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Political parties play politics over serial killings and waste public money by issuing ads!

January 29, 2007

It is indeed disgusting, but the worst ever serial killings the country has left politicians in squabbling, as this and this report shows. A quote from the NDTV news report:

The unholy mix of politics in the serial killings has made the case even more revolting. With elections on the anvil, Nithari has become the stage for political upmanship.
As politicians flocked to the crime site with token messages of regard for human lives, one could sense desperate attempts to extract political mileage from the killings.
First came Congress President Sonia Gandhi who questioned the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP was not far behind with Atal Bihari Vajpayee pointing fingers at the Mulayam Singh government

Right from the BJP, BSP to the Congress – they are all after Mulayam’s Singh’s Samajwadi party’s blood. The soon to be held Assembly elections in Mulayam’s Singh’s Uttar Pradesh will see heads roll. And in a desperate bid to stay in power, the state government decided to squander lakhs and lakhs as a self-defense measure! Take a look at this full-page ad which appeared in several mainline newspapers.


It’s revolting that this money is being spent not on the victims of Nithari, but to save the fortunes of the Samajwadi party.

And what does this ad achieve except play the same blame game? It accuses the Congress of not solving the disappearance of 26000 kids from Delhi. It asks Maharashtra what it has done to get to the bottom of the molestation case at the Gateway of India. It also asks the Congress what it is doing to protect the lives of migrant labourers in Assam after more than 70 of them were mercilessly done to death recently….and well, the list goes on.

The most ridiculous claim that this advertisement makes is that crime figures in Uttar Pradesh have decreased! It is an open secret that the National Crime Records Bureau’s statistics, at least in the case of UP, are false. The crime rates are low because the police refuse to register crimes! In fact it was for this very reason that the police had no clue about the Nithari murders for so long…more than two years. Parents had complained, they had even told the police whom they suspected, but the police did not register their complaints.

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