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Summary posts of the last 10 days

July 15, 2007

From Engtech’s blogpost I found out how to make a digest post. Here it is, basically of a brief overview of the posts of the last 10 days – up till yesterday. I wanted to try it out as it was so simple.

  • A vegetarian thali in Mulund – at the Rajdhani

    We enjoy thalis once in a while, but not too often as the quantity is usually too much for us. However, we decided to try out this restaurant called Rajdhani at Mulund’s Nirmal Lifestyle (mall). We went on a Sunday and found a lot of people waiting…we had arrived there at around 12:30 p.m, but…

  • Two new laws concerning women in India

    The first law which the government is planning is one to monitor pregnancies…not just to stop the abortion of girl children but to provide good antenatal care to pregnant women. Says this timesnow report:The central government plans to make it mandatory for Indian women to register their…

  • In defense of the Indian Media

    I don’t know whether its because I have a journalistic background, but often my friends and acquaintances bring up the subject of the media – about how good or bad it is. And then I have read blog posts that criticize the media too…the media is accused of everything from being non-analytical and…

  • Security in Mumbai is in place but it isn’t good enough

    Life seems to have changed forever in Mumbai since the 11th of July blasts in 7 local trains which killed 200 people last year.One year has passed and on the face of it at least, the security has not let up. I had written about the intense checking at malls and multiplexes which started immediately…

  • How will India cope with skill shortages?

    Here are some recent figures released by Ficci on the terrible shortage of people that India will face in the coming five years … some hard numbers:Biotechnology sector: 80 percent shortfall of doctorate and post doctorate scientists.Food processing sector: 65 per cent shortfall of refrigeration…

  • India on the global culture map like never before

    Of late the interest in Indian culture has become huge. And the reason is (like one of my commentators Krenim pointed out) – economic:From an every day perspective your culture traditions etc will matter to a man on the street more as your economy grows and with that how you touch western lives.…

  • Should we kill our stray dogs?

    Stray dogs have been in the news lately. In fact the Mumbai Municipal Commissioner created quite a stir when he said that “stray dogs must be killed” as that is the world-wide practice. That is how advanced countries have got rid of stray dogs. So is he right when he said that? Well, it seems…

  • Plenty of jobs for animators in India

    Talking of jobs in India, the animation industry in India is virtually exploding! This is what Asssocham says: Currently, the Indian animation industry employs around 7000-10,000 animators in India and is facing immediate demand of manpower 30,000. India will need skilled professionals like creative…

  • Are the very clothes you wear harming you?

    We have all heard of chemicals contaminating our air, water and our food…but how many of us know that chemicals in the clothes we wear can also harm us? I didn’t know about this until some weeks ago.While I was aware that all textiles contain chemicals, what I didn’t know was that some…

  • Indians in terror plot: Is it really shocking?

    When I heard that two men, Mohammed Haneef and another man called Sabeel Ahmed (both doctors from Bangalore) had been detained as suspects in the car bombings in the UK, I wasn’t very surprised. In fact what has surprised me is that so far no Indians have been deeply involved in any global…

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