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Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar still hot selling items on Indian streets

March 22, 2007

Liz and Arun Nair’s wedding created a lot of brouhaha here in India. So much so in fact that the celebrity couple and their lavish wedding got on people nerves. The local people of Jodhpur were quite inconvenienced. There was resentment because the Mehrangarh fort was closed to the outsiders, including tourists, and also some heart burning because the couple were provided government security at the taxpayer’s expense. There was even a scuffle between the couple’s security guards and reporters and it reminded me of the time that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were here. They created quite a furore when they visited, complete with fights with the media and even the parents of the kids of the school in which they were shooting! Actually, it was their bodyguards who did the fighting, not them, but all of it created such a stink that Brad Pitt did a special interview with NDTV to try and set things right. On restrospect, that was rather sweet of him. But really, celebrities carry this security obsession to an extreme. Why did Liz and Arun need such security? They are hardly big celebrities.

Well, now the Liz and Arun wedding is over, some feel that the wedding has done India a lot of good. More of these rich celebrities might come here to get married…well, thats what they are hoping for. Maybe this will boost international tourism and put India on the ‘wedding’ map….?

And over here the fuss over Liz and Arun isn’t quite over. Vendors are selling the wedding at street corners and traffic lights.


She does look quite the Indian bride, doesn’t she?

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