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Summary posts of the last week

July 22, 2007
  • Indians are the one of the most hardworking people in the world

    We’ve often heard about how lazy Indians are or are supposed to be. Well, I am not sure whether this is the case now, or if it ever was…let me pen down my personal observations first.Everywhere I look, people are working and working damn hard. Lets start with the neighbourhood driver. His…

  • Renuka Chowdhury is a woman to admire

    I admire Renuka Chowdhury mainly because she has a lot of enthusiasm for her job. This is rare amongst our politicians. And I also admire her outspokenness and her sincere desire to change things…Right from the time she took over as minister of state for women and child development, she seemed…

  • Where does India stand as a tourism hub?

    Foreign tourism in India is booming. The figures tell us that from January to May 2007 as many as 2.02 million foreign tourists came to India, an increase of 12 percent over the same period last year. And the expected growth in 2007 (over 2006) is to be in the range of 20-25 percent. India’s […]

  • India’s concrete makeover to include railway stations

    Wide concrete roads, snaking flyovers and spanking new buildings are the face of modern India today. In fact everywhere you look there seem to be new hotels coming up, roads being built…and new shops and malls springing up. Airports are being re-furbished, and hundreds and hundreds of new…

  • Intellectual Blogger award

    I must thank Mahendra for tagging me for the Intellectual Blogger Award. I must confess however that I found it very difficult to name three bloggers who I think are deserving of this award. That is because I know more than three or four bloggers who do deserve this award, and having to […]

  • Improving our conviction rate means employing the latest technology

    India has a fairly low conviction rate for all crimes, including terrorist crimes. Right now its terrorism that is uppermost on our mind. I for one just cannot accept the fact that a year has passed since the Mumbai blasts but the culprits have still not been brought to trial and not all those […]

  • Listen to the voices of moderate Muslims

    Unfortunately today its become common to hear people talk about terrorism and Islam in the same breath. And everyone seems to be asking: Where is the moderate Muslim? There are talk shows on this and there are news articles which compare what ordinary Germans went through after the Nazi regime. At…

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