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December 2, 2007

Impact of coaching classes on a nation’s psyche
We all know how critical our parallel education system – the coaching class industry – is. It supports our over-loaded, creaking, education system…The industry is booming and estimated to be about Rs 5,000 crore (and growing annually at 20 percent)! The problem is that there is no research available to know exactly the impact of coaching classes on the student’s academic performance, or the psychological, intellectual and physical repercussions…

The lure of fake food
Advertisers the world over use tricks while taking shots of food…the food stylists and photographers together use certain techniques to make food look appetizing. Everything from cotton, foam, cardboard, paper. glue, glycerin, oil, colours, glaze, hair-spray and substitute foods are used. And then there is always Photoshop…So is all this is legal you might ask…

A British reality TV show which arranges marriages online
It was amusing to read of a reality television show called Arrange Me a Marriage, a new show on British television. The presenter of the show (Aneela Rahman) is attempting to match couples – sub-continent style! The show seems to be re-enforcing all the stereotypes about arranged marriages. That arranged marriages are not based on chemistry or love, and that partners are selected on the basis of race, caste or that your ‘mom’ arranges it all for you!

Advertisers to be reined in!
ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) has now brought in self-regulation guidelines for the advertising of food and beverages which will come into effect from the January 1, 2008…well, I do hope Nestle withdraws it’s misleading claim…

Life imprisonment is the only way to reduce acid attacks
Recently, a trial court in Delhi gave a man who threw acid on an 18-year-old girl an unusual punishment – the maximum punishment prescribed under Section 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by weapons or means) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code)… Even the Supreme Court has recognized that victims are not getting justice and has in fact termed an acid attack as “worse than murder”…

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