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November 18, 2007

Snapshots of a modern Mumbai (Photo feature). Certain parts of India these days have a spanking new look. Yesterday I took a trip to ‘town’ as Mumbaikars call it. ‘Town’ is ‘South’ Mumbai and it’s a place where people would give anything to own an apartment. Everything except money that this… ) Real estate prices here are some of the highest in the world…However, there is a price to pay for our spanking new cities…the sun may be shining on India, but we are getting less and less sunlight. This isn’t metaphorical..

Does one have to an extrovert or an introvert? Have you ever wondered whether you are an extrovert or an introvert? I always did and suspected that I was somewhere inbetween…It was out of curiosity that I picked up this book called ‘The Introvert Advantage.’…I think it’s time we stopped labeling people as I am quite sure that many people move from one state to another sometime in their lives…most people do not fall neatly into either category…

The root cause of child labour isn’t just poverty People wonder: Are the opportunities for education limited in India? Why don’t the parents educate their children? Aren’t there schools in India? Are people so poor that they cannot survive if their children went to school? Well, the truth is that many parents…

The go-getting Buntys of India The Bunty Syndrome is all about a study conducted by Euro RSCG across 12 Tier-II cities among the youth aged between 15-30. The study covered about 2,400 consumers in 12 small towns and it talks about the “new Indian consumers” from semi-urban and rural areas – the Bunty’s. They long for a better, modern lifestyle, work hard, earn more and spend their money…Marketers cannot afford to ignore them – they are the Future Market not just for India but of the world…

Small town India in pictures (Photo feature). Small town India has been in the news lately, whether its because of increasing computer users, galloping cell phone users, improved physical infrastructure, or simply because some winners of reality shows hail from small towns. Aurangabad was not covered in the survey on the emerging growth centres in India probably because it is not as big as the cities covered…To my mind it’s the city of Aurangabad that fits the bill…

Electrical lighting has become a symbol of the Goddess Laxmi (Photo feature). When we hit Mumbai the first thing that struck me were the lights. Mumbai’s wealth was evident even from the sky…but the irony is that only those who already possess the wealth can light up their homes. And with the power cuts in rural areas only those who can afford gensets can do so…

Another, significant development this week has been that Brian honoured me by giving me the award for A roar for powerful words. I shall be putting up the icon in my sidebar later today. Thank you Brian. 🙂

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