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A promotion makes an IT professional happy for just six months!

April 9, 2007

A CyberMedia Dice, (CMD) a job portal for IT professionals analysed data from 1886 online respondents (picked from among 3,50,000 members in 50 cities) enrolled on CMD in the last quarter of 2006. The total number of IT professionals in the country is 1.1 million.

One thing that grabbed me about the survey was that although more than 75 per cent of IT professionals have been at their current jobs for less than two years, it wasn’t the lure of the lucre which made them restless. The survey (conducted jointly with TNS) revealed that growth prospects in the company were the “most important determinant of employee motivation and commitment.” In fact, the money offered had “little impact on motivation or commitment.”

So what impacted motivation and commitment? Basically – promotions:

1) Those IT professionals promoted in the last six months were the least likely to quit.

2) It wasn’t the younger lot (professionals at junior to middle level) who most frequently changed jobs…in fact they were more committed! Although the reasons for this are not given, it is apparent that if promotion and growth prospects are the drivers, then its the senior lot who are likely to feel passed over.

3) Those working in multinational companies (Indian/non-Indian) were less likely to leave. In fact, 90 per cent of the respondents considered multinational software firms as ideal employers. Again, no reasons given, but my guess is that these companies usually have a more professional work environment. Actually Indian software firms are world class, more so than firms in other sectors so I am a trifle puzzled by this trend. It could be that multinational companies are more likely to send their employees abroad, which means international exposure.

Another interesting aspect brought out by the survey was that except for the East, the differences in salaries between the other regions wasn’t very large.

Average Annual salaries per annum: (1 lakh is one-tenth of a million)

West: Rs 4.91 lakh
South: Rs 4.79 lakh
North: Rs 4.58 lakh
East: Rs 4.14 lakh

When it came to cities, Bangalore and Gurgaon are neck to neck at around Rs 6 lakhs. But overall the Delhi figures are lower:

Delhi: Rs 4.89 lakh.
Mumbai: Rs 5.09 lakh
Pune: Marginally less than Mumbai.
Chennai and Hyderabad: Rs 4.5 lakh
Bangalore: 6 lakh

Junior to middle level salaries: Rs five lakhs, and yet these employees were more committed to their jobs as compared to their senior counterparts.
Middle to senior level salaries: Rs 12 lakh.

Also, when IT professionals were compared to employees across all sectors who looked for jobs, IT professionals were the most satisfied lot! In other words, this implies that IT professionals keep their eyes peeled for a better deal, although fairly satisfied with their present job. According to CMD, this mean that these guys are restless and on the “fast track”, wanting to move on and get ahead, whether or not their job is satisfying.

Tremendous ambition. I mean, a promotion satisfied these men and women for just six months. After that they are on lookout for another promotion, in another company! I guess with the current situation as it is now, IT professionals are going to continue to call the shots.

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