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The moral police clamp down on couples

April 10, 2007

A few days ago I read in the newspaper about how couples were hounded at Bandra Reclamation. This is not the first time that this has happened. Every once in a while the cops go into overdrive and start harassing couples. It was on Marine Drive that they did it some time ago. The cops insist that these couples are being obscene, but I beg to differ. It is rarely that one comes across obscenity here, at least I have never seen it on Marine Drive.

Ofcourse I don’t think that kissing lightly in public is obscene. There are those who feel that kissing in public is wrong, but collegians do not feel that way and nor do I. Maybe it is because places like Marine Drive hold special memories for me. Marine Drive was a place that my husband and I frequented when we were in college and a little later when we took up our first jobs in Mumbai. Not a single cop ever harrassed us, and all we did really was hold hands and stare into each other eyes. From newspaper reports today it is apparent that couples are not even being allowed to do that, and in fact even those simply snacking or talking were hauled to the police station! The criteria apparently is that the couples should be married?

(Update). This is happening all over the country. The police go around stopping couples from simply sitting and holding hands. They harass, they beat, they slap, they arrest…whether it’s in Chennai, or Bangalore, or Bhopal, or Mumbai, or Bhubaneswar, or Meerut.
That moral police affliliated to political parties indulge in violence and the police and the law turn a blind eye.

In fact film star Richard Gere) kissing an Indian woman (Shilpa Shetty) in public in public was the height of immorality according to the moral police and was considered reason enough to make a huge fuss. It has led to some ridiculous scenes of outrage in the country over this trivial matter.

That political parties are doing this for political gains there is no doubt about. It’s evident in the incident in Bhopal which was alleged to be a staged drama by the Bajrang Dal and the woman “caught” was actually a member of Bajrang Dal’s women’s wing and actually married for 4 months to the same man. Bajrang Dal denied this and guess what they said in their defense?

If they (the couple) were married for four months, why did they meet in a park, under a tree on Valentine’s Day?

But why should political parties interfere in people’s private life unless they want publicity? Pehaps the media should stop covering these incidents.

(Photo is copyrighted to me)

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  1. Terminator permalink
    October 12, 2008 5:54 pm

    Somehow these moral police parties should also be considered as criminals. So now the country has two major problems to solve besides just economic growth. It has to tackle Islamic terrorism and Moral police parties such as VHP, Bajrang Dal etc… else forget India becoming a civilised nation on this earth!! Morever the reason for the moral police parties making issues on couples for eg. is simple.

    1) To make political gains
    2) Perhaps since they have never had a chance to date women or never led a happy young life, perhaps for these reasons they vent their frustation on the modern Indian society for this..

    There will be a civil war very soon if action is not taken from now.

    Good luck and regards,

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