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Study shows that Shah Rukh is doing well on KBC

February 3, 2007

Kaun Banega Crorepati, an Indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire has been fairly successful here but I always found it a trifle boring. In its previous avatars it was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan and people couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful Amitabh was in it. I couldn’t quite get it though. Sure, Amitabh looked classy – like he was all set to do a merger deal with a multinational company! And you saw him once. You saw him twice. Maybe thrice. Then you yawned. He was impecably the same. Some viewers were far more patient than I was…but the ratings started to fall in the second season.

Now in its third avatar, KBC has thankfully got a younger, more spontaneous star to steer the show along – Shah Rukh Khan. The guy does try a little too hard (that’s his trademark) but he is lively, intense, even witty. Yeah, a clown. But at least he tries to entertain us. Thats important isn’t it? It makes the show more interesting. Amitabh may have looked dignified but who wants to see someone like Ratan Tata host a TV show? Unless you are in awe of the persona of the host the show will become boring like it did for me. I am not in awe of either of these guys and I feel that anyone who is not familiar with either of these stars will prefer Shah Rukh.

No wonder a study by OMS (Optimum Media Solutions in association with Hansa Research) in Mumbai and Delhi revealed that 60 per cent of the viewers have decided not to miss any more episodes of KBC3! And the other 40 per cent are sure that they will watch at least the next few episodes. Thats a big change from what they felt before KBC started. A pre-programme study had shown that only 21 per cent had said that they wouldn’t miss any episode and 71 per cent couldn’t give a clear answer. People were sure that Shah Rukh wouldn’t be able to match up to Amitabh (meaning he doesn’t look serious and dignified enough!) and that was why the initial reactions were lukewarm.

(Amitabh picture sourced from Rediff and Shah Rukh’s from glamsham)

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  1. vivek mittal permalink
    May 17, 2008 3:10 pm

    I was never a Amitabh Bachchan fan, probable because i never saw many of his movies of 70’s when he used to be a superstar


    when i saw KBC, i witnessed something special on the small screen…what i liked most about Mr Bachchan was his warmth when he interacted with the participators, he looked classy, dashing, affectionate, natural and full of confidence

    Also we got to know how Mr Bachchan talks as his own self and not as a character….and he won hearts of all of us acting as his own self , making KBC-1 the most successful show in the history of indian television

    He showed that despite being among the elite of the country how he understand common men and their lives, afterall he rose to the hights on his own

    while i never liked the show when hosted by SRK, he looked very tiny compared to the personality of Mr Bachchan…looked artificial and lacked natural warmth and affection

    The difference between the KBC of Amitabh and KBC of SRK is the sheer difference in the screen presence of the two, SRK was too trivial if compared to Mr Bachchan

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