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Yet another blow to the judicial system

June 1, 2007

The dirty secret is now out. Sanjeev Nanda’s family (Sanjeev allegedly ran over six people in a hit and run accident six years ago) has been accused of buying off the lawyers, the witnesses and the police! This has been revealed by a secret tape filmed by NDTV

The background is this: In January 1999 in the early hours of the morning, seven people Lodhi Road were mowed down a car. The car sped away. Three people died instantly, three died in hospital and one survived. Apparently the police shot a video of the evidence and the evidence pointed to three people, all young men. There was an oil leak from the site of the accident which took them straight to the culprits. To a posh neighborhood. A battered BMW with blood stains and human flesh. With this evidence plus the help of witnesses, the police managed to make a case and charged Sidharth Gupta (son of a Delhi financier), Manik Kapoor (family in the hotel business) who was in the back seat, and the alleged driver – Sanjeev Nanda, who is the son of an international arms dealer and grandson of former Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Nanda.

But today the culprits seem all ready to walk away from it all as the sole survivor said it was a truck which hit him! And the police also made some goof-ups in the investigations – the blood stains on the steering wheel were not matched with those of Sanjeev Nanda. And statements of all witnesses were not recorded in front of a magistrate which means that they cannot be held as valid!

And as witnesses had turned hostile, the hope for justice was the testimony of a passer-by, Sunil Kulkarni.

The latest development? The Special Public Prosecutor, IU Khan, himself urged Kulkarni to avoid testifying! But why blame IU Khan? He is but a pawn as shown by the secret tape that was made with the help of Kulkarni. What is shocking is that IU Khan told Kulkarni that he was carrying out the orders of the bosses – the Delhi Police! This tape was aired by NDTV yesterday.

After this came to light, the Delhi police dropped Special Public Prosecutor I U Khan and replaced him with senior lawyer Rajeev Mohan. This game really seems to have no end.

After all, the tape clearly tells us that someone in the Delhi Police is part of the conspiracy and the police must know who this person is. How about removing that person from his post and prosecuting him for corruption, along with all the other bigwigs who are involved in this? Sure, all these allegations have to be proved but there is preliminary evidence that it is so.

As the Delhi High Court has admitted that this “likely collusion between the defence, the prosecution and a key witness” is a “dangerous trend,” hopefully the case will take an about-turn.

In this case, it is the electronic media which deserves a pat on the back for exposing this nexus between the prosecution and the defence.

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  1. ashima permalink
    June 1, 2007 8:34 am

    Well done to NDTV.
    If the lawyers and police are involved, everyone of these people need to be exposed and each one suspended and their licenses revoked so they can’t pratice again.
    In addition, they should be prosecuted and put in jail.
    The three culprits need to be punished and i hope and pray that this new development shakes up the judicial system into corrective action.

  2. June 1, 2007 4:56 pm

    Nita, buying witnesses is the worst kept secret of our criminal justice system. The latest news is that Amit Jogi is free because there was no witness.It depresses me.

  3. Vinish Mehra permalink
    June 3, 2007 10:43 pm

    While NDTV needed to applauded for this, why does the media which keeps on ‘breaking’ news fails to follow up the news and does not provide the public a periodical happening of the causes of the ‘news’.

    India has a judiciary system which is as slow as a tortoise and by the time the verdict is reached, we would have crossed another quarter century. Has any ‘powerful’ person has ever been convicted? and even if convicted has ever been the punishment fully served?

    I am sure this BMW case will surely fade away and even if the accused are convicted (which is another quarter century away), will they be served full punishment?

    God save our judiciary system!

  4. December 12, 2007 9:55 am

    Who needs soap operas when we have the indian news circus? Its just sad that people have to die for my entertainment.

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