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December 9, 2007

Want sea food in Thane? There’s Mahesh Lunch Home
Thane is a poor cousin to Mumbai when it comes to restaurants, particularly speciality restaurants. Therefore it was a bit of a surprise to find out that the famous Mahesh Lunch Home had opened up a branch there. The restaurant serves Mangalorean cuisine and as the site says it’s known for it’s “black pomfret curries, its crabs, its fish roe masalas…

Bollywood’s rising and star paychecks continue their high growth
Indians have more money in their pockets than ever and the entertainment industry is riding high. People are shelling out big bucks to see their favorite stars. Tickets in multiplexes range from Rs 100/- to Rs 300 on weekends. And people aren’t complaining! In fact the Indian cinema industry is expecting very high growths (15-20 percent) in the coming years… Is it surprising then that Bollywood paychecks are climbing as well? In fact they are almost doubling…but not everyone is so lucky…

Prominent doctor trapped in sex determination sting by the BBC
Why would any brilliant and successful professional commit an illegal act, assuming they are of sound mind? Could it be that their brilliance in fact makes it easier to justify the wrong-doing? And does their success and money give them a feeling of invincibility? They actually stop thinking about the harmful effects on society due to a shortage of women. Dr. Mangala Telang, a successful, rich and brilliant Delhi gynaecologist, with an impeccable degree, a Harvard background and attachment with foreign missions has been dragged into a sex determination test racket…

Getting foreign technical degrees just got tougher in India
A new bill – the Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, 2007 – will now regulate the entry and operation of foreign educational institutions (FEIs) in India in order to “protect students, ensure quality education and stem the commercialisation of education.” But will the Bill work? …AICTE should concentrate on refurbishing, overhauling and revamping these various colleges, instead of wasting time on regulating ‘foreign’ institutes, handing out ‘approvals’ and deciding whom to give financial assistance to…

Aaja Nachle – a movie review
Aaja Nachle (Come, let’s Dance) is a happy, feel-good film, the way I like films to be. And it’s not boring, not at all, and this leaves me a bit puzzled as to what most reviewers are talking about. Lack-lustre? Oh no, not even in parts. Average music? No, I would say above average. Predictable story-line? Well, this sure isn’t a suspense thriller…

A walk through the Ajanta Caves – photo feature
The Ajanta caves are about 30 in number and have been carved out of sheer rock. They are from two distinct periods: 2nd century B.C. to the 1st century A.D and 5th – 6th century A.D. and represent the Buddhist form of architecture. The venue chosen is a beautiful and isolated one, a horse-shoe shaped gorge about 2 hours drive from Aurangabad. The place is a sacred place, and at one time was a place of worship and meditation for Buddhists.

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