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Summary Posts of the past week

January 6, 2008

Last week I wrote less than usual as we took off for a short holiday during new years. It was a wonderful place which I will be writing about by and by. This last week I posted some photographs of the country-side we saw along the way. Here’s a brief summary of the four posts I wrote:

Pathbreaking media A weekly local news channel called Appan Samachar (Our News) is a big hit in the area of Ramlila Gachhi and about a dozen adjoining villages of Muzaffarpur District in Bihar…unlike flashy studios of private news channels, its rural cousin works from an asbestos-roofed room having a wooden table, two chairs and a portable TV…And guess what, they cover real issues like development, women empowerment and human rights!

The Indian Countryside – slide show On New Year’s Eve we drove out into the countryside and the experience was a refreshing one. It was wonderful to see so much natural beauty and breathe in pure air…the countryside was quite breathtaking despite the dry weather…

Non-vegetarians get a raw deal in Mumbai? Mumbai has developed a strong vegetarian culture with areas in the city (Malabar Hill for example) being predominantly vegetarian. There are reports of housing colonies which do not admit non-vegetarians and recently there was some fuss made when a non-vegetarian eatery selling kebabs wanted to set up shop in Chembur near a ‘vegetarian’ area. And this wasn’t even an outlet inside of the colony, but out on the street. It was contended that a non-veg eatery would ruin the atmosphere of the place as it would attract the wrong sort of people!..I have not heard that such things happening in other metropolitan towns like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore…

Government upset that their (short) working hours highlighted Off and on our media writes about how little our government works. There was an article in the Times of India about the fact that our elected representatives enjoy a 60-day working year, and this time it was about the Delhi Assembly. But the next thing I heard was that the Speaker of the House had issued a contempt notice to the newspaper for publishing the story…

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