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Summary posts of the past week

January 12, 2008

As I am not posting today I thought I would post my summary posts of the previous week today instead of tomorrow. I will post directly on Monday now.

The Lead India logo isn’t inspiring The Lead India campaign (to find a good political candidate) has a pretty uninspiring logo. It’s more than just the look of it…There are no women left in this contest today and I am not blaming it on the logo ) but I wish the symbolism for the contest had been different…There’s one more grouse I have against the logo…

Country life in India – a slide show On a recent trip to the country-side in western Maharashtra I came across a lot of people doing different things….I captured them on camera and got a sense of the kind of life they led. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the lives of these simple folk. If you notice none of the photographs are close-ups and that is deliberate. These people are completely one with the environment…

Is our language divide the biggest divide of all? All of us in India talk and write about the different Indias that we live in. We see the people of India separated by regional, religious, caste, and economic walls. Nowadays there is talk of the huge urban rural divide too…and even a vegetarian non-vegetarian divide! Another deep divide is the linguistic divide. Those who prefer to converse in English are on one side of it and those who prefer to speak regional languages on the other…

The Golden Compass – Movie review This film, released a few days ago in India, was fun to watch. This film, like one reviewer said, is reminiscent of a Harry Potter film. However, if I had to compare it to a Harry Potter film, I would say the Golden Compass is far less tension-ridden, certainly less dark, and the plot is more difficult to understand. But this could be because I have not read the book. I certainly felt a lack of coherence in the story-telling (of the movie).

Unfair verdict I thought people were innocent until proven guilty but in Harbhajan’s case it’s different. He is an Indian player in Australia, that’s one of the things that seems different. It’s funny how Australia is a center of so many cricket controversies. Can’t be a coincidence. Now there is this new controversy where Bhajji has been accused of something for which there is no proof, and worse…

Ignore advertising or hate it…but you can’t deny that you need it! We all love to hate advertising but advertising is as necessary as the air we breathe! O.K. That’s an exaggeration, but well, in a modern world, perhaps it’s not…The advertising industry (alongwith its corporate master) has done some things really wrong and as a result a lot of people distrust all advertising..but there is a good side, its useful side…The fact is that the advertising industry’s biggest problem today is the anti-advertising feelings amongst people…Companies and brands are tempted to cross the line and blatantly lie and/or find loopholes in the law to promote their products. 

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  1. January 12, 2008 6:19 pm

    I like this summary feature, esp because often I am unable to keep up with the blog factory of yours 😛 and I definitely dont want to miss anything 🙂

  2. January 12, 2008 6:25 pm

    Priyank, there is another slide show you might enjoy. Now I have added a link at the bottom of the one I did this week.
    thanks for your support. 🙂 and happy new year.

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