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Summary posts of the past eight days

February 2, 2008

These are the posts I wrote in the past eight days, a little more than my usual. Now I will post directly on Monday. Have a good week-end!

A dream come true for those who will never fly It can choke one up if one thinks of it. On the other hand, the idea is such a pragmatic one that one wonders why no one thought of it before. I am talking of make-believe rides in make-believe planes. No, not a toy plane prop in a park out of which kids scramble in and out. This is a simulation of the real experience, not in a 3-D movie theatre but in real life. It’s a real plane with real boarding passes, hostesses, pilots and yeah, landing and take-off announcements and safety demonstrations complete with oxygen masks…

Religion has a great future! A cover story in the Economist a few weeks ago talks about how religion is becoming increasingly important in our modern world. Most of the articles (10 in all) on this subject discuss today’s politics and the violence resulting from people viewing issues through religious eyes. An important point made was that religion is on the rise in countries where it was once frowned upon. There were two other things that struck me in these articles. One was that it’s the more extreme religious sects that are rising rapidly. and that Hinduism will eventually decline, just as soon as our population stabilizes…

Tarpa Dance Videos The Tarpa Dance is a tribal dance of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. I shot these short videos as the dance was being performed by a group of local boys and girls. What’s interesting is that the dancers were not professional dancers. They they did not possess any costumes and nor did they wear any make-up. A refreshing change from stage shows…

Twelve things to be wary of while eating out All of us have been taken for a ride at restaurants, either because of inferior food or deficient service. I have jotted down some tips to minimize disappointments while dining out…

What does it mean to be patriotic?
Patriotism means different things to different people. I made a list of what people associate with patriotism…and have discussed the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism

Mumbai Traffic Police wins a prize Ever heard of the Overdrive award? I hadn’t until I stumbled across it while surfing the Mumbai Traffic Police website. The Mumbai Traffic Police won the Overdrive Award this month for the strict enforcement of drink driving laws, discouraging usage of mobile phones and other distractions. This post also contains (1) some funny signboars put up by the traffic police and (2) traffic offenses and penalties…

Sunday – Movie Review This movie, Sunday, is one that’s easy to forget. It’s best not to look at it critically, that is from the aspect of acting or story or direction! That means it’s bad, right? Well, many reviews trashed this movie, but the Times of India gave it three stars. That surprised me, because the Times has given two stars to movies better than this one…anyway this isn’t a review of a review so I’ll be getting on. The movie is a murder mystery of sorts…don’t worry you can read the review safely…I’m not going to spill the beans…

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