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India has reasons to be be wary of China

March 19, 2007

Subtle and not so subtle changes in the balance of power equation have been taking place in the last few years. The growing power of China and India are a very big cause.

Quoting from the Australian

The Japanese Government and US Vice-President Dick Cheney are keen to include the growing economic and military power of India in the already enhanced “trilateral” security arrangements, locking together the three most powerful democracies of the Asia-Pacific region.

A blogger friend of mine told me that this was all over the news in Australia but I did not read about it anywhere in the Indian newspapers. But I think this news is very significant, even if nothing has actually happened until now. The United States believes that India can help balance the power equation in Asia and is pushing for India to join this trilateral arrangement

India’s military power, economic growth and geographic position would significantly offset China’s emerging power, which is of concern to many in the Bush administration.

Apparently, the US and Japan are both keen on this alignment. But what about Australia? Well, now that a historic security declaration between Japan and Australia has been signed, security, intelligence and military relations are at the highest level they have been since World War II! Clearly Australia is well aware of the threat from China’s growing power.

From India’s viewpoint, a trilateral of arrangement of this sort is just what the doctor ordered. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if India herself has been working behind the scenes to persuade the US to push for this. But what is China doing that is a cause of worry for India? It’s not just because the United States feels so.

China has made references to Arunachal Pradesh being a part of China. Remember that visit of Chinese premier in April 2005? Then, and even as recently as in late 2006, China said that it did not consider Arunachal Pradesh as Indian Territory. The Wiki has explained it in more detail.

Also, China does not support India’s claims on Kashmir and ofcourse, not on Sikkim either.
And even more dangerous, China continues to supply missiles to Pakistan, although this has been hotly denied. However, the Americans say that they have the evidence. Pakistan is not the only country China is building bridges with. It has defence agreements with Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh as well!

There’s more. China is helping Pakistan build Gwadar port as a base for its navy, although now there seem to be some disagreements over the finances. China is lending a hand to Sri Lanka as well. It has just signed an initial agreement worth US$360 million for the constructing the Hambantota harbour in Sri Lanka.

China has also reportedly established a signals intelligence on the Cocos Islands, 30 nautical miles from the Andamans, to “monitor Indian missile test firings from the eastern Orissa coast: an activity that has proliferated since its 1998 nuclear tests.”

Then there are those in this country’s political establishment who firmly believe that China clandestinely supports secessionist movements in the north-east of India, although ofcourse no solid proof has been found.

The wise men of Delhi are also worried that China has upped it’s defence budget this year by as much as 18 percent! Its staring at us in the face. China has surrounded India.

The Chinese are ofcourse simply making sure that they remain supreme in Asia and India is a strong contender to the position. Besides this, India has given China some sleepless nights over the Dalai Lama and Tibet.

The United States is as worried about China as India is. Er…no, I think much more. China is getting far too powerful, not just militarily but also economically. Goldman Sachs has predicted that China will overtake the United States economically by 2039. A pretty scary prospect for the US huh? And for us too. We are surrounded on three sides by hostile countries. Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. Its time we pushed harder and got ourselves into this security triumverate.

(Photo sourced from the bbc)

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  1. March 19, 2007 5:16 pm

    You are absolutely right. Actually, the entire world has reasons to be wary of China. After Mossad, the Chinese secret service has been the most agressive in Africa for the last 2-3 decades. Why? Africa’s wealth in terms of commodities, oil…by the time India gets its act together, China will be lightyears ahead in terms of relationships. India is bound to get squeezed between the US and China.

  2. May 27, 2007 6:20 pm

    On this Chinese note and their increasing influence.

    In Australia Federal elections are due in sep-oct this year. It looks like John Howard is going to loose to Labor Leader Kevin Rudd.

    In Kevin Rudds plan of things, which will raise wome eyebrows in India as well.
    1. They have pressured Howard to back flip on not selling Uranium to India.
    2. Kevin Rudd who speaks mandarian fluently and has served in China as a beauracrate, has said that they will focus more on China as china is the next power and will not go with this quadrilateral security treaty which has Japan and India in it.
    His view is it will upset chines leadership if Australia goes on that path.
    The in coming Labor government is pro chinese, which is something to worry for. With US pressure they will listen to US, but for India their is little hope for any leverage.

  3. krenim permalink
    August 30, 2007 5:40 pm

    The most advanced military in Asia is the Japanese Self defence force which is a euphemism for an army navy and airforce.The Japanese are the only power that has the might and the resolve to take on China and the chinese know it.They have already built up the best navy in Asia just look at their Oyashio subs and Kongo destroyers!
    They have a very powerful airforce further strengthend by a mutual defense treaty with the US.
    They are self sufficent and can design everything except jet engines which they buy from the US.
    This in my opinion should be the west’s first line of defence.

    The Indians at the end of the day are an emotional people and a boistrous democracy can at best be seen as a friendly second front.Besides the himalayas as well as the sparsely populated Tibet AR buffer zones limit their ability to participate in any major conflict.It is inconceivable that the IN army can fight its way across the himalayas and vice versa as far as the chinese are concerned.

    The only significant contribution would be a small flotila to complement the USN/JA Navy in the straits of malacca.

  4. jaski permalink
    September 12, 2008 10:44 pm

    all that thought and said is pretty good, but u would want to mention what india is upto too, right? india is the only country in asia with an overseas air-base, Tajikistan, if u have ur geography right, which apparently u do, might make u worry a bit less.And ofcourse Russia is an ally, undoubtedly, even though they’re late with all their supplies, always. anyways, it is quite surprising why indian newspapers and other media dont mention these facts,on second thoughts its not, the media in india is predominantly a money making product, they earn more out of the amarnath land issues and other such issues. which help spark such events. anyways. this blog is well made.O, and we do know about the maoists in nepal and the Ltte in sri lanka, india, my motherland, is a great country, but not all that innocent.

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