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Pop Tates at Mulund for Continental food

March 31, 2007

We’ve eaten here several times and though the main courses are not that great (the starters are excellent) its a value for money place. The fare consists of pastas and sizzlers which you will like if you like spicy Indian style pastas. The pasta is reasonably priced and you can get a decent one at less than Rs 200/-. It comes with three pieces of garlic bread.

You get everything here though, from chinese to burgers, pizzas and steaks. Good starters too, starting from Rs 40/- onwards. You can get a Vegetarian Sizzler for under Rs 150/- and a chicken one for just over that. The quantities are substantial. I had a disappointing experience with the Chicken Shaslik sizzler though. It was more like a masaledar chicken biryani with a sparse sprinkling of veggies and very few potato chips.

The food is not gourmet, but hey, this is not that kind of place even though it has a nice ambiance. Its a good place for eats at a good price and a glass of beer if you wish. Not surprisingly, its a place patronized by youngsters.

And if you are a beer guzzler well, this is the place then.  You get hard stuff too and some nice non-alcoholic drinks. Not too many places where one can get a beer in such a nice friendly atmosphere. Draught beer is available, at Rs 55/- a glass. And there is a choice of some very decent mocktails, for under Rs 100/-

I like the cosy atmosphere, the reasonable prices, the starters, the decor and the friendly waiters. Its an ideal place to snack or lunch after a movie as its located in R Mall. They don’t do advance reservation, but thats not a problem. Unless you arrive at 1 p.m. on a sunday afternoon or after 8 p.m on a weekend night, it is possible to find place.

Update: 19th June 2007

I went to this restaurant after a long gap and found that it had deteriorated. Maybe the cook has changed…I don’t know. But the pastas had become more Indian than ever, more like Indian curries with pasta mixed in them. For example, the chicken bolognese sauce was remarkably like the butter chicken that you get in any Indian restaurant PLUS a lots of spice. In fact my eyes started to water after three bites. We have had this dish before in this very restaurant and it did not taste like this. And the lasagnia (veg) that we tried was tasty, but again far too spicy. There was hardly any cheese in both the dishes and worse, the spiciness was unpalatable. Their mocktail, Black Widow, which is a mix of grape and lime juice seemed more dilute than before.

The test of a restaurant is maintaining the same taste….thats why people go to a certain place. Unfortunately this restaurant is not in this category. My stomach is still on fire…and what is irritating is that there is no warning on the menu that the dish is supposed to be spicy.

Oh yes, when we complained and got a free ice-cream and they didn’t charge for the pasta…but that hardly made me feel any better. Poor food spoils the whole experience of eating out.

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  1. February 24, 2010 4:07 pm


    thanks for review & pricing. i will definitely go tehr. i stay in Goregaon.

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