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Some tips to prevent the most common cyber crime – cyber stalking

January 31, 2007

No extensive studies have been carried out on cyber stalking, but the best one I found on the net was this one by Wired Safety. It says that “cyberstalking is on the rise and women, senior citizens and children are the most likely targets.” Well, considering that more than a million women and almost 400,000 men are stalked annually (quoting United States figures, ncvc stats), it follows that cyber-stalking is following suit. As more and more people become computer savvy, the population of cyber stalkers is imitating real life. Unfortunately, no such survey has been carried out in India but from the growing number of cyber stalking cases reported in the media it is clear that cyber stalking, hitherto unknown here is reaching alarming proportions.

An example from India:

Manish Kathuria was recently arrested by the New Delhi Police in India’s first case of cyberstalking. He was stalking Ritu Kohli by illegally chatting on the Web site MIRC using her name. He used obscene and obnoxious language, and distributed her residence telephone number, inviting people to chat with her on the phone. As a result of which, Ritu kept getting obscene calls from everywhere, and people promptly talked dirty with her. In a state of shock, she called the Delhi police and reported the matter. For once, the police department did not waste time swinging into action, and a case has been registered under Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code for outraging the modesty of Ritu Kohli…

A Financial Express report says:

“Cyber crimes in India are slowly evolving from a simple e-mail crime (sending obscene materials over e-mail) to more serious crimes like hacking and source code theft. …there are also cases involving sending obscene e-mails to women colleagues from their male counterparts…usually such messages are sent out from cyber cafes. However, with the help of internet service providers, the police can trace where these mails have been sent from.”

The methods used by cyber stalkers all over the world are the following:

E-mail/ instant messaging
Identity theft
Building hate websites
Posting false profiles
Posting fake sex ads/images of victim online
Provoking attacks against the victim by others
Posing as the victim and attacking others
Contacting victim’s family or employer
Posting in a newsgroup or on a bulletin board, online
Following the victim from site to site

Cyber stalkers have been classified into different categories
1) Obesessed lovers.
2) Delusional people who often believe that a stranger is or can fall in love with them…as in the case of fans stalking celebrities.
3) Vengeful cyber stalkers are those who have a grudge against his victim due to some minor or imagined reason.
4) Racist stalkers who target particular communities
5) Egoistic aggressors who want to show-off to their friends.

As this site says:“63,000 internet stalkers travelling the information superhighway, stalking approximately 4,74,000 victims at any given time”

So its best to take some advice from experts:
1) No to sharing personal information online
2) No to filling out profiles on websites
3) No to using gender specific or provocative screen names or e-mail addresses
4) No to flirting or arguing online
5) No to sharing your passwords
6) Yes to setting up a special e-mail address for cyber contact
7) Yes to a good anti-virus program
8. No to replying to cyberstalkers
9) Yes to saving all communications on your computer
10) And yes to reporting cyberstalking to the police! Its a grave matter, so take it as such

India’s new laws aim to protect citizens:

“While it is difficult to monitor people surfing on home PCs, daily entries at cyber cafes should be strictly monitored opines Rohas Nagpal, president, Asian School of Cyber Laws. “The laws for mandatory registration for every first visit by a customer to a cyber cafe is a must across all over India now. Ideally, every person should provide contact details and a photo identity when visiting a cafe for the first time,” adds Nagpal. ”

Do laws deter cyberstalkers?
Many doubt the efficacy of such a rule as cyber cafe owners are often casual in their approach or may be hand in glove with the stalker. However, while this new rule will not deter the hardened stalkers, it will certainly deter any eogistic Tom, Dick or Raju from having fun at the expense of someone else. He will be forced to provide identification like a driving licence before he is allowed to use a computer.
In fact this site reports that soon there will be web cameras installed so that every person’s photograph will be taken before he starts to browse! Besides, special ID cards may be issued.
Why all these laws? Well, the government has been provoked to think up these measures as several high level government functionaries have recieved threatening emails from cybercafes.

Here are some important addresses and telephone numbers.

    Mumbai Police:
    Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (Crime Branch, C.I.D), Annex-III Building, Police Commissioner Office, Crawford Market, Mumbai. 22630829/22641261
    Mumbai Cyber Lab:
    Delhi Police:
    Chandigarh Police:
    Assam Police:
    Haryana Police:
    Himachal Pradesh Police:
    Hyderabad: Crime Investigation Department, 3rd Floor, D.G.P. Office, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad-500004
    23240663, 27852274, 23297474 (Fax)
    Bangalore for the Whole of Karnataka
    Cyber Crime Police Station. C.O.D Headquarters, Carlton House,
    # 1, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560 001. 22201026/22943050
    2387611 (FAX)
    Chennai for Rest of Tamil Nadu
    Cyber Crime Cell. CB, CID
    Chennai. 98414-22844
    Assistant Comissioner of Police
    Cyber Crime Cell
    Commissioner office Campus
    Egmore, Chennai- 600008. 55498211
    Mobile: 98410-13541
    Res: 25500503.
    CBI Cyber Crime Cell: Cyber Crime Investigation Cell Central Bureau of Investigation, 5th Floor, Block No.3, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 3, Phone: 4362203, 4392424 : EMail: Web:

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  1. February 1, 2007 8:32 pm

    Thanks for helping spread the word. I would welcome your help in building better information for everyone, especially those in India. Interested in joining? Please contact me personally. In the meantime, again, thanks!

    Parry Aftab,
    Executive Director,

  2. Devshree Bhardwaj permalink
    February 20, 2007 6:07 pm

    Thanks for such an informative article on the uprising cyber crime. I am personally facing some problem related to same, these days and am desperately searching for some useful information and contacts. Now i may definitely think of going ahead and lodging a complaint without losing any time.

  3. April 23, 2007 3:48 pm

    it is true that cyber crimes mostly target women and teenage children. the law in India regarding cyber offences and punishment is still young and needs to be amended . the article provides important tips as well as various informations which were unknown before.

  4. Badhal Pawan permalink
    May 2, 2007 5:01 pm


    I have been trying to Contact Chennai CB CID & Local Police Department for past 2 months, but am still unable to reach. I had reported against a “KIDNEY BROKER” but my e-mail was ignored.

    I would appreciate if anybody could mail me Proper Contact Information (E-Mail Address) of Chennai CB CID and Police Department.

    your suggestion will be appreciated.

    Badhal Pawan
    badhal.pawan (at)

  5. May 20, 2007 12:33 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Recently i have been offered an employement through e mail in U.K. My recruitment agency asked for some money as processing fee for work permit.I did the same as they showed some documents looks like original.They have shown me my employee company appointment letter(Chevron North Sea Limited, UK) and shown LLOYDS TSB BANK,UK rembursement letter,even work permit of UK Government.I was surprised when the again asked for some more money to open an salary accout with LLOYDS Bank.I was very furious and took help of some expert in web world and got informed that i have been cheated.I have received fake documents.They have created web site address or hacker. I am afraid that i will not get back my money.I wrote to UK police, UK emmbesy, chevron USA, Chevron UK, LLoyds Bank UK.But nobody is helping me out.Kindly help me to catch this worldwide racket.I came to know so many others also suffered in India.

    Surjeet Dhara

  6. hnno permalink
    June 4, 2007 8:15 pm

    Dear Surjeet Dhara, and All;

    recently, I have been cheated too. Unfortunately, I Knew it is cheating case after I transfered the first batch of money (i.e. for OTIP certificate). every thing was look like orignal documents, and I think they request for more money as they still thinking I am a good victum. really, it was the same scenario that was happened with you (I mean the company name, work permit,…etc).

    please, if you found any way to returen your money, let me know, I will appreciate it.


  7. nitin kumar permalink
    July 9, 2007 6:30 pm

    for about a month i am receiving the mails which says that i am the winner of $100,000/- us dollar and a BMW car. some says even more $19.5 million US dollar.
    is there any method to trace these types of people. please tell me. i am sending some e mails matter that i have received


    mail 1

    The prestigious Microsoft and AOL has set out and successfully organised a Sweepstakes marking the middle of year anniversary we rolled out over 100,000.000.00 (One Hundred Million Great BritainPounds) for our middle of year Anniversary Draws.For more information and to file for your claim Please Contact your Financial Controller via email immediately with details below:
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    Dear Winner,

    Congratulations once again from all the staff here. Your e-mail address which is( attached to ticket number EL-23133 EL-35,serial numberEL-123542 and reference number EL-9318 drew winning number 14-6-7-9-07,consequently won in the 2ND category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of £700,000.00(Seven Hundred Thousand pounds sterling).AND A BRAND NEW 2005 HAUSKAA VAPPUA MERCEDES BENZ CAR in cash credited tofile reference number: IPL/4249859609/WP1 which is deposited with a Finance & Security Company in your favor as beneficiary and Covered with HIGH INSURANCE POLICY.

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    Attached here is a copy of our verifications form, please fill accordingly so as to proceed with your winnings. Once again congratulations from all the staff of Accu lottery.

  8. July 9, 2007 6:46 pm

    Ofcourse there is a way to track the person or company. You need to complain to the cyber police cell in your city with a copy of th email. Only they have the ability to do it as they have official contact with emal service providers.

  9. Ashiq permalink
    August 16, 2007 9:12 am

    I am also interested int his kind of articles.I am also making contents for a cyber crime awareness site. I think u can hepl me in this..Suggest your ideas if you dont mind.

    Ashiq Azeez
    Information Security Engineer

  10. August 16, 2007 9:16 am

    Ashiq, you are doing good and useful work but I am afraid I am not the right person to help you. I am a writer who has limited knowledge of each subject. I am not an expert on anything except writing. Even the latter, I have a lot to learn!

  11. Sanjit Setua permalink
    September 4, 2007 3:12 pm

    Thanks all for their comments.
    I am interested to get the information about different types of cyber crimes. With my student group we are trying to update the knowledgebase of the user groups.

  12. Anil kumar Saini permalink
    May 7, 2011 12:54 pm

    for about a month i am receiving the mails which says that i am the winner of $500,000/- us dollar and a BMW car. some says even more $19.5 million US dollar.
    is there any method to trace these types of people. please tell me. i am sending some e mails matter that i have received

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    Your Backup Documents include a covering document of Money Laundering Protection, Letter of Affidavit for Claims from the British Government, Insurance as well as Winning Certificate.

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    After the amount is completely transferred to your local bank account, Mrs. Jennifer Scott will proceed to your home to hand over your backup documents to you and also snap photograph with you and your family.

    Congratulation once again.

    Yours Faithfully
    John Clifford
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    ATTN:Mr Anil S Kumar
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    Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 09:57:10 +0000

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    Contact us on the customer help line at top of this mail for further clarification or any difficulty.
    For any help and problems do not hesitate to contact us, and If you find any problem opening the above link, kindly contact us for any assistance you may need:
    Treat with kind attention and reply to our official email address below.

    Note: A copy of this email also forwarded to your delivery officer for her personal update.
    We look forward to serving you better.

    Best Regards,
    Customer service department
    Reserve Bank of India.
    Customer care line011-65032572

    Sir Plz contact me my no- 09780068124, Chandigarh

  13. sergio permalink
    May 26, 2011 3:29 pm

    i think cyberstalkers are people that needs help seriously thats sick people that stalk otha ppl y

  14. OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity permalink
    August 19, 2014 8:25 pm

    Good Article, You have classified Cyber stalkers into 5 categories , please add a 6th Category : Organized Stalker or Gang Stalker .
    I have been a victim of Cyber stalking which is part of Organized Stalking or Gang Stalking in Chennai for the past 6 years. I have filed several complaints with the cyber crime cell , chennai and the CBI , but have got no relief.
    Cyber crime in India has a low conviction rate of less than 0.5% (Check National Crime Records Bureau website for the latest statistics) and that is what is allowing this crime to thrive and grow with impunity.

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