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Summary Posts of the Past Week

November 4, 2007

World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness rankings The fact that India has slipped 6 places in the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness rankings has been all over the news. The global competitiveness survey takes into account 12 parameters which are…Looking at it positively, we are still ahead of some of the…Even better news is that India has scored better than China in…

Transgender issues to be discussed on Tamil TV For the first time in India a transgender person will host a TV show and the show will discuss sensitive and socially relevant topics such as homosexuality, transsexuality, gender disparity and alternate sexuality…homosexuality is illegal in India and I hope we don’t get the moral police descending on this even before the venture starts.

Surrogacy law to be drafted in India at long last The government is to bring in legislation to regulate the rent-a-womb business (some sources say it’s 20-billion rupees (£250-million) a year business) which is thriving in India. And it begs legislation…Western countries often focus on the pain of giving up a baby which the mother has carried for 9 months and there are many court battles fought on this issue but in India this is not the issue…

Is torture a necessary evil? Torture is seen as routine police behavior in India. In fact it is common enough not to be reported unless it happens in broad daylight like in the case of the thief who was publicly tortured…About a third of people in the world are okay with the use of torture in prisons in some circumstances and if one goes country-wise, then the majority of the countries

Jab we met – movie review This is a light frothy time-pass movie. For me at least in dragged in places but it may not for all. There was this bunch of college kids sitting right next to us and they had a whale of a time. They were repeating the dialogues and commenting on almost every scene. There was a middle-aged couple on the other side and they seemed bored. We didn’t…So is this film worth a see? Yeah why not! It’s a different kind of movie…

A taste of the front pages of newspapers Today I have published screen shots of the front pages of daily newspapers in India as well as some from the US and the UK. Most of these are print editions although there usually isn’t too wide a difference between the content of an online newspaper and it’s print version…

Print readership falling in India? The writing seems to be on the wall. Print readership is falling. Earlier this year I had written about how how the IRS (Indian Readership Survey) had picked up on this trend way back in their 2006 survey, and how worried the industry was. Unfortunately, the IRS Round 1 survey published this year in March has confirmed this downward trend…True, this is in keeping with global trends (print readership declining/stagnating in developed world) but why should this be happening in India…

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