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Summary posts of the past week

September 9, 2007
  • Poverty stricken 17 year old school drop-out outshines police

    Of the many human interest news stories that appeared in the last week, there was one which moved me greatly. This appeared in the Mumbai Mirror today…the story of the boy cop.A 17-year-old boy, drugged and robbed at a railway station, staked out a railway station for 22 long days, morning and…

  • 12 Indian companies are Asian giants

    A dozen Indian companies have made it to the Asia Fabulous list. There are only 7 from China and 10 from Taiwan. To compile this list, “Forbes looked at long-term profitability, sales and earnings growth, stock price appreciation and projected earnings for every company in the region with revenues…

  • How bad it gets when there is a shortage of women

    When there is a shortage of women like in China, South Korea and India, one thing leaps out at you. Women don’t benefit inspite of being scarce. The reason is simple. There is a shortage of women in that region precisely because women are undervalued and therefore aborted in large numbers. Their…

  • Controversy over whether to use Broad Gauge or Standard Gauge in Mumbai Metro

    Broad Gauge or Standard Gauge? That’s the current controversy haunting the Mumbai Metro Project. A group of senior railway officials have filed a PIL in the court opposing the state government’s plan to go ahead with standard gauge for Mumbai Metro. I didn’t read about this PIL in a newspaper…

  • There is a billboard epidemic in India!

    Call it them examples of advertising vandalism, visual pollution or label them as the pox of outdoor advertising…or simply call them hoardings or billboards!Though I am not against advertising, the number of billboards in our cities have reached epidemic proportions and I have developed an allergy…

  • It is possible to arrange love

    A half hour documentary which busts some myths about arranged marriages (Arranging Love) in the minds of westerners, has been written and directed by Indian Australian Sheila Jayadev. Its made a small splash, and has been invited to be screened at several important film festivals. The film tries to…

  • Street Marketing in India – a photo essay

    Of the many things that make India such an interesting place, its streets are a spectacular example. An Indian street is alive…the markets, the vendors, the shoppers, the different kinds of people…all add to the colour and the variety. One can watch a busy street from the balcony of one’s…

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