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South Mumbai serial killer or the ‘beer man’ – complete and updated report

January 18, 2007

Earlier, not much information was available about Mumbai’s recent ‘beer man’ ‘gay’ serial killings. But as the killings continue (DNA India report) a pattern has fallen into place and police have been able to glean a lot more.
The following points have emerged:
1) There are 8 victims as of today.
2) The ‘beer’ killer (first referred to by this epithet because he left beer cans at the site of three of the murders) is not leaving behind those cans anymore…obviously leaving the cans behind was not a deliberate attempt to identify himself. He is just a beer guzzler.
3) The victims (all young) were killed by being hit on the head by a stone and stabbed in the chest. (NDTV news report)
4) Though all the men killed have been poor, some of them homeless, it is surmised that the killer himself is not poor…partly because he drinks beer out of cans. Poor people in India do not buy beer in cans.
5) It is possible that he is moving around in a car as he is believed to be well-off.
6) It is likely that he is young (around 30-35) and well-built as he has been able to overpower his victims easily.
7) The killer sites are secluded spots…the killer knows South Mumbai well.
8. It has also emerged (though the forensic report is awaited) that that the man is a killer of homosexuals. He is himself a homosexual as he is believed to have had sex with five of his victims before killing them.
9) At the fourth murder scene the killer has left a note in very good English. Most of it is undecipherable (or the police is not letting on what it contains) but one of the things he has said in the note is:
‘Welcome to the clan.’
10) Though there are differences in the modus operandi – police believe that all these 7-8 murders have been committed by the same man.

The fact that the last three murders were committed just days of each other (end of December last year) and all in the same area – South Mumbai- has left people jittery. And it leaves one wondering whether the the police have made any headway at all?
It didn’t seem so – until today. Today it has been reported in the TOI, that a 30-year-old woman has approached the police claiming that she has “seen the killer in the Marine Lines area on the evening of January 11, a day before the seventh victim was found on the foot overbridge near the Income Tax office.”
Well, an eye-witness is what the police need desperately at this time…but it remains to be seen if the suspicious looking man seen by this woman is indeed the serial killer the police are looking for.

25th Jan: There are reports in the TOI today that the police have a suspect whom they believe to the ‘beer man’. Apparently the man was seen by some witnesses…and his hand-writing seems to match the note. He has passed his tenth standard and is a vagrant. One tabloid went as far as to say that he hypnotises people into going with him! Well, as of now the police have not been able to find solid proof linking this man to the murders. In fact as the murders had different modus operandi, one wonders whether the police have jumped to the conclusion that all the murders have been committed by just one man. Hopefully the police will solve this case soon.

31st Jan: The police apparently have the beer man in custody and a narco-analysis test will reveal whether this is the man they have been looking for.

8th Feb: The man’s name is supposedly Ravindra Kantrulu aks Abdul Rahim but the man has not confessed as yet. From evidence that the police have gathered it appears as if they can pin one of the murders on him. Well, the serial killings have stopped so it is likely that this is the right man.

16th Feb:The case is solved at last. The killer is 36 years old and yes he is the same Ravindra Kantrulu. He has confessed to killing 15 people under questioning/narco-analysis. Apparently the man used to entice his victims to drink beer before killling them. He has denied sexually abusing his victims, but then he has been uncooperative throughout the questioning. He was also subjected to brain-mapping. Well now Mumbaikars can breathe easy as the killings have stopped.

However, there are some who feel that this guy Ravindra mat not be guilty. He is not a homosexual (who knows??) and all the evidence gathered so far seems to be narco analysis and none of this is admissable in the courts. This guy some say is ‘harmless’ just because he appears ‘harmless’? I don’t know how a man who used to be part of an underworld gang and is a drug addict can ever be harmless? Underworld= crime and drugs= lack of control. Whether this man is the beer killer or not, it is clear that he is a criminal. The police did recover a blood-stained shirt from him after all. The man also has been abandoned by his family and is homeless.

20th Feb: The man apparently did not sodomise the victims, although all victims were homosexuals. Kantralu or Kantrole claims that he doesn’t like homosexuals and therefore killed them.

24th Feb: The relatives and friends of this Kantrole person as saying that he couldn’t be a killer! But don’t they know that serial killers can be awfully good at keeping up appearances? In fact in history, quite a few serial killers have led double lives and their wives never suspected that the men they living with were killers.

1st March: Difficult to believe but two more murders of young men have taken place in Mumbai and the police admit that the killings have been similar to the ones that have taken place earlier. However so far the details of the similarities have not been released to the press. A CNN IBN report said that the police are looking into the possibility of the beer man having an accomplice. But how can such a psychotic person have an accomplice? He is not killing for money. And according to the police this so called beer man Kantrulu has actually confessed during narco-analysis. So -what is the truth?

4th March: Another two murders in the city…committed by another psychotic? Some say that Ravindra Kantralu is not guilty at all, but the police has said he has confessed under narco analysis. Anyway, the guy who was attacked, Raju Gupta, has identified his attacker and its not Ravindra Kantralu who has so far been charged of two murders committed earlier, in January. The new person who has been caught is a Bangladeshi national. He operated in the same area as Kantralu and killed his victims after feeding them dinner (like Kantralu). However the police have not given out whether homosexual relations had taken place…well, it looks like these are two separate killers. Psychos both. This Bangladeshi guy could well be committing these murders in imitation of the earlier serial murders.

12th July 08. The Beer man also known as Ravindra Kantrole has been acquitted of two cases against him as you can read from this report. The police have not managed to make a strong enough case against him. After he was arrested, the murders have stopped and this makes one feel that perhaps he is guilty. But unless the police find evidence Kantrole will walk away a free man.

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