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October 21, 2007
  • Medical Myths

    During my rounds with doctors while writing with Times Wellness, there were several medical ‘myths’ which I collected and these are given below. All have been passed on to me by doctors, but were never used in any published article.PEDIATRICSMyth: Wrap up a child with fever.This is an is an old…

  • Coffee shops or hang-out joints?

    I don’t much like the coffee they serve up in CCD (Café Coffee Day) or Barista. And I am not too upset that earlier this year Starbucks made a decision not to enter India. That’s because I go to a coffee-shop to drink good coffee, not hang out, being past my college days. […]

  • Want to see Mumbai’s underbelly? Take a guided tour!

    I never thought that Dharavi could ever be a tourist attraction, inspite of it being Asia’s largest slum. Well, it just shows how ignorant one can get about what’s happening in one’s own country…!I found out there are actually organised tours to Dharavi! And there has been a fair amount of…

  • Has caste-based affirmative action worked?

    Indian industry has already made it clear to the government that job reservations and industry don’t mix…and that they will go by merit and merit only when it comes to hiring people. At the same time they promised affirmative action, without compromising on merit. In fact, the CII (Confederation…

  • When hoax emails turn out to be real

    Who hasn’t received an hoax email? Whether it’s about cell phones exploding or hotmail closing down? Well, most of these emails are rubbish and that is why it makes me uneasy when a hoax turns out not to be an urban legend after all, but a story with more than just a grain of truth. The […]

  • Do we not value life in India?

    Do we in India really have no value for life at all? Are we morally and economically bankrupt? People die on the road, in bomb blasts, in hospitals, of diseases, of hunger, in fires, in building collapses…and no one seems to care. The feeling is that we as a nation aren’t doing enough to stem…

  • Laaga chunari mein daag – movie review

    Some have called Laga Chunari Mein Daag a regressive film. But is it one? Well, there are parts that could send feminist alarm bells ringing…Look, the story is about a girl called Badki (Rani Mukherjee) who comes from a family which was once very rich. They live in a palatial house which is…

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  1. October 22, 2007 8:36 am

    I saw this article and I thought “I can’t wait to see what Nita says about it”.

    Then I thought “oh, poor man and his family”, but that’s a character flaw on my part.

  2. October 22, 2007 10:33 am

    Justin, your comment had slipped into spam…
    well, that was a sad story…why should it be a character flaw? I am at a loss here.
    if you believe that stuff about monkeys not being culled because of religious reasons…. well, we don’t like to kill dogs here either.
    if they are not being culled it’s because of lack of funds and/or infrastructure and inefficiency. Lack of will too.
    cows are even more religious to Hindus but we get beef here. if it’s necessary, it’s done.
    it’s very complicated Justin, animal rights groups make a big fuss. there are no proper methods (humane ones) to kill off animals and now there is a high court order in maharashtra banning culling of stray dogs. I have written a post on this. things are let slide to such an extent that finally the municipality wakes up and starts collecting these stray animals in a horrendously cruel fashion.
    if the monkeys are a menace, inefficiency is a big reason.

    p.s don’t take bbc an the last word on India. many of their reports are biased or rather, show a lack of understanding of the complexity of India. and naturally, most of their correspondents are british, even if they have indian sounding names.

  3. October 23, 2007 6:15 am

    I’m just disappointed that my first thought was “I wonder what…” instead of the more human reaction of “that poor man”.

    See, I always thought beef was totally taboo. That’s interesting.

    Animal destruction is a strange thing over here. We slaughter cows and chickens and pigs in huge factory systems, and never bat an eye about it (although travelling next to a slaughterhouse bound truck in the morning always makes me reconsider my next meat meal).

    We handle dog and cat overpopulation by killing them, although there are large scale organizations that exist primarily to keep from having to do that. I’ve had two cats get very ill on me, so I know that when they do have to be put down it can be done in a humane way, but it still is heartwrenching to have to participate. I can’t imagine how the vets would feel.

    Monkeys are strange to consider, because we have no wild primates here. I know that in a lot of places, when people are in contact with them it’s a habitat issue (we’ve taken over their habitat, and they find they enjoy ours). I just never imagined it could be quite so intense that people would get killed by it.

  4. October 23, 2007 7:42 am

    Justin, we have a huge Muslim population here and a sizeable christian one too..that is why the beef.
    the monkey menace is not restricted to delhi. you often see monkeys on highways and they are a big menace in some tourist spots too, matheran for example.
    That same news that you re-directed me to was reported very differently by the Indian media. There was no mention of the religious angle. Just the inefficiency angle. Naturally, because the bbc article was just sensationalism, feed for the western audience.

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