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Summary posts of the last week

August 26, 2007
  • Trying to stop large retailers is not in national interest

    It is a matter of shame though that inspite of being a country basically agricultural in nature, there is a wastage of almost 40 percent of farm produce “due to lack of cold storage facilities and adequate transportation.” Unless we change this, India’s agricultural sector cannot…

  • Will the reverse brain drain become a flood?

    Researchers in America believe that their government tightening the screws on visas, green cards and citizenships is bad for their economy. Their point is this: If 25.3 percent of 2,054 engineering and technology companies surveyed (founded in the US from 1995-2005) had a key foreign born founder,…

  • If India has 3 universities in the top 200, who gets the credit?

    I guess no one is surprised that over a quarter (54 out of 200) of the world’s top 200 universities are American and just over an eighth (29) are British. The rest of the world trails behind, with Australia (13), Netherlands (11), Japan (11) and Germany (10) the closest to the top. These rankings…

  • High wedding expenditure is a disease in Indian society

    I have been trying to understand the reasons why people get into debt by spending lavishly on weddings celebrations. And no, I am not talking about those those weddings where grooms get BMW’s as dowry gifts from the girls side or the girl’s family flies in flamenco dancers from Spain, and fresh…

  • Music shows are bringing Indians together

    Trust music to unite Indians from different parts of India and provide opportunities for nation wide fame…something that those living in far flung areas could only have dreamt of. Be it Indian idol or other reality music shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, these shows are attracting people in droves. So…

  • Poor police to people ratio forces common man to fend for himself

    How do we in India manage to survive with just one policemen per thousand people when countries Germany, Hungary, Spain and South Africa have almost 3 policemen per thousand and Thailand has more than 3??Here are the statistics from nationmaster:Hong Kong: 4.79374 per 1,000 peopleMalaysia: 3.43936…

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