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September 30, 2007
  • Army called in to control protests over insult to Indian Idol

    An RJ of a FM (Red FM 93.5) radio channel from Delhi apparently referred to Prashant Tamang, this year’s Indian Idol, as a ‘gurkha’ and this news site reports that Prashant’s success was referred to as “Chowkidar to Indian Idol” a day after Prashant was crowned Indian Idol. Fans and…

  • Asia is smoking and so are the women!

    I am a little confused as to why Asians supposed to be ‘culturally disposed’ towards smoking and wonder why even after living in a developed country Asian Americans have been slow to develop tobacco control initiatives.

  • Comparison of the conviction rates of a few countries of the world

    It’s really worrying to note that our conviction rate has declined “from 64.8 per cent in 1961 to 41.8 in 2000 and 40.8 in 2001.” These are apparently the latest figures that are available, figures officially released by the Home Ministry.Worse, this 40 percent (which I am sure has decreased…

  • Shocking Pollution during the Ganesh Festival

    Yesterday was an important day. It was Anant Chaturthi the culmination of a ten-day long Ganesh Festival, one of the most important festivals of western India. It was a day of great joyousness and celebration…but it has an ugly side. The environmental damage it causes. Thousands of idols made from…

  • What kills a marriage quicker: A physical affair or an emotional one?

    When I heard Karan Johar say on television that there is a distinction between a physical affair and being in love, and that he didn’t ‘consider physical infidelity as infidelity in the larger sense of the word’ and that a physical affair sometimes ‘gives you a new rigor in your…

  • Time to become strict about drinking and driving

    If you’ve driven after a couple of drinks and live in India, you’ve probably had no fear of the cops putting you behind bars even though India has one of the lowest legal tolerance towards drinking – just 0.03 percent of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is allowed in the blood. Unfortunately, few…

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