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Is Sanjaya Malakar as bad a singer as he is said to be?

April 12, 2007

There’s been so much hype about the Indian American Sanjaya Malakar that I decided to watch the show last night (it is shown here a day later). I have watched bits and parts of this show earlier but this was the first time I sat down seriously to watch it. I wanted to find out about this boy called Sanjaya who is believed to have become the most talked about celebrity in the United States today and a lot of it is negative publicity because apparently, he can’t sing.

Well, I thought Sanjaya (who is half Italian American) was average by American idol standards (singing-wise) with a very cute and charming personality. There are far worse singers than him on the show (Haley for example) so I am not sure what all the hype is about. Sanjay will not be the American idol obviously, because there are better singers than him on the show, like Melinda. I think Melinda will be the American Idol, with her deep husky voice.

This hate Sanjay campaign is puzzling actually. Its not just Haley who I thought was worse than him, even Lakisha, Phil and Chris sang worse than him. These singers may be better singers than him overall, but as I have not been watching the show on a regular basis, I can’t say. If one went by just last night, this kid Sanjay was easily in the top four. In fact he stood out in the whole gang because he sang a different kind of song (slow Spanish number) and he looked and behaved very differently from the rest. Very entertaining I thought. The kid came across as unspoiled and sweet. In fact J Lo (whom I love) also liked Sanjay. Surely one can’t accuse her of bias? Simon Cowell (who I like because he is straight talking), one of the judges, is believed to have reacted badly to Sanjay in the past (not last night), and I find it odd. So what if Sanjay is not a fantastic singer? Surely he needs to be compared to others on the show? I remember one American idol show where a kid called Kevin (who was called Chicken Little in jest) couldn’t sing, and was worse than Sanjay, but he did not generate this much hate. Some people are screaming racism, but I don’t know. Perhaps they are worried that Sanjay might win. No one ever thought that Chicken Little would win. Well, I don’t think Sanjay is going to win the crown.

We can’t vote for them from India, but if I could vote I would vote for Melinda, and my other favorites are Jordin, Blake…and hey Sanjaya!

Update: Haley’s out tonight, and well she was the worst last night. In fact Chris and Phil also scored the lowest votes, and this means that whoever is voting is voting right. If the votes are because of the previous evening’s performance then the voters are bang on.

Update: So the fears of all those who thought Sanjay might become the next American Idol have been proved wrong. Well, naturally. I heard him sing for the second time day before yesterday. He was pathetic, but retained his innocent charm. The boy is a really nice boy but this is a singing competition and he was bound to lose. My estimation of the American Idol show has gone up now. True talent has come up. I had watched the Indian version, the first season and saw that the winner was not the best. There was another Mumbai boy who was better. I think that Sanjaya Malakar lost because the hate campaign against him had quietened down a bit. If it hadn’t been for the hate campaign I do believe he would have been voted out earlier – he became the underdog. And at times some not so good singers do get through, they should have let Sanjaya alone. Finally it all evens out, at least in the American Idol show.

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  1. mumbairamki permalink
    April 12, 2007 4:24 pm

    This is my first comment in ur blog .You blogs are quite informative,honest and quite clear !I may not agree with all of your points ,but why should anyone ?

    “We can’t vote for them from India, but if I could vote I would vote for Melinda, and my other favorites are Jordin, Blake…and hey Sanjaya!”

    After shilpa shetty row ,any guy who is Non-White ,Asian may win ..simply because of sympathy .While it worked for a reality show ,it may not work for a contest like this –

  2. April 12, 2007 11:54 pm

    Please watch more than one show. He is really bad.

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