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Summary posts of the last week

September 2, 2007
  • The Invasion Movie Review

    If you love Nicole Kidman you are going to love this movie. This sci-fi thriller may have bombed in the United States (it was released there on the 17th) and got lukewarm reviews…but the film is not all that bad. And it was kind of fun seeing it on the very first day of its […]

  • Too many policemen on security duty in India

    As if a shortage of policemen in our country is not bad enough, we have a substantial number of our policemen on security duty! That many less to protect us ordinary citizens from criminals.But how many policemen are on guard duty and how many are doing actual police work? Comprehensive all-India…

  • TV soaps are actually educating rural women in India!

    Could anyone ever have imagined that our inane television serials would be educative? Well, certainly not those who called television soaps serial killers, convinced that all they had to offer were decadent moral values. Or those who felt that they were turning Indians into idiots because of their…

  • Are rich countries the least corrupt?

    Looking at Transparency International’s list of corrupt countries 2006, the most obvious thing that struck me was that the money you had mattered a lot when it came to the temptation to steal. I wondered about the exact relationship between income and corruption and decided I would try and find…

  • Sex workers not to be treated like criminals anymore

    Incidents of dowry, domestic violence and sati easily grab the headlines…and these are usually the focus of the legislative reform. Therefore it was good to read that the ministry of women and child development (WCD) has planned to bring about legislative reform in the law concerning commercial…

  • Hey Baby Movie Review

    They say that Heyy Baby has been inspired by the Hollywood flick, Three Men and a Baby…I don’t know whether that’s true as I haven’t seen the Hollywood film. So, what’s the movie about? Three men and a baby?Yep, that’s right.Casanovas Arush (played by Akshay Kumar), Ali (Fardeen Khan)…

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