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Summary posts of the last week

August 12, 2007
    One more week has gone by and here is the list of posts that I wrote in the last week.

  • Sleeper cells proliferate while government sleeps

    There are many articles on the internet about India being a soft terror target. The reasons given range from our lax security system, poor legal system, weak response of the government to terrorism and so on….Two recent examples illustrate a major point – the lax security. I cannot them out of my…

  • Some critical reasons for growth in medical tourism

    Of late a lot of people from developed countries like the US, UK and Canada are coming to India for medical treatment. At first I thought it was all about cost, but to my surprise I realised that the problem is far more complex…

  • Societies that are traditional + affluent have low birth rates

    Countries like Japan and Italy have very low birth rates, lower than those in other affluent countries. What makes Japan and Italy different?

  • Should places of worship have dress codes?

    What is the logic behind the dress codes in places of worship? I tried to see it and came up with these points:1) The people who run the place of worship feel that the holy place will somehow lose its respectability, importance or divinity if people pray in informal clothes.2) Other devotees and…

  • Pot can cause mental illness says The Lancet

    Even infrequent use of marijuana raises the risk of serious mental illness by 40 percent and those who use the drug regularly could increase their risk factor by 50 to 200 per cent!

  • Street food has less bacteria than a lot of restaurant food

    Sure, most street vendors cook food in unhygienic surroundings and flies hover around the food, and some of this food causes diseases (besides dirtying the surroundings) – but if these vendors obey the supreme court ban on cooking food on the streets and bring it packed from home what do you think…

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