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December 16, 2007

Politicians least trusted the world over
The Global Corruption Barometer (2007) by Transparency International is out and it’s interesting to see where India stands in relation to the world. The survey is a public opinion survey of 63,199 respondents in 60 countries (by Gallup International) and tells us how people perceive corruption in different sectors like the Legislature, Politics, Media …

Sweet Salted Translations
I wonder if you’ll think the ‘English’ translations of Indian food as funny as I do. Many of the words used are of French origin, mostly to make the products sound exotic! Here are some pictures of Haldiram’s products, which are largely exported…

No toilets for half of India?
India may have been the first country in the world to have toilets and a proper sanitation system but today we are the second worst in the world! A survey by WaterAid (international NGO) has ranked India in second place on the list of the world’s worst places for sanitation. Let’s not find comfort in the fact that we are not last on the list, that China is. After all South Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan are 4th and 7th respectively and these countries are poorer than us…

India has two of the best design schools in the world!
That India is doing well when it comes to design education has been revealed by a survey of Design schools worldwide by Business Week. Both the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad and the Industrial Design Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT, Mumbai) are on the list…

Designers in great demand in India
In India these days Design as a career is big-time and Design graduates from top institutes like NID (National Institute of Design) are commanding high starting salaries are approximately Rs 20,000/- p.m onwards and that’s at the bottom of the ladder…Not that all of corporate India understands the value of design, many still being unsure as to the role designers can play in their company…

India’s indigenously developed missile
India defense budget may be just 2.5 percent of it’s GDP (Rs 96,000 crore, an increase of 11 percent over last year in money terms) and out of this the allocation for research and development just Rs 5887.22 crore (6.13 percent of the total defence budget) but the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) has had a big success this year…

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