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November 25, 2007

Tracing one’s roots. I have always been intrigued by sites like which claim to trace your ancestry – right from the origin of your ancestors, their ethnic background to the roots of your surname. All this by buying a kit which tests your ancestry and I presume it’s done by testing your DNA…In Hardwar, a holy city in India, there are the ‘Pandas’ who are ‘record holders’ so to speak. They have been physically jotting down the family details…that there were other ways to keep records is undisputed. The oral tradition has been common in many traditional societies.

How safe are we from fire? (Uphaar cinema was burnt down about ten years ago in Delhi), but no one’s happy. Least of all the relatives of the victims …Lessons learnt from the tragedy…those in authority have learnt to pay lip service…they know that they need to carry out checks, but mostly if someone’s looking!!…Overall, there is a little compliance of safety norms in most places in our country. And that includes our own homes, whether apartments or bungalows. You can read about fire-safety precautions…

Lone cop stands up to political goons. A sub-inspector attached to the traffic police department stopped a drunk driver connected to an influential political family(with 16 cases registered against them) in Thane…the family called goons who roughed up the policeman…the cop called for reinforcements which did arrive but the cops (more than a dozen) stood by watching as their colleague was beaten up and threatened! Kudos to the cop who…

Ban the Crooked Police. Rap music has never really picked up in India. And perhaps that is why Indian rap artists have found it hard to make a big splash even if they have loads of talent. BlaaZe is one of them and I want to play one of his songs here – Ban the Crooked Police…It’s refreshing to hear a rap song like this, considering that rap music has been getting a bad name of late. In fact research has shown 77 percent of rap songs refer to substance use…

Is the government doing enough to curb sex tourism? Sex tourism is not a subject that’s widely discussed in India and that’s probably because Indians don’t like talking about sex… it’s not just the major tourist centers like Goa which are child sex destinations, but the whole country! Religious tourist spots in Tamil Nadu and Orissa which attract a huge number of tourists yearly also get sex tourists. Developed countries have become more vigilant over the last five years…about 32 countries have extraterritorial laws that allow the prosecution of their citizens for CST (Child Sex Tourism)…

Aurangabad Caves, Bibi ka Maqbara and Daulatabad fort (a photo feature) When people think of Aurangabad they think of Ajanta and Ellora. Few tourists see the Aurangabad Caves even though they are of equal historical interest (6th-8th century A.D.) Besides, once you’ve seen Ajanta and Ellora, the caves tend to pale in comparison…

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