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Summary Posts of the past week

January 19, 2008

There is no fresh post today and therefore here is my summary of last week’s writing. Next post on Monday. Have a good week-end. 🙂

Peaceful week-end get-away for Mumbaikars (slide show) There is a resort just a couple of hours drive (about 90 kms) from Mumbai, at Vikramgadh. It’s called the Divekarwadi resort and it’s one of a kind. In the sense that it’s great for a day or two, if you love nature and want a bit of peace and quiet. But don’t expect anything fancy. The beds are hard, there is no TV and no air-conditioning. No room service either, although they will deliver a thermos flask full of tea outside your door at 6:30 in the morning. The bathrooms are..

Are converts accepted in Hinduism?
Hindus generally believe that a person could convert and become a Hindu, and converts would be surely be accepted as Hinduism is a tolerant religion…but some Hindus would have doubts as to whether a convert is a ‘true’ Hindu, as ‘true’ as someone who is born a Hindu…

Mob rule of the terrorist kind The incident where a family of four – Selvin Chetty (40), his wife Priscilla Chetty (40) and their two daughters aged 11 and 14 years – were attacked and beaten up by a mob of 300 people shocked me. Is this the kind of mob rule that we have to live with in India now? This incident didn’t even take place in the hinterlands of India, but in Nerul, not far from Mumbai city…

Some excellent hundred year old diets! All natural diets aren’t good or wholesome or healthy. But some are just ideal! That is what some really old research reveals…In India we have a wide variety of diets and I have always wondered which diet is the most nutritious. Well, while this research is not comprehensive, it does tell us about some excellent Indian diets…

Halla Bol – Movie Review It’s a movie with a social message but it’s the first time I’ve seen a movie with so many messages! Halla Bol is about the terrible, corrupt and apathetic society we live in and the movie tackles all these problems. Problems ranging from police corruption,  political corruption, a voyeuristic media and a passive society to crime against women, the hollowness of Bollywood, of advertising, and the debauchery of high society…That should make this film a hotch potch of various elements – right? Surprisingly, no…

Fame or money for Tata Nano? The Tata Nano is making world headlines, and at the same time in India there are heated discussions on as to why it is not good for the nation because of our poor road infrastructure…if the Tatas spent Rs 1700 crores I suspect that this is a fraction of the cost of what an international automobile company would have spent on a similar project. But despite this, the question remains: Will the Tatas make money on the Nano…

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