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After 7/11 security in Mumbai is still on a high

February 9, 2007

The 11th of July 2006 Mumbai train blasts have changed the city forever. Gone are the days when one could casually walk into a mall or a movie theatre. Shopping is not as light-hearted as it was once…why there are security guards in all the malls and you cannot enter without having the underside and the boot of the car checked.  

And then, at many malls and theatres at entry points one has to pass through a metal detector. After that bags are checked. Strange hands rummaging in your purse. Not a comfortable feeling and something I am not yet used to.

One imagined that once the nightmare that was 7/11 faded, the security would fade away too. But it hasn’t. Not in good old Mumbai. Gets a little irritating at times because we are so used to security people being lax. But now they check the bottles of perfume and creams in the purse at times. Plus, they have become very strict about photography. The minute you take out a camera someone descends on you…! I took some pictures at the mall I was shopping in and was made to delete them. Well, no one saw me when I took these pictures from the outside. 

This way of life is now here to stay for a while. Ofcourse, I am not complaining. In fact I am rather glad that the security hasn’t let up. Mumbai is very much on the terror hit list. Terrorists love to kill innocent people – that is the reason why they target shopping malls, buses and trains. The more innocents they kill, the greater the publicity they get.

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