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Summary posts of the past week

August 19, 2007
  • Rickshaw rally in IndiaThose who are not from India seem to have a fascination for India’s rickshaws. Why else would Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have risked being mobbed when they took a ride in a rick during their visit to India last year? And why else would 72 participants (some reports say 32) from across the […]
  • Chak De Movie Review

    Now this is one feel-good Bollywood movie that makes all your feelings of nationalistic pride spring up and out! The Indian womens’ hockey team is preparing for the World Cup and India is all that they are allowed to think of… But the movie isn’t just about that. It’s also about a coach who…

  • Violent Crime in different parts of the world – a small analysis

    I found out that of all violent crimes, murders were the most likely to be reported with accuracy…and murder data was also least likely to be tampered with. Perhaps that is why I thought that the homicide rate is a good measure of how violent a particular country is.

  • Paying tribute to Indian soldiers on Independence Day

    Today is India’s Independence Day and I am re-publishing one of my older posts which is basically about an advertising campaign which was published during the Kargil war to try and create awareness about what our soldiers go through day after day. I wrote this for A&M, an advertising and…

  • Revered once, doctors today face brickbats

    Aggrieved patients and their relatives in America may sue their doctors but in India they beat them up! Or perhaps attack and burn the hospital down. This disturbing trend seems to be on the rise in India. Such incidents are common, whether it’s in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore or Jalandhar. Just…

  • Ordinary Truck Art on a highway

    I had heard of truck art but the kind I had seen on websites was either pretty advertising or very professional work. The art I saw on the highway was done by amateurs. What struck me were the bright colors and at times the trouble the owner had taken to paint his truck. The vehicles […]

  • The connection between the number of hits on a post and comments

    After two comments by readers as to why some posts of mine got fewer comments that they felt was deserved, I decided to see if there was a connection between the number of times the post is read and the number of comments on each post. Well, the post this week (the summary of the posts […]

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