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Summary posts of the last week

August 5, 2007
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  • Pay cheques of Bollywood stars have doubled

    I’ve written about salaries already, but not about actors’ salaries. Well, their pay cheques are rising as fast if not faster than that of those in other jobs. I am only talking about fees per film here and not what actors earn from ad contracts and revenue share. Also the figures are…

  • Corporal punishment in schools should be banned

    A student severely caned by his teacher has now died from complications from internal injuries. This happened in Udaipur. But why think of just Udaipur? Just type in key words like corporal punishment india or indian schools and you will be flooded with articles on the rampant use of corporal…

  • Social drinking catching on as a result of western mores

    Globalisation has brought with it not just increasing prosperity, but a different drinking culture. Drinking alcohol as such maybe common to all cultures of the world…but attitudes towards drinking differ…Drinking alcohol more often than not has negative connotations in India. Drunkards, not…

  • Students made guinea pigs in sex study

    When I first heard about the incident where about 200 students from an elite school in Delhi were stripped and their genitals examined, I was shocked. Some sources say that as many as 400 students were examined without permission from their parents. All this was done by a private research group…

  • Jail for film star Sanjay Dutt

    Today Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment by The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court. He was expected to get 5-10 years as he was convicted last year in November of buying arms from terrorists. He could have got maximum of 10 years for his deeds, but he is…

  • Bad teachers teach bad yoga

    Someone close to me suffered a serious injury after doing yoga for a few weeks. A serious neck problem. The problem is that quite a few yoga teachers today do not bother to find out the medical history of patients and tend to apply the same yoga techniques for all. They also urge and goad […]

  • Indians are more traditional than other peoples

    I posted the photo-essay this morning and then was delighted when I saw this headline in the newspaper: Indian family values intact. I am going to write about it briefly here.A Kantar Media study has said that Indians are very attached to their families and family values pervade. This is what the…

  • Photo Essay of Life in India

    Through these photographs I want to show the contradictions as well as the diversity of life in India. Multiple aspects and lives in one frame…Although the pictures have been taken in Mumbai (one in Pune), this photo essay is not related to Mumbai as such, but the whole of India.The photograph…

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