression Jade gets at least. The fact she has servants is also one of those characteristics. It is a crime in this country to even have them.

    But, the bets are on Shilpa to win the show. Of course, she deserves to win!!

  24. Darren permalink
    January 20, 2007 12:25 am

    Jade and Danielle are NOT Anglo Saxon they are of Scottish and Welsh ancestry. We Anglo Saxons are the most tolerant group within the UK.I am disgusted with the way shilpa as been treated by the three girls, please do not confuse
    the English with the Scottish and Welsh.

  25. Sham permalink
    January 20, 2007 5:00 am

    I am an Indian living in America for the past eight years. I am not surprised by what Ged, Jez, Queenmix, Jason and other White Brits have had to say. Most Brits just like most Americans are very fair and decent people. I have always had White roommates and I can’t stop raving about how good they all have been to me. They all have been very helpful, understanding and sensitive. This Big Brother episode is an aberration and in my firm view doesn’t reflect Britain’s attitudes towards Indians or other minorities of color. I totally disagree with Razdan and feel sorry for his comment.
    I am happy to say that most Indians either here or in Britain don’t feel like Razdan and on the contrary are very happy to live among wonderful people like Ged, Jez, Queenmix, Jason e.t.c

    By the way what’s up with that Mahesh Bhatt? Has he even ever lived in New York or London to go around yelling ‘ Racism Racism ‘.

  26. January 20, 2007 7:38 am

    Racism, in today’s world is intolerant, and obviously very wrong indeed. I am a British white person, originally from Scotland, red haired, freckled, and at the time living in England. I have Asian friends and English friends. Big Brother is NOT real life. In my very humble opinion, it is THE difference in life and all cultures which makes life interesting. If we are all the same, life would woild be exceedingly boring !

  27. January 20, 2007 8:06 am

    I agree with you there. I live in India and I am proud to say that we are a multi-cultural society. I am a Hindu but my best friend in school was a Muslim (now in the USA) and my best friend at work was a Christian (now in Canada). My best friend at college – a Jain and a Sikhni.
    Today I have friends from different backgrounds – and their differences interest me a great deal. However in every society there are bigots and we have them here too.
    I think at heart all human beings are the same. Whatever their colour, religion or race. I do not believe that any race is superior to another…however there are some groups who think so. I feel sorry for them. Reminds me of the Nazi’s.

  28. Ram permalink
    January 20, 2007 1:22 pm

    shilpa must answer any question who ever asked, if she is afraid of anything she can’t succeed, she could answer them in a clear way so that everyone will shut their mouth, I would like to request any indian who ever participates this kind of programmes must be brave & should support their motherland in any situation, if some one insults your motherland..Don’t cry..Answer them..If you can’t leave them alone, they will know the truth after some time, If I am there : I will explain them in a soft way, if they want to fight with me, Will get out of that programme, even i don’t hesitate to slap any one who insults my mother land….
    I appreciate shilps’a work in this regard…Hope whoever insulted my motherland will know the truth///

  29. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 20, 2007 7:05 pm

    Wow! The angry, hurt comments of Razdan and Clash paint us Brits in a bad light. You are in danger of becoming racist yourselves. Trying to respond without being misinterprated in this written media is awkward.
    Britains history has much to be ashamed of. It has much to be proud of too! How can we move forward learning to understand each other, living with each others communities, if we constantly harp on about the past? Am I responsible for invasion of foreign lands and slavey? No! I lived in Singapore as a child and observed that neighbouring indian and chinese kampongs tolerated each other but actually did not like each other very much! There are recent examples of how different faith groups in asia fight and kill each other. There are examples, not least of how India and Pakistan have been warring since their independance,and of muslims killing neighbouring muslims, so please do not paint this picture of asian eutopia – it does not exist and is not a direct result of anglo saxon arrogant militaristic greed.
    The Muslim faith is indeed admirable. Mahat. Ghandi was an amazing man.It is wrong to tar every mosque with the label of extremism. It does not worry me in the slightest to see beautiful, faithful muslim ladies wearing their native clothing. There are much deeper issues than this which frighten people – the only way forward is to learn more about each other; not a pacifist view but one which would wish to find some staus quo.
    Jade Goody is out of Big Brother now and is already learning the hard way whether or not she is a racist. She was the loudest, least intelligent mouth to be heard. I would be more interested in the 2 remaining ‘gang’ members in the house who are supposedly more intelligent.
    As to the ponits made about Shilpa standing up for her mother country and accepting money for this – how judgemental can you get? Shilpa may have been misguided in joining this farce but there is nothing wrong with trying to progress your career. There are many successful asian business people around the world – does this make them evil or bad doers? No, some will be, but many will be good people. Furthermore Shilpa, in very difficult circumstances, has shown herself to be an intelligent, thoughtful, reflective and caring example of asian womanhood. There is also an english woman with her who demonstrates similar traits – perhaps we should make them leaders of the USA, UK, Pakistan & India! I await your flak. Thanks for some kind comments received.

  30. Simi permalink
    January 20, 2007 8:36 pm

    I am really happy to see the support for Shilpa Shetty from both Indians and Brits. I agree with everyone who has posted comments on this page. I think there is no place on earth that is devoid of people who discriminate. I agree with the few people who said that the people who were bullying Shilpa might have not been racist and just jealous. However, even if this were true, racism from “non-racists” is still not acceptable. I think everyone everywhere should be appaled and should react to this situation. This is not the greatest insult against an Indian person. I myself was subject to many taunts by bullies when i came from India to the USA at the age of 14. Since then I had the chance to know these people and I found out that even though they said a lot of mean things, made fun of my accent and my culture they have nothing agaist India. I have forgiven them, but I still dont think what they did was okay, or that people who stood around watching were right. I am pleased to see the attention this has garnered, and I am sure that this racism against Shilpa Shetty will prevent many, many other people from being racist against any culture in particular. Sooner or later, and by the look of things, it will be later, people will get to know different cultures with respect, and this is just a stinging step towards it. I am glad this incident happened, only because it brings to light a very important issue.

  31. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 20, 2007 9:24 pm

    Excellent, balanced perspective from someone who has been on the wrong end of such bullying. I moved around a lot as a child and was subjected to similar taunts because I speak english without local accent. My own two children were subjected to similar bullying when we moved to this part of England. Sadly this is human nature. Some bullies will learn positively from their experiences eventually becoming balanced persons opposed to ignorance. Others will always revel in bullying and racism – nothing will change their attitudes. Ignorance is bliss.

  32. January 20, 2007 9:31 pm

    Ged, I do not believe in any Asian Eutopia either.
    I too wish to forget the past…but sometimes I wonder if the suffering India is experiencing today has some connection with the past. It is not to blame that I remember, it is not with hate at all (my grandfather was a doc in the British Army and he was knighted by the Queen of England) but as an attempt to try and understand why India is suffering so much inspite of it’s rich culture and civilization, and her highly intelligent population. But yes, we need to forget and move on.
    One correction however:- Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu, but he loved both Hindus and Muslims. That is why he is loved by both Hindus and Muslims.
    Thank you for coming to my blog Ged. I appreciate your comments.
    Also, even I do not think anything is wrong with Shilpa trying to advance her career. I simply did not understand why some commentators felt this way but I wanted to give them a voice. On hindsight, I just felt that Shilpa was a big girl and could take care of herself.
    Also, if you feel that any statement that any of the commentators made here is racist, please feel free to tell me. I shall edit it out. I detest racism. I did read the comments again, and some of the comments seemed ambivalent…so I was not sure…

  33. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 21, 2007 12:17 am

    Hello Nita,
    Thank you for your prompt response, comments on Mahat Gandhi, and the suffering in India. I do wish to delete any comments made on this blog site. The value lies in its open discourse. It might be valuable for you and other asian bloggers to advise me why you feel this way?

  34. January 21, 2007 3:47 am

    Finally Jade is out and now she is sorry if she offended anyone…. maybe a piece of advise to her… THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! but then again some people are indeed brainless.

    Shilpa is amazingly strong and she should be. I was glad when she made the comment: And you’re way to fame is this.

    Go Shilpa.

  35. mohit permalink
    January 21, 2007 9:46 am

    Alright guys get this. I am a fifteen year old guy from the U.S. Just today I found out about all this bulls**t about Shilpa Shetty ON MY LOCAL NEW CHANNEL. My sister and I were watching this together when the lady started talking about the god dang Big Brother House crap and the bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. After we got done wathing that part, my mouth was left open. After researching about all this UK reality show we were sickened. I watched many episodes of the fights and I WAS SUPRISED at how the three ******* wailed at Shilpa. Wow those three were trying their best not to say any racial slurs but they got their point across. And she just stood there and watched them and told them to shut up but they wouldnt. You might think that I am being a kid by saying this but I feel offended by watching that show. GOD If i were her I would just ******* shoot her. Oh well I have a lot of stuff to say but not a lot of time. See you blokes later.

  36. fred permalink
    January 21, 2007 7:21 pm

    the media circus have totally stiched up jade goody. she is very stupid, yes but to make out that she is a blood hungry racist who wants to exterminate anyone who isnt caucasian is just absurd!! All the asian comments about how deep down england does want them there!! my god. the only people i dont want in england are those who do not contribute positively to our society. if they are white balck or asian it doesnt matter!! And the asian comments sound like only white people are racist!!!!!! when i heat the torrent of abuse to come out of the aba hamza the muslim cleric about english people, i cant beleive he has been allowed to insite racial hatred so openly. he has been treated better than jade goody, and he actively promotes jihad!!!!!

    lets get some perspective here. we all need tolerance. we can all have a joke and a luagh about eachothers cultures and accents can we, thats what makes us different and interesting.

    come on people, just relax a bit, its all far too pc and frankly unnatural behaviour for human beings.

  37. January 21, 2007 10:15 pm

    Yeah, time to smile now. None of us are perfect.

  38. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 21, 2007 10:45 pm

    Hello Fred,
    Abu Hamza al-Masri has been sent to jail for 7 years as he incited muder and hatred. True, he managed to preach his particular brand of hatred unchecked for a long time – but then we do have the BNP. (for those who do not live in the UK the BNP is a small ultra right white supremacist group).
    The BNP play a cagey game flirting with politics – just as evil as the likes of Abu Hamza.
    I agree with some of what you say.
    Mohit, CHILL, if you knew the background of Jade Goody you would understand that she is poorly educated, puts her mouth into gear before her brain and I suspect now is learning a very hard lesson – ashamed of her behaviour and as a result of being manipulated by the media her livelihood is about to fall apart. We all, and that will include you as you mature, will say and do things that we deeply regret. Think about it, then perhaps you could save some bullets. I bet Shilpa would not wish this upon Jade but then she is an intelligent, mature lady.
    I’m just off to my favourite restaurant, a superb bangladeshi restaurant.
    Best wishes to you all and salem alekum to our muslim bretheren. Ged.

  39. ravikiran permalink
    January 22, 2007 12:51 am

    hi every one,

    I agree with razdan that we dont have to leave our culture to be integrated to a mainstream society.

    But then being in Britain one should follow their examples of tolerance and in their hearts stand for whatever is British.
    I feel that a person who takes the security and all the protection of the british laws cannot say that he wont be with the british in other aspects.This is my opinion.

    Nita’s example of parsis dosent hold water as they even to this day are not totally mixed into the main stream of Indian society but then they are tolerated and are part of our country and our culture.Indian culture dosent expect some outside culture to integrate with it and that is its greatest beauty and our culture itself integrates itself with the outside cultures.

    For example Sikhism which is one of Indias greatest and youngest religion took examples from hinduism and islam.The muslims who came from outside could not resist Indian culture themselves no matter how hard they tried.Islam was accepted and I still admire a lot of young Indians who go to churches and mosques but are at heart Hindus.
    We have our problems too but our country runs smoothly most of the time.Thats because we are tolerant.
    This show has created a lot of misunderstanding about mainstream british society but I do believe its terrible to watch it.It shows ganging up of three white females against one south asian and it is not plesant.

    I think that what ever they said on her face was ok but what can be construed as rasist are the comments which they made behind her back.It was a shock to them when shilpa said’This is great TV but its not good for me..’

    So they want her to come down to their level.

    I think that Jade Goody just wants to win and is not a racist as she simply would have done that to any one she dosent agree with.She was responsible for two white poeple for leaving the show in disgust(ken).So all in all she may be in the wrong place just like shilpa but the other two girls danialle and joe are racists no doubt about that.
    Both of them need blindfolded in Britain and brought to India safely and left in one of our crowded streets without a british passport.I am sure no country would want them back.
    That will teach them a thing or two.

  40. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 22, 2007 1:00 am

    Hello everybody,Just returned from a lovely indian meal. I plucked up the courage to ask the boss and waiters what they thought about the Shilpa/Goody fracas. Worried I might bite off more than I can chew the lads gave knowledgable and measured responses – they feel the media is over cooking the comments of Jade G.
    I asked them if they had been subjected to racism in Fakenham where we live (Until a recent influx of chinese and eastern european working migrants it was a rare sight to see asians or afro-caribbeans) Again the response was not what I expected – they know there is racism around here but they are not directly subjected to it. This was a treat but I feel in part due to the fact that ‘Diego'(He is short and stocky like Diego Maradonna.) played football with the local football team, and his restaurant team always make real efforts to get to know their customers. They are liked and respected members of our community.

  41. January 22, 2007 11:50 am

    I was talking about the past, I am not bothered about shilpa. Racism is evident everywhere; No one can deny this. Britain indeed have a bloody past of plundering and looting and still is continuing to do so in backing America for their unholy tirades. These are facts, but not vacant rhetoric. But i never meant; there is nothing good about U.K. I like the way, british society reacts to these kind of situations; the intellectual dialogues that happen over there; regarding an issue like this. Contrary to what happens in my country, where grave mistake are scorned off!

  42. fred permalink
    January 22, 2007 1:59 pm


    We are being totally overrun at the moment. i an a construction manager. most days i run sites with 100% polish workers. not one can speak more than a few sentences. they have no understanding of building regulation and CDM (h+s) regs. i have to fine one who soes speak enlgishand get them to translate. it will only get worse with bulgaria and romania. my point is that we are seen as a money pot, for everyone to come and take but not give. we all live more and more separately. each race has their own restaurants/supermakets/church/social venues. its like the 1950’s in south america all over again!! but by choice this time. i find it all very unatural as i am a very accepting and open person.

    sure there is the bnp in the uk, but apart from a few unsavoury types its no dfferent to any other national party that wants to protect and uphold their countries values. But i have never heard them openly ask their race to kill another race infront of national cameras in the street. In fact most of what the maintream bnp talk about it what i feel is not being controlled properly. the fact the multiculturalism is not in evidence in the uk. france is worse, there are huge varied amounts of different race and colours living on the face of it together, but there is hge separation and a total lack of integration.

    we are more racist in the uk towards welsh people in my opinion. the tv is full of people mimicking and joking. in fact the standard english joke usually starts “there was and englishman and irishman and a welshman…”

    as i said before, if you must contribute to the society you live in positively. shilpa seems to be a very fame hungry selfish type who is playing this too much!

  43. January 22, 2007 2:25 pm

    Listening to these voices from all over the world has been a learning experience for me.
    I have realised that complete integration is neither possible nor desirable – which means a society where everyone talks the same, eats the same, dresses the same etc. But at the same time segregation is dangerous One needs to build strong bridges across the divide.
    One needs to have a definition of what multi-culturalism is. I think multiculturalism is when each group in a society respects the other’s way of living and friendships and marraiges can happen across the divide without creating a furore. Also, all groups need to be loyal to the nation to which they belong.

  44. Shilpa permalink
    January 23, 2007 11:30 am

    Yeah, thats right, my name is Shilpa too, and I’m born and brought up in the U.S. but am very much Indian. I just wanted to say that after watching this on the news and seeing the horrific things that were said to and about Shilpa, I’m quite appauled. But at the same time, I admire the way Shilpa Shetty has handled it, and to me, she is quite a role model. I dont really watch the show, but I just wish her the best and I hope she wins this thing because from what I have seen, in my opinion, her and Jermaine are the most genuine, and she is a very respectable person…and i’m not just saying that cuz we have the same name, haha. To say the least this may have been a learning experience for her, and on behlaf of all the Shilpa’s out there that I know of, we’re definitely rooting for you, Shilpa! Also, I think Jade sucks and I wouldn’t believe her if she had appologized to me…but since Shilpa Shetty did, that clearly shows she is the bigger person.

  45. surya permalink
    January 23, 2007 2:49 pm

    It was quite appaling to see the amount of furore generated on this issue. I believe firmly that each any every civilised person on this earth condems sternly any sort of racial discrimination need less to say racial abuse. Had it been a case where shilpa would have with drawn from contest it would have been a justifying thing for the reactions right from the cabinet till the common man. but whats more depressing is shilpa is still in the contest for that luring money

  46. fred permalink
    January 23, 2007 11:19 pm

    this was a really good article i read. here is an excerpt:

    “I know this will shock you, but somehow this dumb lady managed to say something dumb about another one of the people on the show. Unfortunately for Jade, she said it about a woman who is, we are told, The Most Famous And Beloved Actress In India Ever, Shilpa Shetty.

    As this was happening, some sort of rift in time and space caused our planet to slip into a Bizarro alternate universe. In the United States, the only side-effect appears to have been that Payton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts were suddenly able to win an important game. Elsewhere, however, it meant that the blurted comments of dumb ladies were suddenly taken really, really, really seriously.

    There were riots against Jade in India, thousands of complaints poured into the offices of Britain’s television regulating body, accusations of bullying and racism headlined every media outlet, religious leaders weighed in with opinion and appeals for calm, and Prime Minister Tony Blair found himself addressing the issue in Parliament. It was ridiculous.”

  47. Sunny A S permalink
    January 24, 2007 10:19 am


    It is a nice place u have up and running.

    However coming over to this issue don’t you feel we have been spending more than usual time dissecting utterings of some ignorant females all cooped up in an isolated place where the game itself demands them to be at their bestial best in order to survive. Rather than looking at these jibes with racial ovetones I’d rather term these outbursts a combination of ignorance, competitiveness, jealousy all coming into play with different personalities locked up. But would certainly commend Shilpa’s stance throughout during the phase.

    I too had posted my two cents on the whole issue on my space, may be that will help explain my point better.

  48. 123456789 permalink
    January 24, 2007 8:27 pm

    Jade Goody is just an illiterate, uncultured and an ignorant bully. Why did a popular show like big brother bring her into the house in the first place. Shilpa Shetty may not be representing India but a cultured Shilpa shetty is an example of a 21st century Indian.

  49. NZ Indian permalink
    January 25, 2007 2:46 pm


    Its all rather amusing this debate….I’m of Hindu Indian descent but born & brought up in NZ. I’ve lived in the US & Asia in addition to NZ & frequently travel the globe for work (Europe/Asia 3-4 times a year) meeting people of all cultures, creeds & religions.

    Here’s my 2 cents worth

    In every culture there is prejudice as well as tolerance & understanding. No one culture has a monopoly on either.

    The very same upper/middle class Indians who are loudly bemoaning the comments directed at Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother practice an institutionalized form of racism (the Hindu caste system) that rivals that seen during the worst excesses of slavery in the United States. Lower caste Hindus are shunned and treated like animals for no other reason than their perceived birth status. A ‘fair’ skinned bride is coveted by prospective grooms, as can be witnessed in any one of the millions of matrimonial notices published in India on any one day. Someone of darker complexion is considered less attractive….you get the picture.

    Similarly, there are many Asian cultures who discriminate against other Asian cultures in a manner far worse than anything we have seen on Big Brother. Ever asked a Korean immigrant how they get treated in Japan?

    On the flipside, my experience is that the majority of those of European descent in Western countries are not blatantly racist. Sure, there is a small percentage who are the exception but, by & large, society is open-minded & prejudices are not ingrained. Rather, they arise from either negative personal experiences of other cultures or perceptions brought about by lack of knowledge – frequently exacerbated by the establishment of cultural islands by immigrant cultures that discourage mixing within society.

    On some level at least, there is a willingness on the part of Western societies to accept immigrants from different cultures. Frequently these immigrants form their own cultural enclaves which then plant the seed of concern in their host society that their way of life will slowly erode. Who is to blame for the host society feeling suspicious of other cultures?

    Prejudices can change over time with social engineering. Witness the change in the US from the end of segregation in the early 1960s to the present day where there is an African-American Secretary of State & an (seriously regarded) African American candidate for the Oval office in 2008. By contrast, progress in breaking own the caste system in India has moved at a glacial pace.

    There are 2 sides to every coin.

    Let me ask you; if someone has not been exposed the Indian culture & their impressions to date have been formed by a media that only portrays the disadvantaged sectors of Indian society, can you really blame them for being misinformed? Or is it the media’s fault for not reporting objectively? Or is it the individuals fault for not bothering to be more proactive? Or is it the immigrant cultures fault for not mixing in society better?

    It’s no ones fault .its just the way it is…

    What I have seen on Big Brother is not racism. Unsavory – sure. Rude & ignorant – undoubtedly. Racist – I’m not sure!

    Rather, its 3 rather ineloquent, not very cosmopolitan women trying to gang together & use whatever they can to unseat another girl who they perceive as their biggest rival. That’s the nature of the game. You can bet that had Shilpa been voted off instead of Jane, these 3 would eventually have turned on one another as they vied to be the ‘last man standing’

    The whole show has been engineered by the channel bosses to be a tinderbox for tension that can then be recorded in detail & edited to give whatever slant will garner the most ratings. It just so happens that the tensions have been exacerbated because contestants span a wide cross-section of class, education & ethnicity. Just because that person bearing the brunt of the tension happens to be Indian, this has become a race issue. Would there have been as much of a stir had Jane made fun of a French girl’s accent? Or criticized a German girl’s cooking? I don’t think so.

    Humans are all tribal by nature & we all think that our tribe is better than the next lot. As the world globalizes very quickly, we come face to face with other tribes with the same notions of superiority that we have. Is it little wonder that we are seeing sparks when these notions collide?

    The British & other Europeans colonized & terrorized non-Europeans. But there were also plenty of non-Europeans who colonized & terrorized other non-Europeans in far more brutal fashion – Genghis Khan for one. This was not institutionalized racism, it was unbridled greed – another quite human affliction

    Humans will always try to focus on people’s differences rather than their similarities. We will never see a time when all cultures & creeds live together in absolute equality. What we can hope to achieve, however, is all cultures & creeds living together with an acknowledgment & respect of individual differences.

    I think Shilpa is doing the right thing. By taking it on the chin & battling rather than returning cheap insults in kind, she’s shown that poise & dignity in the face of adversity is a far more attractive then petty bickering.

  50. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 26, 2007 12:07 am

    Hello everybody,
    My last message went adrift – possibly too contentious? Whatever, have found the various contributions really interesting with lots of good sense and now a super response of NZ Indian.

    It’s not certain that Shilpa will win BB as the dynamics of the programme will change as the storm in a tea cup settles. Whatever happens, she’s got us lot corresponding!

  51. john mackie permalink
    January 29, 2007 3:08 pm

    This IMHO.. and suspicion, is an ENTIRELY manufactured outrage. How? WHY?
    In these times of a manufactured “war on terrah” on “darkies”, race relations in U.K. have taken a bit of a beating. Asians in UK – from looking at them, might all be assumed to be radical islamists. SO…..

    Put one highly intelligent, educated, priviledged from the day she was born, (deceitful)…., Bollywood “star” in an artificial environment with a “common” and TOUGH… grew up the hard way…. working class girl like Jade.
    Light touch paper… and wait for the fireworks to go off.

    Result? Some jealousy generated confrontation that you will ALWAYS get when you put a wannabe princess amongst the working folk…. and you get your MASS BEATDOWN of a supposed racist, so that everybody else can display their supposed anti-racist credentials.
    From top (government/TV watchdogs etc.) to bottom (a collection of equally ignorant TV viewers).

    So. Jade gets beaten up.
    Shilpa “wins”. (Who ever expected anything else).
    And “Brand-UK” supposedly and cleverly therefore reestablishess its anti-racist credentials. Willing to throw one of its own to the wolves to prove it.

    THEN. Act Two.
    Jade goes to India. Eats some curry… gets a red dot painted between her eyes….blah blah blah.
    And comes home a “convert” to merrily sing the praises of your WONDERFUL country. You know… the one in which all are treated equally, no racism, skin colour never an issue, etc.

    And then Act Three. They all lived happily (and richer) forever.
    It’s a cynical con. Albeit a very professional executed one with some supposed greater good objective in mind. But an articifically created morality play kind of con, nonetheless.

    My only question is whether Jade is IN ON IT herself. I personally think not. She’s just following, somewhat involuntarily, a script she has no part in writing. But Channel 4 certainly is. As is some black-op part of New Labour spin managed government. All in the name of manufactured public opinion.

    Welcome to the brave new world of hypnotised TV viewership in U.K.
    We are at a stage in human development in the west, at which the masses are educated/conditioned sufficiently to follow (mouth open) such behavioural training processes, but insufficiently to see through them. So the opinion formers press their buttons.


    WAKE UP.

    I must admit… the whole scam-scheme is BRILLIANT! Wish I’d thought of it myself.
    NAMASTE to all. My dry-humour comments notwithstanding. Just to get your attention I suppose. And yes, India is one of 9 Asian countries I’ve been to.
    From Thailand! (With my Asian wife).


  52. Ged Durkin permalink
    January 29, 2007 10:26 pm

    Shilpa has won and a black Americamn came second – the two nicestb examples of people in there. mmmmm…a racist country?

  53. January 30, 2007 6:00 am

    John, I find it odd though that you think that only Shilpa was playing to a script, not Jade. Jade is experienced in TV and tough too. If this show was staged, then everyone was in on it, not just one party.

  54. fred permalink
    February 2, 2007 4:08 am

    jade is hardly experienced is she!! she has not stopped bumbling out idiotic arrangments of words since she first appeared on tv. she just accidentally managed to sell trashy mags to other stupid women and therefore earned enough to have a mananger clever enough to avoid her messing up…except in the house on her own again! she is and always was a pawn. its politics driving media like it always has been.lets be honest, i dont go to iraq to find out about how the ‘wa’ is going. its reported to me in various forms in the tv and newspapers. not sure which one is ‘right’ but they are all just coloured reports to influence us. try not to listen to any of it cos its all mostly flase and angled to guide us in their appointed direction

    and nita, i noticed one of my posts also dissapeared. it wasnt inflamatory so please dont sensor the comments. you are not better than the rest of the media then!!

  55. February 2, 2007 5:27 am

    Fred, I have not deleted a single comment of yours. There is nothing in your comments that is required to be deleted…! I have deleted only 2-3 comments on this forum and they are that indians are xxx, and whites are xxxx! Those sort of comments will not find a place here I am afraid. Those comments are not making an argument, just cursing.
    However, sometimes genuine comments get into spam. I do check spam but at times a comment might escape my notice.
    All views are welcome here. In fact I love a discussion.

  56. Khawer Javed Roy permalink
    February 8, 2007 11:55 am

    well… i’ll go for shilpa.some people taking over the world but they can’t fix the racial problem isn’t it strange.shilpa deserves to get respect because she’s a good actress.i feel realy bad for shilpa.i think if i m not at mistake she got more respect in pakistan more than the united kingdom.i liked her not because she’s a good actress but she’s a good human being.she showed respect to pakistani flag our people and offcourse we’ll go for shilpa.i know there is 60 year old enmity between the pakistan india but whatever they don with shilpa we realy dont like that and that was so stupidity.every time they insult the asian people.i think it’s the time to empower asia.congratulations to shilpa to won the race

  57. Sanjay permalink
    March 1, 2007 10:59 pm

    oh what a huge hue and cry about some rasicm aginst an indian actress.


    Plese let us all indians stop discriminating against each other, in case you dont know, even that is racism, then complain.

    And before opening our mouth again in protest, do we forget even today indians cannot accept darker skinned africans on equal terms. Which of you non- racist indians would come forward and marry their children to an african, or lesser still share a room with them??Absolute truth bites, doesn’t it?IS that not racism , whoa, i am surprised, how did the rules of racism change here?Yeah,?! did i hear a pin drop. Why does the next indian who is not a racist speak up.

    Let us accept first, WE ARE THE MOST RACIST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. having absolutely not right to complain against it.

    LET US ALL PRACTISE BEFORE WE PREACH, yeah i mean all indians, myself too.

  58. July 25, 2007 1:54 pm

    I agree with Sanjaya. India itself has a lot of racism issues. Ask me man, I am from the North Eastern Part of India and i encounter racists everyday. At work, at the streets and in restaurants in India. So why are all Indians infuriated by Shipa Shetty’s show when its going on in our own backyard !!!

  59. Raj permalink
    June 26, 2008 6:57 am

    I agree with u Sanjay.

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