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Britain wants Indian Docs out but India wants them badly

February 10, 2007

This was bound to happen. Britain wins the round here. The 15000 doctors who had filed a court case to stay on in Britain and wanted the same treatment that EU docs get have lost. The doctors are actually considering filing an appeal against the verdict. But it is going to be futile as now that Britain is part of the EU. Britain simpy can’t give Indian docs the same treatment because it will have hundreds of EU docs entering Britain…how in the world can Britain cope? Well, jobs not just for doctors but for other specialities are available in India (and in fact India needs qualified people badly) which I have explained here. There is absolutely no dearth of jobs in India. Whether for doctors or for those from other specialities. There are 30,000 other economic migrants in Britain who are fighting legal cases to stay on in Britian. Well, this judgement should be the writing on the wall for them. Perhaps Britain will benefit from these Indian migrants they want out, but at the moment they have no space.

Ofcourse the doctors will have to live a harder life here in the sense they will have to live in crowded cities and the pay scales will be lower. And as everyone knows in India one simply does not have access to efficient public services. But hey, at least India wants you. Thats important. And if the wannabe migrants want pure air and a less crowded environment they could always go to the rural areas where doctors are badly needed. That may sound harsh, but I am just being practical.

If the country of your choice wants you, it is a different thing. People migrate in search of a better life and nothing wrong with that …but why forget that there are jobs waiting for them back home if things go wrong?

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  1. February 13, 2007 8:10 am

    I felt the same. If the doctors use their opportunities properly, it is their time of reckoning. Every doctor, whom I know, have very good life in India. They are well respected in the society, have high standard of living compared to the second class treatment abroad, settle faster and establish private practice and have closer connections with the pationes. And most of those 15000 must be very highly qualified to take up opportunities including Medical tourism and treating top class Indians. The only thing I’m wondering is why are they still fighting in a dying nation, when a open world awaits them.

  2. February 13, 2007 8:20 am

    Life in India even for the rich (unless they are superrich) is not that easy. Like us they have to go on crowded roads, suffer traffic jams, and customer service is poor even my multinationals operating here. There are a million hasseles of everyday life…frankly not only do I think we should bear with them because it is our country, I think we should all do our little bit to improve our nation. In fact if someone has lived abroad and seen the clean roads there, they could come here and try to form a citizens group, do something if they hate it so much. But we can’t impose our views on anybody. Each to his own.
    If someone wants to experience job fulfillment (Its better and more professional abroad) and live a better quality of life, how can we stop them? It is their right to try and improve their life.
    Also for me being an Indian in India is very important as it brings with a kind of peace I would not trade for all the comfort in the world. But everyone does not think this way. They have other commitments, something else pulls them.
    I would say, go brother if you want to. But remember India waits.

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